Lake Fantasy – Chapter Four: Double Trouble

Assorted beer bottles packed in ice

With the sun throbbing down and Andrew acting as a human drain, it was a wonder there were any cold beers left in the cooler by the time noon broke by the lake. Nevertheless, by some miracle the mismatched group of sunbathers and swimmers still had ample booze to fuel their day and, not long after noon, Glenn took up one of the frigid bottles, popped the cap and took a long swig in a futile attempt to soothe his anger.

Trying to focus on the chill of the beer going down, Glenn ground his teeth. How could he have forgotten how detestable some of the fathers were? What had possessed him to join them at the lake?  

He struggled to grasp how anyone could be so utterly insensitive. In the time since they had arrived Vernon, Andrew and Trevor had managed to prove themselves each uniquely terrible men.

Vernon, predictably, had spent the majority of his time either texting furiously or barking down the line at some unfortunate underling to the point Glenn wouldn’t have been surprised if he acquired a mobile tan line around his ear by the end of the week. Yet in the brief periods he was not on his phone he was somehow worse, constantly insulting his wife and daughter to Andrew’s uproarious laughter.

Andrew himself was dedicated to testing what quantity of alcohol a grown man could consume without vomiting. Come eleven o’clock, on the rare occasions he rose from his sunbed, he swayed worryingly and stumbled when he walked. Still, Glenn could tell the booze had nothing to do with the way Andrew looked at Destiny. Brad’s girlfriend splashed around in the shallows wearing a skimpy bikini oblivious to Andrew’s leering, but Glenn could see in the man’s eyes he was ravenous for her nubile body.

As for Trevor, he was entirely unaware of anything going on around him. He seemed to exist in a personal bubble to the point any attempt to address him had to be repeated three or four times to break through. On several occasions Glenn wondered if the man had dozed off, only for him to suddenly add a few letters to his crossword before falling still again. As far as Glenn was concerned all anybody needed to know to form an opinion of Trevor Rivera was that he had spent four hours on one crossword and was barely halfway through.

Taking another gulp, Glenn tried focusing on the fact he was doing this for Christy. His wife’s florist was the most popular in town and the last few months had been an exhausting compilation of wedding bouquets and anniversary roses. This week was her chance to unwind and Glenn knew a little time to herself would do her the world of good.

Unfortunately, even the thought of Christy was unable to soothe his shredded nerves. Thus, while Kyra and Alexis enjoyed themselves in the lake, Glenn prayed for some excuse to leave that didn’t involve flipping his sunbed and storming back to the cabin.


The resounding explosion of water was followed by hysterical laughter from Destiny and the twins. Looking over Glenn saw three of the five kids he was expecting. A second later Philip and Noah burst to the surface coughing and flailing before they too began to laugh.

Rather than swimming, Philip and his friend had chosen to try out one of the canoes piled on a large rack at the water’s edge. Somehow their craft had capsized and now its former occupants waded to shore. Glenn was vaguely aware his daughters were swimming out to retrieve the boat, which had bobbed off in the commotion, but his focus was on the boys.

Their clothes were saturated, painting broad brown brushstrokes of wet sand up the golden beach. Their hair was plastered across their foreheads and tangles of lake weeds had caught around their ankles to trail behind them like glistening green toilet paper.

Laughing among themselves they approached Andrew who was oblivious to their fall.

‘Uh, dad, could you take us back to the cabin? I think we’re going to need a change of clothes.’ Now he was addressing his father, Glenn noticed Philip wringing his shirt nervously.

Looking up Andrew noticed them for the first time. It was like a small volcano had gone off. ‘Philip! What in god’s name do you think you’re doing? That’s one of Brad’s old shirts! Just look at it: ruined! You seriously think you’re getting in my car in that state? Not a chance, you’ll ruin the leather! Just wait until your mother finds out she has to do another batch of washing because you’ve been messing around in that boat! Why couldn’t you have gone swimming like a normal boy? Oh no, don’t look at me like that, I’m not driving you back. You want a change of clothes I suggest you get walking!’

Glenn could hardly believe what he was hearing. The Weavers’ cabin was right on the other side of the lake – at a jog it would still be a half hour trip and that was without lugging the extra weight of sopping wet clothes on the journey.

Then again, he supposed it was a good thing Andrew hadn’t agreed to drive them back to the cabin given he was steaming drunk. More to the point, it gave Glenn his chance.

‘We have plenty of spare clothes at our cabin if you like, boys. They might not fit too well but they should be fine while I get those of yours washed and dried. It’s not too far either, only a ten-minute walk.’

Philip stared at him blankly, unable to fathom Glenn’s kind offer, while Andrew grimaced as though he had swallowed something distasteful.

‘Are you sure, Mr. Foster?’ Philip asked.

‘Of course,’ then, to irritate Andrew and Vernon, who had put down his phone long enough to listen in, ‘what father would let you struggle when there was something he could do to help?’

Trevor chuckled absently while Andrew waved dismissively and turned away. As Glenn handed both boys a towel and took their dripping shirts to wring them out he caught the eyes of his girls. Kyra and Alexis had slotted the canoe back on the rack and were clearly just as disgusted by Andrew’s tirade. After offering their sandals so the boys had some relatively dry footwear to walk in they returned to the water.

With the boys’ shirts slung over his shoulder Glenn led them up to the path and headed for the cabin.

Assorted jeans hung on wardrobe railing

‘Here we are,’ Glenn said as he rummaged through the walk-in wardrobe, ‘these look about your size.’ Coming out into the bedroom he handed the two boys a pair of jeans and a t-shirt apiece. They were a little small, but they would do.

Desperate to get away from the other dads he hadn’t actually considered what the lads would wear when they got to the cabin: his clothes would be far too big, Christy’s would be an equally poor fit, and it wasn’t his place to start rummaging through Kyra and Alexis’ clothes. Fortunately, the cabin had some clothes already in the wardrobe, no doubt left by other visitors over the years.

‘Thanks, Mr. Foster,’ Noah said.

‘Please, boys, call me Glenn. Don’t mention it. I don’t see any harm in you borrowing these for a little while.’

He smiled warmly, though Philip still looked nervous. The young Weaver boy kept glancing at Noah like he was scared his friend might say something he wasn’t supposed to. Not that Noah had to say anything – Glenn had already figured out their secret. He had the impression Philip might have a heart attack if he thought Glenn knew, so he gave Noah a sly wink.

‘No need to rush. I’ll be out on the deck. Just come out whenever you’re ready.’

The two boys waited until they were sure Glenn had gone then both sprang into action. Philip wheeled around to face Noah, ready to burst into a fit of nerves, but before he could say anything Noah had driven him against the wall and was kissing him.

Noah’s tongue parted Philip’s lips to delve deeper, exploring the inside of his mouth with firm swirls that drew out muffled moans. Philip’s nerves melted briefly. He hadn’t kissed his boyfriend in days and now they were alone all he wanted to do was make out like animals. For a few seconds he wallowed in a blissful lagoon where none of his worries could follow him.

But then his nerves returned stronger than before and he broke away. Philip looked like he was about to cry. ‘Not here, Noah,’ he hissed, ‘what if somebody finds us?’

Noah crossed his arms and sighed. ‘That’s all you ever say, Phil. People are going to find out sooner or later. Besides we both agreed this holiday would be our chance to explore ourselves some more.’

Unable to meet Noah’s eye, Philip paced uncomfortably. ‘I know, it’s just…’

‘What if your parents find out? I know.’ Noah flopped into a broad armchair with an infuriated huff. ‘When are you going to accept that you can’t hide who you are forever? Yes, you’ve got shit parents and a dick brother. Yes, they probably won’t understand why you feel how you feel if you come out. But you know one of the good things about coming out? It shows you what people deserve to be in your life and what people don’t.’

‘They’re my family,’ Philip retorted. ‘It’s alright for you to say that, your parents had no problem accepting you when you came out.’

‘No, but I lost friends over it. Friends I thought would always accept me for who I am vanished overnight. But I’m better off without them and now I’m surrounded by people who care for me. Until you have that support system you’re never going to be able to escape this cycle of self-doubt. You have to face up to it or it’ll eat you up completely.’

All at once Philip felt ready to collapse and crumpled onto the end of the bed. His wet trousers squelched on the white bedsheets but he didn’t care. Everything was too much. He didn’t know what to do. With his face buried despairingly in his hands he tried to stave off a complete breakdown.

The gradual realisation he was gay had rocked him to his core. Philip had never loved anyone like he loved Noah. For the first time in his life he felt truly cared for, truly accepted. When they were together Philip’s worries dissipated like a lantern chasing away shadows in a dark room. Though their intimacy had thus far been infrequent, the opportunities they had snatched to make love had been deeply erotic and affirmed Philip’s certainty of his sexuality.

But with that certainty came a wretched guilt. Philip had made peace with the fact he was a disgrace to his father years before. Brad was the favourite son and it was blatantly obvious Andrew had only ever wanted athletic offspring. Therefore Philip, who was naturally skinny and intellectual despite his father’s best efforts to mould him otherwise, was no more than a disappointment and often the subject of Andrew’s contempt, which came out in insulting tirades that had devastated Philip’s self-esteem. And now he panicked coming out might see him kicked out of the family entirely.

Yet denying his love for Noah was just as painful. Worse still, the rejection in Noah’s eyes when he tried to justify keeping their relationship secret was a dagger to the gut. He was lucky Noah was so understanding: his boyfriend had come out several years earlier and experienced several gay relationships. He was comfortable with who he was and appreciated Philip’s struggle, but that didn’t mean he was comfortable keeping things secret.

Philip felt like he was being torn apart.

He flinched as Noah’s arm looped about his shoulders. The reassuring squeeze was the final straw and he buried his face into Noah’s bare chest and started to sob. ‘I’m sorry,’ was all he could say.

Noah took Philip in a comforting hug. ‘It’s okay, baby. I know this is hard for you. But we both know we can’t stay like this forever. Before we came out here I agreed to pretend I was your friend and not your boyfriend so your parents wouldn’t find out about us. But I didn’t do it for them. I did it because I love you. Every minute with you makes me so happy, but we can’t keep dodging around the truth. People will figure it out eventually. In fact, I think somebody already has.’

Philip turned to him, horrified. He looked like he’d just been shot and Noah continued quickly to prevent his boyfriend fainting.

‘Don’t worry, it’s alright. It’s not your parents. It’s Mr. Foster. I think he knows about us, but just look how accepting he was of us. He’s more willing to help us than your own damn dad. You see, there are people who’ll accept us for who we are. Both of us.’

Philip wasn’t sure what to say. ‘Well, Glenn has always been nice to me. He’s nice to all of us who haven’t got great parents. Me and Lauren; Cade and Ashley. He’s a youth worker, I think, I guess I just never thought of opening up to him before.’

‘We could do it now,’ Noah said. ‘Didn’t you say he lived a few towns over from you? Let’s say you did come out to your folks and they kicked you out, maybe the Fosters might let you stay with them? I’m sure Kyra and Alexis wouldn’t mind and Christy seems pretty chill too. You won’t know until you ask.’

Philip was silent for a few minutes and Noah waited for him to mull it over. Then he nodded slowly. ‘Okay. I’ll do it. Will you come with me?’

‘Sure. Let’s get dressed and we can go see him together.’

Taking up a pair of jeans from the bed, Philip was surprised how soft they were. They felt more like velvet than denim and despite his fragile emotional state he couldn’t help but smile.

By the time Noah had stood up and removed his wet trousers, Philip was already wriggling into the jeans. They glided easily up his slender legs, their tight embrace sending a shiver up Philip’s spine. They felt even better on his legs than in his hands. Rolling onto his back and lifting his hips to pull them higher, Philip stifled a gasp as they consumed his perky ass.

His boxers had been saturated too, of course, but Glenn hadn’t had any spares them, so Philip was commando underneath. The tight jeans cupped his balls softly and the rubbing of the material over his genitals felt strangely good.

Once they were on Glenn’s mistake became obvious. What he had thought were mens’ jeans were in fact womens’ skinny jeans, but Philip didn’t really notice. He was too busy focusing on the sexy curves they moulded his legs into. His legs looked almost too skinny to support him and were capped by a peachy little ass that drew all the attention.

Damn, I could make Destiny jealous in these!

Running his hands over the soft material, Philip idly donned the white shirt Glenn had left for him. He was so focused on the thrill that came from caressing his legs he didn’t notice Noah’s shocked expression.

Standing beside the bed with his own jeans around his ankles, Noah forgot the fact he was naked.

Philip was changing. His jet-black hair paled lighter by the second and grew at an equal rate, the tangled curls tumbling into shocks of blond. With Philip’s shirt hanging open Noah could see his muscle and body mass shifting. His broad shoulders crunched in although the lost width did not go to waste, descending instead to fill out his tiny midriff. His prominent ribs faded under the soft flesh followed promptly by the sudden growth of petite breasts, which filled out into two perky little tits studded with plump nipples.

There was barely time to marvel at the sharp reduction of Philip’s crotch before Noah’s attention was drawn to his boyfriend’s face. Before Noah could process it the Philip he knew was gone, replaced by a young woman with large, innocent eyes, a delicate nose, neatly honed eyebrows and a pale complexion that dipped into cute dimples when she smiled.

Finally, to complete the image, thin metal bars weaved over her teeth like shiny serpents. When they fell still her smile glittered with shimmering braces.

Petite blonde in braces poses on bed wearing only white panties

Philip didn’t seem to have noticed any of the changes. He continued to caress his slender legs, humming happily to himself… or herself: Noah wasn’t quite sure.

‘Oh my god,’ Noah breathed.

Philip looked up at him sharply, seeing him for the first time. For a second or two his face was blank. Then recognition flared behind Philip’s eyes and a naughty smile twisted his lips.

‘Sorry, stud, I didn’t hear you come in. You must be my guy for the day, right? You like what you see?’

As she spoke, the woman slid seductively free of her jeans. Underneath she wore pristine white panties fringed with floral lace. Despite the fact he had seen Philip’s genitalia shrink away it still came as a shock when he spotted the tight slit nestled under the translucent lace underwear.

‘You know,’ purred the woman, letting the shirt slide from her shoulders and rolling onto one side, ‘I’ll do pretty much anything for the right price.’

‘What are you talking about, Philip?’ Noah felt like he was drowning in confusion.

‘It’s Piper, actually. And I’m just saying people want different things. I want expensive clothes, for instance, so if there’s something you want I’m sure we can come to a beneficial arrangement.’

Glancing at Piper’s discarded attire Noah slowly pieced together what had happened.

It must have been the clothes. Mr. Foster said they were already in the wardrobe when they arrived. It has to be them. Maybe they were laced with something? But what could do this?

Moving to pick up Piper’s clothes in order to analyse them more closely, he froze as his own jeans restricted his movements. He’d forgotten all about them. He’d also forgotten he was naked, but Piper didn’t seem to care.

Peering down at his jeans a naughty idea sparked in Noah’s head. Piper didn’t seem to have any of Philip’s inhibitions or self-doubt; she looked perfectly comfortable in her new body. She didn’t appear to remember her former self, or Noah for that matter, but something about her new and naughty personality was such a turn on.

Piper was obviously far more eager to get naughty with a man than Philip had been and besides, Noah had often wondered what it might feel like to be a girl.

‘Uh, I’m actually not your man,’ Noah said, ‘he’s just out on the decking. I can take you to him. Just put your jeans on and I’ll put mine on and we can go out to him together.’

Shrugging, Piper did as she was told and wriggled back into the tight blue jeans. Noah, meanwhile, pulled up the black jeans Glenn had handed him and groaned as his own transformation took hold…

Crystal whiskey decanter and matching crystal glasses on tray on table

After leaving the two lads to change and maybe spend a little quality time with one another, Glenn had headed downstairs to see if Christy had arrived back yet. She’d left a note in case he or the girls came back letting them know she’d gone out for run. For Glenn it had come as a pleasant surprise; his wife loved her exercise but she hadn’t gone running in over a year. He was glad she was taking the opportunity to get back into it.

Still, he hoped she’d be back soon. Glenn was still deeply angry over the attitude of the other dads and her sweet smile always managed to soothe him. In her absence, he decided a strong drink was the best substitute.

A large crystal decanter was set out with matching glasses on the lounge table. They sat on a mirror tray with the sunlight shafting through the honey gold whiskey to dance rosy patterns over the glass table. Though he wasn’t usually a whiskey man, Glenn made straight for it when he got downstairs.

Glenn watched the golden liquid swirl in mesmerising patterns as he poured himself a glass before taking it out onto the decking at the back of the cabin. There was an excellent view of the mountains from here and the stunning forest came right to the edge of the cabin’s grounds to fill the air with the smell of earth and wood. Under the spreading branches Glenn could make out the broad, low lodge that was the cabin’s spa.

Taking a sip of his drink he wondered if Christy might like to relax in the spa a little once she finished her run. The whiskey burned hot as it went down, swelling a pleasant warmth through his chest. As good as it was it did little to ease his mood.

How could Andrew treat Philip like that? How could he favour one son over the other? Sure, it had always been the case, but the older Brad got the more horrifically spoiled he became while his brother was largely ignored. It made Glenn’s blood boil.

Another sip and the heat spread further to blossom through his stomach and shoulders. A sweat broke over his brow and he removed his yellow plaid overshirt to drape over the back of a nearby chair.

He’d had his suspicions about Philip for a while now; Noah’s presence had merely confirmed them. He may have been masquerading as Philip’s friend but there was no mistaking the glances they shared when they thought nobody was looking.

Skinny twinks, the both of them. God, they’d fetch a pretty penny from the right client.

This time he took a long gulp and the whiskey felt like it was coursing through his veins, carrying the burn to every part of his body. Where was that naughty wife of his? Off fucking some dumb stud, no doubt. He scoffed: like he cared. Why would he need her pussy when he had all the young bitches he could ever want? As long as she kept her tight ass for him, he couldn’t care less who used her other holes.

Glenn never noticed the mutation of his thoughts. The corruptive effects of the whiskey working through his body was a gradual process. It was like he was falling asleep and a new man was waking to replace him.

He didn’t notice the physical changes either: the fading wrinkles, the rejuvenation of his greying hair, the expanding muscles. Each sip pushed him deeper into his transformation and by the time he gulped down the last of the whiskey he was an entirely different man.

Grant was the owner of a slew of obscenely lucrative strip clubs. He was a shrewd businessman and had carved out his empire with a savage ruthlessness that had earned him the fearful respect of all his competitors. He was the undisputed king of the strip club scene back home, but everybody knew his services didn’t stop there. His girls would do just about anything for the right price, as a result of which his pockets were overflowing with wealthy, influential clients.

Man in blue top holds two naked blondes by their necks

Going for another sip Grant found his glass empty. Sighing, he turned to head back inside only to find two petite blondes framed in the doorway, naked from the waist up. He smirked and placed his glass on the railing.

‘Good afternoon, ladies. I thought you’d never wake up.’

They were frail looking things, their pale skin like porcelain, but he liked that most about them: as delicate as they appeared he knew they loved nothing more than being thrown around like ragdolls.

Slinking over they pressed themselves against his broad chest and ran skinny fingers over his musculature. Piper, the smaller of the two, was so short she barely reached his shoulders, prompting her to hop onto one of the wooden chairs to reach his height. She stared longingly into his eyes and hovered her lips a few inches from his.

‘We were occupied,’ Naomi purred. Her fingers curved into claws and she dragged them down his chest playfully.

‘Oh really? And what were you doing?’ Grant asked. His hands rose and wrapped around the back of their necks. He liked holding them like this – he could guide their heads wherever he pleased.

Piper bit her lip. Her braces glittered in the sun. ‘Dreaming of you, baby.’

Grant smirked. He wanted to kiss her, but he wanted to tease her more. Piper’s eyes swam with desire and he could see her craving his lips on hers, his tongue pushing into her mouth. Yet Grant knew from experience how much hornier they got when he tempted them.

‘What were we doing in your dreams?’

‘We’ll show you,’ they said together.

Two petite blondes give oral sex to man in blue top

Piper and Naomi moved in unison and Grant was reminded why they were his favourites. Naomi had been one of his girls for several years and had been his lover for just as long, while Piper had only joined the ranks a few months earlier. Yet since the moment they met they had been a single creature, perfectly in tune with one another like no two women he had ever met before.

Eternally horny and able to read him in a heartbeat, together they were a force of nature. They often took to the stage together, however it was rare to find them stripping for the public given how popular they were with his off-the-books clients. After all, they had earned the nickname ‘The Twins’ for good reason: there was no separating them. You paid for both or neither.

And right now, they would not be separated from his cock.

With eager fingers they removed his jeans and boxers. His hefty cock swung free, the head already glistening with precum.

‘Mmmh, this is what we were dreaming about,’ they groaned.

He was already hard – he had known what was coming when he saw them in the doorway – and they latched onto his shaft with vampiric intent.

Grant groaned as they ran their hot tongues along his meat. Every time they knelt to worship him he marvelled how mind-blowing they were. They sucked and lapped like it was their sole purpose and were never less than perfection. Erotic fireworks blistered through him as they worked, weaving their heads from side to side and giggling as he moaned.

Their eyes never left one another. Together they formed a living mirror.

‘I think he wants more,’ Naomi said, drawing back to spit on his shaft.

Piper massaged it in with her soft lips. ‘Oh yes, daddy wants our special kiss.’

Kneeling on either side of their lover they drove Grant wild with their favourite move. Clutching his legs to pull themselves in hard they attempted to kiss one another around his cock. Their lips would barely brush together but that didn’t stop their slobbering tongues snaking around his meat and threatening to send him completely mad.

The sensation was almost agonising when they worked up to his head. The hands he had been running through their silky hair fell limp and he huffed breathlessly, struggling to process the pleasure.

Man in blue top screws blonde on outdoor furniture while kissing second blonde

He was so lost in desire he didn’t even notice Piper move away. Naomi filled the void she left behind swiftly, swallowing his full length with experienced ease. Fresh pleasure ripped through him, but it seemed to fade when he heard Piper’s innocent voice.

‘Baby, I’ve lost my jeans. Could you help me find them?’

Opening his eyes Grant found her kneeling on the small table between the two chairs that stood beside them. She was naked, her jeans and underwear draped over the table along with Naomi’s and she was pretending to look around for them. As she did, however, she wiggled her bare ass and tempted him with her quivering pussy, which was at the perfect height to use.

‘You have?’ Grant said, slipping from Naomi’s throat and stroking himself as he moved over to Piper. ‘Well let’s look for them together.’ Shifting behind her, he pressed the head of his cock against her waiting pussy. Piper pretended not to notice. ‘Don’t worry, sweetie, we’ll find them. Say, is that them over there…?

Grant and Piper gasped in unison as he pushed inside while pretending to lean in closer. Her soft lips slid easily over his meat in a familiar embrace. It was almost as though she was moulded to him alone. They fit together perfectly and he started to thrust.

Naomi came around the chairs and leaned over Piper to kiss him. ‘That’s right, baby, show her what you do to little girls who tease you.’

Standing against Piper’s shoulder Naomi prevented her from moving forward while he fucked her. As a result, he could bury each thrust deeper in her scorching pussy, extracting guttural moans and rapidly reducing her to a horny mess.

‘Oh god… oh yes… fuck you’re so deep… fill me… yes, yes, yes,’ Piper babbled incessantly. Grant’s cock was perfect, both long and thick, and though she’d taken him dozens of times before he always managed to push her to her limits.

Naomi toyed with Grant between their kisses. ‘You call that fucking? That’s nothing. You’ve fucked me until my brains were liquid. Show her what you can really do.’

Grant responded by slamming in even harder, rising Piper’s moans to yelps of delirium. Piper shrieked as Naomi pinched one of her nipples, twisting it hard to lace her pleasure with pain. Her vision started to blur and she wondered how much more she could take. Naomi, however, was in a naughty mood and she wanted to push Piper to her absolute limit.

‘Bounce her, baby. Bounce her until she splits in half.’

Man in blue top has balls licked while having standing sex with petite blonde

If he’d been lucid, Grant would have remembered another reason why the Twins were his favourites: they craved his pleasure as much as their own. They loved nothing more than driving him to extract his pleasure from them while simultaneously using him to satiate their own desires.

But they had already submersed him in the mists of lust and all he could do was grin as he followed Naomi’s suggestion. Lifting Piper from the table he heaved her into his arms without ever pulling out. She gasped repeatedly as he shifted inside her.

After a few seconds he had her where he wanted her. Her arms were looped around his neck and he held her up with his powerful arms slid under her thighs and clutching her plush ass. He had full control over her body and, holding high for a few seconds with his head barely parting her pussy lips, he savoured her expression.

She looked equally desperate and apprehensive.

‘You’ve never done this to me before, baby,’ Piper whimpered.

Grant grinned. ‘I know. I wasn’t sure if you’d be able to handle it. Now seems a good time to find out.’

Grant planned to ease her down slowly but all at once Naomi’s tongue was coiling around his balls. The shock took his breath away and his grip on Piper fell lax. She screamed in ecstasy as her own weight dragged her down onto his cock, burying him up to the hilt inside her. Her mask of orgasmic delight was mirrored on Grant’s features.

Underneath, Naomi giggled and rose to lick the underside of his shaft and the exposed portion of Piper’s vagina wrapped around it. Piper and Grant shuddered and groaned as Naomi worked to please them until she dropped to his balls again and sucked them into her soft lips.

Catalysed, Grant’s strength returned and he immediately started to bounce Piper hard. Lifting her until he almost fell out he would then allow her own weight to drag her back down. Just before she hit the base he would slow her descent and hold himself inside for a second or two before pulling her up again.

Within seconds she was a trembling mess. She shuddered in his arms, her breath coming in desperate gaps. Between, she managed to form words that drove him wilder.

‘I bet you don’t do this to your wife, do you baby?’

‘No, only my hot little sluts,’ he growled and pounded her harder.

Grant’s wife had been with him since he started his strip club empire, although there was little in the way of love between them. Well, at least not romantic love. There was, however a deep, powerful passion they shared which had kept their bond strong where others might have crumbled. Since the start, their relationship had been purely sexual and entirely open, eventually evolving to a state where his wife was content for his lovers to vacation with them. They both craved more intimacy than one lover could give and once Grant’s clubs had grown his wife had made the most of his well-hung clients. At the same time, Grant had his pick of the girls he employed, all of whom were baying for his attention: he was handsome, wealthy and an infamously passionate lover of whom they all wanted a taste.

God, he wanted her to come back and find him fucking his sluts. He wanted her to stand in the doorway and play with herself before joining in and showing the girls what an experienced woman was capable of.

Grant’s relationship with his wife was unorthodox to be certain but they cared deeply for one another in their own way. They just cared for sex more. They liked to think of it as their religion – they adored one another, but sex was their god and they worshipped it first. They did, however, save one sexual bond for themselves: anal. It was their promise to one another.

Fortunately, the Twins’ pussies were tighter than even his wife’s ass and even better at milking him dry.

Petite blonde is taken from behind on outdoor furniture while watched by second blonde

Just then a sudden clarity flooded Piper’s eyes. As he continued to pound her she pressed her forehead to his and whispered, ‘I think Naomi needs some attention, baby. She’s trying to drive us wild. Maybe you should give her a taste of her own medicine?’

When he looked down Naomi’s eyes were closed. Her tongue continued to swirl over his balls and she was too busy savouring the taste to notice him staring at her.

‘I think you’re right,’ Grant nodded, ‘let’s blow her mind.’

Piper giggled as he slid her free and placed her down, though her brow did quiver at the void he left behind. Before Naomi could respond he had heaved her into position straddling one of the chairs, her knee raised on the table Piper had recently vacated.

She had no time to think before his throbbing cock was pushing inside and her body was singing with pleasure.

‘Oh, daddy,’ she gasped.

As with Piper, Grant stretched Naomi wide. Despite making love to him for years she always seemed as tight their first night in a booth where her lap dance had gone a little further than expected. He loved how tight she clung to his cock and, using her hips as leverage, he plunged in deep.

‘You know I haven’t used you as often as I should have done these past few months,’ he growled. ‘Since Piper joined our fun I’ve spent a lot of time using her. I think I should make up for lost time.’

With that he took up a relentless pace, hammering into his slut like a machine.

Naked blondes stare at one another

Piper giggled as Naomi’s face twisted in a silent scream. Naomi’s brows knitted together in an expression that implied she wasn’t sure if she could take Grant’s size.

‘Is he a bit big for you, sis?’ Piper smirked, taking Naomi’s chin in her fingers and leaning in close.

‘I’ve not had him for a while. I don’t know if I can handle him.’

Piper bared her teeth in a devilish grin. When she spoke, the words came from a part of her she wasn’t entirely sure was her. It felt like somebody was speaking through her, yey the words still felt right.

‘You wanted this. You wanted a big fat cock filling you up, your horny bitch. And you wanted me to want it too. You made me into this. We’re horny little sluts together now and you don’t get to back out. You take him like the nympho whore you are, you hear me?’

Naomi nodded slowly as though even the slightest movement would break the restraints of her orgasm. She could feel it building to a crescendo and knew when it struck her mind would melt. Piper’s words spoke to a part of her deep down that felt somehow foreign yet altogether familiar.

She had no time to focus on that though. Though it seemed impossible, Grant had increased his pace. Overwhelmed, her knitted brows fused as her eyes rolled back. Every thrust threatened to spark her orgasm and she huffed desperately to keep herself conscious. The slap of their thighs rang across the cabin grounds and echoed back from the trees.

Piper knew instantly how close she was and looking up at Grant she clapped giddily. ‘She’s close, daddy. She’s close and you’re driving her mad.’

‘Well if she’s going to cum I want to see that pretty orgasm face of hers,’ Grant said.

Petite blonde masturbates and toys with clit of second blonde being screwed on outdoor furniture

The sudden motion of Grant flipping her onto her back to lie on the table weakened the bonds of Naomi’s orgasm to breaking point, but it was Piper’s fingers on her clit that shattered them completely. Her partner-in-crime had scurried around to sit beside her and her delicate fingers found Naomi’s swollen nub instantly. With one foot pressed to Grant’s shoulder Naomi was spread wide, allowing Piper full access to her delicate parts.

‘Oh, baby…’ Naomi cried, but the rest of her sentence was lost.

Her expression froze as she came and all she could let out was a lilting whine of ecstasy. Her body felt it like it was imploding, blasts of pleasure clenching every muscle and ricocheting around inside of her. Undercutting it was the constant throb of Piper’s agile fingers working her clit combined with the shuddering pulse of Grant’s continued thrusts.

Beside her, Piper toyed with herself absently, preparing herself for the next pounding.

No sooner had Naomi descended her peak than Grant started to grunt and tense. The sound was familiar; they both knew he was close. Though Naomi was still unable to articulate complete words, Piper burst into action.

‘Cum on her face,’ she shrieked, ‘defile her pretty face, daddy. Brand her with your cum.’

Two blondes grin after receiving facial

By this point neither Grant nor Naomi were capable of cognitive thought, so it was left to Piper to drag them into the right position. Pushing Grant back enough for him to fall out she dragged Naomi to the deck where they knelt side by side.

Both Grant and Naomi acted on instinct: Naomi, having been on her knees for him many times before, automatically opened her mouth wide, ready for his load, while Grant, presented with their two innocent faces, towered over them and jerked himself to completion.

Thick strings of hot cum spat out to plaster Naomi’s pretty features. A long rope landed across the right side of her face, followed by sticky white ribbons that decorated her chin, neck and chest. Several spurts landed across her tongue, which she swallowed eagerly, and a few drops struck Piper in the neck and tits prompting a girlish giggle.

All three moaned together, a carnal trio.

Piper admired her handiwork as Grant and Naomi regained their senses. When they did, Naomi turned to her with a faraway look in her eye and a satisfied grin.

‘You like that, sis?’ Piper asked, running a finger over Naomi’s chin and licking the cum from it.

Naomi nodded happily.

‘Good. Because we’re going to spend all week taking Grant’s thick cock together. And next time he’ll finish inside you. But don’t worry, I’ll lick you clean.’

Standing over them, Grant’s chest heaved. He admired his two favourite sluts for a few moments and allowed his clarity to return. All the while he stroked his thick cock to prevent it falling limp. When they looked up at him they found a devious glint in his eye.

‘You know what, Naomi? I think we underestimated little Piper. She’s a filthy fucking whore. I mean she just drove us completely wild for the fun of it. I say if she’s so dirty we’d best clean her up, inside and out. Where do you think we could do that?’

Naomi matched his smirk. ‘The spa! You could clean her inside with your hot, perfect cum while I clean her outsides in the hot tub!’

‘My thoughts exactly,’ Grant chuckled.

Swooping down he lifted Piper and tossed her over his shoulder. She squealed girlishly and wriggled to get away. But his grip was vice-like and, with Naomi in tow fondling Piper’s exposed ass, he marched down the steps and across the cabin grounds toward the spa…

Meanwhile, in the woods…

Woman stood on cliff edge in pine forest

Thanks for reading!

The models used in this story are Piper Perri and Naomi Woods. Perri has been a favourite of mine for years now and if you liked this piece you should definitely check out her work on her PornHub profile, here: For me, Perri is one of those models I just can’t quite explain why I love them. For other models in this series I could say it is their body, or their looks, or how naughty they are on camera, but for Perri I’ve never quite been able to pin the reason down. She’s so innocently alluring and something about such a small girl with a craving for the biggest dick she can get hold of is painfully hot to me. I’m going to be saying this a lot, but I wish I had the chance to use her in more of my work; she is just such a perfect slut in all her work and I hope I managed to do her justice in this piece.

Woods – PornHub profile here: – is a model I was unfamiliar with until writing this series. When I came across this gallery I knew it was the one I had to use for Perri, who was the model whose work I had been looking through at the time. I knew as well that I didn’t want every scene to be a couple, so this threesome seemed too hot to pass up. After writing this, however, I am more familiar with Woods’ work and I absolutely recommend her to anyone who enjoyed this story. Like Perri, she is small yet fiery and she channels many of the same naughty vibes. Her work is definitely worth exploring.

Chapter five will be out on Monday, so be sure to come back and check it out!

Also, I know I always ask for comments on my work, but for this series I would especially appreciate any feedback you might have. It has been such a big project for me and has taken up so much time and effort I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on it. If you’d rather just message me directly I’m active on Twitter most days, so you can hit me up there if you like. Thanks!

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