Blonde woman gives oral sex to man in suit while watched by gagged semi-naked woman tied to chair

‘Do you like what I did to your sister?’ growled Ryan, glaring at his ex-wife with a mixture of disdain and amusement. The bar gag between her teeth might have stunted her speech, but it could not conceal the expression of defeat she wore as she looked first at him, then at her sister gorging herself hungrily on his enlarged dick, and then back to him again. ‘Personally, I think it’s an improvement. She always was a flat-chested little prude, and I can’t remember the last time I saw her smile. Just look how happy she is now though.’

Sammy couldn’t deny he was right. Her sister’s eyes were closed in contented bliss and on the rare occasion she opened them, it was to stare up adoringly at her new owner. She was wearing the tight, short dress and keen black heels Ryan liked her in most, and her long, straight hair shone in the light as she bounced her head back and forth tirelessly along his meat. Her agile tongue and wet sucking rolled Ryan’s eyes back, and Sammy had rarely seen her sister take such delight in anything, let alone something so vulgar.

‘Oh, and do you like my new place?’ Ryan grinned. ‘Very swanky, don’t you think?’

The penthouse apartment had once been her sister’s and was decorated primarily in white: white sofas, white rugs, white carpets and even a white egg chair suspended from the ceiling. From her position tied to the chair she could have looked out across the entire city if she had wanted to, but as much as she tried to look away, she could not turn her eyes away from her sister gagging on her ex-husband’s cock.

‘Well, dear Jade here was kind enough to let me have it of course, but then I can be very persuasive.’ He flashed Sammy a cold grin, leaning down to tweak one of her large, exposed breasts. Once she had arrived at the apartment, called there by her sister, she had immediately found a cloth soaked in chloroform held roughly across her face. When she had woken up, she had found herself bound, gagged, her skirt removed and her shirt torn open. Soon after, Ryan had strode in, Jade crawling after him before she had hungrily begun to suck him off.

Sammy shouted around her gag and Ryan sighed. Leaning over, he removed it. ‘What?’

‘What the fuck did you do to her?’ she snapped, stretching her jaw.

‘Oh, I just opened her mind.’ From the pocket of his suit he produced a small grey remote, which he held up for her to see. ‘You know, it isn’t easy to track down a supplier of a universal remote, but if you try really hard sometimes you get lucky. As you can see, it works wonders.’ One hand descended to stroke Jade’s soft blonde hair and she moaned around his dick as he did so.

‘You fucking creep,’ Sammy spat.

‘Oh Sammy, I’m just paying you back. I was perfectly happy to settle things in a civil way, but you being the cold-hearted bitch wanted to take me for every penny I had. Well now the tables have turned. Not that I want your money, of course, not now that I’ve just been identified as the sole remaining heir of a billionaire’s fortune,’ he wiggled the remote with a cunning wink, ‘no, I’m after a more material comeuppance. Namely you serving my every desire along with your sister for the rest of my life. Sound good?’

‘No fucking way. Just you wait, I’ll bring the cops down on you like the hand of God.’

Ryan tutted. ‘Sammy, I’m disappointed. Can’t you see what this thing can do? Look at your sister. I dumbed her down, gave her some nice fake tits, an addiction to cock and a desire to submit to only me with just a single click. And now, I’m going to do the same to you.’ Aiming the remote at her, he smirked as she struggled frantically in her chair. Watching her tits bounce, he knew he was looking forward to pumping his dick between them.

‘No, no, don’t,’ she screamed, ‘get that fucking thing away from me. Don’t you dare, Ryan, don’t you fucking dare.’

‘Say goodbye, Sammy,’ he said, just as he emptied his load down Jade’s eager throat, ‘it’ll be over before you know it.’

‘No, no, no! Ryan, don’t you fucking da –’


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