Brunette woman is tied to wall naked and flogged over chest

‘Tell me who your supplier is!’ roared the man, bringing the flog down hard on her bare stomach. The stinging pain lanced through her torso and she screamed loudly, though there was nobody for miles to hear her. She was tied spread-eagled to a wall by her wrists and ankles and the consistent beating at the hands of the man had left her sweating uncontrollably such that her skin was glistening from head to toe. Her black hair was matted with it, and the material of the gag around her neck was equally wringing wet.

‘I already told you,’ she said, ‘my friend gave me the pills. It was just a joke. We thought it would be funny to try out. He said he had got them from some guy on a night out.’

The flog came down again, this time raking across her thigh as well. ‘Who did he get them from?’

The red hot pain bought tears to her eyes and she shook her head frantically. ‘I don’t know! I wasn’t with him that night. He said the guy didn’t give a name! Please, that’s all I know!’

Lucia was by now deeply regretting taking the gender-swapping pill as a massive mistake. At first it had been amazing having the body of a woman, especially given that nobody ever gave her a second glance as Luke, the unattractive nerdy guy. The body the pill had provided him was incredible, and he was loving the attention he got from guys and girls alike. But if she had known that they would have gotten her mixed up in gang warfare she would have tossed them into the trash as soon as she had received them.

Only a few days after taking the pill she had been abducted off of the street and driven to some far-off, abandoned industrial estate by the muscular man who was now beating information out of her. As it turned out, he was a member of the crime syndicate who had developed the pills in the first instance. After a batch had gone missing and wound up in the hands of another gang they were far from pleased, and they were keen to hunt down the perpetrator of the theft as well as take out the opposing gang trying to infringe on their turf.

Breathless and terrified, Lucia breathed a sigh of relief as the man relinquished the flog. He noticed her relief and a cold smile spread across his face. Turning from his table of sexual tools, he held a large dildo in his hands. Immediately, Lucia began to wrestle against her bonds.

‘No, no, please no.’

The man grinned maliciously. ‘I assume your friend told you what happens if you orgasm like this?’ Lucia glanced down at her naked body and whimpered. ‘That’s right. Permanent change. I hope you’re satisfied with this new body, bitch. After all, we can’t have you running off to the law and ratting us out now can we? Sure, they might look into your disappearance, but nobody will be looking for a girl who doesn’t even exist. And while they’re out hunting for Luke, you’ll be chained up in the basement of the highest bidder. We’re generous like that.’ Advancing on her, he tapped a button on the dildo and it began to vibrate loudly.

Lucia whimpered again and let out a scream as he sank the vibrating dildo inside her virgin pussy…

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