Blonde woman dances with man in black shirt in club

Tasha was having a better time than she had had for a long time. The alcohol was good, the music was fun and the guys that littered the club’s dance floor all looked tasty.

She couldn’t remember what drink she was on but in truth she didn’t much care: she hadn’t been able to enjoy herself like this for months. Work was exhausting and relentless, and after Duke had cheated on her and they’d split up she had spent a good long while trying not to drown in desperation and loneliness. Sure, he had been a complete dick, but at least his careless use of her had made her feel wanted in a twisted sort of way. With him out of her life she’d felt empty and lost.

Fortunately for her, she had a persistent group of friends. Supporting her through it all they had never given up on inviting her places even when she had declined their offers repeatedly since her break up. Eventually she had agreed to accompany them on a night out if only to shut them up, and now here she was, dancing with a fit guy and enjoying herself to boot.

She couldn’t remember the last time she had been this relaxed. For the first time since leaving Duke she felt sexy and attractive, and if the bulge in the man’s jeans she kept feeling brush against her ass was anything to go by she had good reason to.

As the pace of the music eased off a little and she brushed up against his boner again a spark of mischief bid her turn around and face him. Reaching up she looped her arms around his neck and pressed her body close to his, staring deep into his eyes. There was a spark in them too and at first she mistakenly identified it as mirrored mischief. It would take her a while to realise it was in fact a glint closer to satisfaction or victory, but by then it would no longer matter.

Blonde woman kisses man in black shirt in club

It wasn’t something she would ordinarily do but a mixture of the warmth of the alcohol, the slowed music and the feel of the man’s body against hers amalgamated into a potent cocktail that pushed Tasha further into her attraction and, without thinking too much of what she was doing, she pulled him in for a kiss. There was nothing hard about it, instead it was slow and sensual. His lips were softer than she had expected and warm on hers. She tasted the wetness of his mouth as her tongue slipped briefly between his lips.

After a moment or two she broke their bond. Cuddling into his chest, her hands descended to curl around his waist and she smiled bashfully, waiting for his response. It came in the form of his hands snaking around her back to pull her in closer. One hand came to rest on the base of her spine and she shivered as his fingers came so close to her ass. He could have groped it if he wanted, and she guessed he did, but the tease was almost better than the action.

He leaned into her ear and kissed her earlobe before speaking in a low, husky voice. ‘I think you want more than that. I don’t think you want to stop at a kiss, do you?’

A shock of sobriety rolled over her and she paused. It had been a long time since anybody had hit on her and even then she could not remember any of them being so forward. But something in her eased her nerves: she was a single woman and she was attracted to a man who was hitting on her. There was nothing wrong with having a little fun.

She shook her head and he chuckled softly. ‘I didn’t think so.’

Tasha gasped as a hand found its way under her dress and his hard knuckles rubbed against her panties. She gripped his arms and bit her lip while her underwear began to dampen and his fingers unfolded to rub her clit through the material. With each moan, each gentle roll of her body he would huff with amusement: he was enjoying the teasing. Even over her panties his touch was an experienced one and he worked her clit deftly until she could feel her juices begin to wet her inner thighs.

Duke had never been so sensual with her. To him she had always been more an object than a lover and in the time they had been together he had only ever bothered teasing her on a handful of occasions. Yet where he had been rough and boisterous the man was caring and gentle, treating her like a delicate object.

The dancefloor was dark and thronging so she knew it was unlikely anybody would pay them much attention, however she quickly decided she didn’t care even if they did. After all, it’s not as though they were doing anything wrong. Just being a little intimate.

She felt suddenly empty when he pulled away. Then he was at her ear again and her heart pumped a little quicker at his words. ‘How about you and me find somewhere a little more private?’

Again she hesitated, but this time it was pushed aside faster than before. She deserved the chance to enjoy herself after all she had put up with in the past year. Enjoying the intimate company of a hot man was nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, the club they were in was one of those in which it was not uncommon to witness a couple in horny embrace: nobody was about to complain if things went beyond dancefloor pussy-rubbing.

Blonde woman in red dress walks through club with man in black shirt

Taking her hand he led her away from the dancefloor. The throbbing music, all but deafening beforehand, faded a little as they moved away. His fingers felt just as strong interlaced in hers as they had between her thighs and though it was a little uncomfortable walking with her panties wet each step sent a shiver of excitement up her spine knowing he wanted more than just to tease her.

His presence was intoxicating. Stood so close he seemed to exude power and raw attraction, and Tasha could smell his strong cologne. For some reason it aroused her and with each inhalation she wanted more of him. Though she was far from drunk she was not fully stable on her feet and she leaned into him for support, her free hand snaking up his arms and stroking his muscular shoulders.

He appeared to already know where he was going and as he led her confidently onwards they conversed amiably.

‘I don’t think I’ve seen you here before and I’m pretty sure I would have remembered a hot little thing like you. What brings you out tonight?’

‘Oh, my friends have been asking forever so I decided I would come to shut them up.’

‘I’m glad you did.’ He smiled and looped his arm around her waist. His hand dropped down to grope her inner thigh and she shuddered.

She looked up at him with eyes of want. ‘Me too. I haven’t spent much time with a guy for a long time.’


She nodded. ‘I don’t think I ever really loved him, but it was the company, you know? I’ve never really had much luck with guys though, so maybe it is for the best.’

‘Maybe,’ he mused, ‘or maybe you just haven’t met the right man.’

Having ascended two flights of stairs the two of them circled around the balcony that overlooked the dancefloor. Little walled off booths and areas were populated by groups and couples drinking and laughing, some groping one another and making out on the seats. Coming to the compartment at the end they found it empty and by the time they sank down onto a broad two-seater leather sofa Tasha had decided to let things take their course. If things became too much she knew she could stop, but right now all she wanted was him. All of him. In any and every way she could have.

Blonde woman straddles man in black shirt and they make out

Her heart raced as his hands rolled up her dress and revealed her soft ass and black thong. Surprising even herself she did not hesitate to initiate a kiss, taking his face gently in her hand and locking lips with him. This time her shyness had evaporated and she kissed him deep, her tongue jousting with his and exploring his mouth as she moaned sensually. With one hand gripping the back of the sofa the other roved across his torso, now stroking his neck, now rubbing his broad shoulders, now pressing against his firm abs.

His own hand explored her ass and thighs, squeezing and groping pleasurably. With each clench of his fingers she felt more wanted, more desired and she rolled her body up against his. It was unlike anything she had experienced with any man before and the more attractive she felt, the more loved he made her feel, the more she felt bound to him. She didn’t just want to be intimate with him, she wanted to be his. He might have been a hook-up in a club, but she was more into him than she had ever been into any man and she could feel an addiction forming.

She didn’t care. She wanted more. She wanted him and he knew it.

Straddling one of his legs she began to grind and moan, desperate for his teasing to give way into something more invasive. As if to emphasise her point she kissed him harder, pushing his head back with hers and throwing her hesitancy to the wind. Her rough kissing became deep and sloppy, her lips sliding over his noisily. On occasion she would pull away and suck on his earlobe or kiss the skin of his neck, but she would always return to his lips in short order to make out with fresh urgency.

As she did so, her free hand stopped rubbing his chest and started grabbing his dick. His boner was pressing up against his jeans and she coiled her fingers round it as best she could through the denim and stroked him firmly. Even through the material she could feel his size and she whispered filthy things into his ear in the hopes he might make a move.

Blonde woman is fingered by man in black shirt

When he did it was more intense than she had hoped for. Taking her in his arms, he rolled her onto her back and swung one leg up and over his shoulder. With her dress riding high her black thong was in full view and in one swift movement he slid it aside and slipped a finger into her wet, waiting hole.

Her grip on the sofa back tightened as pleasure flooded through her sensitive pussy. Her head fell backwards and she let out a brief gasp as he began to pick up the pace.

All at once she was filled with intense desire for him. Somehow, though his penetration of her was limited to a single digit, she was more aroused than she had been with any other man even in the throes of romantic embrace and all she could think of was giving herself completely to him. She wanted him to use her for his own pleasure, she craved it.

Absentmindedly her spare hand rose to her dress and she pulled it open to display her naked breast. Her chest heaved with each thrust and her mouth opened like she was about to cry out. For all that she wanted to moan, however, nothing would pass her lips save her breathless panting. The sudden desire was too much for her to comprehend and she could not begin to articulate it into any individual vocation.

With one hand between her thighs, the fingers of the other curled around her neck and lifted her head once more. Staring into her lustful eyes he leaned closer until they were only a few inches from one another. Her eyes swam with hunger and he smirked as he watched her devolve into a mess of limbs and longing. He could see in her eyes the yearning for the use she desperately needed. Her face close to his he deftly slipped a second finger into her slick opening.

This time she did moan, then bit her lip and allowed a smile to pluck at the corners of her mouth.

‘We both know you want more than this. You want to let me use your body as an instrument of pleasure, play you like I’m the only one who knows how. You know earlier, when I said you hadn’t met the right man? Well I left something out. I wasn’t talking about the man who will love you unconditionally and give you a nice, loving family. They’re a dime a dozen. Anybody can love if they put their mind to it.

‘But there is only one man you will be a real slut for. Just one. Who you would watch fuck any other woman he wanted right in front of you and still crave him just as much. Who you would worship every day for the rest of your life no matter what he said or did. Who you would let finger you after five minutes in a club.’ She moaned and he laughed. ‘And do you know the best bit? It isn’t about being soulmates or meant-to-be or some shit like that. He doesn’t need drugs or magic or hypnosis or any of that useless bollocks. All that man has to do is act in the right way. He just has to know how to seduce you and then you’re his from that point on and there is absolutely nothing you wouldn’t do for him.

‘Once you’ve met your man nobody else could ever match up to him.’ With a grunt of satisfaction he slid a third finger inside and grinned as her eyes rolled back. ‘You’ve met your man, sweetheart. I’m right here. And you’re my slut now, aren’t you?’

As he had spoken her inhibitions had faded and, just like he had said, there was nothing she would not do for him. She had read enough erotica to assume that shifting in personality like this was only possible by some kind of magic or brainwashing. This wasn’t. This was simple seduction in its purest form. And he was right: she had met her man. The one man with whom she felt no limits. It was incredible. It was passionate. It was all she could do not to cry.

‘Yes, yes I am,’ she panted as he continued to finger her. ‘Holy fuck I’m yours, I’m yours forever.’

‘Say it,’ he growled.

‘I’m your slut. Fuck, I’m your horny slut and I fucking love it.’

Leaning in close with a satisfied grin he angled her head so she was staring deep into his eyes. ‘Prove it,’ he said.

Blonde woman gives deep oral sex to man in club

With her tits exposed Tasha sank to her knees and wrestled down the man’s jeans, bringing his boxers down with them. His magnificent cock was let loose and without pausing to admire it she swallowed it hungrily. She couldn’t tell whether it was as a result of her inebriation or her newfound sluttiness, but whatever the reason she knew immediately that the man tasted better than any other lover she had blown in the past. The arousing salty tang of his meat combined with the scent of his cologne bombarded her senses and drove her into a state of wild mindlessness.

Rational thought no longer seemed to matter. Instead her actions were driven solely by desire and the need for more. More of his dick, more of his approval, more of his body. She hammered her head down onto his cock like it would kill her to pull away and the sloppy gagging gradually turned heads towards them.

Something about being observed made Tasha even hotter inside. She toyed with her pussy as the voyeurs admired them, some pulling out their phones and recording her. She moaned at the thought of them going home and jerking off to the video, craving a slut as dedicated as her but unable to have her.

Her tongue darted out every now and then to caress the underside of his shaft and she repeatedly pulled him as deep as he would go, coughing around his hefty meat as she deep-throated him giddily.

As his slut bowed down and worshipped, the man took the opportunity to slip free of his attire. His shirt was soon discarded on the arm of an adjacent chair and he kicked his trousers away so that he stood naked before her. On occasion he would loop his hands through her silky blonde locks and fuck her face hard, however he far preferred to watch her willingly serve him like the slut she was. Her horny moans and sloppy sucking only made him harder and every time his head struck the back of her throat he shivered with pleasure.

It wasn’t just his power over her that was intoxicating, but his superiority over the voyeurs. He could see in the eyes of the men how they all wanted to be him, yet it was far hotter to see that the women all wanted to be her. Smirking and winking at them, his stomach twisted as they bit their lips and frowned. He knew they were imagining kneeling before him too, and maybe some of them would before the night was through. Still, it was the jealousy of the men he relished the most and he decided it was about time to push it a step further.

‘That’s enough,’ he grunted to Tasha and he smiled as she finished up. Allowing herself a few more bobs she inhaled his cock as deep as it would go, squeezing the base of the shaft as she did so. When she pulled away a string of pre-cum trailed from her lips and she twirled it around a finger before sucking it down.

In one fluid movement the man dropped down, lifted her back onto the seat and took hold of her leg. Swinging it up he positioned her ready to use. Kneeling on the leather with one leg the other was raised up to reveal her slick opening. As she gripped the arm and back of the sofa tightly with both hands she braced herself for what she knew was coming, peering up at him adoringly with one tit hanging from her dress.

Lining himself up, the man sank into her pussy.

Blonde semi-naked woman has sex with man in club

With his cock buried inside her, the unseen gag that had largely strangled Tasha’s responses during her fingering was torn away and she moaned long and low. He felt so perfect and fulfilling. It was like he was the missing piece of her incomplete puzzle and unbridled ecstasy ripped through her with every thrust. It felt as though her insides were burning up with lust for him and her breathing came and fast, deep gasps as he lit fires of pleasure within her that had never burned before.

He was big too. She could feel the folds of her pussy stretching to accommodate him and yet somehow that hint of pain was all the more arousing. She supposed it came hand in hand with being his slut: it didn’t matter if it hurt so long as she was being used by him.

Blooms of pleasure rolled through her torso, twisting her stomach and building her heartrate until it felt like it might tear out of her chest.

‘Fuck,’ she gasped, ‘fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m so full. I don’t know how I can take you, you’re so fucking big. Oh god, I love being your slut. I’ll always be yours. Fuck me like you mean it; use me like you’re paying for it.’

Obligingly, the man looped his spare hand around her hips and used it to slam her harder onto his cock. She yelped with surprise before whining loudly, initially filthy words breaking down into snatches of half-spoken things she could not finish without moaning.

Each passing minute drew more observers and Tasha grinned as she spotted one of her friends join the crowd after a while. Fresh ideas tumbled through her mind and all she could think about was dragging her friend to join her and showing her how good it felt to give in to the man. She wanted to make more people his sluts: her friends, her sister, her mother. She wanted to be the first in his string of adoring sluts and show the rest how it was done. She needed it.

But not yet. Now it was only about the two of them. Fucking like animals in front of the horny viewers. She could feel her orgasm building and as it did a fresh idea popped into her head.

Blonde woman rides muscular man in club

Pushing off from the sofa she tipped him off balance and they both landed hard on the seat. The force of the impact plunged his dick even deeper into her hole and she squealed briefly as pleasure bolted through her. Discarding her dress she straddled his lap and almost immediately began to ride him enthusiastically.

His hands were hot over her ribs. Then they dropped to her ass to slam her down harder and she let out a sharp moan. She had never been this horny and all she could think of was finding some way to let it out. She wanted to scream, to shout. It was overwhelming. Every time she dropped onto his dick her body was wracked with erotic passion and she craved more.

Her bouncing tits pulled on her chest pleasurably and she let her mind drift as her body took over. With her inner slut now unleashed it was natural to ride hard and fast. Everything was automatic now; her hand rubbing her clit, her increasingly frantic riding, her dirty words and dirtier moans. Bouncing harder with every passing minute her orgasm grew and rose, setting her insides squirming and threatening to break at any moment.

As though sensing she was about to tip over the edge the man pulled her back and looped his arm up and around. ‘Let’s cum together, shall we?’

Blonde woman shakes while riding man in club

Slapping her pussy hard he growled with satisfaction as she yelped and panted in a mixture of ecstasy and pain. Her slutty smirks and open-mouthed moans gave way to a frown of apprehension and shivers that raced through her legs and up her spine. She knew her orgasm was all but upon her, however it was only now that she worried if she would be able to take it: she had never been this horny before. The man – her one man – had awoken something in her she had not known was there and now she worried just how intense her climax would be.

Pounding into her harder than ever the man battered her pussy with the flat of his fingers. All at once she felt him shoot his load inside her and it served to be the last straw. In a fit of hysterics, she came.

Throwing back her head she howled at the top of her lungs, however with the music so loud down below only her voyeurs and her lover could hear her. Her whole body burned anew, crashing waves of orgasmic pleasure tearing through her person and setting her body shaking uncontrollably. As they did they were laced with pain for the man did not stop slapping her pussy and she was so lost in euphoria that her body seemed to malfunction. Abnormally she found she had to consciously force herself to breathe, since her body had given up on doing so automatically in favour of embracing and savouring the incredible sensations ripping through her.

It was more intense than anything she had ever felt. So unused to the orgasm of a slut was she that she mistakenly judged it based on her understanding of an ordinary climax. Believing it to have subsided she lifted her head again, only to realise that the lull was in fact only a momentary break between the tsunamis of desire roaring through her person. When the next one came almost immediately her head swung back again, her legs bucked wildly and she cried out anew.

At length, it did subside and when it did she collapsed into his chest. The rest of the world seemed to fade into an inconsequential blur. She no longer noticed the voyeurs, nor the thumping music from below. All she saw was him. The man who had given her the best fuck of her life. The man who had let out the slut inside. The man who would hold her undying adoration and sexual servitude from that day forward.

Her man. The one man she would be a true slut for.

He stared into her eyes and smiled, his chest rising and falling heavily. ‘You know, I never actually bought you a drink, did I?’

‘No,’ she sighed dreamily.

Absentmindedly she felt his arm shift as he beckoned someone over, handed them some cash. She vaguely heard him talk to the receiver – ‘Buy the lady a drink’ – and heard the distant pace of footsteps departing the scene. But it all seemed so meaningless as she stared up at her lover. She didn’t even think she wanted a drink, not if it broke her stare from his.

Then again, once she actually came to taste it, savouring the sharp note to the beverage and the pleasant buzz of the alcohol, she realised she was far more open to the offer than she had expected…

Man pours alcohol over his penis while blonde woman gives oral sex

Thanks for reading!

This one of those stories I forgot I had written until it hit the top of my backlog and when I reread it I fell in love with it all over again. I am so, so happy with this piece because it is one of those pieces that doesn’t need magic or transformations to be hot: it’s hot because it’s grounded in reality. Somewhere someone has lived this fantasy and the thought of that makes me squirm wishing it was me. I know the last story of the month is usually an addition to a running universe but I wanted this piece to have a chance to shine and I didn’t think having it as an ordinary weekly release was good enough. Fortunately it is on the longer side, so at least it maintains the theme of the last story of the month being a long piece.

Next month there will be the usual universe addition story though, don’t worry.

I will apologise for the quality of the gifs though. I found them on ImageFap and knew I had to write a piece on them, but the quality is much lower than I’d usually use to support my work. At some point I might try and find the original clip and create better quality gifs, but don’t expect that anytime soon, if ever. I’m currently working on a project that is taking up a lot of my time and knowing me I’ll forget to come back to this once I’ve finished it. The only consolation I have is the low quality makes it look more like it has all been filmed by some horny onlooker to me, and that makes it even hotter in my eyes.

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