Models: Ana Foxxx & Alex Legend

Sienna could feel her memories fading already. As if the very taste of Matthew’s cock had perforated her psyche, the person she knew herself to be was seeping away, swirling lust filling the void left behind.

Part of her wanted to stop. The portion of Sean’s mind that hadn’t quite been erased when she first transformed pleaded with her to pull back and run away. But the longer she spent sucking his cock, the quieter his voice became. Because worshipping her Master was a transformative experience all of its own, every second in his embrace touching parts of her soul nothing else could and draining all her doubts away until she was a different woman entirely.

Matthew smiled down at her affectionately as his cock slid in and out of her lips. ‘That’s it, beautiful, let your desire take over. You know you can never give this up. You love the taste of my cock too much to ever stop. It’s okay, baby, just let pleasure guide you. Forget your past – forget everything but me.’

Delicate fingers massaging his balls, Sienna found his words filling her thoughts. She savoured the salty taste of his precum, the warmth of his shaft’s velvet-soft skin, the pliable softness of his head pressing against the back of her throat. As always, her addiction slowly began to take hold, any shame she had gripped onto fading as she sucked him ever deeper. Arousal played down her spine when he ran his hand over her shaved head, strong yet gentle. Instinctively she tilted into his fingers, keen to feel his powerful hands running over her cropped hair.

As Sean’s persona trickled away, the world seemed to fade with it. All that mattered was her Master: his pleasure, his happiness, his perfect juicy cock. And as she allowed instinct to take over, slutty hunger continued to well up inside her until her entire body was flooded with it.

Slowly her rhythm became more frantic, more aggressive. Wet slurping noises rang through the marble entrance hall and little strings of frothy saliva dribbled down onto the polished tiles as she became increasingly messy.

Matthew noticed the change with a smile. ‘Look at you. So hungry. So naughty. Such an amazing little cocksucker. I’d say you’ve earned a little reward for being such a good girl.’

Sienna’s Master led her to a nearby sofa. Kneeling down, her spread her legs to reveal her twinkling pussy, completely bare. Sienna wasn’t allowed to wear panties in the house – not even when guests were around. Whenever they had visitors, she would wear shorts or a skirt to hide her decency, but most of the time while they were alone she was either entirely naked or only clothed from the waist up. Today a white halter neck with a plunging neckline hugged her slender figure tight and a pair of golden heels ensnared her feet, but her sex was exposed.

The sight of it drew a grin over Matthew’s face. ‘Mmmh, my turn to feast,’ he said. Then he was between her thighs.

‘Oh fuck,’ Sienna gasped as his tongue encircled her glistening clit. ‘Oh my god, yes. Right there. Fuck, that feels so good, Master. Please, don’t stop.’

Pleasure spread through her like a virus. At first it was a soft warmth growing through her crotch, but as it expanded the heat mounted, building until sweat pricked on her brow and her skin tingled as though her senses had been dialled to eleven. Just the air over her bare thighs was enough to make her groan – so Matthew’s agile tongue and hot lips were almost too much to handle. Fire in her veins, the raw pleasure scorched through her mind setting the remnants of her old self alight.

As her orgasm began to build, Sienna wondered how she had ever lived without her Master. Her world was incomplete without him by her side and the thought of another man owning her made her feel physically ill. In this new body, she was unable to resist him. He was more than her lover: he was her reason for living.

Which made it all the more ironic that he was one of the patrons she and her former friends had pissed off on the night of their transformation.

As Matthew continued to eat her out, Sienna’s thoughts drifted back to that night.

Sean had been the last to turn over his card. A notorious cheat amongst his friends, he had decided to test his luck by letting everyone else flip their cards in the hope he might be able to make a run for it during the commotion of their transformations.

Unfortunately for him, Felicity had noticed before he could make his escape. Marching up to him she had snatched his card, flipped it, then held it right in front of his face.

A woman filled most of the image, beautiful and lithe. Just behind her, half concealed, was a second woman, a little different in appearance and slightly less distinct. Behind her again was a third woman who was blurrier still. Then a fourth person, too unclear to identify as man or woman, then beyond that a queue of dark figures stretching off into the background blending into one another. The card’s title sat at their feet, proclaiming itself as The Amnesiac in shimmering gold letters.

He had just enough chance to take in Felicity’s cruel smile before the card’s powerful magic was coursing through his veins.

The initial sensation was one of rapid deflation. More than a little overweight, he found his rolls of fat withering like grass on fire. His stomach, his jowls, his flabby arms and pudgy thighs, all of them retreated, kilos of excess weight simply vanishing as his skin softened and tightened, losing the many blemishes and stretchmarks of his old appearance. Within seconds he was leaner than he had been in years, his athletic new figure exposed as his clothes unravelled to leave him naked.

However, he had barely even noticed his new look, because already he could feel more changes overwhelming him. Intense heat bubbled briefly in his chest before a pair of perky tits rose up, small yet incredibly sensitive, his hard nipples pulsing with arousal. Further down, another wave of erotic warmth bloomed through his crotch. A heartbeat later he gave an orgasmic cry as his small cock shrivelled back into the tiny nub of a clit, while the skin beneath parted into a flushed pink pussy surrounded by a thin dusting of dark pubic hair.

His thuggish features shifted into a pretty face, complete with full lips, soft jawline and large, expressive eyes. Yet perhaps the most unexpected change came when his mess of unkempt dreadlocks severed themselves at the base, dispersing into dust before they hit the floor and leaving the reborn Sienna with an almost completely shaved head.

As the erotic magic waned, Sienna found herself in a den of sin. Most of her friends had already transformed and the room was full of their groans as they succumbed to their own desire. Yet despite the dramatic changes to her body, she was left with most of her old memories intact.

But that did not last long.

Looking up, she noticed one of the security guards smiling at her. ‘What do we have here?’ Stooping down, he retrieved Sienna’s card from the floor where Felicity had dropped it. His smile broadened. ‘Ah, the Amnesiac. Well then, I know exactly what to do with you.’

Undoing his belt and pulling his semi-erect cock free, he chuckled as desire spread visibly over Sienna’s face. Just the sight of his dick opened a trapdoor in her mind. As he approached, everything she used to be went tumbling into an endless void, a new woman filling the space left behind.

And now the same was happening all over again.

Lost in her thoughts, it took Sienna a moment to realise Matthew had stopped eating her out. By the time she noticed, he had already stripped naked, his suit lying in a heap on the floor. She gave a little gasp as he seized her hips and manhandled her into position on her knees, facing away from him with her legs spread to bare her tight pussy.

Then he was inside her and Sienna’s soul burned with pleasure.

By now she was convinced she had been made for him. Not only was she completely addicted to him, but his cock sheathed inside her holes so perfectly she could only assume the magic of the card had moulded her to be his slave; somehow it had known she would become his and it had tailored her to suit the role.

Gripping the back and arm of the sofa she whimpered, struggling to cope with the ecstasy roaring through her. The repetitive slap of his crotch against her plump ass bounced off the walls. Her pussy throbbed with every powerful thrust and her thighs twitched. Her own groans echoed back to her as if encouraging her to take him harder, deeper, faster. Meanwhile behind her, her Master was urging her on too. 

‘Give in, slut. Give in to the new you. You know you can never go back to who you were before. Someday you’ll forget the old you completely. Go on, bitch, just let go. Forget him. Let your lust consume you.’

Sienna closed her eyes, high on pleasure. When she opened them again, the last of Sean’s memories had faded.

‘What are you talking about, Sir? Why would I want to go anywhere when I have your perfect cock to play with? Mmmh, yes, fuck me deep, stud. I want to feel you in my stomach.’

Matthew grinned coldly. ‘Your wish is my command,’ he said, before clutching her shaved head with one large hand and using the leverage to pound into her tight hole.

Sienna’s lips parted in a continuous groan, the erotic sound juddering with every forceful thrust her Master gave. Her little tits had popped free of her top and they bounced about, her nipples rigid with arousal. Her breath came in short gasps and as their passion wore on she began to wonder if she might lose her mind to the barrage of endless pleasure.

All memories of her old life erased – albeit temporarily – Sienna was nothing more than his willing nympho. After he was finished with her, Sean’s consciousness would creep back in, blending into her psyche once more. Only this time there would be just a fraction less than before: a handful of memories would not return, allowing Sienna to take a little bit more control.

Because the real transformation of those who drew The Amnesiac came far later than their physical metamorphosis. Piece by piece, they simply forgot themselves, their new persona slowly consuming everything they used to be. When the casino first gifted Sienna to Matthew as a means of apologising for the disruption she and her friends had caused, he had kept her locked in the bedroom to keep her from trying to escape. Over time, as the nights of depravity had eaten away at her memories, she had become obedient enough for him to let her out under his supervision. These days he was content to leave her alone while he was at work, so long as all the windows and doors were locked. And eventually, once there was nothing left of her old identity, she would be free to join him on the wild nights he spent in Vegas’ most carnal establishments.

For now though, he was willing to be patient; according to Felicity, it would take at least another six months to purge Sienna’s memories completely. Fortunately for him, the more he fucked his hot black slut, the sooner the cognitive changes would take effect, and he was quite happy to spend all his spare time quite literally fucking her brains out.

As the sun shafted through the large patio windows, their sensual groans filled the air like swirling songbirds. Her top now abandoned, Sienna sank back into the sofa as her master drove into her flushed folds again and again. Closing her eyes, she ran her hands over her shaved head. Forgetting everything but lust, she allowed it to consume her…

Thanks for reading!

For this one, I did briefly consider incorporating Foxxx’s shaved head as part of the story as a humiliation for Sean’s character. However, quite honestly that felt a bit messed up. I know the subjects I write about aren’t exactly politically correct, but where I can I try my best not to insult anybody and make an effort to showcase the work of a diverse range of models. And to me, insinuating it was humiliating for a woman to have a shaved head just didn’t sit right. I mean I think Foxxx looks absolutely phenomenal with her hair shaved, so I like the idea of Sienna rocking that look and I tried to emphasise the beauty of the look as best I could.


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