Gaypril: A Taste For Transformation

Models: Venus Lux and Adriana Chechik

Asian trans woman receives handjob from kneeling female lover

‘Don’t look so surprised, Tommy. If you seriously thought I wouldn’t find out who slipped that purple X-Change into my protein shake, you’re even dumber than I thought.’

The woman’s voice dripped with satisfied scorn, as though she had caught a thief red-handed. She chuckled as Tommy blushed guiltily. ‘Oh yes, that wimpy little boyfriend of yours squealed like a pig once I turned up on his doorstep. It was quite pathetic really.’

Although her words sent cold dread through his veins, Tommy was unable to tear his eyes away from the stunningly beautiful woman crouched beside his transformed bully. Her glossy hair pulled back, her gorgeous features perfectly made-up, and her mesmerising body barely concealed in skimpy purple and black lingerie, she looked like the physical embodiment of lust itself. She looked hot enough to make diamond melt and Tommy suspected most goddesses would have bowed down and worshipped in her presence.

What she did not look like was Tommy’s boyfriend Alex. But Tommy had left the house with Alex curled up on the sofa playing video games and returned to find his lingerie-clad bully, this beautiful woman kissing her passionately, and his boyfriend conspicuously missing – it didn’t take a genius to work out what had transpired in his absence.

Tommy wasn’t sure what sickened him more: the fact this woman was his former boyfriend, the fact she was sensually stroking his bully’s hard she-cock, or the fact that all of this was his fault.

‘Victor, I didn’t… this wasn’t…’ Tommy tried, finally meeting Victor’s gaze. The former jock’s plump tits were on show and Tommy struggled not to stare.

‘It’s Veronica now, actually,’ she snapped, cold fury in her eyes. ‘You gave me this body so the least you can do is address me properly. And it wasn’t what? Was this not what you had planned? Of course it wasn’t, you pathetic little cunt. Your plan was to turn me into a trans slut, humiliate me in front of my crew and get me off your back. Don’t try and deny it – Alex told me everything. It didn’t take much to break him: clearly no matter what body I’m in I have a gift for intimidation. He was blubbering like a baby after he confessed. But I took care of all those silly worries. He’s much happier as Alicia, aren’t you, gorgeous?’

Smiling coldly, Veronica ran one hand down her companion’s back to caress her bare ass affectionately. At the same time, she slipped her other hand into Alicia’s bra, easing it down to reveal her fleshy tits and squeezing them with delicate fingers. All the while, Alicia continued stroking Veronica’s thick cock.

Alicia nodded with a slutty smile. ‘Selling you out was the best thing I ever did, loser,’ she purred. ‘Vee has made me so hot and horny, and this body is so much better than that scrawny, ugly one I used to have.’ She eyed Tommy with disdain, her lip curled in contempt. ‘Fuck, how did I ever love you? You’re such a pathetic waste of space. Vee is so much sexier than you’ll ever be. I should really thank you – if you hadn’t transformed her in the first place then she’d never have forced me to take one of those yummy pink pills.’

Turning to face Alicia, Veronica lifted her chin with a manicured finger and stared into her eyes. ‘How about you show Tommy just how much you love me, gorgeous?’  

For a moment they shared a slutty giggle, their lips so close Tommy was sure they were about to kiss passionately.

But then Alicia broke his heart completely: she bowed her head and swallowed Veronica’s she-cock whole.

Asian trans woman receives oral sex from kneeling female lover

During their three years together, Alex had never gone down on Tommy. It simply wasn’t something he enjoyed and as far as they were concerned oral just didn’t factor into their foreplay.

Clearly Alicia had no such reservations. Her hypersexualised body burning with arousal she was insatiably hungry for cock and once she wrapped her lips around Veronica’s shaft she was immediately possessed by overwhelming lust. Wet slurping noises filled the room as she swirled her tongue around and around, bobbing her head in a steady rhythm. She ran her black nails along Veronica’s thighs and massaged the bully’s balls gently.

And all the while her eyes were fixed on Tommy’s mortified face.

‘Mmmh, that’s right, baby,’ Veronica said, relaxing into the cushions with a satisfied smile. ‘You’re such a naughty whore. Who’d have thought deep down you were actually a champion throater?’

Veronica stroked the back of Alicia’s neck like she was petting a cat, massaging her own bare tits with the other hand as her lover swallowed her dick down to the base.

‘You should have seen your pathetic boyfriend transforming, Tommy. After I scared him into confessing I pinned him to the floor and stuffed a pink X-Change down his throat before he even realised what was happening.

‘Fuck, it was so hot to watch. His skinny body got all soft and touchable and his hair came tumbling down into these shiny locks. All the fear melted from his face as the pill made him prettier, sexier, then his tits bulged out and his tiny cock sucked in.

‘And holy fuck, the moaning. He sounded like a fucking pornstar riding the biggest cock they’ve ever taken. He loved every second of it, Tommy. By the time the pill was finished with him he was a horny squirming mess on the floor and he was begging me to make sure he could never change back. When I offered him a permanent pill he snatched it and swallowed it without a second thought. I’m happy to say your boyfriend is gone, Tommy. Alex is never coming back, and Alicia loves me now. Hard lines, nerd.’

Tommy felt as though he’d just been thrown from a speeding car. His world was tumbling end over end and he could sense that nothing was ever going to be the same again. The man he had loved was gone and although he was numb with shock for now, when reality sank in it was going to destroy him – he was falling and the road was rushing up to meet him.

Then Veronica offered a lifeline.

‘There is one way you can make all this go away though,’ she said, her voice dripping with seduction. Rising to her feet, she took Tommy’s hand and slipped something inside. When he opened his fingers he found a small pink pill nestled in his palm. ‘You can join us, Tommy.’

Still numb, Tommy looked up at Veronica. ‘I… I don’t understand…’ As he spoke he couldn’t help but glance down at Alicia who had risen to her knees to continue hungrily sucking Veronica’s cock. Her eyes twinkled mischievously.

‘You can join us,’ Veronica repeated. ‘I hate to admit it but that pill you tricked me into taking put a lot of things in perspective. I realised I was never going to get anywhere as a jock. It doesn’t matter how hunky or intimidating or confident a stud is, a slut can achieve more with one night of passion than he could in a lifetime of womanising. Why would I want to get my old body back when this one is so much hotter – so much more useful?

‘And I’ve learned something else, too: I have quite a taste for transformation. Watching your boyfriend thrashing and groaning as he turned into an insatiable slut was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, and as you can see he makes a very devoted lover. The way I see it, people like him – people like you – know what it feels like being at the bottom of the food chain. So if they are given the opportunity to climb up the ranks they don’t take that for granted and they’ll gladly worship the one who gave them that gift.

‘So since I have no intention of going back to my old life, I’m going to start my own clique. The thing is, if I’m going to become campus queen I’ll need some loyal sluts at my side. I already have my darling Alicia,’ she said stroking Alicia’s cheek affectionately, ‘But I’ll need more than just her. And that’s where you come in.’

Tommy stared at the pill as if it might explode at any moment. His conscience told him to throw it to the floor and stamp it into dust. But his heart urged him otherwise.

‘What happens if I do?’

Veronica smiled like a cat who had backed a mouse into a corner. ‘If you take that, you’ll be just like Alicia you here. You’ll be hot and horny, and at my side you’ll be able to experience all your wildest fantasies. Men and women alike will worship you and you’ll be able to fuck anybody you like with a bat of your eyelashes and a flash of your cleavage. The transformation is permanent too, so once you change you’ll be able to put this nerdy life behind you for good.

‘And you won’t be alone. With a few pills we can show the other pathetic nerds like you the pleasures of sluttiness. We’ll be untouchable. And you’ll be my right-hand whore – after all, without you none of this would have been possible. You’ll never want for anything again. And you’ll always be welcome in my bed, of course. You’ve always wanted to be loved, Tommy, so let me and Alicia love you the way you deserve.’

Tommy could not believe he was actually considering Veronica’s offer. He knew full well that she was preying on his despair: she had taken everything from him and now she was throwing him a lifeline knowing he would take it. He didn’t care. This was his chance to escape. To be with Alex again. To be worshipped. How could he pass that up?

Asian trans woman receives oral sex from kneeling female lover

‘Join us, Tommy,’ Veronica repeated in a sensual voice. ‘Become like us. You know you want to.’

His hand trembling, Tommy looked down at Alicia. She held his gaze as she continued to gorge on Veronica’s cock. Raw, primal lust burned in her eyes and arousal oozed from every pore of her perfect body, wrapping Tommy in an unseen fog of desire. Just being in their presence was as corruptive as it was erotic and all at once he made his decision.

Tommy swallowed the pill.

A wall of pleasure hit him immediately. Crumpling to the ground he gasped and groaned as unimaginable ecstasy engulfed him. Veronica’s slutty chuckle echoed in his ears for a few seconds but then all he could hear was the cracking of his own bones and the deafening sound of his own orgasmic screams.

Standing over him with a triumphant smile, Veronica’s cumshot began to build as she watched her new bitchy bestie take shape. Stroking Alicia’s hair to the side she rolled her hips then promptly fired her load down the slut’s throat.

By the time Alicia had swallowed it all, Tommy’s transformation was almost complete.

Crouching down, Veronica kissed Alicia’s sticky lips. ‘Come on, beautiful,’ she purred. ‘Let’s have some fun with the new girl…’

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