PSA: Taking A Short Break

Hey everyone.

I wanted to let you know that I will be taking a short break from uploading to my blog. It will only be for a month and I plan to start uploading again in February. There are a lot of reasons I will be doing this, but the main one is in an effort to improve myself. At the moment I am trying to get out of the job I’m currently in and attempting to break into a more permanent career.

Work this month has been incredibly hectic and I have sometimes struggled to find the motivation to write, however I had no wish to miss any of my scheduled uploads. Therefore I have had to rush out a few stories quicker than I would have liked and have been forced to write scraps whenever I have had the time. I don’t want to be a creator whose motivation to write burns out, and that is one of the main things that has pushed me to take a break from uploading. Without the constraints of my schedule I am hoping I will be able to keep the fire burning as it were rather than push myself until there is nothing left for me to give.

I hope to still be writing during this brief hiatus. In fact, I have a very specific story in mind to return with that I hope everybody is going to really enjoy. I also want to rebuild my backlog into a story count of thirty or forty so that if there is ever a prolonged period in which I have no time to write new content there are still plenty of stories for me to upload in that time. Beyond that one story I want to come back with, though, I will not be forcing myself to write. The past few months of this blog have pushed me more than I expected with Halloween and Christmas-themed stories. I did not write these up as far ahead of time as I should have, and as such I have been forcing myself to rush when I really don’t want to. I know my schedule is not set in stone and I have nobody to answer to if I miss it, however I like to keep to it and as such I don’t want to be rushing in the future.

To be honest, I need the time for more than just writing. I have many things going on at the moment and I am at a transitional point in my life. With a new decade now upon us – one that I am sure will be full of exciting surprises for me – I want to try and enter it in the best state I can. Emotionally, mentally, financially, physically and in many other ways there is a lot for me to work on. Naturally I won’t get it all done in a month, but this blog has been something to root me in sanity for the past six months and I want it to continue to do so for a long time to come. As such I have no intention of letting myself drift from it.

While I am away I hope you will all continue to enjoy the blog and read those stories you may not have read already. I will also still be active on Twitter so you can follow me there if you like, and if you’ve already read all my work and want more stories then take this time to check in on other creators. I follow a lot of them on Twitter and I’m sure the likes of Mara Mischief, Evie Hyde and Naughty Erica among many others would love for you to read their work. They deserve a lot of love, as do all of the other creators across the web.

I’ll be back in February and I hope everybody has an excellent start to the new year, and the new decade! May the 2020s be a great decade for all of you, and I hope my work will continue to resonate with you as the years go on.

See you soon.

J x

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