Models: Piper Perri, Lily Rader & Buddy Hollywood, with Emily Willis & Katana Kombat

Two Latina women dressed as maids

Samson couldn’t help himself. He was ogling the maids like a teenager who just found his older brother’s porn stash. Usually he wasn’t the kind of guy to objectify women, but the very sight of the maids was filling his head with all manner of lewd, lustful thoughts. Considering this was his honeymoon, he felt vaguely guilty at the thought of fucking anyone aside from his new wife, yet that guilt was mellowed by the raw sexual hunger roaring through his system.

To make matters worse, both women seemed to be enjoying his admiration. They smiled coyly, giggling in an innocent yet insinuating sort of way as he stared at them, like they could read every naughty thought running through his mind. It wasn’t even as if their uniform was tight or revealing – in fact they were dressed as conservatively as one might expect of any professional maid. But there was something fiendish in their eyes and it was giving Samson tingles in more places than he dared to admit.

And it wasn’t just the maids. Every member of staff in the entire resort had that same look in their eyes, almost daring him to indulge his fantasies. The beautiful woman at the check-in desk; the lifeguard in her tight, red bathing suit; the sultry holiday rep who’d winked at him as he was led away by the maids. They all looked like seduction given human form. He hadn’t seen a male member of staff so far, but then again he hadn’t been looking either.

Mercifully, Samson wasn’t the only one encapsulated. His new wife, Patricia, was just as entranced by the two beautiful women. Until today she had never shown the slightest sexual interest in a woman, yet if anything she had been more on edge than him since they arrived and even now she was visibly struggling to resist the urge to leap forward and kiss the nearest maid.

‘This es your room,’ said the younger of the two maids, her words thickly accented. She was short and pretty, her dark hair coming down to her bust and her dazzling, innocent smile stirring the desire to corrupt her in Samson’s loins. She gestured to a pair of bubbling champagne flutes set on a low glass table. ‘Consider these a welcome gift. We ‘ope you enjoy your stay ‘ere. We are sure it will be most enlightening for you both.’

‘Oui,’ added her companion, her accent a shade less heavy. She was older, more experience in her soulful eyes, experience which seemed to give her smile a more suggestive edge. ‘If you need anything, we are only a phone call away. We are on ‘and at all ‘ours. Please, make use of us ‘owever you see fit.’

They didn’t wait for a reply before leaving the room, though Samson was glad they didn’t need one given his throat was dry as a bone and he wasn’t remotely confident that his response would have been coherent.

Trying to distract themselves from their arousal, the newlyweds turned to one another as the maids left. As such, they didn’t notice that the two women failed to close the door fully behind them, nor their eager eyes pressed against the sliver of a gap they’d left to see through.

‘Well, this place is… nice,’ Samson said, his voice a little hoarse.

‘Uh-huh,’ his wife replied. Patricia’s eyes were vacant and she didn’t seemed to have heard him at all.

Samson could tell she was possessed by the same overpowering lust that was coursing through his own veins. He could practically see the sordid lesbian fantasies tumbling through her mind, although he wished he couldn’t: just the thought of his wife fucking the maids was making him hard as rock.

Hoping to change the topic of conversation, he took up the champagne flutes and handed one to his wife. The gesture seemed to break her stupor, clarity returning to her eyes as she took the glass and gave him a warm smile.

‘To us,’ she said, raising her glass for him to toast.

‘To our long, happy marriage,’ he replied, tapping his glass to hers with a soft clink.

They drank together, savouring the paradoxical chill of the drink and warmth of the alcohol as it went down.

With their arms looped affectionately around one another they sank into the couch and took another sip before setting aside their glasses and falling into a deep, lustful kiss. It wasn’t the kind of kiss they usually shared and even as they moaned into another’s mouths both Samson and Patricia felt a faint shudder of surprise, however they assumed the combination of their arousal and the alcohol had formed a potent enough mix for them to abandon their normal sensibilities in that moment.

They were wrong. It wasn’t that at all. At least not directly. Instead, it was the magic of the resort itself that had taken hold of them. The magic that gave the staff their hypnotic allure; the magic that stripped away the ordinary boundaries of the guests; the magic infused into the walls and floors and furniture – infused into the air itself.

Two Latina maids leaning through open doorway to spy on off camera occupants

And also into the resort-brand champagne.

Neither Samson nor Patricia noticed the smiling faces of the maids appear around the doorframe. The two of them always enjoyed watching new guests succumb to the effects of the resort’s magic and betting on which way they would turn out once their transformation was complete.

Today, both women guessed right. After all, they knew the resort’s rules better than anyone, certainly well enough to know that the slender, shy Samson wasn’t deserving of being perfected into a ripped, hung alpha male. And the resort only ever allowed alpha males to walk its grounds, so if any man didn’t earn the right to become one there was only one other use for him: becoming a naughty fuck slut.

Before the eyes of the horny maids the newlyweds rapidly transformed.

Patricia’s tight curls unfurled, tumbling down into dirty blonde locks that caressed shoulders suddenly narrow and delicate. Her collarbones grew more pronounced, her rich tan purged as her skin became pale and porcelain, and her entire frame reworked into the lithe, skinny lines of a woman whose primary skill was being folded up into any shape her hung lover wished to fuck her in. Her clothing simply dissolved into dust which was carried away on the cool breeze wafting through the open patio doors. In their absence her toned, perky new body was revealed for all to see. Her tight pussy was shaved and soft, and she gasped as her transformed husband slipped one hand down to finger her.

Samson’s transformation was even more dramatic. He looked like he was being crushed by unseen hands, his tall frame crumpling down so drastically he no longer even broke five foot in height. What little muscle mass he possessed melted away, leaving every inch of his figure almost impossibly tiny from his delicate fingers which would have struggled to wrap all the way around a thick cock, to his narrow hips which seemed too small to take a hard fingering, let alone a rough fuck; if petite could be personified, that was the woman Samson had become. A pair of pert tits swelled on his chest and his clothes dissolved before he lost his dick, sparking a delighted giggle from the voyeuristic maids as it retracted sharply to leave him with a shaved, tight cunt. His short-cropped hair cascaded down, dyed bleach blonde, and though he finished up a shade more tanned than his former wife he was still so desperately pale that his new nipples were by far the darkest feature of his entire person.

When they pulled away, the new sluts eyed one another with unbridled lust. The maids knew well enough that every memory of their former lives had been eradicated, and the only ones who would ever remember who they had been before were the staff of the resort itself.

It was a struggle for the maids not to stride back inside, drive the women into the couch and give their new pussies an eating out they would never forget. But that was against the rules. At least for now. The resort wasn’t finished with the newlyweds yet, and the staff were only permitted to fraternise with the guests after the resort had guided them into the arms of another transformed holiday-goer who could help them break in their new bodies.

So, already imagining what steamy action they’d be able to enjoy with the new whores later that night, the maids retreated somewhere private to let out their arousal with one another. They closed the door behind them just as the giggling blondes hopped up off the couch and scampered outside.

Two petite naked blonde women stand on sheltered patio

The private pool was quiet and still when Sammi and Trish scurried outside. Fringed by tiles and with large plush daybeds dotted in the corners under shaded canopies, it was flanked on all sides by the same tall glass patio doors they had just passed through, each of which looked into another hotel room.

The doors to the left and right were closed – although through one set they could just make out writhing bedsheets and flailing limbs, the sensual groaning of the occupants not entirely muffled by the glass – but the doors opposite their room were flung open.

The two girls stood hand in hand as they waited naked in the shade. They didn’t really know how they knew it, but something deep down told them their true purpose would be found in that room. A second later, their suspicions were confirmed as a tall, tanned, naked man strode out from within, his eyes immediately lighting up with desire as he caught sight of the sexy blondes.

‘Well, well, it looks like my day just got a whole lot better,’ he grinned, stroking his hefty cock brazenly.

Watching it grow stirred their arousal into overdrive, and as one they were possessed by the insatiable desire to have him. They would never have guessed that a few moments before he had been an ageing businessman stopping at the hotel on business only for his inner alpha to be dragged to the surface. Now he looked like a Greek god – one both Sammi and Trish were eager to worship.

The giggles they gave were as innocent as innocent could be, but they slunk over to him with the erotic allure of true addicts to sin. Their tight bodies swayed enticingly as they walked and they made sure he had an unrestricted view of their intimate parts, thrusting their chests forward and, when they reached him, pressing their pussies close against his thighs.

‘Mmmh, it looks to me like you need a stud to satisfy you. Fortunately for you, ladies, my schedule is open tonight.’

Stroking his broad chest, Sammi guided the man’s hand down to her slick pussy before coiling her own fingers around his cock. Though her expression was fiendish as his eyes rolled back, her confidence evaporated as he sunk his fingers into her sex, a strangled gasp tearing from her lips. Just his thick digits were stretching her so wide she thought she might pass out from the pleasure – she could hardly imagine how erotic his cock would feel plunging into her holes.

‘Fuck, baby, you don’t know how bad I want you,’ she breathed. Her voice was that of a siren, innocent and salacious all at once.

‘How bad we want you,’ Trish corrected her, gently steering them all into the pool.

Sinking down into the shallows the girls pulled the man down with them. His stiff cock jutted up as he reclined, waiting for them to satisfy their hunger. He did not have long to wait.

Sammi closed her supple lips over the head of his cock and worked down, engulfing more and more of his shaft in her hot, wet throat. Her cheeks bulged and her neck swelled, but she never broke his lustful stare, eyeing him with unbridled depravity. Meanwhile Trish had sucked his balls into her mouth and was swirling her tongue around them, her silken hair floating on the surface of the water to give her a vaguely angelic appearance.

He liked that. He liked to think they were angels. Angels he was corrupting with lust and sin and an insatiable greed for cum.

‘You know, ladies, I think we’re going to get along very well indeed,’ he growled, already envisioning their expressions of orgasmic bliss when the time came to pound them into his bedsheets later that evening.

‘So do we, baby,’ they purred together. Then they were gorging themselves on him and the gentle rippling of the waters was drowned out by the wet, sloppy slobbering of two whores on a very unconventional honeymoon…

Two petite blonde women give oral sex to hung man

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