Gaypril: The Sex Shop

Drawing the cubicle curtain across, Zara gave a sigh of relief: finally some privacy. Usually she wouldn’t have visited somewhere like this, but she was keen to make an impression tonight. She and Chad had been sexting for the better part of a month and tonight was to be their first proper dinner date. Given how raunchy their online exchanges had become, if things went well she had no doubt there would be more than drinks on the agenda once they took things back to his place, and if that was how things panned out she was eager to strike an alluring figure for her lover.

Nevertheless, most of her friends were not privy to the sexual deviant she could be in the hands of the right man, thus she would rather not have anyone spot her perusing the shelves at a sex shop – those were rumours she could do without. Mercifully, the curtained changing cubicle allowed her to try out her lingerie in peace, a task which she set about with a giddy grin as she imagined how Chad might react to each.

As she worked her way through the small heap of underwear she had plucked from the store rails, her mind wandered to what he might be like in person. While their sexting had been intensely erotic, she’d spent enough time online to know not everyone was as thrilling in reality as they seemed over the internet. Plenty of men had disappointed her before, though she was cautiously hopeful Chad might be the one to break that trend.

I hope he’s nice, she thought absently while admiring the fit of a red lace set. I like my men naughty, but it’d be good once in a while to meet someone who can be both. Someone who could love me as much as he craves me. She scoffed. Wouldn’t that be the day?

Wriggling out of the red underwear, Zara set them down on the ‘maybe’ pile before moving on to the next one. The curtain ruffled slightly and she heard someone enter the cubicle next to her. Idly wondering what they were trying on she unhooked the next set and began slipping into them…

As it turned out, Zara’s neighbour wasn’t trying on any clothing at all.

Casting a surreptitious glance around the shop before pulling the curtain shut, only the woman at the counter appeared to be paying Seth any mind, an unreadable smile on her face as she watched him disappear inside. He shrugged – he’d always found her a little odd, but he didn’t much care if she knew what he was up to; after all, if anyone would understand, chances are it was her.

Seth fell onto the plush leather seat inside with a relieved sigh: finally some privacy. He wasn’t exactly the heart of his social bubble, but he had enough friends to his name that he would rather not have any of them catch him wandering a sex shop clutching a copy of Horny Trannies #13: Room Service Sluts.

For years Seth had concealed his trans porn addiction from his friends and family; they weren’t the most liberal of people, and if he had revealed he would far rather spend his life with a cute little trans minx than a born cis woman the ridicule and affront he would have faced did not do thinking of. Still, he wasn’t about to change who he was just for them, so until he could muster up the courage to start putting himself out there in the hopes of meeting a trans woman as horny as himself, he made do by snatching up all the trans porn the sex shop could supply.

Though he did not know it, the cubicle he occupied looked much different to that of his neighbour. Instead of the curved bench, pale walls and body-length mirror flanked by clothes hooks Zara was presently using, Seth’s chair was surrounded by rich red walls adorned with lewd posters, while a broad television screen was set low on the opposite wall, connected to which were a set of headphones. A small table sat beside him, clustered with boxes of tissues and little bottles of lubricant, beneath which was an empty bin. Like every other customer he was unaware how the small, curtained cubicles altered to suit the needs of each visitor, nor just how deeply they understood the desires of their occupants.

Slipping the disc into the slot on the side of the screen, Seth took up the headphones and sank back into his chair. He always preferred to enjoy the sample disc before buying the full movie, mainly to take the edge off until he could get home and spend the night lusting over the trans hotties in every scene.

As the screen flared with images of a lithe trans woman in hotel uniform riding the cock of a handsome businessman, her orgasmic moans filling his ears, Seth unzipped his jeans and started to jerk…

Zara was in the process of trying out a particularly alluring set – complete with sleek stockings to match the lace bra and suspender belt – when she realised something was wrong.

Having just donned a pair of killer PVC platform heels, she was eyeing them in the mirror to see how they complemented her look when her reflection began to shimmer. Like some kind of mirage, the lines of her body rippled and shivered. Frowning, she reached out to touch the glass, and it was only then she realised it wasn’t her reflection at all: it was her.

Her whole body was undulating, her limbs weaving in tight zigzags while her torso was no more than a fuzzy blur, the edges indistinct as though she was fading away. And yet she could still feel every part of herself; a quick wriggle of her fingers confirmed she could still move them, and when she touched the glass her digits felt as solid as ever even while they fluctuated from side to side like distressed serpents. The bizarre sight gave Zara the impression of viewing a watery reflection after dropping a stone into the image, only it was no illusion.

And soon it wasn’t just her. Seemingly infected by her touch, the mirror too began to ripple, the effect spreading rapidly until the whole cubicle was riffling in the same strange manner.

Slim brunette trans woman poses in stockings, heels and lingerie

Then, just as Zara reached for the curtain, a burst of energy surged up from floor to ceiling and when everything feel still she found herself in a very different space. The curved bench was gone, the heaps of lingerie and her own clothes vanished along with it. The walls had changed too, poorly applied black paint now smearing rough wood, and beyond the single television screen behind her the cubicle was entirely blank.

Weird, she thought, I must have been daydreaming. I could have sworn I was trying on outfits just a second ago.

Just then, a breathy groan sounded from the next cubicle and Zara realised the walls weren’t as blank as she’d thought: a hole had been cut in the panel which divided them, the edges padded with plush leather. Crouching down, she peered through it and found her neighbour was a muscular man jerking off feverishly. His hefty meat was flushed red and glistening with arousal; Zara immediately began to salivate.

Don’t be stupid, Zara. Who’d be trying on clothes when this place has the best gloryhole in the city?  

Reaching down, Zara started stroking her own meagre cock. For a fleeting second, the sensation felt odd, almost new, as if she had never jerked off before. Then the memories of wanking her little she-cock every time she came here to gag on horny men flooded her thoughts. As they came they washed away her confusion, and neither her dick nor her otherwise vastly different appearance seemed strange at all.

With a devious smile, Zara pressed her lips against the hole and waited for her next meal to notice…

Unlike Zara, Seth was so enthralled by his own arousal he barely even noticed the transformation that overcame himself and his cubicle. Leaning heavily against the wall as he masturbated and with his eyes scrunched tight in pleasure, the only suggestion that anything had changed at all was the sudden growth of his cock in his hand and the sharp disappearance of his headphones, the latter of which pulled him from his ecstasy just long for him to spot the final ripples dissipating as he opened his eyes.

Still, he thought nothing of it. As far as he was concerned he had always possessed the toned, muscular figure now boasted by his open shirt and dropped trousers, not to mention the impressive length of his pulsing cock, even though he had the odd impression it had been an inch or two shorter just a few seconds before. Had there been a mirror in which to admire himself, he would have seen nothing unusual in his stubble beard and dark hair slicked back into a tight knot, despite the fact that upon entering the cubicle he had been clean-shaven and sporting a messy brown mop.

Glancing down, his pulse quickened as he spotted the plump red lips waiting in the gloryhole. Finally: I’ve been edging for ages waiting for someone to help relieve me. I wonder which depraved slut it is this time?  

Slim brunette trans woman in stockings and lingerie gives oral sex to muscly man through gloryhole

Plunging his dick into his neighbour’s expectant lips, Seth shuddered as her hot maw enveloped his member.

If the instant heat which swelled through his crotch and the intense drool that saturated his length weren’t hot enough as it was, the sensual groan that met his ears as he filled the stranger’s mouth had Seth’s arousal at fever pitch in seconds. His knees threatening to buckle at any moment, he was forced to grip the mounted television with one hand while clutching his hip with the other save he shake too much for the woman to continue. His breath came in shallow gasps as her agile tongue lathered his dick in lubricating saliva which she then used to swallow him deep down her throat.

‘F-fuck… oh my fucking god…’ Seth stammered, his eyes rolling. He grinned as he heard her give a sloppy gagging noise and the muscles of her throat constricted around his head. ‘That’s it, choke on my big fucking cock. Oh yeah, you’re such a slutty cocksucker.’

Overwhelmed by arousal as he was, Seth was still lucid enough to be impressed. He’d spent more hours than he cared to recount with some filthy bitch or another serving him through this gloryhole, but none had ever been this good; it felt as though she was sucking out his soul.

In fact, he was so distracted by her blowjob prowess he remained oblivious as the curtain peeled back of its own accord. Surprisingly, none of the other customers seemed to notice the muscular man moaning loudly while thrusting his cock into the next cubicle. Only the woman at the till paid him any interest. With one hand beneath the counter and her arm undulating suggestively, she pointed at the curtain to Zara’s cubicle with her free hand and, with a sharp flick, swept it aside.

Zara had ceased playing with herself, her little flushed cock now jutting out between pale, hairless thighs, and her whole focus was on Seth’s thick meat. One hand rested at the base, jerking him slowly with nails like sapphire gems, while her long hair swept back and forth in time with her bobbing rhythm.

She was evidently well-versed in the task: Seth’s ample cock consistently vanished entirely down her throat with effortless grace, and even as her throat bulged fit to burst Zara’s composure was flawless, with neither tears to smear her makeup nor sweat to matt her hair.

Unlike her lover, Zara did notice the woman at the counter, and it was immediately apparent she relished an audience. Working Seth’s cock even more sensually, she fixed their voyeur with a sultry stare, putting on an erotic performance which saw the woman’s arm undulate ever more vigorously.

Zara could sense her lover was close, his meat twitching frantically as she feasted. She suspected one more deep swallow would be all it would take to push him over the edge – and she could hardly wait to see the look on their voyeur’s face once he came. Rearing back briefly, she unintentionally pushed her crotch into view of the gloryhole as she prepared to go down on the man hard.

The next second however, his cock was tugged from her grasp and she found the hole empty.

Left reeling for a moment, the first Zara knew of Seth’s arrival in her cubicle were his powerful hands dragging her to her feet.

‘You’re trans?’ he gaped, entirely unfazed by the fact he was entirely naked while another customer perused a rack of dildos not three steps away.

Zara was similarly unperturbed. Clenching her thighs together to push her she-cock out for him to admire, she bit her lip as lust raged behind his eyes. ‘I am,’ she nodded, pressing herself against his broad chest. ‘Why? Do you like what you see, hot stuff?’

Seth gave a low growl, unable to control the inner animal lust. ‘I’ve wanted to fuck a trans girl for years. And you can suck cock better than any of the cis sluts I’ve used through that hole.’

Zara smiled mischievously; she could sense there was very little restraining him. With the air of a seductive assassin, she went in for the kill. ‘In that case, how about you fuck this trans girl? Right here. Right now.’

Slim brunette trans woman in stockings receives anal sex from muscular man

All at once, Zara found herself hoisted onto a bright red chair she could not remember being there before. It mattered not, however, for her confusion was immediately lost as Seth bent her over the back and buried his face between her ass cheeks. His thick tongue drew ecstatic gasps as he feasted on her tight hole, yet before she could even process the heat and wetness of his probing tongue it was gone again, replaced by a slick finger lathering up her insides with a fragrant lube.

Peering back, she found he had snatched up a bottle from a nearby shelf, the lubricant – which he simultaneously massaged into his cock and her hole – tinted lavender to match its floral aroma. She shuddered as it boosted her sensitivity, the twist of his finger sending sparkles of pleasure flaring through her hips.

Everything was happening so fast she was struggling to process it all; mere seconds ago, the man had been an anonymous cock in her favourite gloryhole, now he was tearing off her bra and preparing to slip that big, long dick into–

Preparations over, Seth took her by surprise. The sudden sensation of his perfect cock stretching her tight hole was so intense Zara gave a startled scream. Even so, the other customers continued to pay them no heed, though the woman at the counter looked fit to burst with arousal.

Ever the exhibitionist, no sooner had Zara regained her bearings than she was putting on a sensual show for their voyeur. Rocking her hips and moaning passionately, she allowed Seth to pummel her from behind, the powerful blows of their colliding thighs sending echoing slaps through the store. Her perky tits bounced so hard her chest ached, and her pristinely straight locks were soon ruffled and unkempt as Seth began to tug on them roughly.

The harshness of their passion only drew a twisted grin over Zara’s lips. This was how she loved it. No… this was how they loved it.

Fresh memories surged to the surface, blotting out those she had just held to be true: she and Seth were not strangers at all. They were a couple. A deviant, kinky couple who loved to frequent the sex shop gloryhole to roleplay as filthy strangers for a while. Something about this special place ensured none of the other customers ever paid them any interest, though they had long since stopped wondering how it worked, preferring instead to put on a lewd show for the naughty store owner.

Above her, Seth’s mind swirled with the same new memories. Fuck, Zara really picked out a hot look to be used in today. Those stockings are so fucking sexy! I wonder if I can persuade her to wear them for our anniversary night next week…

As the filthy couple succumbed to the fog of lust clouding their thoughts, up at the counter the store owner struggled to restrain herself from storming over to join them. She always marvelled how well her magic cubicles warped their occupants into deliciously fiendish agents of lust, no matter how many times she had watched two lonely souls moulded into the perfect partners they had always desired. It was clear in the way Seth looked at his lover he loved her just as deeply as he craved her, while Zara herself looked even hotter with her little dick swinging back and forth with every thrust than she had as the busty blonde who had entered her store.

Two more happy customers, she thought. And happy customers make for a healthy profit; I can tell those two are going to relieve me of plenty of merchandise before they leave…

Slim brunette woman poses in sheer lace lingerie

Several Hours Later

‘Hurry up will you?’ Zara said, an unimpressed edge to her tone. She was stood in the lounge of their apartment clad in a stunning black lingerie set, all harness straps and sheer lace, which Seth had convinced her to buy from the sex shop earlier along with some new stockings to match. ‘We only have an hour until we have to be there and you promised you’d fuck me with that new toy we bought before we left.’

‘Which one?’ Seth teased. With a wink he rummaged in a large paper bag emblazoned with the store’s logo. They had added at least a dozen new toys to their collection that afternoon, the lingering arousal of their gloryhole fuck having made it impossible to choose just one. Still, he knew precisely which toy she was referring to. Producing it, he surreptitiously hid a second item behind his back. ‘Oh this one. It was this one, wasn’t it?’ he added with a grin.

‘Yes, and you knew full well it was.’ Zara narrowed her eyes sarcastically, though he spotted her squirm softly as he held it up.

Seth couldn’t blame her visible arousal. The toy was a thick cock-ring which descended into a silicone dildo as hefty as his own cock – he could only imagine how intense it would feel for her once they used it.

Still, he had something he knew she would like even more.

‘Before we get to that, I’ve been thinking. Once we get to the fetish gala I’m sure there are going to be more than a few of our friends eager to use your holes, and we wouldn’t want you getting distracted by that useless nub of yours, would we? So while you were picking out a new vibrator earlier, I bought you this.’

Seth’s gift was a sleek black chastity cage. The matte resin cage was entirely closed save the thin slit where the head would rest, and the sight of it prompted a squeak of delight from Zara. Snatching it up, she jigged giddily on the spot before throwing her arms around Seth and pulling him into a loving kiss.

‘Oh thank you, baby! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love it. I’m going to put it on right now and then we can see how loud you can make me scream with two cocks in my ass.’

‘I think you’ll be getting a lot of that tonight,’ Seth laughed.

Zara cast him a naughty grin. ‘I should hope so. Just as long as one of them is yours, that’s all I need to be happy.’ With that she hared off into the bathroom to don her cage, leaving her doting boyfriend to shed his clothes and slip on the cock ring ready for her return…

Thanks for reading!

It is no exaggeration to say that this story is one of my absolute favourites I’ve ever written. Undoubtedly my fondness of the main trans model here showcased is a contributing factor, but also the whole story was so much fun to write and the gradual moulding of the characters into horny deviants was so much fun to write. The basic concept was actually inspired by a story my fellow TG creator Rylem wrote some time ago called Room for Adjustment. While I went for less of a slow-burn narrative, the general idea of two strangers being moulded into the perfect couple, a change which the owner of the place was aware of, was so hot to me I thought it worth using in one of my own stories and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Be sure to check out Rylem’s work and let them know I sent you.

As mentioned, the models in this scene really make it for me, and they are Natalie Mars and Wolf Hudson. Hudson is real porn powerhouse who produces a lot of varied content, starring with gay, trans and straight models alike. He hasn’t appeared much in my personal porn diet, but anytime I come across his work it is always stellar and I find him particularly hot in his scenes with trans women, which is probably why I enjoyed this story so much.

As for Mars, there can never be enough good things said of her. I’m terrible at keeping track, but excluding this story I believe I’ve only showcased her work twice, however if you’ve followed me for any length of time you probably know how much I love Mars’ work. Her content is always absolute perfection, her online presence is about as deliciously naughty as it can get, and she is without doubt a personal hero of mine. I am thrilled to say her work will definitely be showing up in a big release I have this summer, and beyond that I can say without a shadow of a doubt that she will crop up in future stories, be they here or on my Twitter. Seriously, if you have any level of interest in trans content, Mars would be my number one model recommendation. She is absolutely amazing, and I consider it a joy to showcase her work on my blog.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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