Woman in crop top and jeans urinated on

Hank turned his head away in embarrassment and desperately tried not to swallow any of the piss that was splashing across his – well… her – face. She was already soaked with it, her black silk shirt sodden and stinking, and as it coursed down her cheeks it was combined with her tears.

As much as she tried to, she could not ignore the laughter of the men who had once been her subordinates. ‘Not so high and mighty now, are you?’ one of them chuckled, aiming his stream at her cheek.

The other laughed, pissing on her thighs and crotch as he did so. ‘Yeah, maybe now you’re regretting treating us like shit, eh?’

If Hank had ever taken a moment to think about his staff, perhaps he might have been able to avoid the fate they had deemed appropriate for him. Instead, he had always been focused entirely on the bottom line: targets, profits, revenue, they were all that had ever mattered to him. In his attempts to attain the best results he had consistently neglected his staff, pushing them further than necessary, talking down to them at every possible opportunity, and blaming them for any failures that beset the business. It had been an open secret in the office that his entire staff had loathed him, but the knowledge of that had only seen him push them harder, furious that they could resent him so much for striving for success.

Of course, hindsight was always clearer than decisions made in the present, and as he realised his error he begged forgiveness. ‘You’re right,’ he said, trying not to vomit as piss drummed against his skull and the sharp stench of it filled his nostrils. He could feel it saturating through his panties and writhed in disgust. ‘I was a terrible boss. I’m sorry, guys, I’m really sorry. Please, just give me the antidote and I can make it right. I’ll be like a different man, I promise.’

He had been halfway through a business meeting with a handful of his team when two of them had interrupted him by standing up and storming to the front. For all his bravado, Hank had never been a physically imposing man and they had easily pinned him to the conference table and forced a bright pink pill down his throat, the remainder of the room egging him on.

Of course, Hank had heard about the X-Change Pink Pill. For the past few years it had been making waves as a game-changer everywhere from criminal circles to parties for the ultra-rich: the pill that could transform any man or woman into the opposite sex. Everyone had heard of it, but Hank had never been exposed to anybody who had taken it, much less considered it himself. As far as he was concerned anybody who so much as debated the idea should be institutionalised. As they had forced him to swallow, however, he had suddenly realised that his reservations were about to be utterly torn away.

The change had been quick and erotic, the shifting of his body strangely arousing. His new pussy had tingled immediately upon formation and his nipples had hardened on his fresh, soft tits. He had vaguely understood that the moans echoing around the room were his own, but the understanding that they were distinctly feminine didn’t really hit him until he was lying sweaty and panting on the glass conference table. To his surprise, he had been utterly naked.

During his transformation he had not felt the hands on his body removing his clothes, and he had only been able to watch in horror as the men who had pinned him down had tossed them out of the window with cruel leering grins. They had tossed female clothes at him, ordering him to put them on, but he had refused and tried to intimidate them in the same way he had for years as their boss.

That had been a mistake. Dragging the new woman by her hair through the building, they had passed through the offices in which Hank’s team were working. It seemed that the entire staff body had been privy to the cruel stunt as they met Hank’s wails with cheers and hollers, even the occasional round of applause. Hauling her out onto the lawn in front of the building they had tossed her down and thrown the clothes at her again. Acutely aware of her public nudity she had quickly tried to don them but before she could even clothe herself properly they had forced her onto her back, tugged down their jeans and begun to piss on her.

‘Not an option, dude,’ said the first, his stream beginning to dwindle, ‘you’ve had your chance. That pill we stuffed down your throat, that was a Swap-Lock.’

‘So no changing back,’ added the second, shaking the last splashes of piss over her crotch before pulling up his jeans, ‘you’re stuck like this now, Hannah.’

‘Wh-what?’ Hank exclaimed, ‘What do you expect me to do?’

‘Piss off,’ said the first and both men laughed at his joke. He too zipped up his jeans once he had finished.

‘The pimps downtown are always looking for new girls,’ added the second, ‘I hear Swap-Girls earn double. Go on, get lost, bitch.’

Taking a meaningful step forward, he and his friend laughed as Hannah scrambled away, jumping to her feet and running off in tears. Hank had always been a total dick, so it was only fitting that a week later Hannah would be being pimped out and lying in some stranger’s bed taking his…

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After last week’s Halloween mini-series I will be taking it a little easier with my stories, however you will be getting a new serial at the end of the month based on a story by the fabulous Evie Hyde. Apologies for the quality of the gif, I did not realise it would be so blurry when sized up and I did not have chance to look for another one before posting this. I may come back to it further down the line if I can find a better one to replace it.

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