For all the technology and science that humanity strove to develop, it was in fact the advancements in sexual technologies and sciences that drove the human race to the state of peace, prosperity and utopia that had for millennia seemed unobtainable.

Through extensive work, the nature of humanity to crave after sexual intimacy was taken as the unifying factor across every corner of the species, and once this unification was set into motion, it directed the human race into a period of unparalleled prosperity.

At length, the people of the world had engineered themselves into a permanent state of peak physical condition. Their bodies would no longer age beyond a maximum of around thirty years or so, and through a combination of genetic editing, enhanced diet and rigorous society-spanning exercise regiments – as well as abundant sexual encounters – they would never be anything less than perfect in their physical form. Their libido had been progressively enhanced over generations until they lived for the sexual experience the likes of which none of their ancestors could begin to comprehend even at the peak of their own stimulation. By the later generations, the engagement of sex in order to procreate had been utterly removed from the populace unless two lovers were joined in a formal ceremony dedicating their perfect sexual bodies to one another. The very ability to fall pregnant was only instated into those who had undergone said ceremonies, and these lovers invariably remained a pair, for they were so lustful for one another’s bodies. As such, all those not engaged in these relationships could fuck anyone and everyone they so desired without risk of accidental pregnancy, with the added benefit that all sexually transmitted diseases had been fully eradicated due to genetic work and enhanced medication.

Blonde woman in stockings and garter belt is restrained as shirtless man sensually caresses her

Aletta had entered into her lifelong bond with Rohan only that morning, and the after effects of their drug-enhanced intercourse before the gathered congregation were still coursing through her body; every inch of her tingled all at once, and fresh sexual fluids continually soaked her bare pussy. However now she stood in their Room. Every couple had one. It was designed to satiate any form of sexual desire the users might need satiating. Through the miraculous nature of nanobot-, enhanced projection- and holographic-technology, the Room could be anything the couple desired from a hardcore dungeon to a luxurious hotel room. It was the ceremony gift of everyone in society to the ceremony participants, and on the night of the ceremony it served as the location for the binding of the two individuals into blissful unification.

She stood with her body oiled, her hair pulled back and her hands cuffed above her head. She wore only a pair of sleek stockings and a lace garter belt, both black as night and smooth to the touch. Staring straight ahead, she could feel Rohan’s body beside her: the warmth exuding from his muscular chest, the gentle tingle of his breath on her skin. With each movement his black jeans ruffled, material rasping over material. She did not look at him, only waited for him to initiate their intimacy, and his first touch – a gentle caress of her ribs, rising to the underside of her breast – felt electric. She flinched, a little gasp escaping her lips, and she heard him sniff with amusement.

Man kisses neck of blonde woman

Before long he was behind her, his trousers brushing up against her bare ass. His lips found their way onto her neck where he kissed delicately, softly as though she might break if he were to press harder. Tilting her head to the side, she presented herself to him, closing her eyes and savouring the explosions of sensation that burst through her hyper-sensitive skin.

Shirtless man fingers restrained woman in stockings and kisses her

She had not long to wait before he could resist her no longer, and the feeling of his fingers slipping between her shaved pussy lips was more erotic than she had hoped for. She was wet and ready for him, but he would pace their time together perfectly, just as he always did, and though she was wet she knew he would not use her until she was dripping.

Pulling her legs wider with one hand, he worked his fingertips over her clit, setting the muscles in her thighs and stomach twitching with desire. Desperate for more of him she would pull herself down in an attempt to slip his fingers inside, but he would always retreat to the distance he wished to tease her with. Groping her breasts, he tweaked her nipples with thumb and forefinger before drawing back and allowing her to kiss him as she moaned, rocking into his fingers passionately as they did so.

Blonde woman gives POV oral sex to man

Once Rohan’s fingers were soaking with her fluids, he removed her bindings and reclined on a white sofa that rose from the floor, soft and cushioned. Lying there, he invited her to have her way with him, and so she did. Her lips felt like fire on his dick, her swirling tongue drawing moans of ecstasy from his lips. Yet it was her eyes that he loved the most. That deeply lustful stare combined with the clear glimmer of satisfaction and arousal in the knowledge she was pleasing her partner was impossibly arousing. When he came she swallowed him happily, and she was soon in her bondage once more where he proceeded to finger her until she came so hard she was shaking all over.

For the remainder of the day they would push one another to climax through oral stimulation and masturbation until they slept beside one another until the morning.

The binding process would then continue into the second day, in which the two participants were to engage in endless teasing and torment of one another. This was the stage Aletta had been most apprehensive of: though the design of the process drew the two lovers closer together, and the denial process had been developed in order to instil an even stronger sexual desire for one another, she could not imagine having Rohan’s dick so close to her hole while refraining from riding it, nor blowing him without the final taste of his perfect seed.

When she awoke the following morning, she found that they were laid on the floor of a different room. Pale blinds dominated one wall, while a comfortable massage table sat in the middle, backed by a row of lockers. She wore a different garter belt and heels, and Rohan slept on.

Blonde woman makes out with then gives oral sex to naked man

Rising to her feet she explored the room, opening a number of the lockers to see if there were any items she might use within them. Then Rohan was behind her, spinning her around to kiss her against the cold metal of the lockers. His hand rubbed up against her clit and she moaned. She was suddenly filled with lust for him, and she sank to her knees happily to take his dick into her mouth and blow him slowly. Though for all the lusts she held, she knew she could not let him climax, and so once she felt him begin to twitch and the oncoming orgasm threaten to tip over the edge, she relinquished her hold on him and tossed him down on the massage table.

Blonde woman teases man by riding head of penis

With him lying out before her, she allowed his orgasm to subside before driving herself to the edge. With a gentle hand she used the head of his penis to rub her clit, teasing her hole with the manhood she so deeply desired. Her eyes were closed as she struggled to fight off the urge to ride him hard, and though it disappointed her to do so she eventually removed herself in order to prevent the ecstatic sensation from inducing her pent-up orgasm.

Blonde woman gives oral sex to man on indoor bench

Removing her garter belt she sat between his legs and returned to teasing him. They had spent much time in sexual embrace and she knew how Rohan was best stimulated; what he could not resist, what he could withstand, and what he loved the most. Lifting his hand to her hair she entangled it there and allowed him to pull her down onto his dick, the combination of blowjob and handjob rolling his eyes back into his skull. She was an expert in his anatomy, and she moaned around his dick as she sucked it.

Once again, she removed herself before he could climax, and so the day went on, the two lovers teasing one another almost to climax, yet denying themselves the ecstasy of release.

When they awoke on the third and final morning, they were in a dark room. It was lit purely by the occasional spotlight and though it seemed to go on forever the furniture beyond the edges of the light was indistinct and vague. In the centre sat a soft, ornate chair and when Aletta scanned her person she found her blonde hair tied up in two long pigtails, her features painted with sultry make-up, and a see-through crop top revealing a healthy amount of underboob combined on her person with long stockings of the same white material.

Rohan was already awake and sat upon the chair as though it was his throne. He was at full erection and he beckoned her over smiling. ‘Let us have one another forever,’ he whispered, ‘now we can complete the binding.’

Blonde woman in see-through mesh clothing rides man in dark room

Two days of foreplay was quite enough for her. Slinking over to him, she straddled his lap and sank his dick into her waiting pussy, already dripping with excitement. His dick inside her was perfect, and she rode him lovingly until he filled her with a thick load of hot seed. His hands found her hips and rocked her on his meat, and they both whispered thanks for their genetic advancements, which had removed the exhaustion of climax and the limits of their stamina. Unlike their ancestors, they could fuck for weeks at a time without ever losing pace, and Rohan would soon unload inside of her again. And again. And again. In every position, in every possible way. As the final day of the binding, they would remain linked together for the remainder of the day. Not for a second would Rohan remove his dick from her pussy, no matter what position they moved to try, and only at the end of the day would they lie back and the binding be complete. After that they would use the Room as a private fucking area for the rest of their lives, but just then, all Aletta could think of was milking more of Rohan’s seed into her immaculate hole…

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