‘No, no, don’t you dare. Not cool dude, not cool. This isn’t funny now. Get the fuck off me. Don’t you dare put those fucking ears on me.’ Adam wriggled about in an attempt to escape, kicking his legs and straining to free his arms, but it was no use. His roommate’s legs were clamped tight to his sides, pinning his arms in and keeping him restrained with ease. Not long ago Adam would have been able to flatten Frank with the swing of one muscular arm, but that strength was gone now and he was at Frank’s mercy in his small, fragile body.

Frank laughed, waving the set of fuzzy piggy ears in front of Adam’s face mockingly. ‘Or what? You can’t do anything about it, not in that body. I’m the one in charge now.’ Ignoring Adam’s protests he crushed the ears down onto his head. In the same motion, Frank pulled Adam’s dark hair out of the way as he reached for the next part of the outfit: a piggy snout.

Adam wrestled even harder, but despite his rage he heard a whimper escape his lips. He was rapidly realising how hopeless his situation was. If that wasn’t enough, he could already feel the effects of the ears burrowing into his mind. Twisting him, changing him, subduing him. As Frank bested Adam’s struggles and forced the snout into place, the intensity of the effects grew even stronger.

The game of truth or dare had been an attempt to ease the tensions which had built up between he and Frank over the past several months. They had been arguing a lot lately. It always seemed to be over little things, and though it was almost invariably Frank who threw the first insult, Adam had often lost his temper and stormed off before any resolution could be reached. When Frank had suggested they play truth or dare to try and relight the spark of friendship which had led them to become roomies in the first place he had agreed wholeheartedly – if Frank was putting the effort in, Adam thought it only fair he did too.

Now it was acutely obvious that the game had all been a ploy: the very first dare Frank had levelled at Adam was to take a Pink Pill and spend the rest of the game as a girl. Frank claimed to have been given a strip of pills by one of his junkie friends, and though Adam had never been interested in using them he had gone along with the rules of the game and gulped one down. No sooner had his transformation run its course than Frank had pounced, wrestling Adam to the ground and restraining him with ease before dragging him up to the sofa and producing the piggy ears he had hidden behind a pillow.

Adam had recognised the logo on the ears immediately: Kitty Co. He’d heard that many of their products had powerful effects, but nothing could have prepared him for actually wearing some. It felt like somebody had slipped their fingers through his skull and was moulding his brain by hand. Needs crumbled and rose anew, filling his thoughts with fresh desires, and the anger and betrayal bubbling up within him was injected with lust that rapidly overwhelmed him. And underneath everything, like a second heartbeat, the squeal of a piggy shrieked through his mind.

‘No, Frank, don’t – squeee!’ The first squeal took him by surprise, tearing unbidden from his lips. But as the ears and the snout sank their talons deeper into his psyche his resistance failed and he began to huff and snort excitedly.

Frank looked down at his new piggy and laughed. He had one final piece to complete her – a curly-tailed butt plug – but that would have to wait. Her shrieks and cries were bound to disturb the neighbours if he allowed them to continue. No, he would have to gag her – at least until she was properly trained. Fortunately, he had anticipated she might be too noisy, and he snatched up a pair of boxers and a long black tube sock from beside the waiting plug.

Stuffing the boxers into her mouth he held them in place by tying the tube sock tight over her lips and behind her head. It didn’t stop her snorting deeply through her piggy snout, but it cut off the loudest of the shrieks. Frank chuckled: he much preferred Adam like this.

Reaching for the coiled butt plug, Frank had his fingers around it when he paused. Glancing down at his piggy’s ass he watched her plump cheeks sway back and forth, tempting him. Allowing the plug to slip from his fingers he grinned maliciously and moved to fill her ass with something a little more meaty…

Thanks for reading!

This story is inspired by another piece I wrote some time ago, just called ‘Kitty Co.’, and as you can probably tell the premise is fairly simple, yet I think extremely effective. Pet play isn’t necessarily one of my favourite kinks, however from time to time I find myself extremely interested in the dynamic, and Kitty Co. stories are the perfect means of expressing that on my blog. Fortunately there are countless pet play scenes out there to draw from, so I’m sure there will be more stories set in this universe in the future, and I look forward to seeing what other corruptive outfits find their way into the wrong hands.

The images in this story aren’t the best, I admit, however I think they fuse extremely well with the prose and as such I felt it would be a disservice to the story to try and find some still image replacements. Given the nature of the scene, there were no still galleries to accompany it, however I can say fairly confidently that the female model in this scene is Sahrye aka Enchantress Sahrye. She is a female erotic model, though she is not a pornstar, and what I’ve seen of her work is very cool. Unfortunately I do not know the identity of her companion in the scene, though if anyone does know it by all means let me know and I’ll include it here.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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