Lake Fantasy – Chapter Seven: Something In The Water

Woman tying shoelace approached by shirtless man

Jogging through the stunning scenery a broad beam painted Christy’s lips. She hadn’t felt this good in months. The fresh air, the balmy breeze, the pleasant shade of the canopy arching over the path: she couldn’t imagine a better place to start running again.

She had packed her running clothes half-expecting to unpack them guiltily the following week, unused and forgotten. As luck would have it, however, she had woken that morning fresh, energised and eager to take a morning run. It was as if the lake itself had breathed fresh life into her.

Christy couldn’t deny she was surprised by her enthusiasm – she had barely thought about running in the past year – though she was even more surprised by how good she looked in her vest and leggings. She had expected them to bulge in unsightly places. Instead they flaunted a figure far more trim than she’d imagined. Then again, she supposed she had been running around every day for the last several months at work, and exercise was exercise regardless of whether you noticed you were doing it or not.

She had waited for Glenn and the girls to leave before heading out. Eager as she was she didn’t want them to make a fuss. If her drive faltered once she got out there she’d have plenty of time to get back to the cabin while they were at the lake, leaving them none the wiser.

Once they left she donned her outfit, left a note on the kitchen counter, then took off along the lake path.

As it turned out, her worries of giving up on the run were misplaced. Jogging through the beautiful scenery, Christy’s former passion quickly returned. The months of stress and exhaustion melted away and by the time she slowed to take a break halfway around the lake she felt like a new woman.

Invigorated by her run, Christy began to think what she could do with her energy. Maybe when Glenn got back to the cabin she could surprise him with a little personal attention. She knew he’d probably have had a frustrating day with Andrew, Trevor and Vernon, but it was nothing she couldn’t remedy by sinking to her knees and dedicating herself to him.

God, she missed sex. Well, not sex exactly – she missed desire. With the girls out partying most weekends, she and Glenn often made love in their absence, but they had lost something in their years of parenting.

Before the girls they had been hot and heavy and experimental. It had always seemed dangerous trying out new kinks for the first time, never quite sure if they were overstepping their boundaries, yet it was the thrill of that uncertainty that had made their relationship electric. Nothing had seemed impossible back then.

Once Kyra and Alexis came along that had changed. As is often the way, it had been a gradual shift. They had tried to maintain their naughtier passions in the early days but, perhaps inevitably, they had been so occupied raising their daughters that kinks had taken a back seat. Eventually the girls had reached the age where they could get into their own trouble, allowing their parents the chance to grow intimate once more, though sadly it was soon apparent they had lost their dangerous desire somewhere along the way.

Glenn, it seemed, was perfectly content with their new dynamic. Christy suspected he was just happy to be getting sex at all.

In contrast, she longed for the illicit desire they had once shared. She adored her husband from head to toe, but she no longer craved him, not like she used to. Not like she had while watching him fuck another woman as she took a dick deep in her ass; not like she had when trussed up like an animal and used for his pleasure. She felt a void where that desire had once been and it gnawed on her insides.

Then again, Kyra and Alexis would soon be heading off to university. Perhaps once their daughters had flown the coop she and Glenn might at last rekindle those flames of passion again.

Woman tying shoelace talks to shirtless man

‘Hey there Auntie Christy.’

Lost in her thoughts and focused on retying her shoelace, Christy hadn’t heard Ashley and Spencer approach. They were both in hiking gear from the waist down, but they had removed their shirts and tied them around their waists now they were down by the warm lake instead of on the cool mountain slopes.

‘Hi Ashley. I thought you were going hiking today?’

‘We did, but we didn’t want to do the full hike. We were just on the way back to our cabin to relax a bit.’

‘And you’re Spencer, right?’

Spencer nodded and smiled awkwardly. ‘That’s me. Ashley’s told me a lot about you Mrs. Foster.’

‘Please, call me Christy.’

Christy could remember when Ashley had been toddling around in her mum’s high heels and a sunhat that was far too large constantly slipping over her eyes. She wasn’t Ashley’s real aunt, that was Nancy’s privilege, but the families had spent so much time together over the years they often felt like one large family unit and had come to interact as such.

Certainly, Christy felt a motherly bond with the children of the group, and having always been close with the Riveras, Ashley, Cade and Josh were practically adopted siblings to Kyra and Alexis. It sometimes felt strange seeing the grown men and women they had become and, with Ashley’s athletic figure on show in her pink sports bra and Spencer beside her, now was one of those times.

‘I feel like it’s forever since I saw you,’ Ashley was saying before gesturing to Christy’s toned physique. ‘You look great.’

Christy blushed. ‘Thank you. I couldn’t pass up a run in a place like this. You’re right though – I think the last time I saw you was this time last year! Work has been so busy lately I’ve barely had time to think. I didn’t even realise you’d met somebody until yesterday.’

Glancing at Spencer, Christy caught him admiring her curves. He blushed furiously and looked away. Masking her shock, Christy felt a tingle zip up her spine. He was eyeing up her? She was old enough to be his mother!

Part of her knew she should call him out, should tell Ashley. But deep down she felt an echo of that spark she’d been longing for. She tried not to imagine catching him alone and giving him what he wanted.

Turning back to Ashley she changed the subject abruptly. ‘Tell you what, how about you come back to our cabin? We could catch up there. I’m sure you’ve got loads to tell me.’

Ashley nodded, smiling that dazzling smile of hers. ‘Sure, we’d love to. I mean we have all week to relax, right Spencer?’

When he didn’t respond Ashley nudged him. Starting, he looked from one to another with wide eyes. ‘Oh, yeah, of course, great idea,’ he bumbled. Rolling her eyes, Ashley fell into step with Christy and together the three of them headed for the Foster cabin.

‘Blimey, Mrs. Foster, this place is incredible!’

Spencer had spent most of the jog back in silence – Ashley had once again become absorbed in her conversation with Christy, which he had elected to stay out of – though now he came alive.

The Foster cabin was a vast open plan space with a broad staircase on one side ascending to the upper floor, which itself looked out over the main living area from an overhanging balcony. The front of the building was dominated by large windows overlooking the glittering lake and the mountains beyond.

The Rivera cabin was an immense space too, but something about this place succeeded in astonishing them both.

‘Isn’t it? God, what I wouldn’t give to be able to retire somewhere like this. I tell you Ashley, your mum really hit the jackpot with this place. And haven’t I already told you to call me Christy, Spencer?’

‘Yeah, sorry Mrs… I mean Christy.’

If he was honest, Spencer had spent the entire time since meeting Christy trying to come up with a way to separate himself from their company. He didn’t trust himself not to slip up in her presence, especially given the mischievous glimmer in her eye, which had kicked his arousal into overdrive. It was a struggle to keep his boner at bay and he couldn’t imagine spending hours chatting with her with Ashley in the room.

Fortunately, Christy’s next words provided him his escape.

‘Don’t worry sweetie. You’re right though, it is amazing. I mean this cabin has everything: plenty of bedrooms, built-in minibar, a spa out back – even a gym in the basement!’

Spencer’s eyes lit up. ‘You guys have a gym in here?’

‘Yeah, it’s just downstairs, why?’

‘You wouldn’t mind if I used it, would you?’ Ashley’s eyes begged him to stay but he pretended not to notice. ‘I forgot to bring my weights with me and I hate falling out of my exercise routine.’

Christy’s eyes flickered over his toned chest, the ghost of a smile gracing her lips. ‘I don’t have any problem with you using it.’

‘You don’t mind, do you babe?’

Ashley pursed her lips. ‘Well I was kind of hoping we could spend some time together with Auntie Christy, but if you want to hit the gym for a bit I suppose –’

‘Thanks babe,’ Spencer said quickly. Leaning in to kiss her on the cheek he hurried down the hall and darted down the staircase to the basement.

‘Just don’t stay in there all afternoon, alright?’ Ashley called after him. She did not get a reply. Shrugging, she followed Christy over to the couch and flopped down with a sigh.

Teapot, teacup and stand of muffins on wooden table

‘He seems… nice,’ Christy said, taking a moment to choose the right word.

‘He is. Maybe a little fitness mad, but he’s sweet. I like him a lot. We’ve only been together a few months but I feel like he’s the one, you know what I mean?’

‘Oh yes. When I met Glenn I felt like I’d been hit by a freight train. We’d both joined this youth group in our town on the same week – just a little thing, barely ten of us in it – and it was like looking into my future. The funniest thing is he was in almost all of my classes. He was a quiet thing, that’s why I never noticed him, but he didn’t have to say much before I was hooked.’ She chuckled. ‘Then once I got to know him I couldn’t shut him up.’

Ashley laughed half-heartedly, though it was clear in her face she hadn’t really listened. Her brow was furrowed and she had a faraway look in her eye.

‘You know as a mother of two fairly pensive daughters I’ve come to recognise when somebody is overthinking something. What’s wrong, sweetie?’

Ashley shuffled uncomfortably, like she’d been caught doing something she shouldn’t. ‘I… I don’t know really. I just… I mean you saw him, he just blew me off. I really, really like Spencer, but then he’ll do something like that and I wonder if I mean as much to him as he does to me. I –’

Christy held up a silencing hand. ‘Hold it right there. If we’re going to have a girl-to-girl chat we’ll be needing a good cup of tea to talk over. Tell you what, how about you get the snacks, I’ll get the tea and then you can tell your Aunt Christy all about it, alright?’

Nodding with a smile, Ashley followed Christy to the kitchen and rifled through the cupboards for some decent snacks. Meanwhile, Christy brewed them both a tea in sleek white mugs before filling up a matching teapot to ensure they didn’t run dry. Renowned among the group for her formidable tea-brewing skills she focused on putting those skills to good use. So focused she did not notice the discarded clothes draped over the outdoor furniture on the decking.

Handing Ashley her tea she sank down onto the couch. Taking a sip of her drink Ashley’s face lit up – there was nothing like one of Auntie Christy’s teas to soothe your nerves.

Soon they were waist deep in girly chat.

‘Before we met Spencer was a bit of a player. Well, actually, a lot of a player. He’d screwed pretty much every girl in my year but he’d never hit on me. Turns out I was the one he actually had a crush on. When we got together I told him I wasn’t dating a player: if he wanted me he had to give up that life. And he did. I think he really cares about me or he wouldn’t have tried to change.

‘It’s just, I see him checking other girls out from time to time’ – Christy paled a shade but said nothing – ‘and it gets to me. I think he’s finding the change difficult. I mean he used to hit on anything that moved and now he’s tied up with me. I don’t want to be too hard on him, but I also don’t want to have him eyeing up every other girl and say nothing. And…’

‘And?’ Christy prompted when Ashley did not continue. Sipping on her tea, she tried to push the image of Spencer from her mind.

Ashley looked up at her bashfully. ‘And I don’t want to end up like my mum and dad. They seem so distant from each other. I know it doesn’t really bother them, but I would never want me and Spencer to be like that. I want to be close with him forever. I want to… well…’

Christy smirked. ‘Experiment?’

Ashley blushed. She wasn’t sure she should be talking about this. But this was Auntie Christy, she would understand, right? Besides, the warmth of the tea calmed her nerves.

‘Don’t worry, you don’t have to be embarrassed about it. It’s natural. Though I suppose it’s hardly something you could discuss with your parents.’ The young woman shook her head. ‘Fortunately, you have me to talk to and I totally understand where you’re coming from. Have you talked to him about it?’

‘No. He told me the reason he crushed on me was because I was sweet and bubbly. What if I tell him and he thinks I’m just like the shallow girls he used to date?’

‘Well,’ Christy began before something on Ashley’s shoulder caught her eye. ‘Oh, sweetie, have you bruised yourself?’

A dark blotch marred the porcelain skin of Ashley’s upper left arm, as though she had charged into a brick wall shoulder first at fill tilt. Christy hadn’t noticed it before. Neither had Ashley.

‘Oh, I guess I must have. Weird. It doesn’t hurt…’

Without warning, the blemish blossomed out, unfurling petals of colour up and down her arm. Ashley yelped and instinctively tried to wipe it away, though it did no good – the mark was under the skin. In a few seconds, the swelling mass settled into a bright tattoo that dominated her upper arm.

‘Auntie Christy, I don’t understand… Auntie Christy?’

Ashley’s concern fell on deaf ears. The older woman’s fingers had slipped into her leggings of their own accord. The material undulated rapidly, while her spare hand came up and under her vest to caress her breasts. Eyes closed and features twisted in passion, waves of horniness crashed over her, battering her mind with desire and driving her to masturbate harder. Almost instantly she was breathless with pleasure.

Before Ashley’s eyes, her adoptive aunt was changing. Her figure tightened and toned, enhancing her already enviable curves. The stress-induced bags beneath her eyes faded, as did the streaks of early grey shooting through her hair, which now shone glossy under the light. Rather than grow younger, her body was perfected, every imperfection fading into the tight, ravishing body of a seasoned MILF.

Subtle as they were, the changes were obvious to Ashley – she’d known Christy all her life, after all. She couldn’t think what to do. Christy was seemingly oblivious to the world around her – what could have done this to her?

The rhetorical question was the last thought to cross Ashley’s mind. After that, a more dramatic transformation tore through her body.

Her dark hair receded swiftly, whipping over into an oiled black quiff cropped short around the sides and enhanced by a band of prickly stubble emerging across her lower face. Framed by the striking facial hair, Ashley’s feminine features lost their aquiline beauty and shifted into the chiselled features of an alpha male.

Already overwhelmed by masculine urges, her hand sank to her crotch. Her body tingled with new strength, but there was a more potent power rising through her, a single-minded arousal the eclipsed everything else. She was starving for sex, and as her horniness swelled she relished the carnal hunger it provoked. Carpets of hair had already risen across her hands and forearms and when she ran thick fingers between her thighs she felt the growing bulge of her cock. She rubbed it eagerly, every stroke dragging her deeper into her new persona.

Soon Ashley had dissolved entirely and Ash was massaging his wood with a primal hunger in his eyes. As her slim figure had expanded her clothes had dissolved to allow the growth and now Ash sat in only a pair of boxers, which were quickly beginning to tent.

Surging up, he strode across and leaned over her, his muscular arms planted either side pinning her in.

Chanel gasped, noticing him for the first time. She stared up at him with big, innocent eyes as her memories slotted into place: Ash was her toy boy.

Noticing his rigid cock she slid her fingers into his boxers. ‘Mmmh, it looks like somebody is happy to see me.’

‘I’d be even happier if you showed me to your bedroom. I want to fuck you in the bed you slept in with your husband. Something tells me you want that too.’

‘You know me so well,’ she purred. ‘But you won’t be needing these.’

Sliding off his boxers, Chanel admired his impressive physique. Her eyes lingered on his bobbing cock. He smirked. ‘What are you thinking? Something naughty I hope.’

Chanel rose seductively, discarding her vest. Her heavy breasts were crushed into a white lace bra, which she pressed to his chest. ‘I was trying to figure out how I got lucky enough to find you and your big cock. And of all the things I’m going to do to you in that bedroom. I have plenty of ideas – I suggest we get started.’

Guiding him by the cock, she led him up the sweeping stairs and off to the bedroom. As they passed by the coffee table they knocked Chanel’s teacup onto its side. Ignoring it, they didn’t notice the contents spill across the wood. Contents that glittered unnaturally, like the iridescent shimmer of firelight reflected in oil.

Indoor gym with lots of sports equipment

Calling the huge lower floor of the Foster cabin a home gym was something of an understatement, Spencer thought – this place would have made athletes weep. With a stunning view of the cabin grounds, including the low spa building on the treeline, it was lined with treadmills, cycling machines, cross trainers and all manner of miscellaneous exercise equipment, from dumbbells to exercise balls.

He quickly took to one of the treadmills, where his mind started to drift.

Already he felt guilty for skipping out on Ashley. He’d grown to hate that big, pleading stare of hers because whenever he saw it he knew he was letting her down.

She’d been saying for months how excited she was for him to spend some time with her closest friends and family and get to know them. The problem was, Spencer wasn’t quite sure he was ready for that. For the entire duration of his sexually active life he hadn’t once met a girl’s parents, let alone their broader family and friends. The relationships he’d had had been purely physical and both parties had understood as such.

Now, that had all changed. He loved Ashley deeply, and in many ways he was thrilled to be in a committed relationship, though that wasn’t to say he wasn’t finding it difficult. His eye naturally wandered, just as his oversexed mind concocted a whole host of filthy fantasies he could never reveal to Ashley.

Perhaps if things were more risky in the bedroom he might have been more content. Spencer was used to threesomes, gangbangs, illicit blowjobs snatched behind bushes and steamy anal in cars: sex that would have made nuns blush. With such colourful sexual experience, shifting to a vanilla sex life had hit him harder than he had expected.

Once or twice he had considered explaining his struggles to Ashley only to think better of it. What good could come of it? The last thing he wanted was for her to think she wasn’t good enough, or that he preferred the easy sluts of his past to her. He loved her deeply, and the thought of pushing her away because he was incapable of keeping his lust in check was a concept he loathed to consider.

One thing was certain though: Ashley was the one for him. It took a special woman to tame a wild player such as Spencer, yet he was willing to settle for a life of vanilla sex so long as he could spend it with her. It would just take a little getting used to.

After a while, Spencer grew thirsty. From a small sink in a corner of the room he filled up his water bottle. Given the bottle was tinted he did not notice the iridescent shimmer to the water. Instead, once filled to the brim he gulped down almost half the bottle.

Screwing the cap back on, Spencer returned to the treadmill only for his eye to be caught by something out of the window.

Up in the spa there was movement. The windows were frosted, meaning he couldn’t identify exactly who it was, though the rhythmic bobbing of a woman’s head – no, two women – over the lap of a broad man left no doubt as to what they were doing. Wondering if they were intruders (the man was too large to be Mr. Foster, and none of the women in the holiday group were anywhere near as small as the two feminine figures) he unlatched the patio doors, ready to investigate.

‘Oh, fuck!’

The passionate cry startled him. Immediately his thoughts of the spa were banished: the cry had come from inside the cabin. And based on the tone, the occupants of the spa weren’t the only ones getting intimate. But how? He, Christy and Ashley were the only ones in in the cabin.

Creeping up the stairs, he found the lounge empty. ‘Ashley? Mrs. Foster?’

No response.

A teacup had been knocked over on the table. Maybe Ashley had spilled some on herself and they had headed over to the Rivera cabin for a change of clothes? But they would have told him, wouldn’t they? And who had he heard before?

A sudden knocking sound dragged him from his thoughts. Combined with periodic gasps and laced by the repetitive slap of skin against skin, it was the unmistakable sound of sex. And it was coming from upstairs.

Taking the steps two at a time he paused to listen once he reached the balcony. Thick oak doors lined the upstairs hall, all of them closed. All but one. The door at the end stood wide open, the echoes of sex spilling out.

A moth to a flame, Spencer tiptoed down the corridor. He knew he shouldn’t, he knew he’d probably find Mr. and Mrs. Foster fucking hard thinking they were alone in the cabin, but he couldn’t help himself. Just listening was making him hard. He had to see.

Tall decorative mirrors hung at regular intervals along the corridor. If Spencer had paid them any attention he might have noticed unexpected changes in each subsequent reflection: the additional muscle swelling around his arms, legs and chest; the subtle transition to a stockier build with blunter facial features; the replacement of his khaki cargo shorts by pale jeans coupled with a black t-shirt.

Instead, driven by an unusual voyeuristic need, Spencer was oblivious to his evolving reflection. Undiluted by tea and milk as Ashley and Christy had drank it, the powerful water affected him sooner than it had them. Still, the result was the same, and as he entered the master bedroom the new man – Scott – grinned.

Man in black top and jeans watches from door as tattooed man ploughs brunette wearing lingerie from behind

Ash was holding Chanel’s wide hips as he pounded her from behind. The curvy MILF’s pretty face twisted with a slutty smile and she gasped with every thrust, her eyelids fluttering. Her pale skin bulged between Ash’s tanned fingers, while the frilly white lingerie accentuated her mesmerising figure. Scott’s hard-on throbbed in his jeans.

Chanel was the first to notice him.

‘Mmmh, it looks like we have company, baby. You didn’t tell me you were bringing a friend.’

‘Oh yeah,’ Ash grunted, ‘I’ve told him all about our little arrangement. I thought you’d want to meet him.’

Eyeing up the rod in Scott’s jeans, Chanel giggled. ‘I think you might be right.’

Coming into the room, Scott had had the strange feeling he knew them. Now he wondered how he could have forgot. He was staying in Ash’s family cabin after being invited along on their summer holiday. He’d have much preferred to spend his week drinking and partying, but Ash had convinced him to come along by explaining that he was fucking Chanel behind her husband’s back and that she would definitely be up for a threesome.

Scott had thought Ash was going overboard when he’d gushed about how hot Mrs. Foster was, but fuck had he been right. Her entire body was built to fuck, from her fat ass that rippled as Ash hammered her, to her glossy lips which, based on the smudging of her lipstick, had already sampled Ash’s meat.

Brunette in lingerie screwed from behind by tattooed man while giving oral sex to second man on bed

‘Don’t be shy, hot stuff, come and lie down next to mommy.’

Her eyes were hypnotic, drawing him in, and without thinking he spread out on the bed before her. Chanel’s agile hands made quick work of his jeans, unleashing his cock almost before he had lain down. She giggled as it bucked free.

‘Ooooh, yes. I think he might be bigger than you, Ash.’

Scott fixed his friend with a triumphant stare, but Ash just smirked. ‘Is that so? Then I suppose you want me to stop stretching your tight twat?’

‘Prove me wrong.’

In response, Ash doubled his pace, hooking his fingers around her hips and pulling her back hard with every thrust. Chanel’s slutty laughter set Scott’s cock twitching.

‘God you look so fucking juicy. I hope you’re ready big boy, because I’m hungry for cum.’ Engulfing his cock in her lips, Chanel plunged Scott into unimaginable ecstasy.

The oldest woman he’d slept with was barely thirty, though most of his lovers had been significantly younger. Chanel, on the other hand, had at least a decade on them all and holy shit did that experience make a difference. He’d never known a blowjob like it! Her lips pursed almost painfully tight around his cock, the result of which was an intensity to every flick of her tongue that pulled his spine into an arc of pleasure.

His toes curled, his thighs clenched, and his teeth ground as storms of pleasure crashed through his system, blotting out his memory of every other bitch before her. Compared to Chanel, they all paled to insignificance.

Scott shot his load within minutes. His gooey cum fired down her throat as she milked him of every drop, chuckling with satisfaction.

Once he was finished, Chanel pulled back. A pearly droplet slid from the corner of her mouth as she smiled. ‘My, my, now that’s what I call a load. You taste good, babe, but I need to feel that cumshot in my pussy.’

Brunette in lingerie rides man on bed while giving oral sex to second man

Pulling off Ash’s dick, she swung herself around to straddle Scott’s waist. He had started to soften, though Chanel’s slender fingers jerking him off and the prospect of penetrating her hungry cunt swiftly snapped him to attention once more.

Easing down, she teased the head between her slick folds. ‘You want this hot pussy, don’t you?’

Scott nodded eagerly. He wore an expression of agonised torment but he didn’t dare reach out and pull her down – the glint in her eye told him he would regret it. All he could do was fight the temptation.

Chanel’s lips curled into a malicious grin. ‘What do you think, Ashy, should I give it him?’

‘Definitely. Show him why there’s no cunt better than yours, bitch.’

‘I love it when you talk dirty to me, Ashy,’ she purred, before opening her mouth expectantly. Rising to his feet and bracing himself with a hand on the ceiling, Ash slotted his pulsating cock into her lips just as she sheathed Scott inside her dripping snatch. All three groaned in unison.

The heat of Chanel’s pussy took Scott’s breath away – she felt like a furnace inside. The heat was intoxicating, swelling through his crotch and torso until he was sweating. The sheen of his glistening muscles fuelled Chanel’s lust and within a matter of minutes she was riding him hard.

Before long, the three lovers were no more than a tangle of limbs.

Multiple images of busty brunette in threesome with two men on bed

The ensuing indulgence of taboo desire reduced them to little more than animals. For hours they fucked, driven by a primal sexual rage that coursed through them like jet fuel, dialling every sense to eleven. Their skin against one another felt like fireworks; their moans were perfect symphonies; their orgasms were black holes, each one dragging them deeper into hedonistic glee.

‘Yes, yes, yes,’ Chanel screamed, gagging on Scott’s cock while Ash lifted one porcelain leg to take her from behind.

Between them, Ash and Scott pounded Chanel in almost every conceivable position. They draped her over the edge of the bed where she jerked one lover off while the second used her vulnerable holes; they bent her out of the window, each taking their turn to ravage her as she howled for any passer-by to hear; they filled her ass and cunt simultaneously, Scott hooking his fingers into her mouth for her to suckle as her tight ass welcomed his cock.

‘Oh god! Scott, you’re so deep – you’re so thick! Holy fu–mmph…’ Chanel’s cry was cut off by Ash’s dick violating her throat.

As individuals, neither Scott nor Ash lasted long in the face of Chanel’s insatiable needs. Her experience combined with her shamelessly filthy personality had them firing off a blizzard of cumshots. Had either one been alone with her she would have leeched them dry with ease.

As a pair, however, they were able to keep up. Rotating between fucking her stupid, filling her mouth and sitting back to watch while stroking their cocks, the two friends worked as a unit to please her. Their reward was sex more mind-blowing than a stick of dynamite wedged in their ear.

With Ash ruining her ass, Chanel giggled playfully. ‘That’s right, Ashy, show Scott what a real cock can do to a naughty bitch like me.’

‘A real cock?’ Scott exclaimed. ‘Ash’s got nothing on me.’ A minute later, she was on her side, jerking Ash as Scott strove to prove himself.

Chanel always loved pitting her toy boys against one another. Guys like Ash and Scott always wanted to be the best and the biggest, and in the process of attempting to prove their dominance they would toss her around like a ragdoll. They were all hopelessly easy to manipulate and the reward was a rough fuck the likes of which her pathetic husband could never hope to deliver.

God, she wanted Glenn to come home and find her like this. Part of her wished she’d had kids with him – girls, so she could corrupt them into cock-hungry whores like their mother – but the thought of letting him actually fuck her had always sent a shiver down her spine. All he was good for was being her cucky hubby: paying for expensive clothes and licking her clean when she came home late leaking with cum.

Man standing on bed feeds busty brunette his dick while second man screws her from below

After hours of play, their lust was interrupted by the sound of others in the cabin. The echo of a door closing was followed by girlish giggles, which themselves devolved into moans intercut by wet kissing.

Chanel, Ash and Scott fell still for a few moments to listen intently. Scott blushed like he had just been caught doing something he shouldn’t, though he did not unsheathe his cock from Chanel’s pussy.

The moans continued for a moment, before they were washed out by loud, sloppy gagging sounds. The unmistakable slap of a cock stretching a tight throat echoed throughout the cabin, stirring Chanel’s arousal.

‘It sounds like we’re not the only ones having some fun,’ she purred, returning her attention to her lovers. Gyrating her hips to drive Scott wild she ran her tongue along the underside of Ash’s meat. The setting sun shone on his cum-smeared member. ‘How about we make some noise and see if they join us? How much hotter would this be with an audience?’

‘You think they’ll join in?’ Scott asked.

Chanel smirked. ‘Oh, sweetie. When they see what we can do, there’s no way they’ll be able to resist…’

Meanwhile, at the Rivera cabin…

Hiking boots and socks on tiled floor

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I also have to thank Rylem again for their help with this chapter – I can’t thank you enough for your critique!

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