A Different Kind of Girlfriend

‘Now listen here, you cocky little fucker, it’s about time you realised I’m not some sissy little bitch you can cheat on without any consequences, you got that?’

‘Yes,’ he whimpered, tears coursing down his cheeks. The pain had worn off by now, but it was the humiliation that had really sparked his crying.

Her hand snaked around his throat sharply, the grip of her dainty fingers choking the air from his throat. ‘Yes, what, bitch? I don’t like it when my bitch forgets their manners.’ To prove her point, she tightened her grip until his eyes bulged and his hand battered against the laminate flooring.

‘Yes, Mistress,’ he croaked, gasping for breath as she released him and returned to hammering his ass. The strap-on was barely a few inches long, but Will had never had anything in his ass before and it felt like she was forcing a wine bottle up his ass.

Will had barely been able to believe his luck when Faye had called him that night. After she had caught him making out with Evie Tanner after graduation, she had flown completely off the handle, screaming and shouting at him in front of an amused crowd of their fellow students. Honestly, Will had felt little remorse, what with the fact that he and Faye had never got past first base after almost six months together, and the fact that Evie kissed with a hell of a lot more tongue. He had grown tired of his girlfriend, and had been wanting to call it off for a while. Faye’s discovery of them and her explosive reaction had simply provided him with that opportunity.

Then, this morning, she had called him to apologise. And not just apologise, but to offer to make up to him that night. She had assured him that if he came over that night, they would sleep together: her parents were out of town and it would mark the beginning of a fresh new relationship between them.

Well, as Will lay there, Faye pinning him down and his ass feeling as thought it was about to split open, he supposed she hadn’t technically lied. It was definitely new, that was for sure.

The moment he had arrived, she had dragged him into the house. Not even bothering to take him upstairs, she had begun making out with him hard, tossing aside his clothes as she stripped them from him one by one. Quickly he had been naked, her hand had found its way to his cock, and she had started to jerk him off with a level of skill he had not expected. Before he could finish, she had asked him to wait where he was as she slipped into a more appropriate outfit. Her tone had dripped with lust and teasing innocence, and his already hard dick had twitched as his imagination had fumbled to think what she might return in.

The lace lingerie had been expected: the hard, realistic strap-on cock had not. Before he had had time to register what was going on, Will had been pinned down on his chest, Faye’s fingers rubbing lube around and into his ass, and the head of the strap-on was already inside him. Her hand had closed over his mouth as she eased it inside, though she needn’t have bothered: the mixture of pain and pleasure as she simultaneously stretched his ass and came closer to his P-spot than he had ever realised anybody could before had robbed him of rational speech, and he had been unable to articulate even a whisper.

When at last he had reclaimed his voice she had been fucking his ass with a profound hatred, insulting him with every thrust and running sharp nails down his back. Will knew he should not have enjoyed any of it, he knew that, but part of him could not help but be aroused. Every girlfriend he had ever had had been so quiet and mild-mannered: in the bedroom they had never ventured much beyond vanilla experiences and none could have been defined as adventurous. Never before had he met any girl so forceful, so self-assured. And never had he met anybody he would willingly submit to.

Because he did want to. The pain was nothing compared to the intoxicating buzz of having her pinning him down hate-fucking his ass. It was as though there had always been a piece of him he had never realised was missing, and now it had slotted into place along with the dildo in his virgin hole.

Slamming him harder than ever, Faye laughed as he moaned. ‘I knew you’d come around to my way of thinking, bitch. Now, I think it’s time we discussed how you will be serving me from now on…’

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