As the wall opposite was battered by another volley of gunfire, PC Thompson flinched, pressing himself as close as he was able into the wall beside the doorway. It was no exaggeration to say that he was in life-threatening danger. The old buildings in the disused office complex had long been used as on-off drug dens, though by now the police sweeps of the buildings were so widely known that

Rubbing his face into the woman’s ass, both of them laughed coldly. As the brunette woman – the one who had called herself Mistress M – held his face there, the dark-haired woman whose ass was crushing his nose, and who had identified herself as Mistress S, coiled a hand around and gripped his hair tightly. Ordinarily, he would have found both women intensely attractive. Mistress S’ black corset was

It had been too late for her before she had even had time to register what was going on, and the moment she had found herself in the same room as the two men, she had never stood a chance. She moaned desperately around her ball-gag, her body wracked by spasms as the wand vibrator pressed to her soaking pussy pushed her ever closer to the precipice of orgasm. As

It may have been the first time Martin had seen his wife in over three months, but as she turned to face him he did not run to her. Partly because he had never seen her look at him in that way – her stare distant, an unnerving edge to her expression – but mainly because he thought the burly men twisting his arms behind his back might snap them

Note: this story is an extension of and a sequel to an original creation by the inimitable Mara’s Mischief in a universe focused on rather sexy crime syndicates. You can find more information about her in the notes section at the end of this story. As he sat at the bar, his back aching and the din of rowdy twenty-somethings filling the room, Detective Cooper was more aware than ever

Ava sat sullenly at the bar, staring deep into her empty glass as though if she looked hard enough it would swallow her up. Glancing down the bar, she could see Elias on the dance floor, a beautiful young woman grinding up against him and giggling girlishly as he whispered something into her ear. Often Ava wished she was the type of girl to confront her boyfriend about his serial

Sir Vincent, honoured knight of King Arthur, crept through the darkened corridor with his sword drawn, calculating each step carefully. It was no exaggeration to say that his very life depended on his caution and to put a foot wrong could spell his doom. All alone in the heart of the High Sorcerer’s fortress, he was lucky to have survived this far. He would have felt significantly more at ease

Consciousness came slowly to her, and with it a sense of sudden dread. Something was very wrong, she could feel it in her gut, but at first she could not pinpoint what it was. As the drugs in her system wore off, her mind cleared and clarity flooded her system. Her first instinct was to run. It seemed to be a leftover reaction, as though it was the last thing