Models: Eden Ivy & Bo Sinn

A naughty thrill flared through Allie’s body as she began to suffocate. She hadn’t heard Lazarus approach, but now his strong hands were clamped around her neck and though she managed to open her mouth his grip made it impossible to breathe. Most women would have panicked, but there was only lust in Allie’s eyes as she looked up at her visitor.

‘Guess who,’ he said wearing that smug look that told her he knew he was turning her on.

Unable to respond, Allie simply grinned, a devilish sluttiness weaved through her expression. For a few seconds longer he maintained his grip, clearly enjoying her helplessness. Then he was dragging her up onto her knees, one hand tugging on her dark ginger hair as the other disappeared into her crop top to grope her soft tits.

As soon as she got close enough, Allie seized his face and pulled him into a passionate kiss. As usual, their intimacy was not gentle: they made out roughly, frantically, driven by primal desire. While her hands clutched his head until her knuckles went white, his were squeezing her breasts so hard she thought he might tear them off. The material of her top pitched and rolled like stormy waves as he ravaged her rack.

‘Fuck, you were so hot tonight, babe,’ Allie gasped between long kisses. ‘Grinding up against those dancers. Shredding those riffs. Shit, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted you more. And they wanted you too. All those bitches in the crowd throwing their underwear at you – it makes me so fucking horny thinking how jealous they are that I get to be yours. I’m the slut they all want to be.’

Lazarus grinned. ‘And I wouldn’t have you any other way.’

Lazarus was always horny after a gig. Performing at Metamorphose hit different than just about anywhere else he had ever played: the atmosphere of lust was so palpably potent he was sure you could have bottled and sold it if you tried. So for a shameless rockstar like him it was the perfect place to drive adoring crowds wild and, unsurprisingly, after a few hours surrounded by every manner of debauchee imaginable – from muscular lotharios to latex-clad dominatrices to sensual trans nymphos – he invariably finished his set with an all-consuming need to fuck the brains out of the nearest willing whore.

Fortunately, Allie was more than happy to fill that role. And tonight was no different.

Already her hands were in his jeans, massaging his swelling cock as she fiddled with the zip. All the while she continued to kiss him, occasionally pulling away to lick his neck or chin or face like some feral creature tasting her prey. She leaned into his chest, pressing herself against him and groaning into his mouth.

But Lazarus was just as animated. Rather than simply let her worship him, he actively matched her advances, fighting for control. Wrenching off her leather jacket he then set to work on her skirt; by the time she had dropped his jeans around his ankles, he had pulled the dark denim hem up and bunched it around her waist. A heartbeat later he had ripped her panties clean off, exposing her shaved pussy.

Sensing she was about to lose the battle, Allie tried distracting him by frantically jerking him off. But it was too late. Latching one hand in her hair, Lazarus forced her face down into her abandoned jacket with her ass held high.

Disoriented by the swift manhandling, Allie had no time to react before Lazarus had two fingers knuckle-deep in her tight sex.

Allie’s groan tumbled over her lips like a cascading waterfall. With every pump of Lazarus’ fingers intense waves of pleasure surged through her petite figure, orgasmia flooding her mind as she rocked into his hand. And all at once she was glad she’d lost the battle.

Because Lazarus knew every inch of her. He could dial her arousal to eleven with nothing more than an insinuating glance. He knew her kinks and desires and carnal needs. He knew how to play on all her erogenous zones. He knew that a single finger tracing up the back of her thigh could get her flushed, and that a kiss in just the right spot behind her ear could turn her on so much her mind effectively shut down. He knew her fetishes, her fantasies and everything in between.

And he also knew that Allie was a true anal slut.

Her groan became a gasp as he sank his face between her ass cheeks, which became an erotic shriek once his tongue probed her tight hole. The sudden addition of anilingus to their depravity set her entire body shuddering, drawing little naughty giggles from Allie whenever he hit just the right spot. Continuing to rock back and forth, her stomach flipped as his thick tongue sank deeper, parting the muscles of her ass even as his fingers ravaged her pussy.

Her tits popped free of her top, the hard nipples grazing against the sofa. Her hair splayed across her back and shoulders. Her conscious mind began to drown in the ecstasy.

‘Oh fuck, yes baby, yes. That’s it, right there. Keep going, keep… oh god, don’t stop… don’t ever…’ Allie’s voice trailed off. Her eyes rolled and her mouth fell open. Then, the pleasure mounting, she buried her face in her discarded jacket and bit down hard on the leather to stop herself moaning aloud.

Of all her friends, Allie was perhaps the one who embodied her card the best. She even looked like the woman who had grinned up at her old male self from The Hedonist, whereas most of her friends’ transformations had been more random, matching their card in mind more than body.

Once in her new body, Allie had immediately pounced upon Tamara, pulling her into a kiss before her transformation had even finished. Together they had fucked themselves to an orgasm more powerful than either of them had ever felt in their old lives. Yet as Tamara had slumped back, sweaty and exhausted, Allie had just been getting started.

She had been drawn from the room by a power she couldn’t quite explain. Snatching up a discarded shirt belonging to one of the security guards she had headed out onto the casino floor looking like a child wearing her father’s clothes. Not that anybody paid her any attention – in Metamorphose, sluts taking a postcoital stroll in their lover’s purloined shirt was a common sight.

The strange power had attracted her to the Performance Zone: a honeycomb of concert halls, auditoriums and theatres where patrons could enjoy everything from hypnotic stage shows that could mess with the mind, live music capable of transforming listeners into the subject of a particular song, or magic acts that could corrupt entire audiences with the wave of a wand.

Yet one room had called to her more than the rest. And when she stepped inside, Lazarus had immediately stolen her heart.

It was only later that she realised what the card had done to her. As the avatar of The Hedonist, she was drawn to the most shameless, depraved, immoral, insatiable lover around, whom she would claim as her own until somebody even filthier crossed her path. That night it had led her to Lazarus – and given that the card had chosen him over every other slut and stud in Metamorphose, Allie knew that nobody was likely to take his place.

While Lazarus had been rocking the minds of his audience, Allie had crept into his dressing room. After his set, he found her waiting in nothing but the same leather jacket she now bit down on. Unsurprisingly, he hadn’t had any complaints.

They had spent every spare moment since fucking like wild animals, hopelessly addicted to one another; if some matches were made in Heaven, theirs originated in the second circle of Hell.

And as usual, tonight’s fuckfest soon took a turn for the rough.

Abruptly hoisting Allie off the sofa, Lazarus dropped down amongst the pillows with his rigid dick standing tall. Swinging his arms up beneath her legs, he hooked both hands behind Allie’s head, swishing her amber hair down over her face and almost folding her petite body in half. With her knees almost rubbing her ears and her arms pinned in position, she was helpless in his grip – all she could do was watch as he lowered her down and impaled her on the tip of his huge hard cock.

Allie tried to cry out as he invaded her, but her position reduced the noise to a strangled croak. Deeper and deeper he went, his cock seemingly endless. Hinged down as far as she could go, Allie found herself staring at the floor, her head roughly level with his knees and her stomach bulging. The pleasure was almost too much to take: her eyes went wide, her temples throbbed, her heart battered against her ribs.

Then Lazarus pulled her up once more. He grinned, giving her a moment to catch her breath. ‘Such a flexible little cunt,’ he said. ‘But how about we see what you’re really made of?’

With that, Lazarus unleashed all his strength. Pitching her up and down with brutal speed, he laughed as a strangled howl of pleasure tore from her throat. Her hair flew about wildly and her legs flailed, the leather of her hefty boots little more than a black blur. Her arms were just as useless; with Lazarus thrashing her around too quickly for her to seize of hold of anything her forearms simply slapped against his thighs with each thrust.

Allie had absolutely no idea how long her man used her like that. She was vaguely aware that at one point he stood up and began thrusting himself while holding her still, but by then her conscious mind had mostly shut down. And since Lazarus’ stamina was near enough limitless – one of the perks of spending so much time in Metamorphose’s corruptive atmosphere – there really was no telling how much time she lost.

Either way, when he finally threw her down onto the sofa she was sweaty, drooling, and delirious. Her thighs were decorated with the smeared juices of several cumshots and at least two orgasms of her own. Only her boots remained on her person, everything else stripped off and tossed aside to leave her soft, nubile figure completely naked.

Pressing her into the cushions Lazarus straddled her ass, savouring his handiwork as Allie continued to groan softly. But when he leaned close to whisper in her ear his words cut through her mental fog. ‘Tell me about that night, baby,’ he breathed, one hand cupping her throat. ‘Tell me about when you were reborn.’

‘You… you already know about all that…’ Allie panted.

‘I know,’ Lazarus said. She could hear the smile in his voice. ‘But I like hearing it. It’s such a fucking turn on. Besides, there’s a reward for doing as you’re told,’ he added, pressing the head of his cock against her tight ass. 

Arousal churned in her stomach and desperation seized her – desperation to feel him sodomise her hard and deep. The words tumbled from her lips, the memories flooding back to her.

‘The magic hit me the second I saw my card. I dropped it, but the last thing I remember seeing was that woman: totally naked and surrounded by a crowd of dark figures all reaching out to grope her, smiling up at me like she couldn’t wait to see me change. Then everything went blurry and I was thrashing about on the floor.’

As she began to get into the flow of her story, she started to rub her ass against his dick. ‘My… my tits came first. I was a pathetic thing before: skinny as a lat and bony all over. There was this burning, like the peak of an orgasm, only it was in my chest, and when I put my hands there I felt them swelling out, like balloons being blown up. Fuck, it was so hot – mmmh, I can feel it now. Then the heat was spreading and all at once I was on fire, like I’d just been thrown in a furnace and locked inside.

‘But it didn’t hurt. It was like… like everything was too intense to feel the pain. Like when you put your hand under boiling water and for a second it’s so hot you can’t feel it at all. And underneath it all was this incredible pleasure, crashing through me like a freight train. I knew I should be screaming, but all I could do was moan and groan and hope it never stopped.

‘My whole body got soft and squishy and girly. My shoulders came crunching in, my hips swelled out and my ass seemed to grow forever, jiggling and bouncing as I squirmed. Even when I managed to open my eyes I couldn’t see a thing because my hair was just growing and growing, ginger curtains over my eyes even though I knew I’d been blond a few seconds before. I could feel invisible tattoo needles stabbing at me, decorating me with ink, and when I groped myself I had these long manicured claws.

‘And my pussy… fuck…’ Allie paused briefly as the memory hit her hard. ‘It was like every orgasm I’ve ever had hit me at once. I wanted to scream but nothing would come out, I could just feel my pretty new face twist with ecstasy as my cock shrank and shrank and shrank until there was nothing left. Then there was this burst of pleasure as my pussy opened and my clit emerged. From the second I became a woman I was dripping wet and I guess it was pretty obvious I was a needy slut, because once I got my hands on Tamara she went down on me like she wanted to suck out my soul. Once I’d finished with her I followed the call of the card – and found you.’

Allie’s heart was hammering now, the cocktail of denial, lust and erotic memories driving her to the brink of mania. ‘Holy fuck, it was so hot, baby. I always forget how horny those memories make me. It’s like my brain shuts them out because it knows if I focus on them too long they’ll drive me mad. Oh my fucking god, I think I’m going to burst.’

‘Well we can’t have that, can we?’ Lazarus growled into her ear. ‘Maybe this might help give you something to focus on.’

With that he was inside her, his massive cock sinking into the depths of her ass. She hadn’t even noticed him apply lube, but he slid in smoothly all the way to the base. For a second he held himself there, buried in her innards. Then he was thrusting, sending waves of euphoria through her small, pale body. As he began to pump a blank expression fell over Allie’s face, her conscious mind once again saturated in too much pleasure to process.

But for a slut as insatiable as her, pleasure like that was the entire point of her existence. Ever since that fateful night she had lived for everything sexy and sinful. And thanks to the magic of The Hedonist, she had found the perfect man to satisfy all her deepest, darkest desires…

Thanks for reading!

Fun fact: Allie’s card was almost called The Sybarite. I was torn between that and The Hedonist for quite a while, and in the end I chose the latter mainly because I thought more people would understand it. Also it feels a bit more accurate to Allie’s character, since I feel like a sybarite wouldn’t be inclined to stick with a single partner as Allie (mostly) does. Maybe that card will pop up in another story, I don’t know.

Other than that just a quick note to say that next week has three stories coming out spread across Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Honestly, that wasn’t entirely planned to start out, but I’ll explain why in my comments to Part 8 on Friday.


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