Fantasy Resort – Chapter 1: Inner Desires

Woman in tangled bedsheets stares out of window at harbour

Tangled up in the messy bedsheets, Kaitlyn smiled blithely as she stared out over the bay.

Location of the island’s only harbour, it was fringed by little pockets of buildings that clustered near the water as though they might become lost and forgotten if they ventured into the rolling, forested hills inland. As the last blushes of dawn melted away beneath the heat of the morning sun, the islanders were just starting to emerge. Ferries, yachts and fishing boats took to the calm waters of the bay, early morning joggers meandered along the coastal paths, and every now and then small trucks came trundling along laden with fruits or furniture or rolls of cloth, no doubt headed to some local marketplace to set up shop for the day.

Kaitlyn, however, noticed none of this. Her stare was vacant, her smile seemingly frozen in place and when she blinked it was a long, drawn out affair, as though she was on the precipice of sleep and could barely bring herself to open her eyes again.

She loved this part. The perfect, satisfied quiet of the afterwards: the post-sex glow. Her body was hot, swelteringly so, yet she couldn’t bring herself to toss aside the covers, not when they smelled of him. His musk and sweat were drugs, second only in potency to the hot, sticky cum coating her insides. She dared not move save a single drop dribble free.

While her cocoon of sheets smelled of him, the scent of sex hung thick on the air. Sweat and cum, perfume and aftershave, scented lube and her own juices – the aromatic cloud was invasive, forcing its way down her throat.

Kaitlyn didn’t care. The lingering remnants of their debauchery merely fuelled her bliss. She could still taste him on her tongue, still feel the contours of his cock inhabiting her holes. The sensations were like aftershocks, and in her contented silence she savoured each one.

The hiss of the shower reached her through the open door, raising images of his body beneath the jets. Saturated, steamy, the water coursing through the valleys of his muscles, trickling down the length of his wonderful cock. Was he thinking of her in there? Was he masturbating while imagining her impaled on his shaft?

You should join him. The little voice in her head rose unsummoned. Slip in there and surprise him by slipping your hands around his waist to jerk him off. The thought drew her smile even wider. It was a tempting prospect. So tempting she began wriggling free of the covers.

But then the voice spoke up again. Then kneel and throat his cock until you can’t breathe.

Kaitlyn stilled, her contentment ebbing away. She tried to shake the idea from her head.

She and her lover had always been passionate. Their nights together could have made adult models blush, and they were no strangers to the risqué, having surreptitiously fucked both in public and under the noses of her peers, relishing in the taboo of it all.

And yet, hot and heavy as they were, their erotic entanglements had rarely expanded into fetishistic realms – a handful of blindfolded sessions, and one night with Kaitlyn handcuffed to the bed detailed the extent of their naughtier escapades. To her friends, she knew, her saucy relationship was a subject of great envy, and she could hardly deny she had never enjoyed more passionate lovemaking than with him, however the absence of kink ensured he, like all men, had never been able to satisfy Kaitlyn’s more deviant desires.

What she wouldn’t have given to go down on him so hard she came away choking and coughing. To bend him over and spank him hard, after which he would promptly do the same to her. To have him eat her ass, to plough him with her strap-on, to slip into gleaming latex attire and order him to worship her.

But she knew he didn’t share her fantasies. And even if he did, her affections were always fluctuating; while one day she wanted to have him grovel for mercy, others she craved that same sensuality they had shared today under the light of the rising sun, and others still she found herself desperate for submission.

Then again, their sex this morning had been rougher than usual. It had felt as though they were both supercharged, driven by some unnatural force to fuck like animals. Something about this place made her want to go wild. Perhaps if she played her cards right she might yet get to indulge in some of her dirtiest desires with him. Especially after what she had found in the wardrobe…

‘Well, that was quite something.’ The familiar voice dashed Kaitlyn’s thoughts. She found Marcus framed in the bathroom doorway. ‘I don’t think anyone has made me as horny as that before. If I was your careers advisor, I’d say you’d make a damn good hooker.’

Kaitlyn’s features twisted with mock indignation. ‘Mister Smith,’ she gasped, ‘are you suggesting I am the kind of shameless harlot who would sell their own body rather than make an honest living?’

The man raised a roguish eyebrow. ’Yeah,’ he smirked.

She donned a wicked grin. ‘Well you’re right. I can’t imagine anything more thrilling. But don’t worry, babe – for loyal customers like you, there’s no charge.’

‘That’s lucky for me, otherwise you’d have me bankrupt within a week.’

A shiver tickled her spine. Would you say that if I my strap-on was balls deep in your ass? She ignored the thought and tried to focus on the here and now.

Marcus was a devastatingly handsome man. Stood in only his boxers, his toned chest and sinewy legs were on full display, as was the ample bulge stowed in his underwear. His athletic frame glittered with condensed steam and his dark hair was swept into a damp quiff. He regarded her evenly, his eyes bright with the seductive spark of a seasoned womaniser.

Given his looks, it was unsurprising that he stood out amongst Fitzsimmons’ teaching body, especially considering most of the other male tutors were dusty old men with more interest in the inner workings of their pocket watches than those of their lovers. What was more, Marcus was a dangerously impulsive gentleman, far more driven by carnal needs than rational thought; with an insatiable young woman like Kaitlyn stalking the university corridors, their steamy, sensual collision had been inevitable.

Crossing to the dresser, Marcus poured out two glasses of wine. ‘So, now we’ve ruined the bedsprings, what exactly are we planning to do with our day?’

The sheets clasped to her chest, Kaitlyn rolled off the bed and strode to join him. ‘Oh, I have a few ideas,’ she purred. And they include rope, and chains, and a competition to see who can last longest without cumming: loser spends the day in chastity. Keen to distract herself, she drew close to him and loosened her grip, allowing the sheets to fall to the floor. A sultry smile plucking at her lips, she pressed her naked body against him. ‘Oops.’

Marcus kissed her neck while his hands caressed her curves. As his lips rose up by her ears and along her jaw his fingertips dragged over her sumptuous thighs. Then, just as he pressed his lips to hers, he ran his fingers over her sex, parting her slick folds and feathering her clit. Her moan tumbled into his mouth. As he teased her, she once again felt her arousal swell. Possessed by unusually intense desire, she clutched his face and kissed him rough and noisy.

At length they parted lips and Marcus smiled down at her. ‘I think I’m going to like your ideas. But if we’re going to stay here all day, I’ll have to go make my excuses. You know what Miss Kennedy and Miss Leyland are like. But I should imagine my absence won’t be given a second thought if I say I’m headed down to the market.’

Kaitlyn looped her arms around his neck and pressed her breasts against his chest. Playing the role of a sultry tease was subduing her intrusive thoughts well. ‘Oh come on, baby, do you really have to go? You said yourself you don’t care if those old bores find out about us – it’s not like you’ll be working with them much longer. Once I’ve graduated you said you’ll quit. Then once you have a new job, we can move in together without you needing to worry that the governors will oust you for dating an ex-student.’

‘True, but I’d much rather spend this week with you than having them dogging me morning, noon and night trying to keep us apart if they were to find out. Plus, I’d far rather leave of my own accord than get the sack.’

Looking down he found Kaitlyn staring at him vacantly. ‘Sorry,’ she said, ‘you lost me after dogging.’

Rolling his eyes, Marcus removed her arms and made for the chair, over which the clothes he had arrived in the night before had been dumped in a heap.

‘Wait,’ Kaitlyn said, snatching his arm. ‘I have an idea.’ Scurrying into the huge walk-in wardrobe she emerged a minute or two later carrying a pristine black suit.

‘And what might this be?’ Marcus asked, taking the jacket and holding it out to admire.

‘Let’s call it a symbol of ownership. I’ve seen the way those frumpy old bitches look at you; both Miss Kennedy and Miss Leyland would drag you into bed in a heartbeat if they weren’t spineless little prudes. When they see you wearing this, they’ll know you’re owned by a far better woman.’

Marcus smirked. ‘Oh, now you own me, do you?’

Kaitlyn’s pulse quickened. Her tongue had slipped, and now all she could think about was sitting on his face while edging his poor, vulnerable cock.

Rather than backtrack, however, a strange urge took hold of her. Whatever force had driven them both to fuck so wildly fell over her again, an ethereal veil. She no longer wanted to merely tease him. She wanted to taunt him.

Returning his smile, she leaned in so close her lips brushed his. Taking the suit, she lay it over the dresser before slipping the crisp white shirt around his shoulders. As she spoke, she fed his arms slowly into the sleeves. ‘You know, I never really thought about it much before, but yeah, I think I do. I mean you’ll do anything I say when we’re in the bedroom. If I tell you to eat my cunt, you feast. If I tell you to fuck my ass, you destroy it. And if I tell you to make out with me like you mean it,’ she paused, yanking on his shirt to pull him in, ‘you kiss me until you can’t breathe.’

Horny for his lips, Kaitlyn didn’t notice Marcus fall still as she spoke. Now he came to life, gripping her head and driving her up against the wall. His lips crushed against hers, she moaned as his tongue invaded, probing and searching and coiling around her own. His body was a furnace against her skin, his growing erection raking white hot lines over her thighs and groin as they writhed against one another. Meanwhile his hands grabbed and groped her naked body, rising a searing lust that left her cheeks flushed when he sharply pulled away.

‘Yeah, like that,’ she panted, slightly stunned. That was incredible. He’s never been so rough before. I need more of that. Flicking aside her tangled hair she gathered her composure as best she could and began to button up his shirt. His erection continued to grow, brushing against her legs as she worked. ‘You know for a guy who wants to go and talk to some ugly old bitches, you sure look like you’d rather – Marcus?’

For the first time Kaitlyn noticed Marcus’ glazed expression. He wasn’t even looking at her, merely staring past her with a quizzical frown.

‘Marcus, are you okay?’

‘I feel… strange,’ he said in a wistful sort of way.

Frowning, Kaitlyn realised her lover’s skin was feverishly hot to the touch. Stranger still, something seemed to be tickling her knuckles, which lingered halfway up the shirt where she had stopped buttoning. Glancing down, she gawked, astonished: Marcus’ chest was sprouting hair. Not little crops either, but thick swathes that coated his pectorals in a dark fur before sweeping down to encapsulate his abs and join up with the crown of pubes peeking over the waist of his boxers.

Recoiling as though scalded, Kaitlyn could only stare as Marcus suddenly began to transform.

As though the effects were unfurling out from his new chest hair his torso shifted rapidly. Within seconds he had expanded into a far broader, bulkier frame twice the size of the man she knew, his new physique rippling with muscle. His toned legs bubbled and boiled with fresh muscle, mutating into rigid tree trunks carpeted in a thick layer of the ever-expanding forests of hair. Further up a dense black beard had swirled over his shifting features, which themselves were transitioning into the heavy, brooding lines of an older gentleman.  

Once the transformation was all but finished there was sudden growth in his boxers. Tugged up by his sudden erection they brushed against his navel, highlighting the two or three inches of additional length the transformation had bestowed upon him.

All the while, Marcus’ features were frozen with that faraway confusion. Once his body settled he staggered back as though exhausted, his frame now that of a huge bull, dwarfing Kaitlyn in his shadow.

Kaitlyn remained rooted to the spot, lost for words. Excluding the huge cock, Marcus now looked like one of the men she might have expected to find at her father’s fancy galas. He looked to have aged ten years or so, now somewhere in his early forties, and there was a powerful, passionate aura about his person: merely looking at him conjured sordid ideas.

‘Who are you?’ Marcus’ trance-like state had ebbed away and now he stared at Kaitlyn, bemused, as though he was seeing her for the very first time. There was a faint accent to his voice – French, she thought – which only seemed to add to the air of seduction draped about his shoulders.

‘Marcus, it’s me, Kaitlyn. Remember?’

‘I’m afraid you must have me confused with someone else. My name is Mateo. Although, whoever it is you have me confused with, I’ll gladly take his place if it means spending a little time with you, ma belle.’ He grinned roguishly and Kaitlyn felt suddenly exposed.

Covering her modesty, she shook her head. ‘No. Listen to me, your name is Marcus. You’re my university tutor. The suit, it did something to you…’ Kaitlyn trailed off. Turning to the dresser she stared at the jacket and trousers.

‘You alright?’ asked Mateo.

But Kaitlyn wasn’t listening.‘The suit,’ she said, more to herself than him. ‘I found it in the wardrobe last night. It was already there when I arrived. Thought it would look good on you. But if the suit did this to you…’

Her mind whirred, the intrusive voice back and louder than ever to finish her sentence: then what will the latex do? What would it do to me if I put it on? She shuddered with anticipation at the thought. Her sex grew damp.  

Turning back to him, she patted his broad chest. ‘Mateo, is it? Yeah? Okay, Mateo, you just stay here, there’s something I have to check out.’

Her step confident, she strode into the walk-in wardrobe. At the very back there was a red satin curtain. Drawing it aside she revealed a host of kinky tools and outfits stashed behind.

Immediately, Kaitlyn lifted a glossy black latex dress from one of the shelves. It was a mesmerising piece, with triangular flares over the busts and golden ringlets in the shoulder straps. Beside it lay a rigid corset garnished with matching golden inlays, a pair of lethal black and red leather heels, and a black riding crop.

Running her hands along the latex she shivered. Just the feel of it was intoxicating and she could already imagine the clinging grasp of it over her body. But then, if she tried it on, maybe it wouldn’t be her body at all.

She had found the kinky cubbyhole the night before while she was unpacking. Coming upon the latex attire she had barely dared imagine what devious deeds she might be able to indulge in if she were to don it, however she had known she wouldn’t be able to enjoy it, not with Marcus.

All that had just changed.

Now she had witnessed the power of the wardrobe’s clothes she trembled with equal nerves and anticipation; Marcus seemed to have been completely replaced, yet somehow Kaitlyn knew that would not happen to her. Not that it mattered, for now it was in her grasp she could not bring herself to put the dress down. It felt almost as though it was reaching into her soul, compelling her to slip into its crushing embrace. The glossy latex embodied all her deepest desires, every taboo fantasy she had ever craved stitched into the outfit.

Enraptured, Kaitlyn hastily squeezed herself into the dress before her nerve could falter.

‘Oh fuck,’ she groaned. The dress was devastatingly tight, restricting her mobility and compressing her breasts so forcefully her nipples ached. Despite this, her groan was a sensual one. Somehow the savage embrace of the dress felt more liberating than being naked, thrills of power and dominance flaring through her body with every movement. Her skin felt electric. Her pussy began to drip.

‘Fuck, this feels so good,’ she breathed. Turning back to the shelf, she eyed the rest of the outfit with a smile and spoke aloud the words the voice was whispering through her thoughts. ‘But not quite good enough.’

In less than a minute she had completed her look. The corset ground her ribs together and stole her breath away, the killer heels pinched her toes uncomfortably, while the riding crop felt unfamiliar in her grasp. A towering cheval mirror stood to one side, allowing her to admire her reflection. She looked good – hot, even – yet a devious smile arose as she imagined what she might look like once her attire had its way with her. Taking a deep breath, she nodded to her reflection.

‘I’m ready.’

Immediately her transformation began.

Busty blonde woman in latex corset and skirt poses with riding crop

Her hair was struck first, bleaching rapidly until her honeyed locks paled to a striking blonde. From there the effects cascaded down like some unseen waterfall.

In contrast to Marcus’ more drastic transformation, Kaitlyn underwent a sequence of sharp enhancements. Naturally beautiful, her features were merely enhanced – a little filling of the lips here, a minor elevation of the cheekbones there – each subtle shift combining to result in features as flawless as they were alluring, complete with the hypnotic stare and sultry smirk of a truly sensuous woman.

As she watched the effects descend, Kaitlyn felt as though she was watching a photograph being touched up on a computer. Her breasts dropped a size or two, settling much better in their crushing cups; her upper arms shed a little weight and her nails were brushed with blood red varnish; her ass stole a fraction of fat from her thighs, bulging out attractively, her mobility was restored now her legs were not rubbing together.

Compared to her physical modifications, the effect the outfit had on her mind was altogether more dramatic. Working their way deep into her subconscious, corruptive tendrils latched onto Kaitlyn’s most fiendish desires and dragged them to the surface to overwhelm her psyche.

With them came a lifetime of new memories: of meeting Mateo at a kink event; of exploring endless fetishes in one another’s embrace; of wrestling for the role of top on their wedding night, a conflict which had seen them switch roles countless times before the morning came. Rather than blot out the memories of her former life, this fresh history wove through them, allowing her the luxury of recollecting both realities: Kaitlyn, the naughty slut fucking her tutor, and now Kayden, the devilish hedonist married to the only man capable of satisfying her, Mateo.

At the same time, her mind was opened to the truth of the resort. ‘I see,’ she nodded, her mind flashing with images of everything people were doing and all they would be doing before the day was up: two men fucking passionately in the Lovers’ Suite; a petite beauty riding the cock of a huge black bull in the back of a limousine; four young women kissing and scissoring and groping with wanton abandon. ‘I see everything. That’s why we’re here. That’s why I’m here.’

It was clear now: Kaitlyn had not chosen this room. The room had chosen her. Her new outfit was one of the most powerful items throughout the whole resort, a power which had drawn in the perfect vessel to host its lustful energy. Even before she had slipped it on it had been reaching out, compelling her to indulge herself in the thrills of carnal pleasure.

All of which had led her here. That power was now hers to command. A wicked grin twisted her lips: this was going to be so much fun.

Strutting back into the bedroom she allowed Mateo to gawk at her stunning figure.

‘Oy vey, I think I just came,’ he said.

Kayden tutted disapprovingly. ‘Dear me, babe, I thought you had more stamina than that.’

Her husband grinned roguishly. ‘If you come here I’ll show you how much stamina I have.’  

Rolling her eyes, Kayden stroked her chin pensively. It sounds like that suit didn’t replace Marcus entirely. He always was a horny bastard underneath that bravado. And his memories seem to change to suit anything I do. So maybe… A deviant glimmer twinkled in her eye. Oh, now that’s bad. Really bad. I love it.

Casting Mateo an impish expression, a chilling smile split her features. ‘Listen, babe, this dress isn’t the only surprise I’ve got for you today. What do you say we make this holiday of ours a little more risqué?’


Stood outside Kaitlyn’s door, Axel fought down the urge to text the other jocks. It was an agonising struggle. After all, he knew for a fact they would kill for the chance which had so unexpectedly fallen into his lap, yet at the same time that’s exactly why he forced himself not to brag about it. If any of the guys caught wind Kaitlyn was single again they’d beat the shit out of any man that might compete with them for her affections, and as much as he hated to admit it he wouldn’t stand much chance if a fistfight broke out; Joel and Colin wouldn’t have been too difficult to deal with, but he was hardly a match for Felix or Milo.

No, it was better to keep this quiet – at least until he had Kaitlyn needy for his cock.

In truth, he wasn’t really surprised she’d picked him over the others. He had been casting her insinuating glances and showing off his fitness in front of her for months, not to mention bragging loudly about all his sexual conquests whenever she was within earshot. No wonder she wanted him. True, he’d embellished the stories a bit – he hadn’t really fucked Regina Waters for two hours straight, nor had she begged for more the next day – but that didn’t matter. He knew if he could get the prissy little bitch into bed he could rock her world. She’d never want another man again.

So when he’d received her text, it hadn’t been much of a shock: My villa. 10 mins. Just you xxx

The real surprise was the fact that the text had come at all. Everyone knew Kaitlyn was fucking Mr Smith. As far as secrets went, their illicit relationship was hardly well-kept. How the university staff hadn’t figured it out yet was beyond him, though neither he nor anyone else had dared expose them: they all knew that crossing the clique was never a good idea. And since Mr Smith himself was effectively untouchable, Axel, the jocks and any other guy who would have happily beaten him senseless for a shot at bedding Harriet’s deputy had had to wait until the novelty of fucking him wore off.

Axel knew he was the obvious second choice, though he couldn’t help but wonder what had incited such a sudden shift of affections. Had they broken up? Had he gone off with some other woman last night? Was she trying to make him jealous? He didn’t much care, if he was honest. Hell, he wouldn’t have had an issue if they’d decided to spice up their sex life and summoned him for a threesome – anything for a chance to use Kaitlyn’s sweet, luscious body.

A shrill cry cut through the villa, snapping him from his thoughts. It was followed by a sharp crack and a sudden gasp. ‘Oh god, oh fuck yes. Fuck me, Grey, fuck me hard and spank my naughty, slutty ass.’

A dirty grin worked over his lips. Sounds like Kaitlyn isn’t the only girl in the clique looking for some action. Maybe after I’ve fucked her I can fuck her friends. He tried not to think about the look on the guys’ faces if he told them he’d screwed Harriet, the campus queen herself. One step at a time, he told himself.  

The muffled sounds of sex were usurped by the click of heels on laminate. A moment later the door opened and a stunning woman in black latex greeted him with a smile. ‘Hey there, Axel, I’m so glad you’re here.’

It took Axel a second or two to recognise his classmate. ‘Kaitlyn? Wow, you look… different. I’ve not seen that outfit before. Is it new? And did you dye your hair?’

But the woman was not listening. ‘Come on, there’s something I want to show you.’ Before Axel could respond she was dragging him into the room, her latex-clad ass bobbing before him as she led him inside.

To call the clique’s accommodation a villa was somewhat of an understatement, for it dwarfed any other building on the resort grounds: Kaitlyn’s chambers alone included a luxurious living area, an equally decadent bedroom complete with a huge circular bed, and a small infinity pool set into the patio outside. Ignoring his attempts at flirtation, the latex beauty led him into the lounge. The walls were matte grey, the floors dark laminate fashioned from wood the colour of midnight. The right wall was entirely glass, tinted windows which looked out onto the patio, and most of the space was taken up by a colossal crescent-shaped purple sofa. Flanked by a corridor on either side, a low fireplace crackled and popped, the smell of woodsmoke on the air, and a large beige rug was laid out before the hearth.

‘So, you said you had something to show me?’

‘Oh yes,’ Kaitlyn purred. ‘See for yourself.’

Axel followed her pointed finger to a pair of long latex gloves folded neatly on the sofa. Blacker than an unlit cave, they were fingerless and decorated only with thin golden cross-hatching in a band around the cuff. They looked like something a particularly lewd hooker might wear to seduce her client, leaving her fingers free while still gleaming like some kind of depraved treasure.

He frowned. ‘Okay? What about them?’

‘They’re a gift. For you.’ She eyed him intently, her stare bright with naughtiness.

Axel’s confusion deepened. ‘Yeah… okay… how much did you have last night exactly? You still pissed or something? I thought you wanted me here so we could fuck.’

‘Oh, I do,’ she purred, and Axel caught something predatory in her eyes. ‘But I want you to look the part first. Put them on.’

‘I’ll pass. If you want to fuck, let’s just get down to it.’ He took a step closer to press his athletic body against hers and lowered his voice. ‘Trust me, once I get started you won’t need anything else. Certainly not any stupid gloves.’

Kaitlyn seemed unperturbed. If anything she seemed amused. ‘If that’s your answer, I suppose I could always invite one of your friends over. Tell me, who do you think would fuck me better, Milo or Joel?’

Axel snatched up the gloves sharply. He wasn’t sure what Kaitlyn was playing at or if this was some kind of weird kink she wanted to satisfy, but he didn’t much care. Nothing was off the table if it meant he could use her slutty holes – even wearing ladies’ gloves.

‘That won’t be necessary,’ he said urgently. Pulling on the gloves he rolled them all the way to his shoulders, trying not to think how much of an idiot he looked in shorts, sandals, vest and fetish wear. They were far too tight – the cuffs constricted his biceps terribly, and he could barely bend his elbows at all – but he ignored the discomfort and stared at her. ‘There you go. Now what?’ He spread his arms open woodenly.

Kaitlyn chuckled softly. ‘Now you’re mine.’ She strutted up to him and trailed a hand over his gloves. ‘You were right, you know, this dress is new. Do you like it? It’s very special. It picked me, you see. It wanted me as a host because it knew I had the potential to be so much more. I was restricted before: I had limits I wouldn’t cross. Now they’re gone. I live for the chance to explore new fetishes and relish every second spent in sin and hedonism.

‘Your gloves will change you too, Axel. But you’re not like me. You don’t want the things I want. All you want is to be with me. You’d do anything for it. You’d obey any command I give if it meant you could please me. It’s almost like you’ve been my slave all this time. That’s what the gloves are going to turn you into Axel: you’re going to become my slave.’

Axel opened his mouth to respond, but his words were cut off as he felt a searing heat in his arms. When he looked down, he found the gloves were no longer small. The lines of his arms were now slender and feminine. Even more alarming were his hands: pale, delicate and studded with vibrant red nails.

‘What the fuck have you done to me?’ he gasped, his voice startlingly shrill.

‘I’ve shown you your true purpose. You’ve always been my slave – the gloves are just making it official. And look,’ she added, producing a glossy latex outfit from behind one of the sofa pillows, ‘they’re part of a matching set!’

Axel cried out as the heat spread to the rest of his body, horrified, but as the first threads of black began tainting his oiled hair and the magic of the resort set to work, Kaitlyn simply smiled…

Blonde woman in latex stands beside brunette in latex while holding riding crop

Mateo didn’t know what his wife was doing to the girl in the lounge, but it was getting him all kinds of horny. The moans rolling through the villa had started out fearful, almost agonised, but in short order they had become intensely sensual, and in his mind’s eye he tried to envision the erotic beauty who might be making them. It was a struggle not to follow them to their source and show the culprit something to really moan about, but his wife had assured him there would be a delicious reward for his patience, thus he fought off his urges and remained hidden in the adjacent room.

He did not have long to wait.

‘Mateo, baby. You can come in now.’

When he entered, Kayden was stood proudly before the fire, her favoured riding crop in hand. And the head of that crop was caressing the chin of a mesmerising dark-haired beauty, her glossy latex attire boasting her delicate figure.

Kayden grinned at Mateo as he approached. ‘What do you think, babe?’

Mateo drank in the young woman’s stunning figure. ‘I think she was made for that look. I think I’ve never seen anyone suit latex better.’

The woman blushed.

Beside her, Kayden leaned in close. ‘What are you?’ she hissed.

‘I am your slave,’ the woman responded calmly.

‘What will you do for us?’


‘What will you let us do to you?


‘Anything?’ Kayden asked.

‘Anything,’ the woman confirmed.

Kayden looked up at her husband with a devious smirk. ‘Mateo, meet Aidra. Aidra, my husband, Mateo. But you can call him master.’

Had he not been under Kayden’s unyielding influence, Mateo might have had questions. But this was her domain, and here reality was whatever she decided it to be. As such, the presence of a mindless, latex-clad slave whose face he had never set eyes on yet who was willingly submitting herself to him didn’t concern him in the slightest. It was perfectly normal. More than that, it was hot. He had never dominated anyone alongside his wife before, and the prospect of corrupting this innocent little creature into their filthy plaything had him hard in a matter of seconds.

Aidra peered up at him, her face the picture of naivete. ‘I am yours, master. Use me as you please.’

‘You hear that, baby? Sounds to me like she’s going to make the perfect little pet for us, wouldn’t you say?’

‘Absolutely,’ he growled. ‘I can’t wait to fuck all that innocence out of her. I think I want to use those lips first.’

‘Then what are you waiting for, babe? She’s all yours.’ Kayden turned to Aidra. ‘Kneel. Open.’

Immediately on her knees, Aidra opened her mouth expectantly and stared at the advancing Mateo with large, trusting eyes. The naivety in her expression drew a sinful grin over his features. ‘You know something, Kay, I feel like a demon with an angel at my feet just waiting for me to corrupt her.’

Sinking down beside Aidra, Kayden ran the back of her fingers down the woman’s cheek. ‘Mmmh, it sounds so dirty when you say it like that, babe. Oh Aidra, you’re going to enjoy this. Here, let me help you get started.’

Taking Aidra by the hand, Kayden guided her fingers around Mateo’s shaft and started them stroking in a gentle rhythm. ‘Can you feel that?’ she purred. ‘Like velvet wrapped around steel. There’s nothing finer in life than a hard cock.’ The head of Kayden’s riding crop snaked up her spine, assuring her there would be consequences for disobedience. ‘Go on, baby, have a taste.’

Brunette woman in latex gives oral sex to man while watched by blonde woman in latex

Aidra didn’t hesitate. Bowing her head, she obeyed.

The moment her scarlet lips sealed around Mateo’s rigid cock, Aidra was addicted, just as her mistress had intended. She wasn’t mindless, she was a clean slate, a blank canvas ready for her owners to paint in strokes of lust and desire.

Immediately, new thoughts sprang forth to fill her mind. He tastes so good. Like sin and stardust and sensuality all in one. I never want to live without this.

Pursing her lips tighter, she was rewarded by a breathless groan. Mateo sagged as she swallowed him deeper, her lips working inexorably down his cock to meet her fingers which still jerked him softly. Once she got her tongue involved, it was all he could do to stay upright.

Like the devil on her shoulder, Kayden whispered incessant encouragement. ‘That’s a good girl, swallow his fat, juicy dick. Feast on him. Mmmh, doesn’t he taste so good? You want more, don’t you? Well, he’s all yours – take as much as you please.’

To drive home her words, Kayden gently peeled away the lower half of Aidra’s outfit. Latex panties discarded, her mistress delved probing fingers into her slick pussy and matched her thrust to the bob of Aidra’s head. The young woman let out a strangled groan, allowing the pleasure to fuel the inferno of arousal roaring through her insides.

All the while she worked his cock, Aidra’s eyes never left Mateo. She instinctively analysed his features, alert to every horny grimace and orgasmic eyeroll, which she used to inform her technique. Her confidence soon began to build once she realised how natural it all came to her; she was made for this, her whole body fashioned for this purpose alone.

More erotic still, Kayden was right: Mateo was all hers. The sensation of kneeling with such vulnerability before a man capable of snapping her in half yet having him literally and figuratively in the palm of her hand sent thrills of power through her.

‘Fuck, she’s so naughty, Kay. Her tongue… her lips… shit, she’s so fucking bad.’

‘She was born for this. Keep going, baby, you’re doing perfectly. My hunky hubby is the hottest man around and you’re blowing his mind. Mmmh, it’s making me horny just watching you. In fact, I thinks it’s about time I got a little personal attention too.’

Shivers of anticipation tickled Aidra’s spine as Kayden began to undress beside her, but she remained loyally latched onto Mateo’s cock. They all knew who was in control and Aidra was under no allusions as to what penalty she might incur by abandoning her task without permission.

Carefully undoing the clasps of her corset, Kayden peeled away her cloying dress and bunched it around her waist. From the corner of her eye, Aidra saw the woman’s plush breasts emerge. A bolt of arousal pierced her insides as the hem of Kayden’s dress rose to reveal she was not wearing any underwear. Her tight pink folds glistened like dewy morning grass and the realisation that her sex had been naked beneath her dress all along drove both master and slave to give a horny moan.

Busty blonde woman rides muscular stud in front of fireplace while brunette in latex licks her holes

‘My turn,’ Kayden said, snaking her fingers over Aidra’s shoulders and pulling her gently back.

Aidra came away without complaint, though Mateo gasped as his cock popped free, twitching frantically. Kayden smirked up at him. ‘You look like she’s sucked all the strength out of you babe. Here’–grabbing his hand she yanked him down–‘come have a lie down.’

Straddling his waist, Kayden immediately descended onto his throbbing cock, giggling as he groaned long and low.

‘Jesus Christ, you’re tight as a fucking vice. It feels like you’re going to crush my cock.’

A wicked grin on her lips she pressed herself against his chest, toying one finger over his lower lip. ‘You might wish I would soon, because I’m going to drain every last ounce of satisfaction from this hard cock and my little pet is going to help me ruin you. Aidra, put that tongue to good use and help me tease our stud.’

Aidra obeyed with zeal. As Kayden began to rock her hips, her slave followed her orders gladly, hungrily running her tongue up and down Mateo’s exposed shaft. The salty tang blossomed over her tastebuds once more and she welcomed it like an old friend, quickly sinking into her newfound addiction for the sinful taste. While Kayden’s stunning body pitched back and forth overhead, Mateo’s bouncing balls soon provided an even greater temptation, drawing Aidra irresistibly down. Latching onto one she was filled with the same contentment his cock had first provided her. In short order she was shamelessly sucking on both balls.

It feels so right having his balls in my mouth. I want them stretching my face so much my cheeks hurt. I want to be tasting them when he cums in her. Fuck, it’s like I’m trying to swallow a pair of bowling balls. Mistress is so right – I was born for this. I was born to be a naughty slave.

The thought of Kayden snapped her back to reality. She lifted her gaze to look up at her. She was laughing and groaning as she rode Mateo ruthlessly, clearly amused by his orgasmic grimaces.

All at once, Aidra felt the urge to abandon her orders. Amongst the new persona gradually taking root in her psyche a streak of impishness rose, and without thinking she discarded Mateo’s balls and surged up to bury her face in Kayden’s bobbing ass. The woman let out a cry of surprise, only for it to dissolve into a sensual moan as she felt Aidra lapping at the little exposed triangle of her pussy.

‘Oh yes, lick up mummy’s sweet juices. You love my taste, don’t you little girl? You know, I should punish you for disobeying me, but that can come later. Don’t let me ruin your fun, pet – eat away.’

A delighted shiver ran down Aidra’s spine as she anticipated what consequences awaited her for daring to defy her mistress. Would it include denial? Edging? Flogging? Her mind whirred with the possibilities.

Yet she was equally as aroused by Kayden’s willingness to permit her fantasy and, setting aside her doubts, she allowed her instincts to take over. Planting her hands on Kayden’s plump ass she parted the cheeks to press herself in further, feathering her tongue over the small patch of pussy she had access too.

Oh my god, she tastes even better than him. Sweet, like honey, but laced with taboo. Jesus – if pussy was a drug, nobody would ever want anything else. And this is just a sample. How good must it be to have her sitting on my face and grinding her juicy cunt over my lips?

A few minutes later Aidra thought she might have the chance to find out, for Kayden eased off Mateo’s cock and turned to her. Part of Aidra wanted to beg and grovel for the chance to truly feast, but the inky riding crop stood out against the beige rug as a stark warning of what the consequences might be for such an unseemly eruption.

Good pets do as they’re told. Good pets wait for orders.

As though the universe was providing immediate reward for her patience, Kayden’s next words set Aidra’s skin tingling with arousal. ‘On all fours, pet. I think you’ve earned a little treat.’

To ensure her pet did not stray again, Kayden guided her with reassuring hands. The gesture was unnecessary though, for the young woman quickly assumed the desired position and tilted her hips up, ready to be used.

Muscular stud encouraged to fuck brunette in latex from behind by busty blonde woman

Beckoning Mateo around behind their plaything, Kayden caressed the woman’s exposed ass cheeks, groping them softly and spreading them to reveal the glittering treasure they hid. A monstrous grin overtook the man’s features as he eyed her twinkling pussy.

‘Damn, she’s wet enough to drown in.’

‘That’s right,’ Kayden nodded, ‘she’s our needy little kitten and she’s needy for you, babe.’ Slipping the chains of Aidra’s outfit from the slave’s shoulders, Kayden peeled back the latex bust to expose her soft, supple tits. Coiling one hand in Aidra’s hair she took Mateo’s chin in the other and fixed him with a knee-weakening stare. ‘Go on, stud. Show her what true satisfaction is.’

Without looking away, Mateo drove his hips forward and sleeved himself inside Aidra’s saturated sex.

His desperate gasp rose an impish smile on Kayden’s lips. ‘Is she tight?’

His eyes rolled, only the whites visible. ‘More than you can imagine, ma belle. So fucking tight. I can barely thrust she’s gripping me so hard.’ Still, Mateo was just as unwilling to disappoint his mistress as Aidra, so despite the burning pleasure threatening to drive him over the edge, he took a firm hold of her ass and began impaling her slow and deep.

Beneath him, Aidra’s gasp had frozen in her throat. The raw intensity of Mateo’s magnificent member was splitting her insides with bolts of blinding pleasure. It felt as though she was a passenger in her own body, incapable of controlling herself as he filled her with insatiable lust.

Then Kayden’s hand was caressing her cheek. ‘This is where you belong, little one. With us. It’s where you’ve always belonged. We are your lovers and your gods and your bliss. We can make your body sing with desire in all the most deviant ways possible. Soon you’ll be just like us: naughty, insatiable and oh so kinky.’

Like keys in a lock, Kayden’s words released the delirious groan trapped in Aidra’s throat. Her arousal was so great that her spine curled and her expression was twisted with agonised ecstasy, while her hips started instinctively rocking to the rhythm of Mateo’s thrusts.

‘Oh yes, please use me,’ she panted. ‘Make me like you. Mould me into your perfect fuck kitten. I want it: I need it. I will be yours, always. Please, just make me like you.’

And so they did.

Collage of busty blonde woman in latex, brunette woman in latex and muscular hunk having sex in front of fireplace

Doting on their submissive lover one sensual position after the next, Kayden and Mateo systematically fashioned her into the perfect slave with all the precision and care of sculptors carving out their masterpiece. Layer after layer, they formed her, infusing her with a lust for kink, latex and obedience. Nothing else mattered, only the devious couple who owned her in mind, body and soul, and as her salaciously sinful personality gradually took shape she become ever more infatuated with the man using her holes and the woman corrupting her thoughts. With every thrust or whispered filthy word a little more of the true Aidra shone through, passionate, lustful and depraved. And as she came to realise who she truly was, the fiendish little latex slut relished in their debauchery.

‘That’s it,’ Kayden nodded as Aidra ground her cunt against Mateo’s face, ‘let your lust take over. You’re a filthy, ravenous bitch. You’re our filthy, ravenous bitch. What are you?’

‘I’m your filthy, ravenous bitch, mistress.’

Kayden grinned. ‘Good girl.’

As arousal roared through her like torrents from a broken dam, Aidra was surprised at how controlled she was. When Mateo first slid inside her she had believed she would lose herself to the intensity of it all and devolve into a sucking, fucking hellcat. In the presence of her lovers, however, she never once lost control.

But then, she supposed that made sense. For this wasn’t sex. This was passion. Together they had set aside their primitive needs in favour of more refined desires. No longer was their goal to bring themselves to climax, but to extract every last shred of orgasmic energy from one another until they had nothing left to give.

Such an endeavour took focus. Discipline. Fortunately, Aidra was wearing the perfect outfit for the job. The suffocating grasp of the latex catalysed her lust, driving her to expend her agonising horniness in the pursuit of satisfying her lovers.

While Mateo and Aidra fucked tirelessly before her, Kayden’s smile never faltered. Her whole body burned with arousal and she ran her hands fondly over the latex bunched about her waist as if it were a beloved pet.

‘This is perfect,’ she whispered, speaking to the resort itself rather than her lovers. ‘Everything I ever wanted. Everything I ever craved. One lover who can use me with passion and desire, the other to satisfy all my most baseless, extreme fantasies. Mmmh, they’re perfect, both of them. So sinful and insatiable. So much better than they were before. I can’t wait to use the rest of the wardrobe on them.’

Kayden wasn’t quite sure what she found hotter, the complete obliviousness her lovers had of their former lives, or the fact that she alone could see how the resort had used their former traits to carve them into the sublime kinksters they could never have become themselves: Marcus, the horny womaniser shaped into the perfect specimen of sin, and Axel, forever looking to satisfy her now content in ownership and submission.

It was more than poetic – it was fucking artful.

Cum dribbles from brunette woman's chin while she stares into eyes of busty blonde woman holding riding crop

‘Fuck, I’m about to cum,’ Mateo cried.

Kayden was sat to one side playing with herself while she watched her lovers fuck. Mateo’s words catalysed her into motion. Springing forward she slid Aidra from his cock and dragged her to her knees.

‘Kneel, babe. Become a true whore and swallow his load.’

No sooner had Aidra opened her mouth than Mateo let out a primal roar and fired his load down her throat. Thick pearlescent ropes shot past her lips to drape over her tongue, her gums, her teeth. All the lust he had restrained for the last hour was unleashed at once and his cock bucked violently in his grasp.

When at last his balls ran dry, Kayden slipped her crop under Aidra’s chin and turned the woman to face her. A blissful smile plucked at the corners of Aidra’s lips and she practically glowed with satisfaction. ‘Did I do well, mistress?’

‘Oh yes, very well indeed.’ Noting the ribbon of cum marring Aidra’s chin, she raised an eyebrow. ‘Although there is room for improvement.’

Kayden’s mind drifted back to what she had been thinking earlier: of the wardrobe and all the potential it held. She smiled deviously as she scooped up the cum and fed it to her pet. ‘You know I think I saw a cute little hood in the wardrobe. It would suit your perfectly, little one. And there was a box of cock rings in there too, as I recall. Oh, Aidra, this is only the beginning. There’s so much we’re going to show you, so many fantasies we can live out together. So, what do you say? Shall we begin?’

Meanwhile, in the Lovers’ Suite…

Shot of person's legs on white bedsheets

Thanks for reading!

Right off the bat, this first chapter has taught me that making decisions based on a whim can result in the writing process becoming very difficult. This is the only chapter that I didn’t write with the intention of showcasing a specific model, but rather of showcasing a specific scene. This scene – ‘Valley of the Fuck Dolls: Part Two’ for those who are interested – has been a favourite of mine for a long time, however none of the models in it were originally on my favourites list. When it came to writing this, therefore, things became very difficult because I wasn’t nearly as invested in their work as I was the models in other chapters. I had to extensively rewrite this a couple of times before I was happy with it, and it definitely taught me to be careful about how I choose my galleries. As an additional note, it was also originally supposed to be later in the running order – chapter three or four, I think – but I bought it forward so as to separate it from a slightly similar chapter.

Having said all that, as a result of this piece I’ve since come to respect the models in this scene a great deal – those models being Kayden Kross, Aidra Fox and Manuel Ferrara.

Kross was a model I knew by reputation but had never really watched myself. I imagine most of my readers will have heard of her already, but if you’ve somehow missed out on her she’s an extremely high profile member of the porn industry and produces some astoundingly hot content. As you can see from this piece, she has a stare capable of reducing any man to her plaything and her body is to die for. She is well worth your time, and you should absolutely go and support her work.

Fox was the model who I was most familiar with from this piece, but even she wasn’t a model I’d watched particularly often. That said, as I mentioned this scene has long been one of my favourite and the main reason for that was how fucking hot she looks in her latex outfit. Like Kross, one of my favourite things about her is her stare – it feels like she can look into your soul and draw out every kinky desire you try to hide. I feel like she’s not as well known as Kross (though their PornHub rankings would beg to differ) but both of them should be staples of your porn diet for sure, so make sure to go and support both their work.

Ferrara is a man who needs no introduction. He is pretty much THE male model in the porn industry and an absolute powerhouse of a creator. There’s very little I can say about him that hasn’t already been said much better by other people, to be honest, so I’ll simply let his work do the talking. Just… just go and watch his work. You won’t be disappointed.

Just a quick final note, at one point during writing this series I was going to use the male models’ names for the transformed personas of the characters they’re portraying in the same way I do for the female models, but by that time I’d already come up with all their names and it was just too confusing to start changing them midway through. I will, however, more than likely be using the names of male models for the characters they portray moving forward in these stories in an effort to continue highlighting their work in the same way I do that of the female models.

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