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Being head of security at Metamorphose wasn’t a particularly demanding job. Most troublemakers could be handled with a stern telling off and the suggestion of calling the police, and those who pushed their luck were quickly silenced by the threat of a forced transformation. In fact, most days Felicity’s very presence patrolling the casino was enough to deter any rowdiness.

Every so often, however, someone would take things too far. And those were the days Felicity craved.

Tonight’s batch of miscreants were a particularly raucous bunch. Felicity could practically smell the testosterone on the seven jocks.

The three girls, meanwhile, made an odd trio. Two were clearly party girls, sat on the laps of their oafish boyfriends, their shrill giggles grating on Felicity’s nerves the instant she walked into the room. The third, however, was their antithesis, sitting quietly off to one side with her legs crossed. Felicity had been in her job long enough to be able to read people in a heartbeat, and despite all the laughing and shouting and bravado she could sense nerves in all but the third girl.

Not that Felicity had any plans of going easy on them. Not after the damage they had caused. Striding into the centre of the room she placed her hands on her hips and fixed them with a withering glare.

Her severe expression did little to intimidate the group. One of the men – a tall, broad man wearing a Hawaiian shirt arguably brighter than he was – turned to the others. ‘Uh-oh, I think we might be in a bit of trouble,’ he whispered, making his friends snigger.

‘Oh, trouble doesn’t even begin to cut it,’ Felicity said, her lips pursed. ‘Where should I begin? Property damage? Vandalism? Brawling? Adding up the two smashed slot machines, the shattered windows, the defaced paintings and the ruined sun loungers, between you, you’ve managed to cause over fifty thousand dollars of damage. And that’s not even mentioning the numerous patrons you’ve spent the night harassing. Should I go on?’

One of the girls spoke up. She wore a sequin dress and although she tried her best to sound disinterested, her anxiety was plain as her too-bright red lipstick. ‘This isn’t, like, going to give us a criminal record, right?’

Several of the others laughed at the suggestion. ‘Hell no, these dumb fucks can’t touch us,’ said one of the broad, burly jocks.  

‘Daniel’s right, babe,’ added the other party girl, straddling her hairy-chested man so she looked for all the world like an interrupted lapdancer. ‘And even if they did, my daddy would bail us all out easy. No biggie, right Liam?’

Liam – the arrogant moron in the Hawaiian shirt – was smirking as he eyed Felicity. ‘Exactly. Go on then, doll face. Get the cops down here. After all, you’re not about to kick us out yourself, are you? You might break a nail.’

Felicity didn’t bite. There would be time for that later. Instead a little smile played on her lips as the arrogant jerk openly ogled her cleavage. He hadn’t met her eyes once while he was talking, but Felicity didn’t care: distracting bigots like him with her stunning body always made watching them receive their comeuppance that much more satisfying. She liked the thought that she was the last thing their wandering eyes ever saw.

‘No,’ she said simply. ‘I won’t be calling the cops. That’s not how we do things here. But you’re right – I won’t be kicking you out.’

Liam’s smirk shrank just a little. Felicity’s grew by a fraction, as if she had stolen his amusement.

‘You see, here at Metamorphose, we have our own house rules. It’s quite clear that you barely have enough brain cells between you to know how to read, so the warning signs explaining the consequences for behaviour like yours will probably be beyond your grasp, but I’m afraid we don’t consider that an excuse. So allow me to spell it out for you: we do not tolerate ignorant fuckers like you.’

Felicity forced down a laugh as their faces began to drop. ‘But the thing is, thanks to you we’re going to have to spend a lot of money on repairs. So you’re going to help us earn that back.’ She glared directly at Liam now. ‘Because, doll face, anybody who breaks our rules has to face the Lucky Deck.’

One of the men frowned. ‘But, I thought the Lucky Deck was spread through the casino?’

Felicity eyed him for a second. He was large and black with a tangle of dreadlocks and his face looked as though it had come into contact with more clenched fists than hot meals. Then she produced a pack of cards from a pouch on her belt.

‘Oh, it is. At least the one the public uses. But you can imagine how it would be quite a hassle for us to sort through thousands of cards on the casino floor every time we needed to use it on rulebreakers. So what I have here is an identical copy to the deck our patrons to play with. But this one is all mine – my secret weapon to put irritating little twats like you in your place.’

Opening the pack, she fanned the cards across the table beside her. ‘So, here’s the deal. Each of you is going to pick a card. Once you’ve picked, you will keep hold of it until everybody else has selected theirs. Then you will all turn your cards over together. Whichever one you’ve picked will decide your punishment. Simple as that.’

Liam’s smile had evaporated completely. Felicity, meanwhile, was grinning triumphantly. ‘And what if we don’t?’ he asked.

‘Then I have enough bimbofication collars to turn all of you into mindless, silicone sluts whose only purpose in life is worshipping pussy and cock. After all, we’re always looking for new whores to work our gloryholes.’ Cold glee tickled her nape as the entire group visibly paled. ‘On the other hand, if you pick the right card, you might find you get a lenient punishment. In true Metamorphose fashion, it’s the luck of the draw. I know which option I’d go for.’

For several moments, none of them moved. Shocked into silence they simply stared at the spread of cards.

Then the quiet girl with the afro stood up and joined Felicity at the table. Unlike the others she didn’t look concerned. ‘Fine. Let’s get this over with. I figure I’m more likely to pick a good card if I go first.’

Stepping back to allow her to deliberate, Felicity planted her hands on her hips. A smile played on her lips as the girl reached out and plucked a card from the fan. Clutching it as if she was scared someone might snatch it from her, she retreated to her seat.

One by one, the solemn group came up to pick their own card. All the bravado and arrogance was gone now; they had the air of a funeral procession as opposed to Vegas revellers. Once they had all drawn Felicity collected the remaining forty-two cards and slipped them back into their box. Eyeing each one of them in turn, she took a moment to memorise what they looked like so she could truly appreciate the contrast of their new bodies once they transformed.

‘I am going to count down from three. When I do, you will look at your cards. Hopefully this will teach you not to act like spoiled brats from now on. Then again, that depends on what card you’ve picked, I suppose – after all, the Bratty Bimbo is a personal favourite of mine.’ She smirked as what little colour the group had left drained from their faces. ‘Here we go then. Three, two, one, and moan…’

Thanks for reading!

Hello! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and that 2023 is treating you well so far. And I’m really excited to be back with a new miniseries that will be coming out all month long!

Okay, so this story evolved A LOT since I first started. Pretty much from the start I knew I wanted it to be set in Metamorphose, but at first it was just a single fairly rough idea about a rich heiress somehow using her valet to pay her debts to the casino (and honestly, that’s a concept I still like, so at some point it might still see the light of day). While searching for galleries I could use I picked out three but I faced one of those rare cases where I simply could not pick between them.

At that point I decided I wanted to write a story for all three galleries, which then evolved into me having this idea about a group of friends all being transformed in Metamorphose. I also felt like it would be fun to explore the Lucky Deck concept a bit more, and the idea of it being used as a punishment for troublemakers just felt like exactly the kind of thing Metamorphose would do. From there everything kind of snowballed and rather than just focusing on three friends I decided I wanted a bigger cast of characters, which eventually led to me deciding ‘fuck it, let’s make this a miniseries’.

Quite honestly, I am delighted with the results. I had some fun mixing things up when it comes to the transformations, I really enjoyed exploring different Lucky Deck cards, and it was also very liberating not to have to link them together all that much. Sure there are connections between the stories, but they’re also much more standalone than most of my other miniseries have been. If I was to compare Luck of the Draw to any of my past works it would probably have to be The Seven Sexy Sins, just to give you an idea of how they’re structured.

Anyway, I really hope you like them! The first instalment is out now, then there will be new stories dropping every Monday and Friday for the rest of the month. Enjoy!


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2 Thoughts on “Metamorphose: Luck of the Draw – Prologue

  1. It looks like this is going to be an interesting series but the characters felt a little too passive in accepting their fate. They went from ‘They can’t touch us/Daddy will fix it’ to ‘Okay I’ll pull a card’ in a second. That type of arrogance doesn’t believe there are consequences until it literally smacks them in the face. It might have been better to have an extra character that got in Felicity’s face spouting off ‘Do you know who I am?’ Felicity doesn’t say anything but overpowers/out maneuvers them and slaps a bimbofication collar on them. Then Felicity tells the group they can pick a card or get a collar and the group, now seeing the worst that could happen, picks their cards.

    1. Hey, thanks for the feedback. Honestly, my main focus with this prologue was to set the scene without dragging things out for too long since I definitely have a habit of doing that. Handling a large cast in one scene can be a bit tricky, so I’m pretty happy with how I dealt with this scene, but I totally get that the shift was a bit abrupt. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the series though!

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