Naked woman in neon pink stockings receives sex through gloryhole

‘Fuck, oh god,’ Sally moaned, rolling her hips as her anonymous lover went deeper, ‘oh fuck, right there.’

This was too good, too intense. She was working his dick as though she was a professional hooker and god did it feel good being so dirty. She could feel him beginning to twitch as the inevitable orgasm approached, a thrill of dirty delight tearing through her in anticipation of his hot seed spilling inside her. The knowledge that once she had milked him dry she would move on to the next gloryhole dick only made her feel more naughty.

Already an audience of voyeurs had clustered around her. She stared at them lustfully though her attention never wavered from the urgent task of riding her lover. Biting her lip and winking seductively she could see the animal desire overwhelming them. Drawn by her sexy moans and filthy words at first they had simply watched her, but now they started to get involved.

A handful of the men had their cocks in hand, stroking them slowly while they watched. Others groped her sweaty naked body, grabbing at her tits and ass, teasing her nipples and caressing her curves. One had reached out for her to suck his fingers, which she did eagerly and sloppily, and another had dropped down low and was recording her from beneath.

No doubt a clip for the wank bank, she thought. God, wouldn’t it be hot if he uploaded it to some porn site? Then everyone could see how much of a whore I am.

She doubted any of the men could have imagined how different she had been at the start of the night: quiet, reserved, sensible. It was her friend’s birthday and Sally had been among the gaggle of girls out on the town to celebrate. Still, it had been only a few weeks since she had broken up with her ex and she had not been in much of a mood to get drunk like the rest of them, nor end the night in anyone’s bed.

It wasn’t difficult to figure out where she had blundered. She had only looked away from her drink for a second, but that was all a sly hand needed. Or perhaps the bartender had done the deed, hoping for a little action later. Regardless, it was clear she had been spiked. Insatiable, definitely; red, most likely.

She had removed herself from the club to prevent herself doing something she regretted on the dancefloor, but as the pills took hold the glaring neon lights of the sex club had drawn her in like a magnet. As it turned out, Insatiable and alcohol were a potent mix and she had been gagging on gloryhole dick within a matter of minutes after taking her drink. Sally had always been attractive, so the pills had not improved her much physically – a fuller ass and heavier bust were about the extent of the changes. However, the potency of the sordid drug had hit her head like a freight train.

She couldn’t get enough. Bending over to suck the dick of one of the onlookers she wondered how she had lived without this. This was so much better than moping over her breakup. Hell, it was better than the relationship itself: her ex had not been particularly well-endowed.

Sally had heard about Insatiable, had heard how addictive it was, but she had always assured herself she would have been able to resist it. The new Sally realised how stupid it was to even try. She didn’t need to resist it: she needed to use it. If she ever managed to pull herself away from the enticing cocks thrust through every wall, she was sure she could track down an Insatiable dealer easy enough. And following that, a pimp…

Thanks for reading!

Proofreading and editing this piece reminded me how my approach to caption writing has evolved since I started about this time last year. When I first began, other than my big pieces pretty much all of the stories I released used images from a massive list I had compiled shortly before starting to write erotica.

While I initially intended to solely draw from this it was soon apparent that that would not be plausible for several reasons. For one thing, I was constantly adding to it. I would often find new gifs and images that sparked an idea and so these would go on the list. Given the list is ten or more pages, however, I was adding to it quicker than I was removing from it. At the same time I would come across photo galleries I wanted to develop, as well as having a list of ideas I wanted to develop but had no images for so I would have to go looking for specific images to support it, in the process of which I would inevitably find images that didn’t fit what I wanted but that I did want to create a story for.

There was a period where I tried to stick to just using images from that list, but I found in some cases I was producing stories I wasn’t super happy with because I was forcing ideas from the image instead of letting an idea come naturally. This is one of those stories. I’m pretty on the fence about this because the actual idea is one I’m pretty happy with, however the supporting image is one I’m less sure about. I released it anyway because I do think it is something some people will enjoy and I don’t like holding perfectly good stories back if I don’t have to.

These days I am much more flexible with how I choose my images. Generally I’ll just let the idea come naturally and I’ll switch between image sources when it feels best. One day I might find an image gallery or a video that sparks an idea I will write up then and there, other days I might find an image I really like but rather than force the idea I’ll just add it to my list and mull it over until I settle on a concept I like.

I think this approach has improved my work a great deal. Of course there are still those pieces I’m less sure about, and my actual creative drive fluctuates rather a lot, but I think I’ve definitely grown better over time and I’m sure I will continue to do so. I know probably very few if any of my readers are interested in this kind of behind the scenes information, but I like to share it regardless.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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