Miss Scarlet’s Sultry Sweet Emporium

Jarred sweets in a sweet shop window

The first thing that hit Violet was the smell. She had been in plenty of old school sweet shops before, but none of them compared to the barrage of aromas that wafted through the small store. The scent of rich chocolate was laced with that of gummy sweets, and there was a sour tang in the air from the sour sweets overflowing from their jars. The walls were lined with hundreds of jars with everything from foam sweets to individually wrapped toffees pressed against the glass, while displayed behind the numerous glass counters were rows of cupcakes, fudges, pastries and assorted sweet treats. She had never noticed the place before, but then she supposed being both small and tucked away down a little side street made that hardly surprising.

Her roommate, Amanda, had already found a small corner of the store that was dominated by a display of more risqué confectionery. Dick-shaped lollipops, chocolate bars with impressions of tits on the squares and large gummies depicting lewd images populated the shelves. She was hardly surprised that Amanda had bee-lined for them: she was filthy-minded at the best of times. Certainly, it was rare for the two of them to go clubbing at the weekend and Violet not return home alone, her roommate either in the arms or the bed of some muscular hunk she had met during the night.

Amanda tossed Violet one of the dick-pops. ‘You should get one of these, V. It’s the only dick you’ll be getting anytime soon.’

Violet rolled her eyes. Sure, the two of them had been friends for years – all the way from school through university and beyond – and she loved living with her, but it didn’t stop Amanda teasing her ruthlessly over her lack of sex life. She had grown accustomed to it over the years, and by now each hit rolled off like water off a duck’s back, but that only seemed to encourage her friend in trying to find a kink in her armour.

Putting the lollipop back where Amanda had found it, Violet narrowed her eyes and smiled sarcastically. ‘I think I’ll be fine, thanks. I’ll be too busy putting your drunk ass to bed to worry about that.’

At that moment, the owner of the store, Miss Scarlet, appeared from a doorway behind the counter. Given that her likeness was depicted in the shop’s logo that was emblazoned across the windows she was not hard to identify. Red shoulder-length hair and soft, beautiful features embedded with eyes sharp as diamonds she looked somewhere in her mid-forties and was wearing a crimson apron over her shirt and jeans. If she had heard their conversation she made no comment on it, instead she greeted them warmly.

‘Good afternoon ladies, is there anything I can help you with today?’

‘No thank you, we’re just browsing,’ Violet said before Amanda bundled passed her and struck up sarcastic conversation with the woman.

‘Actually yes, there is something you can help us with. You see my friend here is completely hopeless. She hasn’t had a boyfriend for years and she hasn’t had sex in even longer, so I thought something a little sweet might cheer her up. Is there anything you can do to help her?’ She put on a face of mock desperation.

As she had been talking, Amanda’s eyes had been fixed on Violet, paying acute attention to her blushing cheeks and the daggers of fury she glared in her direction. As such, what she had not noticed was the peculiar expression the older woman regarded her with: something between pity and malice. Violet, however, had. She also spotted how Miss Scarlet’s features returned with practiced ease to the welcoming smile the moment Amanda turned to her.

‘You know what, I think I have just the thing,’ she nodded. Violet’s heart sank as Amanda turned back to her with an insufferable grin; she was thrilled to have embarrassed Violet before the woman, and even more thrilled to have Miss Scarlet play along. As Amanda beamed at her, Miss Scarlet glanced over and gave her a conspiratorial wink.

After a minute or two rummaging beneath the counter, the woman came up with two candy necklaces, the little edible beads clattering together on their strings as she handed them over to the two girls. ‘Here you go, my dear,’ she said, passing one to Violet who took it reluctantly. ‘You just take a taste of that whenever you like and I’m quite sure it will do wonders for you.’ Another wink went unnoticed by Amanda, and looking down Violet noticed the word Goddess picked out in tiny letters on each of the pastel-coloured beads.

Turning to Amanda she handed her the second necklace. ‘And this will do you the world of good, lovely. You’ll be like a whole new woman once you have a bite of that. The both of you will.’ Glancing down at Amanda’s necklace, Violet spotted the words Good Girl inscribed into the beads. It appeared her roommate had not noticed.

Stuffing her necklace into her bag, Violet left the store blushing after Amanda had paid, and she tried desperately to move the conversation on. Unfortunately, Amanda made sure it remained firmly on Violet’s sex life until they made it back to their house.

Even by Amanda’s standards, today had been a step too far and Violet stormed off to her bedroom. It was one thing to tease her in private, but embarrassing her in front of some stranger was something else entirely. She felt so humiliated and angry. Even Amanda seemed to have realised she had taken things further than she should have: she stood on the other side of the door knocking and apologising earnestly.

Violet ignored her and slumped onto bed with a huff, trying to fight back the tears. Snatching the candy necklace from her bag she glared at it as though it was the reason she was so upset. It looked no different than any other candy necklace she had seen, but still there was something different about it. She felt oddly powerful with it in her hands. She could not help but take a nibble and, ignoring Amanda’s continued apologies Violet bit one of the sweets from the cord.

The taste was sweeter than she had expected and it made her feel warm, calm. As she swallowed, that power she had felt before suddenly blossomed in her chest, coursing through her veins like a wonderful poison. Pulsing through every inch of her it felt as though she was on fire, her skin ablaze. Yet there was no pain in the sensation, only cascades of lust that rolled through her.

‘What… the… Hell…?’ she panted and staggered against her desk, scattering the contents across the floor with a clatter. That was weird, she thought. For a moment it had felt as though her legs weren’t actually hers. Glancing down she frowned. Had she always been this tall? Only then did she notice her fingers and she let out a cry of shock. As though painted by an invisible brush, the skin was growing darker, tanning rapidly in waves that swept up her arms before her eyes, while her cracked, rough nails were smoothed and honed before being coated in a layer of black nail polish.

Scrambling over to her full length mirror, Violet stared at her reflection with a mixture of horror and passion. Her hair was retracting, darkening, receding into her scalp until what had once been ruffled, mousy brown and almost to her hips was now cut short in a black bob. More unseen hands ran brushes of sultry eye shadow across her lids, swept her lips with reflective gloss and raked her lashes with voluminous mascara. The freckles and moles that had once decorated her cheeks shrank and vanished, as did the blemishes and zits that once peppered her features.

The superficial changes complete, fresh fire roared through her and suddenly her body was shifting. Her bones and muscles felt as though they were rolling around beneath the flesh, and as her midriff burned she pulled her shirt up to reveal a noticeably wider waistline and enhanced hourglass figure. If there was one thing she had always been self-conscious of, it was her breasts – or rather the lack thereof – but now laughter bubbled up in her throat as they surged in size, bursting out and stretching her shirt taut across her chest. At the same time she could feel her jeans stretching to accommodate a rapidly inflating ass that they certainly had not been designed to contain. Her thighs joined in with the rest, swelling out with explosions of pleasure.

Once her body settled, Violet fought to regain her breath, assuming the insanity was over. Only then did her clothes take on a life of their own, tearing themselves apart and re-stitching themselves into altogether more erotic shapes. As they did so they altered colour and texture, the very material transforming into something altogether new until she was naked but for a thick, crotchless latex belt around her midriff and a set of thigh high latex stockings all a shade of bright orange with the edges picked out in frills of white. A sudden, final surge in height came as her trainers morphed into killer platform heels.

Breathless and confused, Mistress V admired herself in the mirror. Jiggling her tits, she imagined some useless slave sucking on them obediently. Inevitably, her hands descended to her bare wet pussy and she fantasised about lowering herself onto the face of some unfortunate tied up loser, pressing heels down on them if they decided to misbehave. God, she looked so hot. Looping the candy necklace around her neck she smiled maliciously: she was a goddess, just like it said. That scheming, delicious woman at the sweet shop had freed the dominating bitch from the little prude she had once been. The power was incredible, more than anything she had ever experienced and it rippled through her until she thought she might burst with it. She had to let it out. She had to find somebody to control, to use as her toy…

‘Violet? V, you okay in there? I heard noises. Sounded like you broke something. Everything okay?’

A cold smile settled onto her perfect features.

Before Amanda had registered the semi-naked woman who opened the door, Mistress V’s hand was around her throat and she was pinning her against the wall. She squirmed and fought against the woman’s iron grip, but it did her no good and within seconds the dominatrix had torn a handful of candy from the necklace around Amanda’s neck, crushed it and sprinkled it into her mouth. Swallowing in fear, the girl coughed. Releasing her, the latex-clad woman took a step away and the girl scrambled for the door. Before she could take more than a few steps, however, she crumpled to the ground, her legs trembling.

‘What the fuck? What have you done to me? What have you done with Violet? Who the fuck are you?’

The woman smirked, allowing a hand to descend and stroke her sex gently: she knew what was about to happen. ‘That useless little girl is gone. I am Mistress V now, and I am going to teach you the lesson in humility she should have taught you a long time ago. You were always so bent on teasing her about her empty sex life. Now you are going to be that sex life, bitch.’

Amanda had not noticed the make-up washing over her face as the woman spoke, nor the shifting hue of her hair from blonde to black, nor even how it was pulled up into two little pigtails. Now the subtle changes were complete, Mistress V knew the main event was imminent. Terrified and confused, the girl suddenly convulsed and her body began to change.

Watching the transformation made the latex-clad dominatrix deeply horny. The ripple of the girl’s flesh as muscles and bone structure shifted beneath looked so hot, and unlike her own transformation she had a far better view of every detail. She watched with satisfaction as imperfections in the girl’s skin smoothed over and paled, her complexion soon the sallow white of a slave who was rarely allowed to leave the house, let alone sunbathe. Even more satisfying was the sight of Amanda’s prized ass and tits caving in on themselves: a slave could not be seen to outdo their owner, after all. The material of her shirt and jeans was suddenly baggy across her chest and ass, drawing a cold laugh from Mistress V’s lips. That same material then began to writhe and change in the same way it had for her, and shortly the girl was sporting a delightfully cute pink set of latex lingerie, complete with pale frills fringing her bra, panties and the tops of her stockings. She slumped to the floor breathlessly, looking up to find Mistress V crouching over her with a manipulative smirk…

Woman with pigtails wearing candy necklace gives oral to dominant woman in orange latex stockings and garter belt

‘That’s my good girl,’ the woman breathed, holding the girl’s head close to her pussy with a firm grip. She needn’t have bothered – the girl was lapping at her sex enthusiastically. Mistress V moaned softly: her slave was so good. Her tongue was so hot, so tactile, sending little jolts of pleasure through her as it caught her in places she was not expecting. In a matter of minutes she had gone from a tentative taste of her owner’s lips to licking her frantically as though she were licking the last remnants of a tasty meal from a plate. She was such an obedient little girl, and the sight of the necklace that had reduced her to a subservient pussy-licker bobbing up and down as she obeyed was all the more arousing.

‘You’re so tasty, Miss V, I can’t get enough of you. I can’t believe silly Amanda ever made fun of you when you had this between your legs.’ Her chin glistened with Mistress V’s juices as she smiled up at the woman.

‘It’s all because that little bitch Violet never decided to stand up for herself. Now I’m here, that’s all going to change though. I’ve got my own personal pussy licker now, and I’m going to find the biggest strap-on I can use to wreck your tight little holes when you misbehave. Just you wait and see, I’m going to be the hottest bitch in the city. There’s going to be guys lining up to throw money at me just to have me look at him in the right way. And when I get home after a long night out full up with some bull’s cum, you’re going to be here to lick me clean, isn’t that right, slave?’

‘Oh yes, Miss V,’ the girl nodded giddily, ‘I can’t wait to taste you every day.’

‘Good girl,’ she replied, leaning back onto the velvet sofa and raising her legs to spread herself wider. Her slave’s eyes bulged as her owner presented her glistening pussy for her to feast on. ‘Now let’s see if you can make your goddess cum so hard she squirts…’

Woman in pink latex lingerie gives oral to woman lying back in sofa wearing orange latex stockings

Thanks for reading!

This is one of those stories that I have mixed feelings about. Though I really like the final product and I think the supporting media works really well with the story, I have some issues with the writing itself. I think it is a bit sloppy and feels a bit forced personally, but given that I had it written up I didn’t want to leave it unread. I wrote it during a bit of a slump to try and just get something typed up, and there are a number of other stories that I will be releasing over the next few months that came about during this slump.

However, this month’s serial is the story that broke me out of that funk. I’ll explain more when it releases on Thursday, but until then I hope you enjoy this piece. As always I would love any feedback you might have so feel free to leave me a comment on here or on Twitter if you prefer.

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