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Ordinarily I would not address real world issues on this blog, however given the current state of global affairs I feel that it is important for me to define where I stand on some matters.

As some other creators have expressed, now might not feel like an appropriate time to be posting erotic content. The world seems more divided than ever and many, many people are currently wrapped up in many struggles of their own, as well as struggles much larger than them. It really shouldn’t have to be said that black lives matter but apparently we live in a world where people with horrifically racist views are put into positions of power. I wholly support all those engaging in peaceful protest over the tragic death of George Floyd, and by extension all other unjustified racially motivated deaths across the United States over the years.

Equally, my heart goes out to all of those people affected by the current pandemic. I am very fortunate in that I have not yet been financially impacted by my country’s lockdown, however I am aware there are many people across the UK and the world who are not so fortunate.

Despite these global difficulties I do intend to continue posting content regularly. The reason for this is that I know in difficult times a sense of normality, however small, can be extremely helpful to those struggling. Even if that thing is just my stories coming out twice per week, or my Twitter feed staying active, if that helps just one person remain stable I consider it worth it.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I expect anybody to read my work right now. While some people may find the escapism of reading my work beneficial I fully understand if things seem a bit too dark to be indulging in erotica right now. If any of my readers choose to step away from reading my work for any length of time I support that decision.

Overall, I will always strive to maintain a consistent release schedule when it is within my power to do so. I hope it helps take people’s minds off things in some way, even if only briefly. If anybody has any questions for me please feel free to leave a comment or message me via Twitter if you like.

J x

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