The Better Bitch: Part IV

Models: Layton Benton and Charles Dera

‘What the fuck? Mason, is that you? What the fuck do you think you’re doing here?’

Distracted by her lover’s hands massaging oil into her massive tits Marina had not heard Tiffany arrive, but now she looked up at her bully she smiled. ‘Oh hi, Tiff. I was wondering when you’d get back. By the way, you should probably know I don’t go by Mason anymore – it’s Marina now.’

Tiffany stared at her, astonished. Unsurprisingly Marina’s brazen confidence had left her speechless – after all, the last time they had seen each other Marina had been a groaning horny mess masturbating feverishly on her bedroom floor. At the time she certainly hadn’t seemed the type to show up uninvited at her bully’s place with a muscly bull groping her.

‘Do you like Reece’s new look?’ Marina went on. ‘I have to admit, since I got this new body I’m more than partial to a bit of a silver fox, but he was happy to let me make some changes so he could suit my tastes a little better. He’s good to me like that.’

For the first time Tiffany looked up at Reece. His silvery hair was worn short, descending into a stubble beard and trimmed moustache to frame ruggedly handsome features. His white tee clung to a chiselled physique and he supported Marina between his legs as he continued to rub her bosom.

‘That’s Reece?’ Tiffany said, finally finding her voice. ‘My Reece? That handsy old creep is my fucking ex? You dirty, scheming little…’

As far as Marina was concerned, the sight of realisation dawning over Tiffany’s face was more satisfying than any orgasm. In one perfect moment the bully’s seething fury evaporated. The colour drained from her cheeks and something close to terror gripped her pretty features.

‘But if you transformed him, then that means…’

‘Oh yes, bitch. I’m afraid that spell book isn’t yours anymore.’ Until now, Marina’s smile had been warm, almost welcoming. But in a heartbeat it turned icy cold, a cruel sneer that reduced even Tiffany’s legs to jelly. ‘You know, you might have thought you’d ruined my life when you gave me this body, but you clearly underestimated what a big, beautiful babe like me can do when she puts her mind to it. I figured your ex would know where you kept your spell book, so after I wrapped him around my little finger I had him steal it for me once you left for your weekend with the girls.’

‘You little cunt,’ Tiffany spat. ‘Just you wait until Joel finds out about this. It doesn’t matter what body you’re in, he’ll still beat the ever-living shit–’

‘Actually, I’m afraid Joel won’t be laying a hand on me,’ Marina interrupted. ‘At least not unless I tell him to. Believe me, we’ve been very busy while you’ve been away. Reece’s new look was just the beginning. First off, you’re on my property right now because this whole place belongs to me. Second, I’m a millionaire influencer, so I suggest you behave yourself because I can have my security here in seconds. And as for Joel, well, he’s Janey now and he looks way cuter in his pretty maid’s uniform than he ever did in his football kit.’

‘You turned my boyfriend into your fucking maid?’ Tiffany screeched.

Marina sipped idly on a glass of champagne as though she was chatting with an old friend. ‘Of course I did. But that’s not even the best part. Nobody could satisfy me like my darling Reece here, but I still needed a naughty bestie and luckily I knew just the girl. Sasha is mine now. I had to make some improvements of course – she needed to be a bit curvier if she was going to satisfy me – but now she’s my bestie with benefits. And since I got my hands on her she’s ten times hotter than she ever was under your control.’

As Tiffany’s expression twisted into a livid scowl, Marina’s entire body tingled with triumph. The scheming skank who had almost ruined her life was now utterly powerless against her. There was just one last thing she had to do to seal her victory.

‘Now listen here you manipulative cunt,’ Tiffany was saying, ‘I don’t know who you think you are, but once I’ve finished with you you’re going to wish you were never fucking born. Deep down you’re just a worthless, pathetic nerd and I’m going to tear your life apart.’

Smiling coldly, Marina raised a manicured hand, the bright yellow nails matching the shade of her bikini. ‘No, you’re not.’

The moment Marina snapped her fingers, Tiffany’s transformation consumed her. Her long, silky hair regressed into a pair of short, greasy pigtails thick with split ends. Swathes of acne broke out over her features as her beauty melted away, robbing her of the sultry allure she had used to seduce so many men into bed. Her perky tits and full rump deflated and her curves crumpled in on themselves to leave her once nubile figure only a cherished memory.

Turned on by Tiffany’s transformation, Reece had stripped completely naked and started to fuck Marina from behind, grunting lustfully as he pounded her wet pussy. The ebony beauty’s entire body rippled with each powerful blow and her immense tits swung back and forth enticingly as she watched Tiffany’s designer clothes reform into an unflattering, ill-fitting blouse and skirt combo, followed shortly by a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles and a set of unsightly braces which settled into place to complete the look.

By the time the magic released its grip on her, Tiffany was in hysterics. Wailing and crying, she grabbed at her dull outfit and nerdy body as though if she pulled hard enough she might tear it off and reveal her old body just under the surface.

But no amount of panicking would reverse her transformation and when she looked up she found Marina smiling victoriously back at her.

‘Do you get it now, your heartless bitch? This is what you get for pissing me off,’ she hissed, echoing the words Tiffany had spat at her the last time she was beside this pool. ‘I never thought I’d say this, but I have to admit, being a bully certainly has its benefits – I’m definitely going to enjoy putting judgemental sluts like you in your place from now on. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and find a guy like I used to be who won’t care about your looks, but either way, I suggest you get used to your new body. We both know you’re never going to get your old one back.’

Marina groaned as Reece’s pace increased, his long dick striking her G-spot over and over again. Her eyes glittered mischievously as Tiffany watched in despair.

‘I win,’ Marina smiled. ‘You thought you ruined my life. Instead you made me a better bitch than you ever were. And I don’t let nerds like you into my place. So run along, loser, or you’ll experience first-hand what it’s like to get beaten up by the alpha bitch’s hot bull.’

Watching Tiffany flee in tears, Marina took a moment to savour her victory, allowing cruel satisfaction to engulf her like a cape. Then she rose up and twisted to face her man.

‘Now that useless prude is out of the way, how about we have some real fun, baby?’

‘Anything for you, gorgeous,’ Reece smiled.

The next moment both horny hedonists fell into one another’s arms, losing themselves in a frenzy of pure, shameless desire which soon led them indoors and under the silk sheets of their luxurious bed – sheets which were sure to witness far more sex than sleep as the new alphas indulged all their deepest, naughtiest desires with a little help from of their stolen spell book…

Thanks for reading!

And that’s a wrap! I hope you all enjoyed this little March miniseries as much as I did. I know it might not have been as varied as some of my usual standalone stories, but I personally love the final product. Part of that is due to being able to showcase Benton’s amazing portfolio of work, but also I just the fact that I could combine themes of bullying and body positivity in the same story – I mean who knew those two could blend together?

I know it probably doesn’t need to be said, but just so it’s clear, I want to say I don’t think glasses or braces make a woman (or man) ugly or unattractive. In actual fact, I think both can look either cool or just downright hot dependent on the circumstances/manner in which they’re worn. As much as I implied here that they make somebody unattractive, I don’t actually agree with that sentiment, instead it was just an effort to fit/maintain the tone of the story.

Also, since April is only a few days away, I wanted to briefly mention that I will be doing Gaypril again this year. At the time I’m writing this in late February I can’t really say how many pieces I’ll have on my Gaypril slate this year, although I’m hoping to put out two per week if I can. So if you’re a fan of gay and trans stories, make sure you swing by next Friday to start off your April right.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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