Room for Adjustment

NOTE: This is not my story. On my old blog I reblogged a piece by Rylem, however during the move to my new domain, the reblogs I had made broke. I have recreated this piece from Rylem’s original, which you can find on her blog here: I have tried to make it as accurate as possible to the original, however there are some minor layout differences.

Is this what it’s come to Nancy? She thought to herself. The last fifteen years were all for naught. You gave up your career to follow Steve around as he climbed the corporate ladder. And now you’re a 43 year old woman without a home. I can’t believe he cheated on me.

Nancy sat in her car with a vice grip on the steering wheel fighting back tears. She glanced up at the front door to the AirBnB she booked last minute.

So this is what is left of your life. A car, a trunk full of crumpled clothes, a bank account with too-little moneyand no job.

At 43, Nancy was physically in good shape. Her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s job paid well and Nancy stopped working full-time a few years ago. Neither of them wanted kids, so life could afford to be a bit self-indulgent. Nancy exercised daily, mixing running with yoga. She looked good and she was proud of it.

At the moment though, she looked like a wreck. The big-fight lasted most of the night and into the morning. Without sleep or a shower she drove off from her old life and into the unknown. Nancy peered into the rear-view mirror examining her blotchy tear-strewn face.

Okay, pity party over Nancy. Pull yourself together. At least you found a place to stay for a few days while you figure life out. This AirBnB is almost too good to be true. The owner had a last-minute cancellation and almost gave it away to me.

She looked up at the large Victorian house and managed a small smile. It was beautiful. It was out of place in this suburban neighbourhood. All the other houses were carbon copies built from some per-selected catalogue. Sure they were nice and modern, but this house stood out and made the other houses look bland by comparison. It almost seemed like the neighbourhood grew around this house.

Nancy exited her car and walked up to the front door.

Okay, Nancy. You can do this.

She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and rang the doorbell. After a few moments, a smiling middle-aged woman opened the door.

“Hello there, dear.” said the woman. “You must be Nancy.”

Nancy did a double-take before calming her nerves. She was dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt that were probably bought at the local mall.

What were you expecting Nancy? Some kind of flashback Victorian woman to match the house?

She briefly laughed at own thoughts. “Yes, hello. I’m Nancy. Its a pleasure to meet you.”

“Yes, the pleasure is all mine. I’m Vicky. Please do come in and I’ll show you to your room.”

Nancy entered the house and looked around. The decor was modern, but the house was period to the bones. The juxtaposition was jarring.

“This house is lovely. How old is it Vicky?”

“Oh, I really don’t know. I’ve owned it for about ten years. The previous owners renovated it, but kept it to its Victorian style. I live here and keep up the house. This house has three guest bedrooms that all share a single bathroom. The bedroom at the end of the hall is mine.”

“A single bathroom to share?” Nancy questioned.

“Yes, it is an old house. We usually create a schedule for guests to use in busy times. It has never been an issue. Now, you’re room is just up these stairs and to the right. The other two are for rent, but only one is currently occupied. I usually keep the place booked, but I had two renters leave with short notice.”

“Yeah, lucky me.” Nancy replied while walking up the stairs. “Who is the other house guest?”

“A young man, Greg.” She pointed up the hall. “He stays in the room next to mine, but he keeps odd hours.”

“Oh, okay.” Nancy said reluctantly.

“I’m sorry,” Vicky quickly interjected. “I should have said you’d be sharing space with a man. I assure you, he is perfectly respectable.”

“No, no. Its okay.” Nancy corrected. “Its silly of me, but I’ve only roomed with one man. I’ll be fine.”

“Okay, good.” Vicky continued. “As we discussed, I charge weekly rates. So even if you leave, you’ll have to pay me for the full week. And you can stay longer if you’d like, though most don’t.”

“Not a problem Vicky. I’ve already sent you the first week’s rate.”

“Perfect. And here is your room. Please make yourself comfortable.”

Nancy did her second double-take of the afternoon. The room was enormous. It looked like it came out of a movie set.

“This is lovely Vicky. I can’t believe this room.”

Vicky smiled. “I try to make the stay a complete experience for my guests. I do serve a quick breakfast in the mornings at 7am. Its not part of the package, but I like to cook and its nice to cook for more than one person.”

Nancy started to tear up. It had been a long day and for the first time she felt at ease.

“Thank you Vicky. I think I will enjoy my stay here.”

“I do hope so. My guests often say their experiences here are one of a kind.” Vicky reassuringly touched Nancy’s shoulder. “I know most don’t believe in these kinds of things, but I’ve found this house to have healing energy. It will help you out if you accept it.”

“I’ll take any help I can get Vicky.”

Vicky quickly stiffened before relaxing again. “Excellent. Well, the contract is made then. You are booked for a full week and paid up. Please feel free to move about the house and call on me if you need anything.”

Vicky turned and walked out of the room.

Okay Nancy, time to figure out your next steps. If you’re going to rebuild a new life, at least you have a nice room to do it in.

A ray of sunlight crept through the window coverings and across the bed linens. Beneath them, Nancy stirred from her slumber. Gently, she opened her eyes and awoke feeling refreshed.

Wow, I slept great. Yesterday was an ending, which makes today a new beginning. I think I’m ready to face what comes. So come on Nancy, get your 40 year old ass up and ready to go.

Nancy threw the covers off of herself and put on a robe she found hanging in her closet.

This place really thinks of everything. Now, to brave the single bathroom. I don’t think I’m ready to deal with casual conversation right now.

It was an uneventful journey across the hall. Her absent co-renter, Greg, was nowhere to be found.

Nancy dressed for breakfast and went downstairs.

“Good morning Nancy,” Vicky called from the kitchen. “I’ll be right out with some food.”

“Thank you Vicky. That’s very kind of you.”

“Have you thought of what you will do today?” Vicky questioned. “We have a lovely pool in the backyard if you are interested. There is also a hot tub. It is very calming.”

“That actually sounds very nice,” Nancy replied. “I may take advantage of that.”

“We also have a small library that you can use.”

“Really? This place does seem to have everything.”

“Yes, I do try to be a good host.”

“You have been wonderful Vicky and this food is delicious. Thank you.”

A short while later Nancy went upstairs to ready herself for the pool.

Going to the pool seems lovely, but I didn’t really bring a lot of clothing. I’m not sure I have anything to wear.

She opened the dresser where she unpacked her clothes into the night before. Her eyes settled upon a leopard-print one-piece swimsuit.

That’s funny. I don’t remember this one. Perhaps it was a gift?

She held the bathing-suit up against the sunlit window. A memory of purchasing the suit in the Bahamas on an anniversary vacation popped into her head.

That’s right. I bought this when Steve and I went to the Bahamas to try and rekindle our romance. I do remember it being quite flattering.

Nancy put on the bathing-suit and looked at herself in the mirror.

Wow. I remember it being flattering, but this is downright sexy. Not bad at all for a 38 year old. Plus, I’m having an excellent hair-day. Funny though, I don’t remember putting on makeup this morning. Oh well, I must have just forgotten. I’ve been through so much.

Nancy spent the afternoon relaxing at the overly-large pool the house provided. On her way back to the bedroom she caught a glimpse of Greg as he entered his bedroom.

I should say ‘hello’. It seems the proper thing to do.

As she walked over to his bedroom door she heard the loud click of his door being locked.

I guess he wants to be left alone.

She retired back to her bedroom to prepare for dinner. Once again she pulled a forgotten piece of clothing from her dresser.

This dress seems shorter than what I usually wear. But I do love the color. I guess I bought it and decided not to wear it because it was too revealing.

Too bad, it does make my legs look so nice. Would Steve had been more faithful if I wore things like this around the house?

No, Nancy. You can’t think like that. He chose to cheat. You didn’t make him do it.

Nancy exited the bedroom to head down for dinner. On her way, she glanced down at Greg’s door.

I wonder what Greg would think if he saw me wearing this. But a hot piece of meat like him probably would want a 35 year old woman.

The next morning Nancy awoke with the sun once again feeling energized. Feeling confident, she bypassed getting fully dressed and threw on some casual pajamas and headed downstairs for breakfast.

“Good morning Nancy,” Vicky said. “You are positively glowing this morning.”

“Am I?” Nancy replied. “I just got out of bead and came downstairs. I haven’t even bothered to look in the mirror yet today.”

“Oh?” Vicky said with a barely noticeable smile.

“Yeah…I guess I just feel so comfortable here. This is truly a wonderful place.”

Vicky handed Nancy a cup of coffee. Nancy casually leaned up against the kitchen island.

“Oh, and here is Greg,” Vicky announced. “Good morning Greg.”

Nancy looked up and saw a mountain of a man enter the kitchen. He was looked young, she estimated early 20s, and very attractive. Nancy could not contain a smile.

“Morning Vicky,” he grumbled in a deep voice. Nancy almost felt his voice vibrate in her core. It sent pleasurable sensations coursing through her.

He turned his gaze to Nancy. “Hello, you must be Nancy.”

Greg reached out his hand with a smile. Nancy stood mesmerized for a second before quickly coming to and shaking his hand.

“Yes,” she replied. “It is a pleasure to meet you Greg.”

After breakfast Nancy went upstairs to get dressed. While getting dressed her thoughts drifted towards Greg.

My god he was so sexy. Steve was handsome in his way, but Greg practically oozed masculinity. I’d love to wrap my 33 year old legs around his waist. Oh, the things I could do with him.

She closed her eyes and allowed her thoughts to wander. She could almost still smell his musk in the air. A warmth started to grow within her, a feeling that had been missing for some time. She allowed her bra to fall to the floor and started to remove her panties.

Unwilling to fight off the urges, she collapsed upon the bedroom couch. Fully naked she explored her needs while thinking of nothing but Greg.

As she worked up a pleasurable sweat, the stress of Steve and her divorce slowly became less tangible. Eventually escaping from her mind completely.

The next morning, Nancy woke up to her alarm clock.


She quickly ran to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Returning to her bedroom she grabbed her outfit from the dresser and got ready for the day.

Pull yourself together Nancy. You’re going to be late for work. You just moved to this town a few days ago after getting this paralegal job. The job market has been so tough, you don’t want to screw up your first day.

She was just about to leave when she heard footsteps in the hall outside. She quickly opened the door and saw Greg exiting his bedroom. She paused and stood thunderstruck for a moment.

“Um…hi Greg,” she fumbled. “Good to see you again.”

God, Nancy. Be more pathetic. You’d think at 29 years old you’d have figured out how to properly flirt.

“Morning Nancy,” he replied. “You’re looking good this morning.”

Nancy blushed and absentmindedly tied a knot at the bottom of her blouse.

“Umm…thanks Greg.” Nancy practically beamed from the attention. “Oh, I almost forgot my bag.”

She turned back towards her bedroom and slightly pulled up her leg. Nancy had a nice ass and she knew Greg would appreciate the view.

God he’s so incredibly sexy. Better looking than anyone I’ve dated since college.

“Where are you heading Nancy?”

“For work, silly,” she flirted back. “Its my first day at the law-firm.”

“Oh,” he replied. “I didn’t know you had a job. My mistake.”

Here’s your chance Nancy, go in for the kill.

“Well, we’ve practically just met. There’s so much you don’t know about me, but if you ask nicely, we could meet up later and I might tell you more.”

Greg paused, seemingly confused before replying. “Yeah, I would like that. What did you have in mind?”

“Great, come find me tonight after work. I’m sure we can think of something.”

That might have been one of the longest days of your life Nancy. After meeting Greg this morning, I’ve been so incredibly horny. And instead of taking care of my needs, I had to do stupid legal stuff all day.

Nancy tore off her work clothes as soon as she entered her bedroom. Not bothering to lock the door she quickly got down to business.

Oh god, Greg is so hot. I just want him to fuck me so hard.

The late afternoon sunshine was still strong when Greg walked over to Nancy’s door. He was about to knock when he saw a note. “Meet me at the pool — N”

Nancy waited for Greg poolside. She had sated her immediate needs, but desire still burned strong within her.

Geez Nance. Get a grip on yourself. You’re practically drooling over this guy. You’re a hot 25 year old woman. You don’t need to fawn over him. He’d be lucky to fuck you.

Nancy was deep in her own thoughts when Greg walked out onto the pool deck.

Fuck me, he’s so hot. Forget restraint, I want to jump him right here.

“Hey Greg,” she said, posing slightly for effect.

“Hey Nancy, I got your note.”

Greg’s deep voice once again vibrated through Nancy.

“Clearly. Come join me, the water is nice and warm.”

Without waiting for a response, Nancy sat down in the shallow water and teasingly pulled at the corner of her swimsuit top.

“Sure thing, Nancy.” Greg stammered. He practically ran to the water’s edge.

From just inside the house, Vicky peered momentarily out to the pool. Seeing Greg and Nancy enjoying each other’s company, she smiled and turned away.

Nancy awoke in the mid-morning. Her drawn curtains blocked the early-morning light and her alarm was turned off. Even after sleeping in, she was tired.

Mmm…last night with Greg was so nice. He fucked me so good. I’m not even sure what time I returned to my room.

She pulled on her silk robe and walked over to the couch.

I wonder if he misses me? I bet he does. I’m such a hawt 21 year old piece. All the boys at my college want me. But Greg is different. He’s 24But he’s such a sexy older man.

Nancy took out her cell phone.

I’m going to make sure he misses me.

OMG, this one is perfect. He’ll totally want to fuck me when he gets back from work.

Upon entering the front door, Greg saw Nancy sitting in the living room.

“Hey babe,” she said.

“Hey, Nancy,” he replied. “What are you doing down here?”

“I couldn’t wait to see you. Did you get my texts?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Didn’t I look so hawt?” Nancy quickly interrupted.

“Yeah. You did,” Greg replied.

“Good. That’s what you’re supposed to say.”

Nancy enticingly spread her legs apart.

“Don’t you want to come over here and and fuck me?”

“Where’s Vicky?”

“Oh, don’t worry about her. She, like, totally knows what’s going on. She suggested I meet you down here. She’s so cool.”

“Oh,” Greg paused. “Okay, I guess.”

“Yeah, so come on already. I’m so horny and you’re so hot. Get your muscular body over here, take out your big dick, and fuck me already.”

Overwhelmed by Nancy’s advances and his own desire, Greg happily complied.

The next morning Greg and Nancy moved out of the ornate Victorian house together. Vicky watched them as they walked out hand-in-hand and enter Greg’s car. She notice Nancy’s head disappear towards Greg’s lap as they drove off.

She thought of Nancy when she first entered the house a few days ago: a stressed out, saddened 35 year old, soon-to-be divorcee. Now Nancy was a sexy college co-ed with an overstated sex drive.

She then thought of Greg when he first entered the house: a sickly-looking 54 year old man. He had never been married and probably never had a girlfriend. Now he was a 24 year old hyper-masculine man.

This house always found a way of allowing its guests to find their true selves.

“Another satisfied set of customers,” she said aloud to herself and smiled.

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