Gaypril: Property Of The Club

Asian man in harness stands against bars with penis exposed

‘Hey, hot stuff, you looking for some action?’

Cole had heard iterations of the same question at least a dozen times as he wandered through the winding corridors, though unlike the others this particular man drew him in. He was slim yet toned – the kind of physique Cole craved in a lover – with a mischievous glimmer in his eye and a smile plucking at the corners of his soft lips. There was something strange in his expression, a subtle edge Cole had noticed in the look of the other men he had passed by in the halls, as if the man knew something he didn’t.

More enticing than anything else, however, was the lengthy cock jutting through the railings of the man’s cage. Immediately Cole was salivating, the phantom flavour of cum and sweat dancing over his tongue as he imagined what it might taste like.

The muffled throb of music seeped down from somewhere above and he knew there were countless men overhead grinding together on the dancefloor, some of whom might even follow him down here intent on enjoying their night to the fullest. In truth he had not planned to actually sample any of the club’s more lascivious amenities, rather just to explore a little and take a look at the lower levels, which had earned such an infamous reputation. But perhaps the palpable atmosphere of arousal had rubbed off on him, for before he could step himself Cole had coiled one hand around the man’s stiff cock and was jerking him slowly.

‘I think I might take you up on that offer,’ he smiled, savouring the pleasure on the man’s face.

‘You have to say the magic words before I can let you in.’ The man pointed to a sign above them, white metal stamped with black lettering.

Playing along, Cole read the words aloud. ‘I wish to play.’

All at once he found himself pulled against the bars, dragged into a passionate kiss by the man’s hand on his mesh top. Cole gave a low groan, closing his eyes as the heat of the man’s lips blossomed over her face.

When he opened them again, he was surprised to find the bars behind him. He had neither felt the man move to open the gate, nor had he heard it roll aside, yet somehow he was inside the room, the man’s hot body pressed close against his as his erection traced Cole’s inner thigh.

He had little time to think on the matter though, for the man was tugging him towards a leather couch, one hand still tangled in Cole’s shirt, the other massaging his swelling cock. Cole’s arousal had probably been obvious since he first entered the lower levels, and the sordid scenes he had witnessed beyond the bars of the some of the other gated rooms had only stirred it further. Now the man’s hot fingers finished the job, exciting his semi into a full erection that bulged in the confines of his tight leather shorts. The intensity of it had Cole squirming in a matter of seconds and all thoughts of the strange gate immediately evaporated.

‘You won’t be needing these,’ the man whispered into his ear as he relieved Cole of his shorts and tossed them out into the corridor. Beneath them Cole wore dark mesh underwear which had already slipped aside, unable to contain his rigid cock. ‘There, that’s better.’

The handsome man took Cole by surprise, forcing him to his knees while he reclined on the couch. Cole had learned earlier in the night that the resident sex slaves were identifiable by the club logo tattooed on their lower back, and in every room he had passed Cole had found them eagerly submitting to serve their horny visitors.

Yet now he was the one kneeling.

Looking up in confusion, he found the man smirking at him as he stroked his cock. ‘Oh don’t give me that look. We both know you’re not here to fuck me. I’ve lost count of how many men have screwed me in this room: I know a top when I see one, and you definitely aren’t a top. You’re an even needier bottom than me. Tell me I’m wrong.’ Cole’s silence drew his smirk into a grin. ‘I thought so.’

The depravity of his situation hit Cole then. He was in the basement of the city’s most notorious gay bar kneeling at the feet of one the in-house sex slaves with the man’s cock bobbing temptingly before him, a forbidden fruit enticing him in. Waves of arousal rolled over him as he considered how hot the taboo of it all was, and a moment later his inner slut was forcing words from his lips he hadn’t expected he’d find himself saying to this man.

‘Can I suck your cock?’ With the words came a naughty confidence and he ran his tongue along the man’s shaft, teasing him. ‘I bet everyone you play with in here wants to fuck your brains out. How about someone serves you for a change?’

Something flickered over the sex slave’s face then, an expression somewhere between victory and satisfaction, followed briefly by that peculiar edge he had regarded Cole with when they first locked eyes. Then he spread his legs a little wider. ‘I’m here for your enjoyment. You can do whatever you like with me.’

Cole wasted no time in satisfying his lustful cravings, quickly riling the man into a horny craze with his deft tongue and sordid dedication. He had gone down on bigger men before, yet none had ever made him feel so naughty; it was as if there was something in the air itself supercharging his lust, driving him deeper into slutty desire with every sensual stroke.

Inevitably it did not take long for the man’s cock to find its way into a more intimate orifice.

White man in mesh shirt receives anal sex from male Asian lover

Riding his lover with all the enthusiasm of a seasoned sub, Cole’s moans joined the sinful chorus which swirled through the corridors, the echo of others engaging in the same naughty pleasures only compelling him to bounce his hips all the harder. Beneath him the man bucked his hips hard, slamming his cock deep into his willing bottom and knocking orgasmic cries from Cole’s lungs as he repeatedly struck his visitor’s tender prostate. Meanwhile his hands were never still, perpetually groping and squeezing and caressing Cole’s nubile body, and frequently jerking his twitching cock to the tune of Cole’s breathy groans.

Cole barely even realised his lover was orgasming before he was shooting his own load, thick strings of pearly cum firing over his shirt and seeping through the mesh to spread heat over his flushed skin. Like a true bottom his cumshot was over before his lover had even hit his stride, and for the next few minutes Cole rolled his hips in the pursuit of extracting every ounce of seed from his impromptu partner.

Eventually he flopped down onto the couch, exhausted yet hornier than he had ever been in his entire life. As before, the naughtiness of the whole affair only made him needy for more, so it was with a note of disappointment that he looked up to find the man slipping back into his shorts and readjusting his chest harness.

‘You don’t know how long I’ve waited for that,’ he said, donning his heavy leather boots. ‘I was beginning to think nobody would ever show up to set me free. You’ve got such a sweet ass – you’re going to be very popular here.’

Cole was about to respond to the compliment when the man’s words sunk in. ‘Wait, what do you mean set you free?’

‘I mean you. You set me free. I don’t work here, you know. It’s the magic of the club: the bottom always stays. Whenever anyone fucks in the cages the bottom is bound to the club until someone sets them free by bottoming for them. Think of it like the whole genie freedom gig – you only get it if someone gives it to you. As you can imagine, that doesn’t happen all that often, so I suggest you get used to this place, because until someone more submissive than you comes along you won’t be going anywhere.’

Panic rose in Cole’s chest as the man turned away. By the time he was on his feet his lover was already at the cage bars, and before Cole’s astonished eyes he simply strode straight through them, phasing through with a faint green glow like something out of a science-fiction movie. When Cole scrambled after him, however, he found the bars solid and unyielding: he was trapped.

‘I can’t stay here. I have a life. People will notice I’m gone. I’m not just some slut willing to fuck anyone who visits me. Please, let me out.’

The man fixed him with that same odd expression again and for the first time Cole realised what it meant: he had known. The moment the man had seen him he had known Cole would become the next slave. The other men in their cages too. The air of a submissive twink oozed from his mesh shirt, tight shorts and skinny figure, and the moment he had lured him into his cage it had only been a matter of time before Cole granted him his escape.

‘Don’t worry, the club will take care of that. Nobody will even realise you’re gone – I’ve been here, oh, three years, maybe more, and nobody has come looking for me. While you’re here, everyone you know just forgets you until you come out. Not that you’ll be doing that anytime soon. And that part about being a slut, well…’

As if on cue, arousal unlike anything Cole had ever known rocked his body. Acidic lust seared through his veins, so hot and intense he sagged against the bars, gripping the metal with white-knuckled ferocity as he desperately tried to process the sensation. A burst of pain rolled over his lower back, dazing him, and without even looking he knew the club’s logo had inked itself into his skin. His softening cock stiffened immediately to press flush against his navel, and for one fleeting moment he was certain he going to die.

Asian man in harness and mesh shorts teases white man in mesh shirt locked behind bars

The pleasure subsided as sharply as it had begun, but Cole realised immediately it had left him a changed man. All the panic was gone, extinguished by a pulsing, intoxicating arousal as a fiendishly slutty personality settled over him. The memories of his former life remained intact, yet they were distant, subdued beneath lust and desire and endless carnal cravings.

He slumped against the gate, his ass parting around one of the bars. Then the man’s breath was hot on his ear. ‘I’ve fucked more men in this cage than you can even imagine. And before me there were other going back years, all the way to when this place opened. Throw a little magic into the mix and it has a certain… charm to it. Whoever the resident bottom is, the club turns them into a total cock-whore. It wouldn’t do to leave customers go wanting now would it?’

The man stooped down to pick up Cole’s discarded shorts. ‘I’ll get rid of these for you. Like I said earlier: you won’t be needing them. You’re property of the club now – modesty is rather irrelevant down here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m desperate to do some topping. I hear there’s a guy down the hall whose been here for fifteen years; hasn’t aged a day, they say. Cute as the night he arrived. Who knows, maybe you’ll last even longer?’

With that, he sauntered off, leaving Cole groaning as he ground his ass against the bars, his hole far too empty for his liking.

Several minutes later another figure strode into view. He was tall and broad, his chin grizzled with silver hair and his exposed chest covered in tattoos. Before he’d entered the cage Cole would never have hit on such a beefy bear, but the slut he had become had no preferences, only an insatiable hunger for cock.

Based on the way the man was massaging his heavy leather trousers, Cole could tell he was not here with the intention of freeing the club’s newest sex slave. Then again it wasn’t freedom Cole wanted.  

Fixing the man with a mischievous eye, Cole beckoned him in. ‘Hey, hot stuff, you looking for some action?’

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The models in this scene are Rodrigo Perez and Nick Fox. As with the models in Dorm Room Dickfest, I am linking their Staxus profiles, since that appears to be the only studio they have currently modelled for and offers the best profile I could find for each man. Also like the other Staxus models I have shown this month, both men are new names to me. Indeed, Perez only appears to have the one scene under his belt, and to the best of my knowledge I have not seen anything else from Fox’s portfolio aside from this scene. Of course, as always, I still recommend you check them out if you enjoyed this, since without them this scene and thus this story would not exist.

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