Inside rundown room fronted by boarded up metal gate leading on to street outside

Lying back against the cold wall, Kevin shivered as he rested the point of the needle against his inside elbow. Glancing down, he took a moment to stare at his inside arm all riddled with scabs and scars. It almost didn’t feel like it belonged to him, and as he always did, he wriggled his fingers to check it didn’t somehow belong to somebody else.

The gate at the end of the room rattled as somebody walking past knocked it, too busy talking on their phone to look where they were going no doubt. The view through the chain links had been obscured by patches of cardboard somebody had lashed up and now only sparing shafts of sunlight made it through into the dark, decomposing space along with muffled snatches of conversation.

Kevin liked it here. He had found it some years ago when his drug habit had first landed him on the streets, and he had marvelled how nobody else in the homeless community had claimed it as their own. He could not figure out what the building had once been, all he knew was that it was definitively abandoned and despite its street-facing nature, accessible only – as far as he could tell, at least – through a back alley delivery door. The knowledge that he had been like the people just beyond the fence was still painful, but he found that nestling up in the dark and listening to them pass by close enough to touch made him feel almost part of them again. Even better, it allowed him to feel involved while he filled his body with the drugs he could no longer imagine living without.

Naturally, he had never told anyone about his place. Only his dealer knew he came here, and the man had assured him he would guard the secret well.

Listening to the people pass by he absentmindedly slipped the needle into his arm, wincing as he did so. Glancing at the solution within he noted that it was a touch redder than usual, but shrugged it off and plunged the contents into his body with a long sigh. Removing the needle, he laid back and closed his eyes ready for the drug to kick in.

Almost immediately, however, something felt wrong. The sensation he usually received was not forthcoming and instead he felt his insides turn sharply. Frowning, he made to move only for his body to explode with an intense burning. When he looked down he half expected to see his body alight with flame, and he doubled over and rolled onto his side as the churning of his stomach hit in full force. He tried to scream, yet his vocal chords no longer seemed to work properly and all that he could produce was a hoarse groan.

Holding up his arm, he blanched as he watched the many dark hairs recede into his skin. The countless scars vanished as though they were words being rubbed from a chalkboard, and the scabs peeled away to reveal supple skin beneath. The blemishes and moles that littered his arm also faded, along with any other imperfections. The fire burning suddenly hotter around his hand he watched as his crooked, rugged digits softened and straightened, the cracked nails sealing, the rough palms smoothing over before his eyes. By the time it was over, his entire arm looked as though it was that of a beautiful woman and between his rasps of pain he gasped as he wriggled his fingers and confirmed it definitely was still his.

The burning intensified and spread, seeming to works its way down into his very core and he felt more of his body twist and change. He did not witness it, however, for very quickly his vision grew hazy at the edges and blurred over. Crumpling to the ground he screamed in whispered agony. Just before he blacked out, he thought he heard the echo of footsteps from an adjacent room followed by a vague shadow in the doorway. Then he was lost to the empty void of unconsciousness…

Kevin’s vision returned in much the same way it had abandoned him, albeit in reverse, with initial blurriness fading into unclear periphery and then full sight. Even when he was restricted to only vague colours and shapes, however, he was immediately aware he was in a different location entirely.

The room was bright in lighting and colour, and he was bombarded by smudges of red, brown and gold. Indistinct shapes moved around slowly, which he took to be people, and it looked almost as though they were carrying blood in their hands. The place smelled of wood and perfume, and he could hear the tinkling laughter of women and the gruff voices of men. When his vision cleared fully, he found himself in an opulent room that was all ornate furniture, elaborate rugs and delicate lampshades, while the moving shapes did indeed hone themselves into figures as finely dressed as the room was decorated. Almost invariably they held glasses of blood red wine and were mostly engaged in polite conversation. Despite this, of the two dozen or so occupants of the room, almost all of them had their gaze fixed firmly on his person.

Only at that point did Kevin’s senses scream that something was very wrong. For one thing, the sensation of cool air prickling over his bare flesh was enough to inform him he was naked, however he quickly realised with a pang of panic that he could not move. Initially he tried to twist his head around to see what was binding him. When that did not work, he was forced to surmise from touch alone: something hard and solid around his abdomen. Wood, at a guess. More wood around his wrists, followed by cold metal. Shackles. He could feel the same around his ankles, and as for his head, that was held in position by something he guessed to be rope bound in his hair.

The one issue with that was that Kevin didn’t have hair. At least not enough to tie a rope into, for he had consistently used a pair of scissors and half of a mirror to keep his hair cut short since he had found himself on the streets. What was more, there was a newfound weight on his chest he had never felt before, and given that he was naked he was certain that air should have felt very different around his nether regions. In fact, when he attempted to twitch the muscles he knew would move his penis, he felt nothing there at all besides a yawning emptiness.

Staring around frantically at his spectators, who were watching him pass through confusion and shock with expressions of demure amusement, he surmised no help was forthcoming. His breath increasing pace to panicked gasps, his eyes roved around until he caught sight of his reflection in a glass-fronted cabinet opposite…

He was a woman. His new tits hung down, his arms were twisted up behind him, and he was bent over in some form of stockade with a rope tied into his hair keeping his eyes up.

‘What… what the… I… where… who…?’ he panted, trying to ignore his high-pitched voice. A ripple of soft laughter swept through the room in response, before it was stifled by the tapping of something metal against a crystal glass.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, it seems tonight’s entertainment is awake.’ The owner of the voice stepped into Kevin’s vision – a tall man in a sharp suit and a sharper haircut. He leaned down and smiled coldly at the restrained woman. ‘And how ravishing she is.’

He may have been restrained, but that did not stop Kevin rearing back and spitting hard into the man’s face. The crowd responded with a low chuckle. ‘What the fuck have you done to me, you oily bastard?’ he roared, his fury notably less intimidating than it would have been in his male form. ‘Where am I? What the fuck do you think you’re doing locking me up like this? Let me out right now or I’ll crush that smug grin between my boot and the fucking pavement.’

The man laughed heartily, echoed by the onlookers. ‘Oh, how adorable. The junkie still has her bite. I wonder how long she will keep it.’

Kevin shifted uncomfortably in his bondage. Something in the man’s eye unnerved him deeply.

‘You know, this is the part I savour the most,’ he said, running a finger along the rope and brushing Kevin’s face with his crotch, ‘watching people like you really figure out what your future is. I have to say it always surprises me you don’t cotton on quicker though: you know your way around most drugs on the market, it shouldn’t be too difficult to work out.’

‘Switch,’ Kevin breathed.

‘Ah, yes, there we go. Realisation dawns. Switch, the wonder drug capable of transforming any individual from one sex to the other. Outlawed in every country on Earth save Thailand and Brazil,’ he chuckled and leaned over to leer into Kevin’s face. ‘Makes you wonder what they get up to, doesn’t it?

‘You know the marvellous thing about Switch? It completely rewrites your DNA. Which means anybody who might ever decide to come looking for you has no chance of tracking any matching forensics evidence from your last known location, to where you are now. No fingerprints, no hair or blood samples. Nothing. Once you’ve taken Switch, there is no longer any usable data on you in any database or documentation anywhere on the planet. You literally cease to exist.

‘Naturally this makes it simply perfect for our needs, and people like you are the perfect candidates. It’s all so hopelessly simple a blind man could see it. A dealer slips just a little dose of Switch into his product and hands that over to one of his customers. They then tell us exactly where the junkie in question is going to be at which point we head to said location, pick up the stupid bastard and bring them to their new home, here, by which time they are fully converted. They, of course, are then ours to use however we so please and there is nothing at all they can do about it.

‘And here’s the thing, Kelly.’ Again he dropped down to Kevin’s eye level. ‘And I’m going to call you Kelly from now on because Kevin just doesn’t suit this tantalising body of yours. Nobody is going to come looking for some forgotten junkie. When people like you go missing, everyone just thinks you wound up dead at the bottom of some ditch, not turned into a communal plaything.’

Kevin could not look the man in the eye. ‘Who are you people? What are you going to do to me?’

The man smiled. ‘Let’s just say we appreciate the sexual experience. We’re going to fuck you, Kelly. Every day, every which way until you break and beg for more. We are your gods, Kelly, and we start tonight.’

Unbuckling his belt, the man slid it free of his trousers before slipping them down along with his boxers. Kicking them aside he tossed his shirt, tie and blazer with them. Allowing the woman to take in his naked body for a moment, he smirked.

Involuntarily, Kevin felt himself salivating. He had heard that Switch had side effects just as with any drug, and it appeared that his new body was falling victim to the increased arousal that supposedly came hand in hand with the drug. The man’s cock was already semi-erect and the sight of it sparked hosts of intrusive thoughts that Kevin could not ignore: what might it feel like? What might it taste like? Along with these came a yawning void in the pit of his stomach. He was reminded of how it felt to spot a plate of food and realise just how hungry you really were and as much as it repulsed him he felt as though the only thing that could fill the emptiness inside was the man’s hefty meat.

From a small table beside the stocks, the man picked up a silver chain tipped on either end by two nipple clamps. With experienced hands he clipped them onto Kevin’s naked nipples, who cried out as pain split his chest. Confusingly, the pain seemed only to build on his arousal and he felt his sex dampen.

With a chuckle, the man moved around behind Kevin until he could only hear him. Ignoring the pain in his breasts he listened intently as the man stroked himself up to full erection. The audience were conversing quietly as he did so, though not once did they tear their gaze away. The scene captivated them and they grinned as the man took the restrained woman by the waist.

Kevin could feel the roughness of his hands on his flesh, the strength in his fingers as they gripped tight. Then, without warning, he slammed inside his slave and Kevin’s mind exploded with pleasure. He had been right: the man’s cock did satisfy the void. It filled him so completely he could not imagine ever being without it and his mind tumbled with conflicting emotions: lust, shame, desire, guilt, hunger, desperation, passion and terror all whipped up in an eternal storm. Every thrust filled him with bolts of perfect fulfilment and it took him some time to realise that the moans he could hear were his own.

Brunette is used from behind while restrained in stocks wearing stockings and nipple clamps

He felt as though he was being broken down on a mental level, like every thrust of the man’s perfect, throbbing manhood was tearing away his masculinity and pumping a new personality into his body. Even as he fought new and unexpected urges, he could feel his body reacting to the rough fucking and was unable to deny how deeply satisfying it all was.  

As the man continued to pound Kevin’s new pussy, the audience shifted from reserved voyeurs to passionate lovers. One by one they turned to the nearest individual and began to kiss and grope one another. Their hands strayed beneath articles of clothing and into underwear, and all around him they began to shed their refined attire in favour of shameless nakedness or erotic lingerie. Women dipped their heads to taste the exposed cocks of their lovers, and men allowed their fingers to stray to exposed holes which they soon began to finger sensually. The room was filled with moans and grunts as the gathering became a rolling, writhing mass of limbs and genitalia succumbing to hedonistic desires.

After a few minutes, a woman left her lover and crossed over to Kevin. Stunningly attractive, she was naked save a pair of iridescent nipple clamps and she crouched down in front of him as he was fucked harder by the man. Kevin stared at her heaving chest, his unwilling arousal saturating his mind.

‘You’ll get used to it,’ the woman smiled reassuringly. ‘It will take some time, but you’ll see this is for the best.’

‘This… this is wrong…’ Kevin managed to gasp, ‘how can you… do this?’

The woman smirked. ‘Because I was like you. My dealer sold me out and I woke up in exactly the same place you are. I was fucked for so long, and I wanted it all to end. Then I gave in. It’s so much better when you give in. It all feels so good.’ As she spoke a man came up behind her, lifted her hips and sank himself into her ass. He fucked her as she spoke and her tits bounced attractively. ‘You’ll give in one day. I know you will. Every woman here did and look how happy we all are now. You’ll give in and then if you’re really lucky one of us will take you as our lover. I hope you get that lucky. I did. But when we’re in these walls it doesn’t matter who we have devoted ourselves to: this is where we fuck until we can’t breathe anymore.’ She smiled and Kevin felt a wave of longing wash over him. He began to wonder how bad it would be to give in. ‘Oh look, you’re about to get your first spitroast,’ she cooed as a man approached, naked from the waist down. Her own lover began to move her away. ‘Give in. It is better if you give in.’ Then she was lost to the crowd and the man was stood over Kevin, one hand on the stocks.

‘Open your mouth, slut, it’s time you learned how to suck.’

Kevin wanted to scream. Wanted to wrestle his way free and escape. But being fucked so rough felt good. Obeying orders seemed so tantalisingly naughty.

Slowly, Kelly opened her mouth…

Brunette is used from behind while restrained in stocks wearing stockings and nipples

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I hope you enjoyed this naughty piece, and since I included some of their content in it I wanted to take a moment to recommend The Upper Floor. For those with an interest in BDSM, degradation, group sex, voyeurism and all around kinkiness, The Upper Floor is definitely something you’ll be interested in. They create awesome content and are a top player in the fetish/BDSM porn sphere. You can find a lot of their content here: however I unfortunately have been unable to identify which video these gifs were from originally.

Having mentioned The Upper Floor it would be impossible for me not to mention Kink. Kink are an incredible porn producer and their work as you might expect leans hard into fetish and bondage, exploring the more taboo kinks of their delightfully twisted viewers. If you can think of a pornstar chances are they have worked with Kink at least once, and Kink creates content covering straight, gay and trans scenes which I personally think is awesome. Many of my personal favourite models I found through Kink scenes, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. You can visit their website here: where you can find all of their content including live shows, behind-the-scenes videos and resources for the BDSM community from educational content to social networking.

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