‘Ah, gentlemen,’ Richard said with a loud clap as the two women strode into the room. They were still dusting down their overalls, brushing off flecks of red powder. ‘I trust you solved my little problem?’

Standing in front of him with pursed lips, the two women – one a ravishing black beauty, the other a slim blonde with aquiline features – tapped their feet impatiently. Turning to one another they exchanged a smirk.

‘What do you think?’ said the black woman, then their fingers were on their zippers and in one mirrored motion they had unzipped the front and pulled open the lapels to bare their full breasts.

Richard’s eyes lit up and he rubbed his hands together with greedy satisfaction. ‘Perfect!’ he exclaimed. ‘Your tits… I mean, you look wonderful ladies. Tell me, would you prefer to go by your old names when I fuck you, or do you have new titles in mind?’

‘Excuse me?’ said the blonde, shaking her head with an eyebrow raised, ‘You think you’re going to fuck us? No, no, that isn’t how this is going to go.’

‘Yeah,’ added her companion, her black tits jiggling temptingly, ‘we’re not like those sluts you bring home every evening who whine like little brats all night long.’

‘Although I guess we know now why they can never resist you. Those gas taps and ventilation shafts you had us install all over the house weren’t just to keep you cool, were they? You use them to deliver that gas we just got blasted in the face by, don’t you? Pathetic fucker.’

Richard wasn’t paying any attention to their faces, instead entirely capsulated by their wobbling breasts and the tempting bands of stomach he could see teasing him with what was below. Still, he was listening, and he shrugged off their comments.

‘I suppose you have exposed me, ladies. Yes, when I bring a lady friend back to my place I make an excuse to leave the room and flood it with my special slut gas. The science department of my company created it on my orders, you see. It’s less concentrated than the dose you were just exposed to, but no less effective.’

Even Richard, having seen the gas have its way with dozens of young women, was impressed by the results. Less than ten minutes ago the two men had left to fix the outside gas pipe he had claimed was broken, and now they were unrecognisable from their former selves. The men had been his personal security for years now, and they often acted as handymen for minor repairs he needed around the house, not to mention gracious enough not to complain about spending their nights listening to the banshee-like wails of the women Richard spent his nights with. Naturally, he wouldn’t expect them to take issue with his sexual exploits given how much he paid them, but he appreciated their loyalty nonetheless.

For the past week, however, he had drawn a blank on finding any suitable lovers. All his regular sluts were either out of town or otherwise occupied, and he had had a run of bad luck trying to tempt anybody back to his place to subject them to his naughty gas. That was the real problem he needed remedying.

How he hadn’t thought of making better use of his guards before now was beyond him. After all, he already knew the gas could transform men into women on account of an unfortunate accident during the developmental stages when one of the scientists had been exposed to it, and it made so much more sense to have his guards as loyal sluts; not only could they pass for arm candy in public places, but they could also defend him if necessary while continuing their duties as helpful presences around the house. But more importantly, it meant he would always have two willing whores at his disposal.

But his security guards had never been stupid men, and they had evidently deduced to his intentions.

‘That pipe never had any problem with it at all, did it?’ barked the blonde.

‘You just wanted us to think it did so when we leaned in close enough it’d blast us square in the face!’

Richard spread out his hands and put on a face of mock apology. ‘Pretty much. Don’t get me wrong, ladies, I liked you before, but now you’re…’ he shuddered with anticipation, ‘magnificent.’ He frowned then. ‘Having said that, the effects of the gas have usually kicked in by now.’

‘Oh they’ve kicked in alright,’ snapped the blonde, ‘I’m hornier than I’ve ever been in my entire life, and then some. My body is burning with lust.’

‘And my new cunt is so wet I can feel it starting to saturate my overalls. I’m ready to take something big and hard deep inside.’

‘So if you’re that desperate why did you say you weren’t going to have sex with me?’ Richard asked.

The two beauties looked at each, sharing a knowing smile. ‘Oh we didn’t say that,’ grinned the blonde, beginning to slip from her overalls, ‘we said you aren’t going to fuck us.’

Together they approached him, pushing him down into the couch as they disrobed. Pressing themselves up against his body and starting to tear off his clothes the black bitch took him by the cheeks with a firm grip. ‘We’re going to fuck you, you manipulative bastard. I hope you’ve got plenty of stamina, because thanks to you we’re hungry for cock. We solved your problem, now you’re going to solve ours. We’re in control tonight, so stay quiet and stay hard, because if you can’t fuck the cum out of us we’ll have to spray it over your face…’

Thanks for reading!

Though it’s a pretty basic piece, and honestly one I’m not especially into after letting it sit in my backlog for so long, I have actually had to put a lot of thought into whether I should publish this or not.

The reason for that is because the women in these gifs aren’t actually adult industry models. They’re actresses, and these gifs are pulled from a scene in a TV show. I feel it worth noting that I didn’t know this at the time of writing the piece (if it had, it’s very unlikely I’d have written it in the first place), instead it came to my attention after finishing it and during preparation for publishing.

I have covered my concerns regarding writing erotica supported by the work of celebrities and models who aren’t part of the mainstream adult industry before, most notably in my piece ‘An Unlikely Queen’ (if you haven’t read my comments on that story, I implore you to do so), however this story presented it’s own dilemmas when it came to deciding whether or not to publish it.

In the end, I chose to publish it due to the context in which these images were created. As I understand it, the scene depicted in these images takes place when a character in the show is watching VR porn, so while the actresses aren’t actually pornstars, they’re playing pornstars in the context of the show. And given that I try to only use the work of models who are expressly aware they’re creating explicit, erotic material and consenting to its distribution, I feel that the above context more or less ticks that box. These actresses were fully aware that they were producing explicit content and they knew it would be distributed for the general public to see.

Honestly, it’s still kind of a grey area, and I’m unsure if I’m making the right decision, but I thought it best to lay out my reasoning. In the end, I want it to be clear that I always put thought into what images I’m using and how I’m using them, and I will always try to be open about my process for those who are actually interested in understanding why I do things the way I do.

If you really wanted to find out who these women were, I’m sure you could, however I will not be providing sources to their work here. Given they’re not adult models this isn’t like me telling you to go and watch their erotic work, because there isn’t any to watch, and I think it would be kind of sleazy of me to tell my readers to go and support their mainstream acting work based off how aroused they were seeing the actresses in an erotic scenario, regardless of whether they chose to accept that role or not. If you do decide to look these women up and support their work, I ask that you do so because you want to support them as serious actresses, not in the hope that you might find them nude in other films or shows.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for this one. I’ll catch you next week for a far less troublesome story.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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