Brunette woman presses second woman against wall and pulls down second woman's leggings

‘Lesson one,’ growled Kerrie’s step-mom, Tina, into her ear, ‘you listen to the top bitch.’ As if to emphasise her point, she clutched hold of Kerrie’s soft black leggings and tugged them down, revealing Kerrie’s naked pussy and ass. Slipping her hand between her step-daughter’s legs, Tina ran manicured fingers over her pussy and back to the girl’s frantically winking ass, which she prodded playfully. The action drew a gasp and a low moan from the girl and Tina smirked at how much of a slut the bitch was. ‘Who is the top bitch?’

‘Y-you are,’ Kerrie gasped as Tina expertly ran a finger over her clit. The older woman smirked as the girl quivered, and she groped her fat ass with a low moan.

‘That’s right, and if the top bitch tells you to do something, you do it, don’t you?’ She took the nod and moan as she gently pressed a fingertip into Kerrie’s pussy as agreement. ‘And what did I tell you about sleeping with that dumb jock Anthony?’

‘Don’t do it.’ There was an edge to Kerrie’s tone, as though she was regaining some of her bitchy bravado and was preparing to talk back to her step-mother. That simply wasn’t an option, of course, and Tina made sure to put her back in her place before she could try and foolishly drag herself out of it. Pressing her harder into the wall she slipped a finger into Kerrie’s pussy and began circling it gently. The younger woman let out a moan and melted into Tina’s arms. Tina had already pulled up the girl’s shirt to expose her tits and now she noticed with a smirk of satisfaction that Kerry was teasing a nipple with her right hand.

‘That’s right. So I’m sure you can imagine how much it upset me when you came skipping back home with his varsity jacket on and your thong in the pocket. You were a slut for him, weren’t you?’

She nodded and whimpered as Tina’s hand came around to grope her tit.

Tina bought her hand down hard on Kerrie’s ass, the ring of the spank echoing through the house coupled with her sharp cry of sensual pain. They were alone in the house, and they would be for some time. Kerrie’s father was away for the week on business, and even when he came home he worked long hours, meaning the two women were left in the house together for long periods at a time. Since marrying him, Tina had known that Kerrie would need the guiding hand of a true bitch if she was to reach the potential Tina could see in her, but that guiding hand would have to be firm. Experienced. Unyielding. Tina’s hand was all three.

She stroked the red patch on her step-daughter’s ass sensitively, hushing her softly into her ear before returning her fingers to her pussy. She teased her clit again and licked the girl’s ear lobe. ‘What do you say for ignoring me?’

‘I’m sorry, ma’am, I should have listened to you. I’m sorry I disobeyed you.’

Rewarding the girl for her apology, Tina slipped a finger between her dripping pussy lips and began to slide it in and out of her hole. Kerrie trembled and let out little gasps of pleasure, and Tina smirked as she noticed the girl begin to grind just a little.

‘Lesson two: know how to use your body. As a sexy bitch, your body is your most powerful tool. Your tits, your ass, your pussy, your curves, your girly laugh or cute little smile, they can help you get whatever you want if you know how to use them right. You think I seduced your dad for his looks? Fuck no. I used my body to get to his money, and now I’m going to teach you how to do the same. What kind of man do you think makes the perfect husband, little girl?’

Breathless with arousal Kerrie took a moment to answer. ‘A rich one?’

‘Wrong,’ Tina replied, though she slipped a second finger inside the girl to hold her attention. ‘The best husband is one who is never in, so he isn’t around to hear you fucking men with bigger dicks than him in his bed. Generally, the men who are out the longest are those with exhausting but well-paying jobs, so you want to be looking for a man who is both rich and away a lot.

‘Right now though, you won’t be looking for a husband. You’ll be helping me to satisfy the nice big bulls I will be inviting around while your father is away. Once you know how to use your body for your own needs, you will never let a man use you like a piece of meat again. Men like that stupid fucking jock are simple and unimaginative. They think if there is a hot girl in their bed they are the most desirable man on earth and that you’re just a toy to be used. They never think that you’re able to scheme and use them for your own needs. Don’t worry little girl, I’ll teach you how to use them and soon you’ll be able to wrap any man you like around your finger.’

She bit Kerrie’s ear playfully before adding a third finger. Tina got the sense that the jocks Kerrie had been sleeping around with were not as well-endowed as they would like everybody to believe, as the girl reacted to the third digit with a deep, rolling moan. It was as though she had never taken a dick bigger than a few inches before and Tina felt her heart break a little: such a poor, inexperienced little slut. Watching her transform into a queen bitch would be incredibly satisfying.

Brunette receives oral sex from second woman

After a few minutes of fingering her and listening to her moans, Tina removed her hand and span the girl around so that they were facing one another. Pressing Kerrie up against the wall she gestured for the girl to open her mouth, into which she placed her fingers to be sucked clean. Her suspicions that Kerrie had been allowing herself to be used as no more than a toy were further confirmed by her apparent experience in sucking: her head bobbed rhythmically, she had developed a sultry glint in her eye and she used her tongue to expert effect. Clearly the boys she had spent time with had elected to use her for their own pleasure but offered little in return.

Once Kerrie was finished Tina drew closer until they were almost kissing.

‘Lesson three,’ she breathed, ‘no man will ever be able to satisfy you in the way another queen slut can. All they ever think about is their dicks and filling you up with their load. Sure, it feels good for a while, but all they want to do is use you. A real woman, on the other hand, knows how to please you. Knows how to drive you wild with just a touch and understands how your body should be worked to drown your mind in lust.’

‘What do you mean?’ Kerrie panted, barely daring to hear the answer.

Her step-mother smiled seductively. ‘Come with me and I’ll show you.’ Taking the girl’s hand, Tina led her from the room and into the opulent bedroom that they were both going to betray her father in many times over…

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