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Ian had always thought of himself as a hard-working man, and by all accounts he was correct in his analysis. Working six days per week with hours that would have made even the most earnest of managers weep, the only thing that kept him going was the money. And there was a lot of it. In one month he could make what took most people a year, and he was proud to say that he was not the sort of man who could lie around doing nothing and still earn money, but that he had worked very hard indeed for it.

Still, even with his copious wealth, his life was far from perfect. He had never particularly been the dating type and while his brothers were making far less than he was, they were all either happily married or otherwise engaged in loving relationships the likes of which Ian had never truly experienced. Any women he became romantically involved with could not handle the sheer amount of time he had to dedicate to his job, and he had no wish to settle down with somebody who could not appreciate how hard he had worked to get to where he was.

Sure, he could retire with ease on the money he had earned already, but if he was honest he deeply enjoyed seeing the money flowing into his bank account knowing he had earned every penny, and he was not ready to quit that just yet.

Working from home was a distinct perk to his job, but being at home all the time did have its disadvantages. Most notably, he was acutely aware of his solitude, and often became lonely with only the scratch of his pen or the tap of his keyboard for company. He had often thought of adopting a pet, but he always decided against it given that he hardly thought it fair for him to adopt an animal he would be able to spend so little time with.

Ian had effectively come to the conclusion that at least until he chose to retire he would be forced to live a life of solitude, and that he would have to make peace with that fact. Until late one night while he was working, that was. Half-asleep with exhaustion his mind had begun to wander, and pretty soon he had been absentmindedly searching the web for ways to reduce loneliness with a busy working life.

After reading plenty of boring, unhelpful blog posts and online articles, he had spotted an intriguing website several pages into the search: Sex-retary – Loving Girls for the Hard-Working Man. Chuckling, he had clicked onto the website expecting a tacky, poorly-designed scam site. To his surprise, it was in fact sleek and professional, with an aesthetic and attention to detail that appeared distinctly authentic: if it was a scam, it was a very convincing one.

More and more interested, he had explored every page for any sign of deception and found none. What he found instead was what appeared to be an entirely legitimate business with a product he could not have found any more appealing.

We work closely with our volunteers to ensure they receive the best experience possible, stated one page proudly. During the conditioning process we ensure that your sex-retary is perfectly tailored to your needs, and that she is willing to complete any pressing tasks you might find yourself needing relief from. Our volunteers know exactly what they are signing up for before they agree to be conditioned, so you can expect high quality service with the sound knowledge that the volunteer who becomes your sex-retary has been safe and secure throughout the entire process.

The more he read, the more Ian became absorbed in the concept the website was describing, and before he knew it he had found himself on the payment page. Given that he was half-asleep it had taken him some time to do so, but he had filled out the numerous forms and questionnaires that had been presented to him. He had then attached all the required documentation that would allow the company to perform the relevant background checks in order to ensure the safety of his sex-retary once delivered. Finally, he came to the checkout page. The price they were asking was certainly lucrative, but for Ian it was not so expensive that he could not justify it, and besides he was hardly in a financially stable state of mind at such a late hour. Paying the money he had soon fallen asleep in his chair.

The next morning he had cursed himself for falling for such an obvious scam, resolved to get an earlier night that night, and thought nothing more of it.

Until now, a week later, when a knock on the door found him opening it to a beautiful young woman and a smiling thirty-something man with waxed hair and a crisp white and blue shirt that bore the Sex-retary logo of a letter S snaking around a love heart.

‘Hello there, Mr. Westley,’ he said, ‘a pleasure to meet you at last. My name is Sammy. I represent the Sex-retary brand, and I am just here to make sure Leah here got to you safe and sound.’

Ian blinked several times, astonished. He could not take his eyes off of the woman. She was stunning, with long flowing brown hair, soft, delicate features and a clearly incredible figure that was noticeable even beneath the beige long coat she was wearing. ‘That… you… that website was legit?’ he said at last.

The man nodded earnestly. ‘Oh yes, Mr. Westley, we are totally legitimate. We are aware of how our services sound, and many of our customers are shocked when we actually deliver on our promises, but I can assure you, sir, there is nothing false about us. And since you cleared all of our background checks Leah has barely been able to wait to meet you.’

Indeed, the woman was smiling at him with a deep-set excitement.

Still bewildered, Ian nodded. ‘Of course, thank you. If you would like to come inside I can get you something to drink?’

‘Oh no sir, I have no wish to intrude. As I said, I merely wanted to be sure Leah got to you safely, so now I will leave you two alone.’ With that the man disappeared down the garden path.

Inviting the woman in, Ian closed the door behind him. Turning around, he wondered if he might have a heart attack. The woman had removed her coat and hung it up daintily, revealing that beneath she was wearing nothing more than purple and black lingerie. As he had surmised her figure was immaculate, and he tried not to let his eyes linger too long on her smooth thighs, her soft ass, her attractive cleavage.

She noticed his shock and frowned. ‘Do you not like what I am wearing, Mr. Westley?’

‘Ian, please, c-call me Ian,’ he stammered, ‘and no… I mean yes, I do like it, I just. I wasn’t really expecting you to actually turn up. I haven’t been with a woman in years… and all that stuff on the website, what it was saying about what you would do… what we would do together… I’m not sure if I’m really the right person for you to be…’ he gestured to her semi-naked figure, ‘you know… revealing yourself to.’

She approached him with a smile and took his hand in hers. Leaning in she kissed him on the cheek. ‘Then let me show you what you’ve been missing, Ian.’ With that she dragged him down the corridor and into his office…

Brunette in purple lingerie licks penis of man in office chair from under man's desk

Ian tilted back his head and moaned softly, his fingers running through Leah’s hair as she teased his shaft with her tongue. She was perfect. More perfect than he could have ever imagined. If he had tried to describe the perfect woman for him he would have not even come close to describing her.

It had been a week since she arrived on his doorstep, and it had been the best week of his life. Though he worked at home Ian had always liked to dress smart in case any clients or business partners decided to pay him a visit – not that they ever did – but now he had an even better incentive: Leah found him even sexier than usual in a suit. Over the past week she had shown him more love than he had known in years, and most of it had been delivered in the best sex he had ever known.

For the first two days they had barely stopped fucking, and every night he had fallen asleep gazing into her beautiful eyes and thanking his past, exhausted self for not clicking away from that website. She had woken him up every morning with a sensual blowjob, and most days he had felt her crawling beneath his desk and unzipping his fly to suck him off just like she was doing now. She knew how to strike the perfect balance between teasing and pleasing, and when he would moan so would she, aroused by the fact she was satisfying her lover.

Perhaps what aroused him even more than her insatiable sexual appetite, her incredible body or even her doting personality was the fact that wrapped up in all that was a fierce intelligence. His job was not an easy one, but she had actively wanted to learn and by the end of the week his workload had halved given that he now had a secretary who could do everything he could just as well. The time that their teamwork had freed up allowed them to engage in an entirely different kind of teamwork, and when she wasn’t working by his side or between his thighs he could hear her bundling around the house: cooking, cleaning, preparing a sexy surprise for him once he finished work.

She was the only woman for him.

‘You know I’ve been thinking,’ she said, circling the tip of her tongue over the head of his cock and sending shivers up his spine, ‘we would have even more time to spend together if we had somebody else to work with us. You have enough money to buy another sex-retary or two, right babe?’

Well, maybe not the only woman, Ian beamed as she slipped her lips over his dick and went down on him lovingly, punctuating her work with passionate moans…

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