Scantily clad tattooed black man poses in front of bed

Carter stumbled backwards, cold dread flooding his system as the scantily clad intruder slowly advanced. ‘No, you can’t. You can’t be here. Sonny, you can’t. I… I don’t understand. How did you get in? No, what am I saying – you’re not here. I… I’m seeing things… I have to be…’

Even so, Carter continued to edge away, practically crouching with his hands held out in a defensive manner as if the other man might pounce on him at any moment. At several inches shorter than Carter and sporting significantly less muscle mass, Sonny did not look like much of a threat. But Carter knew Sonny better than anyone – well enough to know that even in nothing more than the glossy spandex shorts which barely contained his growing erection, he was a profoundly dangerous man.

Sonny merely smirked. ‘God you’re adorable, Cunt, you really are. Have you really forgotten what I can do? You honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to find you just because you moved in with someone else?’ He scoffed. ‘In that case you’re even dumber than I remember.’

Carter shivered: Sonny’s nickname for him still raised bad memories. The bathhouse orgies, the naughty quickies in gym changing rooms, the countless long nights skewered on Sonny’s thick cock – every day some new debauchery driven and enhanced by the powerful magic Sonny could wield. At the time Carter had revelled in every second; now the very thought of what they had done together made his skin crawl. Why had he ever imagined dating a warlock would be a good idea?

‘What are you doing here? Why me?’ Carter’s gut dropped as he realised he already knew the answers. He and Sonny had spent years blazing a horny path together and he was fully aware what his ex was capable of. While he couldn’t be sure exactly what Sonny had planned, Carter knew he was unlikely to escape the day with his mind intact.

‘You don’t get it, do you? I made you. When we met you were just a weedy little runt. Now look at you. Handsome, muscly, and an impressive cocksucker as I recall. I’d say I did a pretty good job. But that was all me. You don’t just get to walk away when you feel like it after I gave you this life, that’s not how this works. I made you, so I own you. That’s why I’m here: to take back what belongs to me.’

In his fear, Carter had failed to think of where he was going. His back suddenly flush to the wall he realised Sonny had been backing him into a corner. He blanched: nowhere to run. Then again, it wasn’t as if the door would have afforded him any hope of freedom – Carter knew he wouldn’t have even made it the staircase before Sonny had him under one spell or another.

His ex grinned coldly. ‘Come on, Cunt, I think it’s time we got reacquainted.’ Sitting on the rest of a nearby armchair, Sonny tugged down the crotch of his shorts and allowed his dick to tumble free. When he spoke again, his irises flared a livid emerald and there was a strange edge to his voice, the words whispering through Carter’s thoughts. ‘Blow me.’

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A slave to Sonny’s spell, Carter obliged immediately. Dropping to his knees he crawled across and sucked up Sonny’s cock without a second’s hesitation. Despite having left the warlock well over a year earlier, the memories of all those nights kneeling at Sonny’s service were as clear as if they had never separated, and in a heartbeat Carter had taken up a feverish rhythm, rough and sloppy just how he knew Sonny liked it.

‘That’s it, Cunt. It’s been too long since you sucked my cock. Have you missed it?’ His eyes flashed again as he cast another spell. ‘Be honest.

Though he desperately wanted to deny it, the spell prevented Carter from lying and he nodded enthusiastically. A low whimper escaped his lips as Sonny chuckled, his hand falling to cup Carter’s head and pull him in harder.

Everything about this was so wrong: he’d left Sonny specifically so he could leave this twisted life of magic and hedonism behind him. And yet Carter could not help himself. There was a hunger in his bobbing head that Sonny had not commanded, and the painful truth that he had craved his ex’s juicy cock every night since they parted only drove him to feast even more desperately. And even as he struggled against the control of the spell, fighting to stop sucking, to run and hide somewhere far, far away, all the lust of his time with Sonny came flooding back and he found his thoughts overwhelmed with filthy ideas of what they might do now they were reunited.

The click of the door opening cut through Carter’s sordid thoughts, a sudden clarity overtaking him as Archie entered the room.

Carter’s boyfriend was a giant of a man, broader and taller than either he or Sonny by some margin. He sported thick dreadlocks along with a cropped goatee and trimmed moustache, and his sleeves were rolled to the elbow revealing the sweeping tattoos which dominated his powerful arms.

Archie was scribbling on a large notepad when he entered. ‘Babe, I’ve just been going through our expenses. Do you know where we put the car insurance documents so I can add them on?’

For one glorious second, Carter’s heart soared. Powerful as he was, Sonny was no match for most men in a fair fight. If Archie was quick enough, he might be able to take the warlock off guard, maybe even knock him out so they could make their escape. Once Carter explained everything he knew Archie would understand. He was saved!

Then that second was over and Carter’s blood ran cold as Archie came over to peck him fondly on the cheek. Resting one hand on his boyfriend’s shoulder, Archie drew back a stray lock which had fallen over Carter’s brow with a smile. ‘Oh, never mind, we can worry about it later. You just relax.’ He frowned, his thick digits squeezing Carter’s shoulder. ‘You seem tense, babe. Here, let me help you out.’

Taking Carter by the shoulders Archie massaged him affectionately, tenderly working out the knots he had already acquired going down on Sonny’s pulsing cock, all the while seemingly oblivious to his boyfriend’s rapidly bobbing head, not to mention the sloppy gagging noises which rang through the room as Sonny drove himself down Carter’s throat.

The warlock laughed, his grin almost manic. ‘Oh, did I fail to mention I’ve already met my replacement? I guess it’s right what they say about going black. I’ll give you credit, bitch, he’s an impressive specimen. I’m glad I waited. When you left me I wanted to do this to you straight away, but then I realised how much hotter it would be to let you think you had gotten away with it, to let you find someone else and believe you could actually move on. I was right too – this is hot as fuck. Me and Archie had a nice long chat while you were out this morning: he is completely under my control. He won’t notice anything we do unless I want him to. Here, let me show you.’

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Commanding Carter onto the bed, Sonny smirked as his ex bounded up like a giddy puppy. His massage complete, Archie’s attention had turned back to his notepad while Sonny had been gloating and he was already sat amongst the pillows when Carter leapt up and began shaking his ass temptingly.

Carter’s eager twerking drew a snigger from the horny warlock since he had not ordered him to do so; he was teasing Sonny of his own accord. Sonny could sense there was still a stubborn resistance in his former lover, though as his seductive spells worked their magic that resistance was dwindling rapidly. The memories of the man Carter had been with Sonny were rising to the surface and his old persona was taking root once more – the deviant, the hedonist, the lustful slut without morals nor boundaries.

And this time, Sonny would make sure he stayed that way.

Snapping his fingers he simultaneously reduced Carter’s clothes to dust and summoned a glistening condom over his rigid cock. His slave gasped at the sudden exposure, a gasp which became a moan as Sonny leaned in and fingered his tight hole. Crimson-tinted lube seeped from his pores as he did so, which he smeared around Carter’s ass until it was slick and glistening.

Then, too horny to wait another second, Sonny took Carter by the hips and drove himself inside. Carter’s howl of ecstasy most likely disturbed the neighbours, yet Archie merely went about his task without so much as batting an eyelid.

‘That’s right, Cunt, scream. Scream for my thick cock. You’ve wanted it again ever since you left me, now’–the magic edge entered his voice–‘beg me to use you!

In truth, Carter didn’t need a spell to prompt him. ‘Use me, sir’ he wailed. ‘Use me! I’m your naughty cumdump, my holes belong to you. Oh yes, fuck me – harder, harder! Oh god, your cock feels so fucking good, I need more. Always more. Destroy my filthy cunt, please I need it so bad. Oh yes… yes… yes!’

Even after a year apart Carter knew exactly how to draw out Sonny’s wild side, and before long the bed was creaking worryingly as the warlock pounded his slave with merciless force. The headboard slammed against the wall over and over and Archie was forced to adjust his position several times as the rocking shifted the pillows beneath him, yet still he paid them no notice.

Without even needing Sonny to order him to, Carter began jerking off frantically, and it was not long before he sprayed his load across the bedsheets. ‘You made me cum, sir. Mmmh, I’ve missed you making me cum like your little bitch boy. Please, give me the stamina to do it again.’

Sonny reached down with a grin, his eyes flaring green as he took hold of Carter’s swollen balls. The next moment his slave’s cock was stiff again and a fresh orgasm was building inside, compelling new moans as he eagerly enticed it to the surface.

Before he could finish a second time, however, Sonny was tugging roughly on his hair, his free hand closed so tight over Carter’s throat he could barely breathe. ‘I know there’s still a part of you in there hating this,’ he growled. ‘I know the man who wanted a normal life with a normal boyfriend is still in there somewhere trying to fight this. So before I strip that man away completely, I want you to see what happens to your precious Archie. And I want you to know you did this to him. This is your fault. All of this is your fault.’

With Carter twisted around to watch, Sonny thrust his hand in Archie’s direction and poured magic through his mind. ‘Become like me. Share my mind, Archie. Hate this little bastard the same as I do. Live to punish and enslave and dominate. Become everything he hates about me. Join me and make him your whore.’

The expression on Archie’s face when he looked up was twisted with loathing. He eyed Carter with a hateful sneer and behind his eyes there was only lust and cruelty, a vengeful hunger Carter had never seen in him before. The expression alone was enough to confirm the horrible truth: Carter’s boyfriend was gone. In his place was a man of the same mind as Sonny, just as cold and depraved, and the futile hope Carter had been clinging to was snuffed out in a heartbeat, leaving the last of his resistance adrift inside a version of himself he had thought long since cast out.

But as Archie began to undress, Sonny had one final spell to cast. Slipping free from his slave’s hole, he pushed him down onto the bed before manhandling him into position ready for his new accomplice to use. Carter blubbered pathetically, his slutty persona slipping just long enough for Sonny to lean in with a sneer.

‘This is what you get for leaving me, Cunt. This is what you deserve. You belong to me. You always have. Now, listen to my voice and be my plaything; remember who you were when we were together, Carter. Remember that version of you and forget everything else. Live to serve me. Live to be my toy. Let the lust and desire overwhelm you; let them take control. You are just a set of holes to be used – that is all you have ever been, and all you ever will be. You belong to me. Forever.’  

By the time the green had faded from Sonny’s eyes, the version of Carter Archie had fallen in love with was gone. In his place only a ravenous cumdump remained and he immediately latched onto Sonny’s waiting cock to feed hungrily. A few seconds later, Archie was inside him too, pounding the man he had once loved with hatred in every violent thrust, his mind swirling with all the vengeful things he and Sonny were going to do to their slave together…

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Thanks for reading!

To the attentive reader, it may be becoming slowly apparent that I am very much into interracial gay content. Of the three gay stories released so far this month, including this one two have been interracial stories, and both gay stories I have scheduled for the rest of the month are interracial too. When I was devising the stories for this month I was somewhat conscious of this, but honestly these were the galleries that stuck out to and resonated with me the most, and I’m incredibly happy with how they turned out. I know interracial content isn’t to everyone’s preference but at the end of the day I wrote the stories that excited me the most, and I can assure you I have plenty more non-interracial story ideas jotted down which I will certainly be releasing at some point. And that point should hopefully be earlier than next April, though I’ll give more information on that in my final story of the month.

The models in this scene are Roman Todd, Fame and Jigz Castelo. I have frequently enjoyed the work of all three men, so I am able to highly recommend them, however in the links I have provided only Todd’s has a significant quantity of content. Fame and Castelo profiles are pretty bare on most websites I could find, although what I can say is they’re both fairly regular faces in Blacks on Boys scenes, a channel run by the Dogfart network. You will have to do your own digging if you want to enjoy their work in those scenes and anything in the rest of their portfolio, but I assure you if you’re into hot, black, gay hunks, the effort will certainly be worth it.

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