Three women are used roughly by muscular black lovers

‘You know you’re not the first family we’ve done this to,’ said the massive black man with his fingers locked in Josh’s hair holding his head in place so he could not look away. ‘Just you search the internet and you’ll find more than enough articles about families with suspected ties to our organisation just disappearing off the face of the earth. Truth be told, I would’ve thought a smart guy like you would’ve done your research before you got in deep with us, but then intelligence doesn’t always equal common sense I find.’ Josh could smell him – eye-watering cologne laced with booze – and for all that he did not smell good, he tried to focus on it. Anything to distract him from the awful, sordid scene before him. Of course, it was not enough, and the sight of his family being destroyed by a series of enormous black men was inescapable.

The gangsters had burst through the door without warning and everything had been over almost before it had begun. Josh had never realised the gang was serious enough to actually take his family hostage. Sure, he owed them money, but he had hardly expected such severe ramifications for his debts. Even if he had heard rumours of gang members breaking into houses and kidnapping the occupants who were never seen again he hadn’t thought that could happen to him. His misguided beliefs had been resolutely proved wrong when the gangsters had pinned down his mother, father and brother and poured vials of crimson liquid down their throats as he was tied firmly to the sofa opposite.

To his amazement, all three of them had transformed rapidly before his eyes. His mother’s age had fallen away, the crow’s feet and saggy breasts giving way to silk-smooth skin and plump, firm tits. Her figure had quickly resolved into a hot bombshell with long hazelnut hair and a mischievous glint in her eye.

His brother’s transformation had been even more dramatic: broad shoulders to petite feminine frame, dark cropped hair to lush blonde locks, hairy tree-trunk legs to smooth lithe limbs and firm pectorals to hot, supple breasts.

By far the most intense changes, however, were those in his father. Josh’s dad was a tall man, taller even than the towering black men that had burst through the door and assaulted them. After consuming the liquid he had shrunk dramatically until he was almost half his original size. As he did so, fresh blonde locks tumbled over his short, silver hair settling in a wavy cropped in a bob. The abundant wrinkles criss-crossing his face and arms from years working beneath the sun smoothed and faded, giving way to young flesh unaffected by the wear and tear of age. His chest had bulged with unexpected tits that stretched his button shirt tight and his jeans had creaked under the strain of his widening hips. Unstable, arthritic legs had shifted into lean thighs, sleek shins and dainty feet that put the spring back in his step, while his hunched posture gradually resolved itself until he was stood erect for the first time in years running his hands sensually over his new body.

The black men had stripped down quickly until they were in the nude save their golden chains, and as they had done so they had commanded the women to don the various lingerie and skimpy outfits they had bought with them. It was, of course, a largely futile process given that they would be torn off soon thereafter, but Josh assumed it had been to torment him further.

The new women had barely been able to keep the hands off the gangsters – or themselves for that matter – but had eventually managed to dress themselves to the requirements of their captors. For his mother, they had provided a black lace underwear set; for his brother a sky blue camisole; for his father a burgundy dress that did not reach below his ass.

It had been immediately apparent that there was nothing left of the family he had known. His mother had quickly dropped to her knees to gorge herself on the hanging meat of the man who had so recently been pinning her down. Neither his brother nor his father were given the chance, instead the both of them had been heaved onto the counter worktop spread wide and skewered on the enormous dicks of their new lovers.

Josh wrestled at his bonds and tried to force the gag from his mouth. Neither attempt was successful: he only succeeded in persuading the gangster to pull his hair tighter. As his brother and father were pounded ruthlessly behind her, his mother gagged on the dick she had managed to swallow almost to the base. Pulling away a string of saliva strung between his head and her lips.

She glanced over at him, seeming to notice him for the first time, and laughed. ‘Look at the little white man,’ she giggled, ‘he looks so helpless tied up like that. I wish I was his girlfriend so he could watch me get fucked by a big black cock.’

‘Oh don’t worry,’ said the man standing over her, ‘I’m sure this is just as upsetting for him. Let’s make it even worse, shall we?’ Without waiting for an answer he lifted her up onto the counter as easily as if she were a small child, parted her legs and slammed into her so hard she cried out in shock. The wail quickly shifted into a moan and she grabbed at his chest desperately as he fucked her deeper than any man ever had.

Three women used roughly by muscular black lovers

Strong hands had flipped his brother over so that she was being fucked from behind bent over the counter. The man’s hands were locked in her hair pulling her head up and he spanked her periodically setting her plump ass rippling. When he was not clouting her ass he was gripping her hip and pulling her harder and further onto his colossal meat. Josh could see how wide he was stretching her and he winced at what he thought it must feel like. His brother, however, seemed not to mind any pain she felt: she moaned and laughed as she was fucked, begging for more as he continued to gradually increase his pace. She was an addict to his cock, and Josh knew that if the man wasn’t holding her up she would be sprawled over the counter unable to even lift herself through the euphoria.

In stark contrast his father’s lover was thrusting far slower. Rolling his hips slowly he fucked her soft and passionate, savouring the low, elongated moans that he was able to draw from her lips. He would shift her position and alter his pace at frequent intervals, smirking when she reached round to grab him. He was playing her body in the same way a seasoned musician plays their instrument, and her erotic expressions were his symphony. Josh could see how her eyes rolled back with every thrust, how she wore an expression that was somewhere between adoration and fear as though she was scared to take such an enormous dick, but acutely aware of how no other man could compare to him.

Josh wanted to throw up.

The gangster leaned in closer to him with a chuckle. ‘I’d love to say there was something you could do to help them, even if just to see the false hope on your face, but I’m afraid that serum is a one-shot deal. No going back after taking it. But I mean, just look at how happy they are. Have you ever seen anyone that happy to be used? I know I ain’t. Trust me, son, it’s a thing of beauty seeing a slut being satisfied by a big dick. Visual poetry if you ask me.

‘I know this probably seems a bit much, but I’m sure you can understand that as businessmen we can’t just let debtors get off without paying. I mean you wouldn’t go around stealing money off folks, now would you? We have to set an example of those who break our rules, you see, otherwise everyone owing us would try getting off cheap. This is why you do your research, bud; don’t go taking money you know you ain’t gonna be able to pay back, especially if you’ve an idea of how serious the consequences will be.’

Three women used roughly by muscular black lovers

By now the thugs had moved the women off of the worktop and thrown them down onto the large pouffe in the centre of the room. None of them were playing coy any longer and all three were roughly using the new sluts for pleasure without any consideration for those they were fucking. They pounded into tight, dripping holes with ruthless force, using them like living fleshlights. They were not gentle. They degraded the women with insults and rough groping, and they frequently spanked them or yanked on their hair.

Not that the women seemed to mind.

His mother’s face was a picture of slutty enjoyment as she bounced her hips up and down. She laughed as he gripped the bra and the remains of the panties he had torn open that now encircled her waist and used them to pull her back onto his dick. His father looked as though he was struggling to take the thug fucking him hard from behind and as his eyes went pure white Josh could see him whispering lustful things and curse words under his breath. He had thrown his hand out to Josh’s brother too, who was positioned between the two women who had recently been his parents and was being fucked the roughest of all. Josh had watched enough porn to recognise the expression she was wearing. Effectively delirious on account of the rough, lengthy fucking session at the mercy of a towering black man, her mind had been reduced to a sex-addled mess. She was laughing loud, and it was a laughter that bordered on the edge of insanity. Nothing mattered anymore to her, only the cock buried in her virgin hole and the oncoming load that he was preparing to blow inside her.

The gangster dragged Josh up from his seat and dumped him down barely a few inches in front of the women. His brother was so far gone that she didn’t even notice him in front of her, but his mother and father leaned forward and kissed him on the cheeks.

‘You know my boys tell me that the whole reason you borrowed from us in the first place was to help your family. Said they’d fallen on hard times. Well, I guess now they’ve fallen on something else hard. It’s a nice sentiment and all, but money is money no matter what you use it for, and you have ours.

‘So let’s lay out exactly what is going to happen. In a few minutes, my boys are going to fill these dumb sluts with cum until they’re dripping. Then we’re going to take them away with us and if we’re feeling particularly generous they’ll only end up in the hands of our pimps. If we’re feeling a little naughty then come Monday morning they’ll be up for auction as dumb slut slaves to be used for whatever the buyer wants. As for you,’ the man paused, smiled coldly, ‘well, those consequences I mentioned, they’re about to catch up with you too.’

Producing another vial from an inner pocket he leaned down and removed the gag from Josh’s mouth…

Woman rides muscular black lover with another black man screwing another woman in the background

‘Oh God, baby, you’re so big. I can’t get enough of you inside me. It feels like you’re splitting me in half. I want you to split me in half. Oh God, it’s a shame that silly white boy you mentioned isn’t here to see what a real man fucks like.’

The gangster grinned as the girl rode him furiously. One arm was wrapped around his neck, her manicured nails clawing at his tattooed skin, the other was tight around his wrist to ensure he didn’t remove his hold on her for as much as a second. His big hands were clutching her soft ass and he could feel her hard nipples rubbing up against his chest.

‘You’re right, Jen,’ he growled into her ear, ‘but we don’t need him to have a good time, do we?’ Her response was simple yet erotic. First she moaned into his ear, long and deep like she had been trying to hold it back for some time and had finally let it free. Then she gripped hold of the nearby worktop with her free hand to lift herself up and begin bouncing hard on his dick, whimpering desperately as she did so. She wanted to hear him moan, wanted him to call her names and grope her body. But most of all she wanted to feel him fill her until she burst and have her lick him clean once he pulled out.

Based on the way his dick was twitching inside her, she would not have long to wait…

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After I wrote Pay Your Debts, which I released last week I found this image set and I could not resist writing a piece with the same basic premise that went even further and elaborated on what the scenario I teased at the end of that story in which the debtor could not pay back might look like. I love this piece and hope you all enjoyed it too!

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