Ebony woman rides hung man on sofa wearing heels and stockings

Abi was a little scared how good she was getting at this. To say she had only achieved second base a handful of times before this and nothing further, riding Troy’s big dick came with surprising ease. It was like she had been doing this for years, not days.

To be fair, Charity and the rest of the sorority had given her a helpful shove. The swirling purple drink had been sweet and aromatic, and though they would not tell her what was in it nor how they had made it she had been so desperate to join their sorority she had gulped it down without hesitation. After all, given her lack of experience in the area, Abi was going to need all the help she could get to meet the standards of Sigma Epsilon Xi.

‘Thirty guys in three days,’ Charity had told her with a grin, ‘that’s how you qualify. Different guys too, repeat fucks don’t count. We don’t let any wannabe slut in; you have to prove yourself worthy of joining our ranks. Fall short and we’ll make your life Hell for daring to think you could match our talents. Impress us, and you’ll learn a new meaning to the word passion. Here,’ she had said, sliding over the drink, ‘drink this. We know not everyone has the experience we do, so this will bring out the slut inside. It only gets you halfway though. The drink provides the skills, but you have to provide the want. And don’t even think about trying to lie to us: we’ll be keeping a close eye on you.’

No sooner had she downed the drink than her body had grown suddenly hot, her pussy moist and her libido had soared to a height she had never before experienced. As she had left the sorority house to begin her trial the girls had called after.

‘Three days,’ they had chanted, ‘or you’ll regret it.’

Troy was number eighteen and it was approaching midnight of her second day. As much as she was finding the release of her inner slut deeply liberating and enjoying each new dick more, she was beginning to worry. Her first day had been the most difficult: she had only managed to bed six guys and they had been pretty pathetic if she was honest, all weasel-faced virgins from geeky sci-fi and gaming clubs. Having fallen behind target on only her first day she had tried her best to make up ground today, but she was still aware that with just one more day left she was falling short of the sorority’s expectations. At least she had managed to ensnare some jocks today.

Her worries were briefly pushed aside as Troy grunted and her efforts finally paid off. His thick, hot seed burst inside her and she groaned as tingles of ecstasy raced through her body. Bouncing her hips a few more times to milk him completely she slowed herself until she sank into his arms, his cock still buried twitching in her glistening sex.

For a few moments she realised just how far removed she was from the bookish, shy woman who had entered SEX’s house hoping to impress them. Not that she cared: joining that sorority had been her dream for so long she would have leapt at any chance to join their ranks.

Somewhere in the house a clock tolled midnight and Abi was dragged back to reality. A reality in which her one chance to join the ranks of the most prestigious sorority this side of the country was slipping through her fingers.

Suddenly, an idea popped into her head. Rising up she stroked Troy’s chest and circled her hips almost imperceptibly to keep his attention on her. ‘Troy, babe, how many guys are there in your fraternity?’

‘You must not be from round here,’ he scoffed, ‘we’ve got the biggest frat house on campus. There’s about fifty of us I reckon. They’re all out partying right now, but I’d say they’ll be back pretty soon.’

A sly grin spread across Abi’s lips and she allowed herself a little snigger of satisfaction: this time tomorrow, she would be the newest member of Charity’s squad of sorority sisters. She could hardly wait, but first she had work to attend to.

Leaning back down she pressed her lips to his, looping her arms around his neck. ‘That many, huh? You’ve just got to introduce me to them when they get back. Bet you do a lot of stuff together, don’t you? Well I’ve got an idea of something else you can all do…’

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Coming back to this story after it has sat in my backlog for ages I feel like this was actually the initial spark for my ‘The Academy’ mini-series. Though I didn’t realise it at the time I can see now that this laid the groundwork for the concept, which then grew into something much bigger once I came across the right media to support it. Though it’s not set in the same universe I guess you could think of this as the spiritual ancestor of ‘The Academy’.

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