Petite blonde woman screwed in pink knee-high socks

Staring down at Mr. Benson’s dick thrusting inside her sweet, smooth pussy with fluttering eyelids, she tried to figure out how she had reached this point. After all, for a twenty-something athletic man by the name of Stephen, she was making far more erotic noises in her petite form than one might expect when being fucked in the pussy she should not have.

Stephen had never meant for it to go this far.

He had been working as an intern at the office for almost a year and the end of his time there had been rapidly coming to an end. It had never been boring exactly, and indeed he had often found himself looking forward to it over his university classes. Unfortunately his lack of enthusiasm for his actual degree had shown in his performance in his classes, and he knew he would be lucky to scrape passing grades given how much he had struggled. He had long understood that he was not the type who was cut out for higher education, but his academic parents had been adamant on where he would go and what he would study to make a success of himself. That success had not come, and he dreaded the idea of going back home with terrible grades to disappoint his parents.

As a result he had been trying desperately to find a job that could keep him away from his hometown, but nobody appeared willing to take him on.

It had been only in a passing conversation that he had mentioned his plight to the office boss, Mr. Benson, on one of his last days as an intern, and he had admitted that he was in dire need of money if he was to continue to live in the city. The man had seemed uneasy for a moment, as though he was deciding whether or not to ask Stephen something, before he had ordered Stephen to his office at the end of the day.

With the rest of the office empty, Mr. Benson had laid everything out in front of Stephen.

‘I know it will sound ridiculous when I say it, but I think we can help each other out,’ he had said, clearly nervous. ‘You see, the past year I’ve been dating this girl. Gorgeous, funny, bright as a button and a body like you wouldn’t believe. Couple weeks ago she decided I was too old for her and if truth’s be told I don’t blame her. After all, she’s got her whole life ahead of her and I’m knocking on fifty. Some folks do it, I know, but clearly it wasn’t for us.

‘The thing is I can’t stop thinking about her. I mean I’ve had break-ups before, I know they suck balls. But I just can’t imagine going from her, with her body and her… well, enthusiasm… to a woman closer to my own age who is starting to feel their own wear and tear if you catch my meaning. She was the best I ever had, and I know it sounds selfish and pathetic but I need somebody like her again. I can’t just give it up.’

‘I’m not seeing how I can help?’ Stephen had frowned.

Mr. Benson had struggled with his next words as though he were trying to hold back vomit. When at last he spoke he could barely look at Stephen. ‘Don’t lose it when I say this, but have you ever heard of the Pink Pill?’

The suggestion had been the last thing Stephen had expected to hear when he had been summoned to the office, but he surprised even himself in how calmly he dealt with the idea. Shocked as he was he had nodded. ‘Sure, I’ve heard of it. I assume you want me to take one and then we… spend some time together?’ Adding the final condition set alarm bells off in Stephen’s head and he began to panic: calm as he was of course he didn’t actually want to do it.

‘More or less. I’ll pay you, of course. Ten grand.’

Stephen’s whirring mind had seized up immediately. Ten grand? That could pay rent on his flat for over a year with plenty to spare! Even if he had his doubts, how could he pass up such an offer knowing it would not come again? And it would keep him away from home to boot. Nobody would find out, and he would have over a year to continue looking for a full-time job to keep him going.

Forcing down his doubts, he had nodded as confidently as he had been able. ‘Okay. I’ll do it.’

Mr. Benson had lit up like a Christmas tree in a power surge. ‘Really? You’re serious?’

‘Sure I am,’ Stephen had said before adding sharply, ‘but no funny business though. We do it by my rules. If I don’t like something it stops, and no kinky shit, just some vanilla fucking and that’s it.’

His boss had nodded so energetically he had half-expected his head to drop off. ‘Absolutely, Stephen, oh definitely no problem at all, you’ve got it. Listen, I’ll get hold of the pill and I’ll drive you back to my place after work Tuesday.’

With that they had left, and come Tuesday night Stephen had been stood in Mr. Benson’s en suite admiring his new body. He had to admit, the change was dramatic: his unkempt blonde hair was now smooth and down to his shoulders, his soft new tits were deeply sensitive, and his generally smaller, curvier figure felt so good. Every rub of his skin felt electric and as for his pussy, it had not stopped dripping since the last of his dick had vanished inside him. This new body had felt so good, and all of the doubts that he had built up over the last few days had been snuffed out by an overwhelming horniness. He had wanted to be fucked in a way he could never have even conceived of before, and that very fact both intrigued and scared him in equal parts.

Emerging from the bathroom in nothing more than his now over-sized t-shirt, the very sight of him as a petite, tight young woman had driven Mr. Benson wild. For all their mutual arousal, however, the first night had been stunted and awkward. They had not talked much, and – in Stephen’s mind at least – it had been acutely apparent how strange the whole scenario was.

Not that they had not enjoyed it of course. Stephen could never have explained it to anybody else, but being fucked as a girl had been a life-changing experience. It had made him feel so whole and perfect, as though some hand of fate had accidentally birthed him as a male when in actual fact he should have been a woman all along. His new body felt so right, so soft and luxurious. Not to mention the fact that whether due to his smaller frame or just the fact that he had never felt penetration like it before, Mr. Benson’s dick was far larger than he had ever anticipated and the sensation of him ploughing Stephen’s new body from behind was mind-blowingly intense.

But the thing that Stephen had focused on ever since then was the very fact that had been the first night. He had expected it to be the only one.

But turning up on Mr. Benson’s doorstep the following night he had practically begged for another pill. And the next night. And the next night. Being fucked by him in his tiny female body had rapidly become the only thing he wanted. He didn’t need the payment, or the incentive: the change and the sex was his incentive. With each meeting it had become more passionate, more sensual, and each of them had learned how to play one another’s bodies like lustful instruments. His sexual experience was breathtaking and for a man of his age he had far more stamina than even the bulkiest of the big dick jocks Stephen had had to hear recite their sexual prowess day after day during his classes. His moans had morphed from hesitant gasps to long drawn-out bellows of passion, and she squealed delightedly as Mr. Benson used her for whatever he desired.

He had never felt so confused in his life, but soon he had been taking the Pink Pills every day. For over a month he had not turned back at all. Instead he had taken the pills like clockwork, spending hours masturbating in his flat with ever-growing dildos he had purchased or bouncing on Mr. Benson’s dick after hours. He had even gone so far as to get his pussy pierced, and he had come to adore the feeling of his boss’ tongue running over the metal bar near his clit.

Then the gifts had started. At first it had just been a simple eye shadow palette, or a lipstick, but soon Mr. Benson was lavishing Stephen – or Stephanie, as she preferred being called – with presents of increasing value. From expensive sex toys to lucratively priced spa retreats all the way down to cut sets of pink knee-length socks, he had come to treat her like royalty.

And as she stared down at her pussy lips being parted by his rigid cock, his strong, firm hands lifting her legs high and positioning her so that they were both whimpering with pleasure, fresh memories of him spoiling her swarmed her head. Only that morning, he had led her into a room he had been hiding from her for the past several weeks. His house was large and luxurious, and he had allowed her free reign of it whenever she had visited, but he had restricted her from accessing the room they were now fucking in. She had seen that morning why: he had been designing her her own bedroom.

Decorated in pink and white from floor to ceiling and with a bed that was all plush pillows and flower patterns, he presented it to her and laughed at her squeals of delight. Only a few months ago Stephen would have turned his nose up at such a childish, girly gift, but since taking the pills he had come to realise how perfect life was as a girl. And he loved his new room, from the frilly curtains to the neon pink glittery lava lamp.

As she felt him plunge even deeper inside of her, Stephanie groaned deeply and then words were spilling from her lips that she had barely considered saying. ‘I want to move in with you.’

Mr. Benson stopped and she swivelled around on his dick to face him, twirling her pigtails girlishly.

‘What?’ he asked.

She had not realised how true it was, but now the idea had rooted itself it would not leave. ‘I want to move in with you, Mr. Benson. I want to take the Swap-Lock pill and become your perfect little princess forever. I want you to be my sugar daddy and fuck me every night just like this. I want you to come home from work knowing that I am waiting on my knees to suck your delicious cock and let you use me however you want in any hole you like, no restrictions. I want to dress up as your naughty little schoolgirl, or your naughty nurse, or your naughty police officer. I want to be all yours, always, serving you however you please and living my life as your pretty pink princess. Please, daddy, please say you want that too.’

For a moment the man said nothing. And then he wrapped his hands around her sides and smiled up at her. ‘How about I show you how much I want it?’ he said, before thrusting up into her and pounding her so hard that she knew by the time she came she would be a trembling wreck on his chest…

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