Craig was lounging in front of the TV screen, paying little attention to the crappy reality show blaring on as he scrolled through pictures of practically naked girls on his phone, when he was interrupted by a knock at the door. Hauling himself lazily up, he glanced at the clock on his wall: 11.37. Fucking twenty to midnight. Furious at the distraction, he shuffled into the hallway to answer it.

‘What?’ he snapped, before swinging open the door. The woman on the other side looked shocked, raising a hand to her heaving bosom. Craig’s anger fell immediately into awkward apology.

‘Oh, Mrs. Johnson, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise it was you… I just wasn’t expecting anybody… I was… erm… occupied… just watching some TV I mean, that’s it… just TV…’ He was glad she interrupted him, since it stopped him bumbling on any further.

‘Oh don’t worry, Craig, that’s okay. I don’t like calling so late, I hope I didn’t interrupt anything important.’

She was dressed in her nightie, and Craig really wished she wasn’t. Her large breasts were pressed together tightly, and her lithe form was accentuated by the white lace. Ever since Craig had moved in a year ago, he had had a massive crush on the woman, a dilemma made none the easier given that she was his next door neighbour, frequently returned home sweaty and breathless in her tight running gear, and that he could often hear her and her husband loudly making love late into the night. Even now, he could not help but imagine running his dick up and down her tanned cleavage and slipping it between her plump, moist lips.

‘No, god no, of course not,’ he said quickly, trying to think about maths or floorboards. Something boring that might ward off his growing boner. ‘Like I said, just TV, that’s all.’

‘That’s good. Look, I know it’s late but I was just wondering if you could help me with something?’

‘Uh, sure, yeah. What do you need?’

‘I know it sounds really silly, but I accidentally tore my shower curtain down, and I’m not tall enough to get it back up. I would leave it for my husband to fix when he gets in, but he will be back late tonight and he likes a shower to de-stress before bed. Do you think you could come over for just a minute and clip it back up?’

Desperately trying to drag his mind out of the gutter at being asked over to the woman’s house when her husband was out, Craig just nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

‘Oh that’s great, thank you Craig, you’re a life-saver!’

Locking up his house, Craig followed Mrs. Johnson around to her house. He didn’t know exactly where she was from originally, but she had a mild accent and, more importantly, an amazing ass. Walking behind her, he could not take his eyes off it as it swayed from side to side. He could just imagine squeezing it, hearing her moan as he groped her curves, spreading it wide and sinking his dick deep inside her perfect ass –

No! If he could have slapped himself, he would have, but the last thing he wanted was to draw attention to himself, especially given that his boner was unwilling to go away. She is your neighbour, he reprimanded himself silently, more than that, she is fucking married! And her husband is bloody enormous! You lay a hand on her and he could rip you in half!

The Johnson household was significantly better maintained than his. Pristine in every aspect, it was perfectly clean and dominated by tiling and expensive-looking décor. The staircase had a banister of rich, engraved wood and Craig felt entirely out of place in his jogging bottoms and too-big t-shirt.

In an attempt to make conversation, he said as much.

‘Oh, don’t worry about that. It might seem a little anal,’ he really wished she hadn’t said that word, ‘but I like things to be tidy. Besides, while Mike’s at work, it is just me here on my own so I’ve got nothing better to do. Well,’ she turned to him with a naughty smile, ‘most of the time anyway. One time, I had porn playing on every TV screen in the house.’

Craig opened his mouth to reply, found that he was lost for words, then closed it again. Then opened it, and proceeded to close it. His knees had gone weak and fresh thoughts of fucking Mrs. Johnson doggystyle in front of TV blaring out hardcore porn exploded through his mind.

All at once, Mrs. Johnson giggled with laughter. ‘God, I’m kidding, Craig. Don’t look so terrified, you look like you’ve just been shot. Have a sense of humour.’

Craig laughed awkwardly and followed upstairs and into the bathroom, wishing he had not said anything at all: he was forced to clutch his boner through his pocket to prevent it tenting up his joggers. Continuing the trend set by the rest of the house, the bathroom dominated by tiles and porcelain, and was complete with no less than three mirrors. The large bathtub was surrounded by various lotions and bottles. The only thing out of place was the shower curtain, half of which was hanging down forlornly.

‘You see? God, I’m such a clutz. I was just getting out of my bath when I slipped and pulled that down with me.’

Ordinarily, he would have asked if she was injured, if she needed taking to the hospital perhaps, but the mental image of Mrs. Johnson lying naked and prone on the bathroom floor dispelled all logical thought.

‘I’ll fix it, just a minute.’

Briefly, he took note that the bath seemed distinctly dry, but then turned his attention urgently to the dangling curtain in the hopes it would ward off his boner. It took him a few minutes to fix it, by which time he was barely hard at all. As soon as he turned around, however, his boner began to rapidly return.

Mrs. Johnson was sat almost naked straddling the toilet, with her lace bra pulled up to reveal her large, sumptuous breasts. Her nightie lay discarded on the bathroom floor, and she had managed to oil herself up silently while he worked so that her tits, her stomach, her arms and thighs shone in the light. Her long black hair, which had been tied up before, hung free down her back, and between her legs was a growing boner she stroked with delicate fingers. Her smile – coy and sensual all at once – told him she had him exactly where she wanted him.

For a moment, Craig could not say a thing, then all at once his voice stammered back to life and he took great interest in the tiles at his feet. ‘Oh god… Mrs. Johnson… I guess I’m interrupting… I should be going now… I didn’t see anything, honest… at least not much… I won’t tell Mr. Johnson… I mean he must already know I’m sure, what I mean is I won’t tell him I was here… I’ll just leave you to it… I’ll be off… night then…’

‘You can drop the embarrassment. I’ve seen the way you look at me. This is exactly what you want, Craig, and you know it. Admit it.’

Still looking down, for a reason he wasn’t sure of, Craig nodded. ‘I mean yeah, sure, I thought you were attractive…’

‘Thought? You don’t think I look attractive now?’

‘That’s not what I meant… I just mean I didn’t expect… I just thought you…’

‘Look at me, Craig. Try and tell me I don’t look fucking hot. Try and tell me you don’t want to grope my tits. Look me in the eye and tell me I don’t look so good stroking my dick.’

Looking up, Craig felt his boner raise fully. Her slender fingers sliding up and down her oiled cock was such a fucking turn on. Her oiled tits were just waiting to be sucked on. And the greedy glint in her eye as she eyed up his tented joggers threatened to make him cum on the spot.

Meeting his eye, she bit her lip. ‘Tell me.’

‘You look so fucking hot,’ he agreed. ‘I want to grope your tits so hard they’re red for days. And you stroke your dick so good.’

‘Just as I thought. Now, are you going to come over here and suck my cock, or am I going to have to tell my husband you took advantage of me while I was alone in my own home?’

‘You… you want me to suck your dick? Listen, you’re hot but… I’m not really into that.’

She smiled the smile of a seductive mermaid leading the unsure sailor astray. ‘Then why are you hard as rock watching me stroke? Why are you imagining yourself on your knees, licking my balls and drinking all the cum from them?’

Craig couldn’t deny it. He just couldn’t. Until tonight, sucking dick was the last thing he thought he would ever do. But seeing Mrs. Johnson naked in front of him, stroking her hot, oiled dick: all he could think of was her seed coursing down his throat.

‘You don’t have to imagine, Craig,’ she said, every word dripping with lust, ‘I’m right here. Come here, to me. Get on your knees and take my shaft between your lips. You know you want it. It’s the only thing you want right now.’ Again, she bit her lip. ‘Taste me, Craig.’

His last doubts fading away, Craig knelt down in front of her and took her hard dick into his mouth without hesitation. The taste was more than he could ever have expected, and it was soon apparent that Mrs. Johnson has picked out flavoured oil for him. Her dick felt alien in his mouth, yet at the same time it felt as though it belonged like nothing else ever had before. It was as though a part of him had always been missing, and as he sucked her greedily that piece finally slotted into place. The more he pleasured her, the more hungry for her he was, and with each fresh moan that parted her lips he craved more of her. Craved her deeper down his throat. If he choked taking her deep, he could think of no more blissful way to die.

Between her moans, Mrs. Johnson leant down to whisper in his ear. Gently, she locked her fingers in his hair as she spoke, bobbing him up and down rhythmically. ‘You know, I lied a little bit earlier. I would never tell my husband that you took advantage of me. In fact, he knows I’ve had you over tonight. He’ll back in a few hours, and he can’t wait to try out your tight little virgin ass.’ Half an hour ago, Craig would have retched at such a thought. Now, he moaned around her cock, his eyes rolled back in his skull, and he took her even deeper.

‘That’s right, little boy, gobble on my dick. You know, if you’re lucky, I might even suck you off as he fucks you. But first you have to show me what a good little cock sucker you are.’ Mrs. Johnson moaned loud as Craig slurped eagerly around her shaft, saliva dribbling down to her balls and wet, slapping gagging noises ringing through the house.

‘Good boy. You know, I think you’re going to be around her a lot more often from now on. Mmmmmmhhh…’

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