Brunette sucks breast of brunette lover and eyes her seductively

Kerry gasped as Sarah’s lips squeezed her nipple. She had never imagined her friend would be so good at sucking tits, but then she had never looked at her as anything other than a friend before. Today was different. Sarah had never looked more attractive and Kerry had never been hornier.

Considering she’d only broken up with her boyfriend a week before it was surprising Kerry was in an erotic mood at all. She had been deeply devoted to her ex and the discovery of his infidelity had plunged her into a pit of despair. Her week had been spent blaming herself, picking out her own flaws and guiltily stalking him on social media, repeatedly bursting into tears seeing how happy he looked with his new girlfriend.

Unwilling to see her best friend suffer, Sarah had spent her week pursuing a different path. It had taken her a little while to collect what she needed but finally she had managed to gather everything required to perform a little wishing spell. She had dabbled in magic from time to time and had used the spell once herself to wish her way out of being bullied. It wasn’t too difficult really, so long as you were specific about what you were wishing for.

Inviting Kerry over for the night to have a girl’s night in she had waited until her friend was in a stable frame of mind before showing her the small array of candles and dried herbs she had laid out on her bedroom floor. Kerry had been sceptical at first, but after a little encouragement she had decided to give it a shot.

Still, the reminder of her breakup had sent her into a miserable mood and, flopping down among the flickering candles, she had muttered her wish glumly. ‘I wish I had someone who really loved me as much as I loved them.’

No sooner had she made her wish than she felt a sudden surge of longing swell up inside her. Initially thinking she was desperate for her ex again, she had looked up at Sarah to inform her that spell hadn’t worked only to realise her desire was not for her ex. Her cheeks flushed as she laid eyes on her best friend, her groin shivering at the thought of crawling over to kiss her. In her eyes Sarah was suddenly impossibly beautiful, like an angel placed on the earth purely to care for her.

It quickly became apparent Sarah was feeling equally strange. Frowning, she looked Kerry up and down with a growing smile before slinking over on all fours to join her among the candles. They’d sat silently for a moment, the air heavy with unspoken desire, then all at once they had thrown themselves into one another’s arms to fill the room with the echo of sensual kissing.

That had been last night and now, the following morning, their passion was if anything even more intense than before. Amidst the tangled sheets of Sarah’s bed they groped and kissed, squeezed and licked, and now with Sarah latched onto her breast Kerry felt wonderfully content.

‘Sarah,’ she breathed, ‘I think I love you.’

Sarah pulled away to speak, though as she did she slipped a hand into Kerry’s underwear and began to play with her. ‘Duh, that’s what you wished for. You weren’t specific, so the spell chose the closest person for you. I’m glad you were so vague: I didn’t realise I could love anybody this much. Besides, if the rest of our sex is half as good as last night, there’s no way we could ever be unhappy together.’

Pushing Sarah back down onto the bed, Kerry pressed her naked chest against hers. ‘Then let’s get to it, baby…’

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