Fantasy Resort – Chapter 4: Bitch Body Ready

Various multi-coloured bikini sets hang on metal railing

‘So, what about this one?’ Strutting out of the bathroom, Roxie posed in a beautiful aquamarine swimming costume. In truth it was little more than a bikini, connected by a thin strip of material front and back that left her toned midriff on full display.

Tessa looked up from her phone and pursed her lips. She was lounging on her bed in her silk pyjamas and had been acting as Riley’s fashion advisor for the better part of half an hour. ‘Hmm. Nice, but too simple. You wanted to make a statement, right?’

Looking herself up and down in the mirror, Roxie nodded. ‘You’re right. This makes me look like a has been soccer mom who still thinks she’s hot.’

Mind made up, she turned to the freestanding clothes rack beside the bathroom door. It was packed with dozens of designer swimwear sets which Roxie had spent most of yesterday evening arranging and was now working through to find the perfect style for their beach trip. Picking out a striking amber and rouge bikini, she disappeared into the bathroom again.

Chuckling to herself, Tessa rolled her eyes and returned her attention to her phone. When it came to selecting the perfect outfit, not even the clique’s queen bee Harriet could compete with Roxie’s clinical precision. Devoted to inspiring jealousy and longing in anyone she graced with her presence, Roxie would not allow even a thread out of place. It mattered not how much something cost, nor how revered the name of the designer – if it failed to meet her standards it was dumped straight in the bin.

While those less privileged girls in their year considered Roxie shallow and wasteful, her clique sisters had grown to appreciate her fashion infatuation. Not only was it useful having her in their ranks to style them to perfection for all the parties, concerts and raves they attended, but she had acquired the icy savagery of a true fashionista along the way. Her viperous tongue was the fear of all the clique’s inferiors, and though she was the mellow, innocent one in the company of her sisters, even they would not defy her when she was in the process of savaging one of her victims.

Tessa, on the other hand, was far from interested in either of Roxie’s favourite pursuits. Having been raised by parents who owned a small empire of fashion outlets, the latest vogue was a bore to her, while as the youngest of five argumentative siblings she found the prospect of hunting down additional conflicts deeply tiresome. Instead, she was perfectly content to play consultant to Roxie as she performed her own fashion show, or to humour the clique’s bitchier members in exchange for a position in their ranks. She was under no allusions that if she wasn’t able to offer her sisters free roam of her family’s outlets – along with VIP discounts on anything they pleased – she likely wouldn’t have enjoyed such a position, but fortunately her parents were happy to provide said luxuries so long as it kept her out of their hair.

Clearly Roxie did not approve of the bikini, for it promptly flew out of the door. A second later the girl popped her head around the frame, snatched up another bikini – grey with twirling silver patterns – and vanished once more.

Glancing over at the discarded swimwear, Tessa found them draped over the edge of Gracie’s bed. The third girl in the room was still sound asleep and appeared undisturbed by Roxie’s impromptu missile.

Kindred spirits, Tessa considered Gracie her closest friend among the clique. Like her, Gracie knew her presence in the clique was a direct result of her privileged social standing. With a personality that would have been more at home among the tomboys of their year, it was obvious her father’s position as a respected radio host – which allowed her access to even the most exclusive gigs and concerts – had been the driving force behind her invitation. Even so, now a member for several years she had proved herself a worthy addition on account of her quick wit and seductive prowess.

‘How about this?’ Roxie came slinking out in the grey and silver bikini proudly, but Tessa wrinkled her nose in distaste.

‘Definitely not. Those silver streaks look like you’ve been spunked on when they catch the light. Wouldn’t want guys thinking they’re late to the party, would you?’

Once again Roxie nodded as she eyed her reflection. Turning to the clothes rack she let out a weary sigh and crossed her arms in frustration. ‘You know, I don’t think any of these are going to be usable. They seemed alright to me when I tried them on back home, but now we’re here they just feel so boring, you know?’

Tessa frowned thoughtfully. ‘I mean you could try the walk-in wardrobe. I think I saw some swimsuits in there last night.’

Revived, Roxie’s face lit up. ‘You’re right! How did I not think of that before? The brochure said this place had everything you need for a perfect vacation – I bet the wardrobe is packed with good stuff.’ Clapping giddily, she scampered off into the wardrobe.

As Tessa swung her legs over the edge of the bed, Roxie’s shrill squeal rang through the room. A moment later she emerged carrying a bundle of glossy black material. Dumping it on the foot of Tessa’s bed she spread it out to reveal a cornucopia of stunning black swimwear. From skimpy bikinis little more than lengths of cord to elegant swimsuits with high waists and navel cut-outs, everything looked taken straight from the pages of a designer catalogue.

‘Wow,’ Tessa breathed, impressed.

‘I know, right?’ Roxie giggled. ‘You should see what else is in there, too! There’s suits and evening gowns and cocktail dresses and tonnes of other stuff. We might as well not have bothered packing anything at all.’

Rifling through the clothes, Tessa’s fingers settled on a sleek bikini. It was an unassuming piece compared to the rest, yet something about it drew her eye. She could already feel the brush of the straps tied over her hips, the soft material caressing her thighs as she walked. A shiver tickled her spine as she imagined the hungry looks she would get from the boys once they saw her wearing it.

Roxie, on the other hand, had selected something a little more refined. A classy halter neck, the straps crossed over the chest before looping around the neck, drawing attention to the broad patch of cleavage they left bare. The underwear consisted of a small crotch with high, swooping straps that sank into a thong at the back, ensuring her enviable rump would be on full display. She could just imagine strutting down the beach with all the boys fixated on her bouncing ass, craving the chance to touch it, to grope it… it made her wet just to think about.

‘These are going to make us the hottest bitches on the beach,’ Roxie giggled, caressing the smooth material tenderly.

‘Even Harriet will look second rate next to us,’ Tessa grinned in reply. Ordinarily she would not have dared suggest outdoing any of her higher-ranking sisters – least of all Harriet – yet something about the bikini filled her with ego and confidence.

Unable to stop themselves, the girls began tugging off their clothes. Turning their backs to one another they cast their attire and slipped into the swimwear.

Neatly tying off the straps in a bow above her hips, Tessa admired herself in the tall mirror beside her bed. Simple as the design was, the sleek little number boasted her sexuality perfectly – accentuating her curves, hugging her figure, highlighting the untainted perfection of her soft, tanned flesh. Running her fingers over the material she shuddered, closing her eyes and smiling as she imagined rougher, stronger hands searching for the knots, deftly letting them loose and exploring the treasures beneath…

With her eyes closed she didn’t notice the subtle changes affecting her. The way her torso tightened and toned, quietly pulling into an even more athletic frame as any unnecessary weight melted away; the migration of the shifting weight up to her chest, inflating her breasts to fill the tight cups better; the gradual retreat of the ground as her entire figure rose by several inches, pushing her over six foot and giving an Amazonian air to her lithe frame.

Behind her, Roxie had bounded over to her own mirror. She’d always loved the rush of the air over her skin – so much in fact that she often wandered about her flat wearing no more than a thong – yet somehow this bikini in particular made her ten times more sensitive. She wriggled and giggled as she struck one pose after another, never spotting how her own swimwear was affecting her.

Much like Tessa, her frame was shedding pockets of weight here and there until she was the figure of sensuality, tight, slender and curvy. Yet even as the weight worked its way down it seemed there wasn’t quite enough and her ample breasts began to shrink too. With every bounce and jiggle as she posed a little more weight ebbed away until her plump bust – once the envy of all her inferiors – was reduced to small, perky tits.

The payoff, however, was more than worth it. Sinking to her waist, the pounds coalesced within her ass cheeks, inflating them into thick pillows that jiggled alluringly with every tiny movement. Though her tits were gone, the reward was an ass even a gay man would stop and admire – an ass which Roxie bounced excitedly, oblivious to the means by which she had acquired it.

Turning to face one another, the girls were too giddy to notice the changes in their appearance.

‘Oh my god,’ Roxie cooed, ‘you look so hot, babe.’

‘I know right? It fits perfectly – it’s like it was tailored just for me.’

‘Me too. I mean, I don’t think anyone else could wear this better; it fits me like a glove.’

‘Well, duh, of course nobody could wear that better than you. That set has Roxie written all over it – and look how good your fucking ass looks in that thing!’

More than happy to admire her own reflection again, Roxie span around and struck a few more poses. As Tessa came up behind her, however, a frown overtook Roxie’s features. ‘You know, these outfits are sexy and all, but I think we can do a bit better, don’t you? I mean what’s a sexy beach bitch without a few accessories? We’re forgetting something else, too,’ she went on. ‘Makeup. We’ve been so busy picking out the right outfit we haven’t dolled ourselves up yet. That’s unforgiveable.’

Tessa nodded earnestly. ‘Well, I did notice some brushes and palettes in the bathroom with the hotel logo on – this place must do complimentary makeup too. If their swimwear is anything to go by I bet their beauty range is top of the line.’

‘That reminds me,’ Roxie shrieked, scurrying back into the wardrobe. When she returned she was clutching a heavy velvet jewellery box. ‘Look what I found! There’s enough accessories in here to keep us going all week!’

Gossiping and giggling, the girls swept into the large marble bathroom and immediately began perfecting their look.

Assortment of makeup brushes and other beauty paraphernalia laid out on marble counter

The countertop was soon littered with every conceivable beauty product, from sponges to blush, and from eyeliner to false nails. Their fingers danced over the brushes and bottles like those of seasoned pianists performing a complex duet, so absorbed in the process that they barely needed to glance down at their tools of beauty – one touch was all they needed to determine the right brush or bottle, and their hands seemed drawn by some unseen force to the perfect eyeshadow shade or lipstick hue.

Lost in their beautification even they could not quite explain how their fingers always landed on the exact item they needed next. Then again, it didn’t really matter; the gradual application of pure beauty was far more important.

With each new product they applied came fresh, subtle changes, though they were so delicate and gradual even the casual onlooker would have struggled to spot them. The giddy girls then had no hope of noticing. Instead, with each brushstroke they slowly buried the women they were beneath new, naughtier personas.

Sweeping luxuriant eyeshadow over their lids the girls were much too occupied chattering with one another to spot how it seemed to affect everything around their eyes – trimming their brows, extending their lashes, subtly framing their stare to give the illusion of a more innocent gaze. Yet under the innocence their eyes seemed to glimmer with a hunger that hadn’t been there before, countless sordid thoughts swirling just beneath the surface.

When it came to the lipstick, they ignored the garish reds and purples in favour of subtler nude tones instead. Guiding the applicators carefully along, they paid little attention to the pleasant tingle as their lips swelled softly, puffing into sultry pouts which were soon gleaming wet with gloss. Now when they smiled a lascivious edge twisted their lips into the slutty smirks of seasoned nymphomaniacs anticipating their next intimate encounter.

Next came the earrings, plucked from a swathe of immaculate pairs dangling on the inside of the jewellery box. And after those, carefully selected false nails which morphed their nails into manicured claws. And after those…

One thing after another, Roxie and Tessa slowly delved deeper and deeper into the unique effects of the hotel’s complimentary products. Each fresh addition seemed to gently remove some minor imperfection, revealing a more pristine image underneath. Eventually, once every facet of their beauty had been perfected, they lay down their tools and admired their reflections. By the time they did, there was little of the original Tessa and Roxie left at all.

Under the influence of so many of the hotel’s products, their memories were increasingly muddled. Recollections of flying to the island with their classmates were intercut by the sights and sounds of jetting here on a private plane waited on hand and foot by the attendants; remembrances of spending the previous night drinking with their friends were spliced with flashbacks to entangling themselves in the bedsheets with a broad, muscular man whose face they could not quite picture.

A sudden droning snore reached them from the bedroom and successfully dispelled the unfamiliar memories: they had shared enough slumber parties to recognise Gracie’s snores anywhere.

Snapped out of their stupor, both girls caught sight of the small black bottle at the same time. A label across the front read: Fantasy Resort Shaving Cream.

Catching Tessa’s eye, Roxie giggled as she took up the bottle. ‘Are you thinking what I’m thinking?’

Ordinarily Tessa would not have endorsed pranking their clique sister, but something about their shared makeup party had filled her with unusual mischief. Ushering Roxie into the bedroom she tailed her friend as they padded quietly over to Gracie’s bed. A moment later she had scooped out a handful of the smooth, white cream and was smearing it over Gracie’s cheeks.

After daubing the cream thickly across her face, Roxie and Tessa stepped back to admire their handiwork. Scoffing mischievously, they fought desperately to stifle their laughter.

‘We have to get a picture of this,’ Roxie snickered.

Before she could go searching for her phone, however, Tessa caught her by the arm. Glancing up, Roxie found her friend slack-jawed and wide-eyed – following her gaze, she soon wore the same expression.

Before their eyes, the cream was fading away. No… not fading. It was being absorbed, sinking rapidly into Gracie’s pores like water poured over soil. More astonishing, however, was what it left behind: a dark, neatly trimmed stubble beard and moustache shot through with threads of grey. Her jawline was different too, all rough contours and a prominent chin.

Bewildered, Roxie and Tessa stared at one another briefly. When they turned back to face Gracie they found the rest of her body shaping itself to match.

Her petite frame swelled into thick muscles and broad shoulders beneath the covers; her ample breasts collapsed in on themselves, honing into firm pectorals; her glossy auburn locks withered like ferns in a wildfire, shrivelling back into a head of short, dark hair that gleamed silver at the temples. As Gracie’s physique drastically transformed, so too did her features, undergoing a bracing shift from their soft, familiar lines to an altogether more rugged aesthetic complete with heavy lids and a broad brow.

Once her body settled, Gracie’s audience remained rooted to the spot for a moment or two, confusion written over their features. They felt strange, bemused; oddly the more masculine she had become the more they seemed to recognise the man she was turning into. The chiselled jaw, the serious features, the athletic figure, they revived those same memories Gracie’s snoring had briefly dispelled. Both women could remember kissing those thin lips the previous night, feeling the strength of those powerful arms coiled about their waist as they boarded the jet.

Soon all memory of their friends and the university vacation faded away completely. As they stirred from their entrancement even the names Tessa and Roxie were forgotten. Instead it was Teanna and Riley that slyly peeled back the covers from Grey’s bed to reveal his naked figure.

‘Mmmh, it looks like we tired him out last night,’ Riley whispered.

‘Maybe not completely,’ Teanna replied, nodding to his crotch. Grey’s morning wood was so hard it was flush to his stomach.

Riley bit her lip and stifled a moan. ‘God, he looks even bigger than last night. How can I forget how fucking huge he is overnight?’

‘Because even in your dreams you don’t think it’s possible for him to be so big. That’s when you know you’ve found the perfect lover: when your wildest fantasies fail to compare with reality.’

‘And what do you think he’s dreaming about?’

Teanna turned to Riley with a smile her friend knew all too well. ‘Whatever it is, it’s nothing compared to what he’s going to wake up to.’

Sinking to their knees, the women leaned over the bed, took hold of Grey’s magnificent cock and started to suck.

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Despite the fact both women had gone down on Grey countless times, the salty taste of his meat was a luxury neither could ever grow tired of. Running eager tongues along his shaft they soon had him glistening with their saliva, his cock twitching in their grasp.

Their united efforts didn’t take long to yield results and Grey promptly began to stir.

As his eyes fluttered open and his handsome features twisted into a smile, Teanna was reminded of the first day she had met him. Grey had entered her massage parlour with a striking confidence. He carried himself proudly, enveloped by an air of powerful machismo. Possessed by a lesser man Grey’s aura might have come across as ego or arrogance, yet there had been a humility and tenderness to his nature which encapsulated Teanna from the moment she laid eyes upon him.

By the time Grey had found himself in her parlour she had spent several years building her reputation. As a result she had become the favoured masseuse for the city’s upper class, who regarded her as a woman of delicacy and discretion. During that time she had provided countless naked massages – many of them to handsome, athletic men such as Grey – her conduct professional at all times.

But Grey wasn’t like those other men. The massage had started out well enough, however Teanna had soon found herself losing focus. The way Grey’s chest had glistened under the candlelight as he breathed deep and slow, the only sound in the room the soft rhythm of his breath, the heat of his flesh against her palms, all had been somehow hypnotic. Her gaze had roved across his chest, his face, searching for something to latch onto and ground herself. When eventually it fell to his groin, she found she had absently taken hold of his cock and was jerking it slowly.

The shock of her indecency had shattered her trance, and on the verge of hysterics she had babbled her apologies. Grey, however, had been unfazed. Ever the gentleman, he had soothed her with tender words, holding her close and stroking her hair affectionately until she calmed.

The comforting warmth of his embrace and sensation of safety in his arms had driven Teanna to abandon her reservations: she had kissed him.

Even now she hadn’t the first idea how long they spent in that candlelit room – all she knew was that by the time he had led her home to his lavish manor to continue their intimacy they had each fallen desperately and irrevocably in love with the other.

‘Good morning ladies.’ Grey’s cool tones cut through her reveries and drew a smile across her lips. While she suckled the head of his cock Riley was licking his balls and their combined efforts saw a lecherous grin twist his lips.

Pulling away, Teanna allowed Riley a taste of their lover. Meanwhile, she continued to jerk his long shaft. ‘Did you sleep well, baby?’

‘I always sleep well when I dream of you two,’ Grey replied. Leaning down he caressed Teanna’s cheek affectionately. As Riley worked her magic, however, his fingers faltered, and he let out a breathy groan.

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Teanna giggled naughtily and shifted behind her companion. ‘You like that, don’t you babe? You like your little girl Riley sucking on your fat cock?’

‘Mmmh, I certainly do,’ Grey groaned. ‘She has such a tight, slutty throat.’

Leaning in so close her lips caressed Riley’s ears, Teanna moaned softly. ‘Go on, gorgeous. Show our baby how slutty you really are.’ As she spoke, she swept Riley’s hair back and held it in place for her.

Immediately Riley took her task much more seriously. Teanna’s encouragement unearthed the shameless hunger perpetually dwelling just beneath her innocent exterior. Slipping her arms beneath Grey’s legs she eased them over the edge of the bed and positioned her petite frame between his thighs. Her chest flush to his perineum she took up a feverish rhythm, swallowing his huge cock with practiced ease.

The intimate position pulled memories of her own to the surface – memories of the night that had changed her life forever.

Back then, what seemed like a lifetime ago, she had been a stripper. Though she had always been of an open mind, a career grinding against poles and dancing naked for crowds of lewd, horny men had never been one of her aspirations. But hard times came as they were wont to do and she had a talent on the pole, ensuring her debut performance in a sleazy back-alley club was a question of when rather than if.

Once she was on the scene Riley had decided there was little use in trying to find a less taboo career. After all, it paid the bills, she had an undeniable knack for erotic performance, and, unlike the mundane office jobs all her voyeurs had to endure when they weren’t ogling her nubile body, there were some careers that never went out of fashion – so long as men existed, they would have need of strippers to entertain them. So she had worked hard to climb the ranks, performing in ever more prestigious venues until she had eventually scored a spot on the line-up of the city’s most illustrious gentleman’s club – the kind of place who invited their guests rather than luring them in with glaring neon signs.

That was where she had met Grey and Teanna.

Even amongst the crowds of distinguished guests the couple had stood out to Riley as unique. As genteel and seemly as their peers they were nevertheless profoundly different. In a room of salivating men who allowed their gaze to be shamelessly drawn to her tits, ass and pussy, on whose arms were beautiful women with tightly pursed lips and expressions that made clear they were solely in attendance to keep their partners in check, Grey and Teanna had admired Riley’s performance with fascinated wonderment. Rarely did they ogle her body at all, their eyes instead fixed on her face, and she had felt oddly childish under their gaze, as though they possessed an experience she could not fathom but desperately wished she understood.

After several months – during which time they had attended her performance every night without fail – Riley had mustered her courage and introduced herself. Predictably, that night had ended in their bed, her sweaty body slotted between Grey’s muscular physique and Teanna’s supple frame. Lying between them with the night’s events playing over in her mind and making her wet all over again, something had clicked into place. She imagined it was the sensation astronauts felt when seeing the sun rise over the earth for the first time – the sense that all the trials and tribulations of their lives had led to this one perfect moment.

That night had been her final performance. Publicly, at least. These days she delighted in performing for her lovers, driving them wild with lust until they could contain themselves no longer and fucked her right there on her private stage. Better still, among the upper classes Grey was infamous for throwing lavish private parties, invitations to which were only offered to those as deviant and indulgent and themselves, before whom Riley could strip not for the money but for the love of being admired.  

‘We waited so long for you,’ Teanna purred now, as though reading Riley’s mind. Her hand rested against Riley’s neck, guiding her. ‘We wanted you more than anything, but we knew we couldn’t approach you first. You had to come to us. You had to want us too.’

Teanna’s words sent a shudder down Riley’s back and she groaned. She was so hot – they were both so fucking hot. Riley still couldn’t figure out how she’d been lucky enough to join their sordid relationship, but she didn’t care. This was where she belonged.

‘I see you girls are already prepared to go down to the beach,’ Grey said, regaining his composure. Knowing Teanna would reply for them Riley continued to gorge herself, swirling her tongue incessantly around his shaft.

‘We sure are. We’re ready to find a nice little cove where we can all spend some time alone together. Do you like our bikinis? We found them in the wardrobe and thought you’d like them.’

‘I certainly do,’ he said, a smile creeping across his lips, ‘but I’m afraid the beach will have to wait.’

A wicked grin twisted Teanna’s lips but she feigned innocence all the same, even while Riley slipped free of her bikini, knowing what was coming next. ‘Why’s that, baby?’

Tugging Riley away from his cock and coiling his fingers around both their necks he pulled them up to join him on the bed. ‘Because a morning blowjob just isn’t going to cut it today. I want to feel those hot pussies on my dick. And I want a taste too.’

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Riley let out a startled giggle as he lifted her with powerful arms. Sinking onto his back he planted the young woman’s knees either side of his shoulders and immediately made full use of her vulnerable position. Coiling his arms around her legs he dragged her down and buried his face between her thighs.

‘Oh fuck,’ Riley cried, tossing back her head and grimacing with pleasure. ‘Oh yes, eat me out deep, sir. Fuck… oh my god. Your tongue is so fucking good.’

Sinking her black claws into the bedsheets she gripped them with white-knuckled ferocity as her whole body shuddered. Grey’s oral prowess instantly reduced her legs to putty. Too weak even to hold herself aloft she slumped down further, which only allowed him to feast more deeply upon her dripping cunt. Her mouth hung open uselessly as she attempted to process the fireworks of pleasure blasting through her groin.

Knelt beside the bed, Teanna watched with a grin. Her bikini soon joined Riley’s on the floor, discarded and forgotten, and she crawled onto the bed fixated on Grey’s swaying cock.

With both her lovers occupied his dick was free for the taking.

Snaking over, she shivered involuntarily. She was so horny. Teanna was no stranger to passion, yet something about Grey’s presence always drove her wild. Like a magnet of lust he drew her in, his smile charming, his body intoxicating. The sight of his naked cock opened a chasm within her, an emptiness only he could fill, and there was nothing else capable of matching the sensation of taking his dick in her tight, naughty pussy.

Sensing her approach, Riley turned to face her. A scheming smile painted her features as she helped Teanna into position.

The energy with which Grey feasted upon her sex coursed through Riley like a power surge, dialling every sense far beyond their natural limits. Her hips burned, her skin tingled, her toes curled and clenched as she struggled to prevent herself squirming out of place. Desperate to release some of her pleasure she assaulted Teanna’s neck with rough, wet kisses, peppering her skin with little toothmarks and blossoming love bites.

Teanna gasped as Grey’s head slipped between her folds. Like Riley she often forgot how big he was; she groaned as her sex stretched to accommodate him.

‘Ride him, babe,’ Riley urged, ‘ride him so good he moans into my cunt.’ Her clawed fingers clutching Teanna’s plush ass, she pushed her accomplice gently down, smiling as Teanna moaned. ‘That’s right, take him deep and ride that hard cock.’

Overwhelmed by her own lust, Teanna began feverishly rocking her hips. The throb of her bouncing ass provided a sensual beat that Grey soon matched with his own driving thrusts, and with each blow she felt her thoughts grow more indistinct.

Her breath came in orgasmic gasps, the bliss of Grey’s ruthless invasion sending her into a horny frenzy. Burning with pleasure, she felt like she was a bomb about to go off, each thrust threatening to send her over the brink when she would tear apart at the seams. In the hope of avoiding said fate, she frantically attempted to make use of her erotic energy: now groping her tits, now stroking her curves, now toying her clit. Her need for an outlet soon eclipsed all rational thought. And inevitably Riley became her release.

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The naughty little slut had her eyes closed and was muttering incoherently to herself. ‘Oh god… yes… no, I can’t… can’t take it… too much… want more… yes, more…’

Riley let out a startled cry as Teanna’s fingers locked in her hair and she dragged her into a rough, wet kiss. For a moment her eyes bulged in shock. The next she was melting into Teanna’s embrace, moaning as the woman’s tongue delved between her lips to probe her mouth.

As if their connection had fused them into one being, Riley began to rock her hips in time with Teanna’s, grinding her pussy over Grey’s face. His beard scratched at her thighs and his moustache tickled her ass, but the abrasion only served to heighten her ecstasy and before long she was moaning sensually into Teanna’s mouth.

Meanwhile, Grey’s hands shifted from Riley to Teanna. Clamped over her fat ass his powerful grip allowed him to fuck her harder, deeper, gifting him more of her scorching pussy than before. Even for a man as experienced as him, Teanna’s sex was almost too much to handle and he grunted into Riley’s cunt as he fought to keep his orgasm from breaking.  

Much to his chagrin he realised that all his efforts were not enough; maintaining their triangle of love would surely push him too far, and he wasn’t quite ready to fill her just yet. Vexed by the need to break their bond, he simultaneously eased away Riley’s hips and slid free of Teanna.

Amusingly, they barely seemed to notice. Locked in a shamelessly sloppy kissing session their agile fingers simply slipped down to replace Grey’s stimulation. Grey grinned, savouring the scene for a minute or two, jerking slowly as he watched.

God he was so fucking lucky to have them. As sexually insatiable as he was, he had never truly imagined there might be anyone capable of fulfilling even his mildest fantasies. As such, when he had awoken during the night after making love to Teanna for the first time, he had spent a long time lovingly admiring her, analysing every detail of her exquisite figure.

At the time he had wondered how he had managed to find such an incredible lover, yet only once their relationship blossomed in the ensuing months had he realised how truly well-matched they were. Teanna had not only been as eager to explore the limits of their relationship as him, but it had been she who suggested bringing another lover into their fiendish fun. Such a scenario had always aroused Grey, though he had imagined the third member would be a man, for he had no wish to make Teanna feel inferior in any way.

‘No,’ she had said when he suggested as such, ‘I want a girl. I want to be able to gag on your cock then have her sit on my face while you fuck me. I want to have the taste of her pussy on my lips while I watch you plough her so hard she screams. I want to tie her up together and use her like a toy – and I want you both to do the same to me. No man could ever compare to you, baby, so I don’t want to pretend I want another one. I’d only ever want another woman so I can show them how to be a naughty little bitch and treat you like the king you are.’

As though it had all been by Fate’s design, Riley had debuted in their favourite club the very next evening, and from there even Grey’s wildest fantasies had been rendered inferior. In those quiet, intimate moments after sex – the moments in which only a whisper seems appropriate – they had discussed seeking out more playmates, but Grey knew they would all be content for those ideas to remain hypothetical.

All three knew their bond was special. Although, now he looked at them, Grey lifted an eyebrow: they seemed awfully too happy without him for his liking. Fortunately, he knew just how to fix that.

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Lunging for Teanna, he dragged her back by the hips and hugged her to his chest. ‘I think you’ve forgotten your place,’ he growled into her ear. ‘Allow me to jog your memory.’

Realising what Grey was about to do, Riley wriggled beneath Teanna’s hips so she was lying beneath both her lovers. Once she was in place, Grey threw Teanna onto all fours, sank into her glistening sex and pounded her like a living fleshlight.

Teanna’s screams immediately rang through the room. Her vulnerable position allowed Grey far more freedom to torment her slutty holes – now going hard, now going slow, now slipping out and teasing her ass with his head – while Riley’s eager tongue only compounded her ecstasy.

The devious bisexual bitch once again delighted in the chance to feast on her lovers. This time, however, she had access to them both, and she squirmed giddily as she set about satisfying her hunger. Teanna’s pussy was sweet and soft, her folds like wet silk and her juices like clear honey. Her insides were sizzling hot around her tongue and Riley lapped urgently at her swollen clit, savouring every drip. In contrast, Grey’s cock was sharp and hard. Whenever he pulled out to tease Teanna’s ass he would always make sure to fuck Riley’s face before sinking back into his whimpering toy. He was not gentle, but Riley didn’t want him to be: it was worth the risk of choking on his cock just to taste his salty precum and feel her neck bulge as he drove in deep. Overhead, meanwhile, his balls were low-hanging fruit and she sucked on them needily each time he slowed his pace, savouring his intoxicating musk.

Hung man has sex with curvy Latina woman while skinny brunette licks her sex

Even as she indulged herself though, she strove to whip both lovers into a frenzy. Parting Teanna’s ass cheeks she spanked her hard to raise stinging marks over the flesh, all the while gorging on her clit. With Grey she was more tender, jerking him off and licking the length of his cock from head to balls, yet her intent was just as mischievous for she knew the latter tease rendered him weak at the knees.

Inevitably, one lover eventually broke, though not the one she had expected. Anticipating Grey would crumble to her torment, it came as a surprise when Teanna pulled away, span around and grabbed her by the throat.

‘You scheming bitch,’ she hissed, ‘I know your game. You want daddy to fuck me senseless so you can have him to yourself for the rest of the day, don’t you?’

Face flushed and temples throbbing, Riley donned a manic grin. ‘Maybe,’ she giggled.

‘You forget – I was here first. Come on, baby, let’s show this slut what she gets for trying to mess with us.’

‘What did you have in mind, my dear?’

Rather than reply, Teanna smirked deviously before pushing Grey onto his back and dragging Riley into position by her throat.

Two images in which skinny brunette woman rides cock of eye hung naked man while curvy Latina woman rides his face

By now all three lovers were slick with sweat. Their skin glistened by the light of the morning sun and their bodies slid easily over one another, blooms of arousing heat swelling through them as their flesh rubbed together. Riley and Teanna’s hair hung in long, damp strips, while Grey’s silvery fringe was plastered across his forehead.

Despite their heaving chests and racing hearts, they moved with a tireless energy. Fuelled by lust, Teanna soon had Riley straddling Grey’s cock, which she lined up carefully with the woman’s quivering sex.

‘I… I don’t know if I’m ready…’ Riley said as Teanna slotted Grey’s head between her lips. ‘He’s so big.’

Taking Riley’s chin in her fingers, Teanna twisted her face around and stared her in the eye. When she spoke, she was so close her lips brushed Riley’s. ‘See that’s exactly your problem, little one. You’re always desperate for cock, but when you’re faced with a real man you allow doubt to seep in. You might be our naughty slut, but you still have much to learn. Rule one: you must always be ready for daddy.’

With that, Teanna forced Riley’s hips down hard. She laughed at the woman’s delirious cry, holding her in place as she trembled, her pussy lips caressing Grey’s balls. Riley’s entire body shuddered in her grasp – her back arced, her thighs twitched, her hands scrabbled over Teanna’s body – yet her grip remained resolute.

A playful grin on her lips, Teanna groaned into Riley’s ear. ‘You see how good it is letting your lust take over? How perfect he feels inside you? There’s no need for doubt when it feels this good.’

‘Yes,’ Riley gasped, ‘he feels so good. I’m so hot for him. I want him forever.’

‘You have him forever, baby. Just let the real you out – let your inner slut take control. You wanted daddy’s cock, now show him what you can do with it.’

Still buried balls deep inside her, Grey had begun to moan, his pleasure shifting to tormented agony. His hands snaked under Riley’s ass in an attempt to pull her up, but Teanna’s grasp was unyielding.

‘Hush, baby, I’m teaching our pet a lesson.’ A second later his complaints were silenced, for Teanna had dropped back to sit on his face.

Yearning to impress her lovers, Riley had started making full use of Grey’s vulnerable position. Her hands planted on his chest and her feet hooked beneath his thighs she used the leverage to pitch her hips up and down with all the hunger of a seasoned slut. Her breath came in staccato gasps as she focused all her energy on leeching every last ounce of pleasure from the man she now considered her plaything.

Grey’s hands remained fused to her ass, though this time it was an unconscious action. The speed with which Teanna had stifled him had left him reeling, the combined taste, scent and feel of her delectable pussy suffocating him sending his senses into overload. Meanwhile his cock was burning white hot with pleasure as Riley worked it feverishly. The net result was a seizure of ecstasy: his rational thoughts shut down, he glutted instinctively upon the pussy in his face, and the rest of his body froze in place as if any attempt to move would rob him of the searing bliss roaring through him. Such a state was exactly what Teanna had been hoping for: how better to teach Riley how to use her man than when he was paralysed by pleasure?

‘That’s right, toy with him – drive him wild. Ride him like you’re sucking him off. Make him want to use your holes hard. Show him why no other woman could ever satisfy him the way you can.’

As she spoke, Teanna’s hands roved over Riley’s body: guiding, teaching. The young slut may have been with them for some time, but she was still a work in progress. Sometimes she allowed doubts to cloud her mind and Teanna suspected unspoken insecurities still bubbled beneath the surface even after their countless hours of lovemaking. No matter – they would fade with time, just as Teanna’s had. And until then, Teanna was more than happy to take as much time as necessary to hone the horny little minx into the perfect, passionate kitten for her and Grey to fuck.

Skinny brunette woman rides cock of eye hung naked man while curvy Latina woman rides his face

When Grey’s trance shattered there was no warning.

One moment he lay still and yielding, the next his arms had looped around Teanna’s thighs, his sensual licking shifted to ravenous gluttony and his hips were bucking so violently the crack of every thrust left Riley’s thighs stinging.

The sudden animation crippled both women almost immediately. Their legs buckling, both crumpled onto all fours as their shocked moans rang through the room.

‘Oh fuck, baby, your cock feels like it’s going to split me in half!’ Riley wailed. ‘Pound me, baby – fuck me! Oh shit, yes, that’s right, fuck that tight pussy. Use me. I’m your slutty fleshlight!’

Teanna was equally vocal. ‘Oh my god! Don’t stop. Lick me, baby, eat me out. Suck on my wet fucking cunt. Holy shit, that feels so good. Oh… oh… I’m so close!’

‘So am I,’ Riley gasped.

Their united orgasm rose all at once. Throughout the prolonged foreplay and extensive fucking, their climax had mounted slowly, unnoticed while they wallowed in lechery. Now Grey had pushed them all over the brink and together they howled their release.

As quickly as it had arrived their orgasm subsided. The intensity of it robbed them briefly of their senses and they collapsed panting into the covers.

Instinctively the women drew themselves into Grey’s chest, his arms looping around their shoulders as they nuzzled into him. His chest was warm, his embrace comforting, and as they always did after making love to him the women closed their eyes and smiled contented smiles: bliss.

Skinny brunette woman and curvy Latina woman eye hung naked man

They were unsure how long they laid blithely in the tangled covers, only that it was a distant, passionate cry that roused from their stupor. A man’s voice that seemed to be shouting ‘daddy’ not too far away.

Revived, Grey rose from the bed, stroking his cock as he stood over his beautiful lovers. His shaft was sticky with their juices and streaks of his own drying cum. ‘Well, ladies, I should make myself a little more presentable before we head to the beach. I think a shower is in order after how dirty we’ve just been.’

Hopping up, Riley snatched his hand before he could leave. ‘Wait. I… I don’t want to go to the beach anymore.’


‘I want to stay here. We have all week for swimming and sunbathing and making everybody jealous. I think our first day should be all about us.’

Standing up, Teanna eyed Grey, a smile playing over her lips. ‘I like how she thinks, baby. I think she’s right. We’re here to indulge ourselves, right? What better way to do that than in one another’s arms?’

Nodding, Grey once again wondered how he had come to be blessed with their love. ‘Your wish is my command, ladies. However, I still need to clean myself up either way. Would you care to join me?’

A wicked look overcame Riley’s pretty face and she looked back and forth between them. ‘Yes. But not in the shower. I mean it can’t hurt to make people a little jealous, can it? So how about we clean up outside, in the hot tub?’

Their mischievous smiles were all the approval Riley needed. Already imagining what depraved things the neighbours might see them doing, she led them through the sliding door to the hot tub on the decking outside…

Meanwhile, in Harriet’s chambers…

Blonde semi-naked woman sits on bed smoking in front of balcony

Thanks for reading!

This was another chapter that was a real pain to get right, though I’m definitely happy with the final result. This chapter and chapter one were initially back to back and they both caused me so many problems that I had to abandon them completely and come back to rewrite them once everything else was finished. But boy am I glad I persevered because it allowed me to showcase the work of one of the greats.

Riley Reid is hot by pretty much every metric I can think of. If you have spent any time at all enjoying porn and you haven’t heard of her I’m curious what the fuck you’ve been doing. To be quite honest I can’t think of another model who embodies the title of Slut more than Reid, because she doesn’t hide behind fake tits or filled lips, she is simply unashamedly filthy. Despite the fact she doesn’t have the stereotypical body of a pornstar she is ranked number four on PornHub’s rankings and there’s little wonder. Her interracial gangbang is a particular highlight for me, but to be honest if you put her on camera with a cock or a pussy she will never disappoint. Not that any of you need any encouragement to do so, but go watch her work and try not to lose your mind with arousal.

The other two models in this scene are Teanna Trump and Mick Blue.

Trump’s work comes to my attention every now and then, though personally until writing this she wasn’t a model I found myself seeking out. It’s safe to say though that that has definitely changed. I love her body, and the fact that she has appeared in scenes for some of my favourite channels – such as, who produced the scene that supports this piece – means I find myself enjoying her content more and more. Though she’s just shy of PornHub’s top 100 models (which, as you’ll find in future chapters, some much more well-known models fall far short of) I feel like she’s woefully underappreciated and she definitely deserves your time, so go check out her work when you can.

Blue, meanwhile, is a model whose work I’ve showcased here before. He actually showed up in chapter twelve of Lake Fantasy in fact, though at that time I wasn’t linking to the work of male models. Much like Manuel Ferrara, Blue is a legend of a male model in the industry and he really knows how to treat his co-stars to a hard fucking. He’s well worth your time and I’m sure he’ll show up in future stories on this channel because when you’ve worked with as many smoking hot female stars as him, you’re bound to wind up producing a whole slew of scenes just begging to get a TG erotica spin put on them.

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