The Witches: Ava’s Night Out

Close-up shot of wine glass on neon-lit bar

Ava sat sullenly at the bar, staring deep into her empty glass as though if she looked hard enough it would swallow her up. Glancing down the bar, she could see Elias on the dance floor, a beautiful young woman grinding up against him and giggling girlishly as he whispered something into her ear. Often Ava wished she was the type of girl to confront her boyfriend about his serial flirting and obvious lust after anybody other than her. She yearned to be able to storm up to him, break up with him right there in front of the slut he had chosen for the night and march out of the club without looking back.

But she knew herself too well for that: before she could make it to the end of the bar her nerve would have failed her and she would scurry back to her seat to bore the bottom of her glass with a stare sharp enough it could have cut diamond. Besides, even if by some miracle she went through with it, once out of the club it wasn’t like there was anywhere she could go. She had spent so long making excuses for Elias’ boisterous behaviour to her family she couldn’t imagine facing them and admitting the blatant lies she had fed them for years, and the friends she had once had had long since given up trying to talk some sense into her and have her call off the relationship: there was nowhere to go but back to their flat and wait for him to come home.

As she sat there, she tried to avoid the thoughts of how she knew the night would end. Elias would act the chivalrous gentlemen, offering to take home his new drunken lady friend, leaving Ava to walk home alone in the early hours. Several hours later, Ava still awake sick with worry that in his own drunkenness he might have come into some trouble, he would arrive back noisily, hair ruffled, traces of lipstick he had been unable to wash away still visible on his neck, his collar, and shirt half unbuttoned. When he undressed for bed, she would see that the lipstick was more visible on his chest, and had spread his still half-erect penis with a fine coating of scarlet. A phone number would be written somewhere on his person, anywhere from the back of his hand to the shaft of his member, and the following morning the same number would be newly added to his phone. If she was feeling particularly brazen, Ava would check through the pockets of his discarded jeans while he was at work, usually resulting in her finding either a bra, some lace panties, a handful of empty condom packets or some combination of the three. Once, she had even found a butt plug.

She couldn’t begin to fathom why Elias had gone out with her in the first place since she was so clearly not his type, but then she supposed if there was the possibility of sex in any situation he would leap at the chance to take it. And there had been, back when they had first started. Now though, he was either too tired from spending the night fucking other girls or too lazy after spending the day at work to bother sleeping with her. Not that she cared, of course: on the rare occasion they did become intimate it was awkward, short-lived and she got the distinct impression Elias was using her purely as an item of pleasure. In truth, it was one of the few reasons she assumed he stayed with her at all, that and the fact that her presence meant he had less to do around the house, and perhaps that he got off on the misplaced belief that she did not know about his drunken activities. Her flat chest and awkward frame certainly didn’t contribute to his want for her; she knew that well enough given he had frequently confirmed it back when she had had the energy to row with him.

Watching Elias, Ava’s stomach turned as the girl turned to face him. She was wearing a tight blue dress several miles north of short, and unlike Ava she had a full chest and astonishing curves. Gradually, she worked her way down his body until she was practically on her knees in front of him. Ava turned away.

‘Need a refill?’

Ava looked up, expecting the bartender to be stood over her, but found nobody there. Confused, she turned to find a woman dressed almost entirely in black sat on the stool beside her, a warm smile on her face.

‘Oh, no thank you.’

‘My mistake,’ said the woman, ‘I tend to jump to conclusions. I just thought given that you’ve been staring at that glass hard enough to shatter it you might be pining after a drink.’

Ava blushed furiously. ‘Sorry, lost in thought I guess.’

‘Based on how long you’ve been sat here on your own am I to assume you are here alone, my dear? Or should the glances at that tall gentleman on the dancefloor provide me with a different assumption? Crush, perhaps?’

Ava scoffed, turning back to her glass.

‘Ah.’ An expression of understanding washed over the woman’s face. ‘Boyfriend then. Not a very good one by the looks of it.’

‘Pardon me, but what is it to you? Why have you been watching me?’ Ava felt suddenly very vulnerable. The woman seemed so sure of herself and there was an aura of experience and mystery about her. Her black attire consisted of a silk shirt and knee-length skirt that, though far from form-fitting, boasted a shapely figure, and about her shoulders was a black leather jacket. The only dash of colour was a red beaded necklace. She had sharp, intelligent features and undulating blonde hair that flowed down and over her shoulders like a golden waterfall. Ava could almost hear it roar. Something about the woman unnerved her.

‘Oh forgive me, I often forget that I can come across a little strange. I don’t mean to alarm you, dear, I simply enjoy finding a quiet corner in places such as this and watching the world pass me by. Witnessing tragic dance routines and drunken blunders is a fantastic opportunity to amuse oneself, but on occasion individuals such as yourself come to my attention. Sitting alone, empty glasses in hand, expressions of dejection on their pretty faces. I would rather risk coming across a tad strange than sit and let them ponder their loneliness. I have been around long enough to know they often have need to talk.’

Ava found that she could not begin to fathom the woman’s age. Her body might have been as young as her mid-twenties, yet her eyes were unlike any Ava had seen in anybody under eighty. That warm smile was still there, and somehow it comforted her. She shifted in her seat, unsure of what to say.

The woman placed a hand on her arm, squeezing reassuringly. ‘Don’t worry dear, you don’t have to say a thing, not if you don’t want to.’ Ava started, briefly wondering if the woman had read her mind, before shaking the idea from her mind. ‘I’ll just get us both a drink.’

The bartender came, filled their glasses and left again, and Ava was left in silence with the woman. Strangely, it was comfortable. More than comfortable, in fact, like the happy silence held by a long-married couple. She sipped at her wine so as not to seem impolite.

‘If you don’t mind my asking, if that is your boyfriend, what purpose have you in keeping him in your life? He doesn’t strike me as a particularly favourable gentleman, and, quite frankly, you can’t be in it for his dancing.’

Ava smirked, though she tried not to let the woman see. ‘Because.’ For a moment that was all she said, and a fresh sadness overwhelmed her. ‘I’ve got nowhere else to go.’ Somehow, saying it out loud made the truth doubly painful.

‘Nowhere at all?’ The woman seemed shocked. ‘Surely a pretty girl like you must have friends to spare.’

‘Once, maybe. Not anymore. Not since we got together. I’m not pretty, either.’ She glanced up at Elias and his dance partner, eyeing her sweeping curves. ‘What I wouldn’t give to look like her. Curvy, sexy, attractive. I wouldn’t waste it on men like him, of course, but God it would be amazing.’ Unable to look at the two of them, she turned sharply away. ‘I don’t know why I would tell you that, honestly.’

‘I find people tend to trust me. So tell me, what would you do with such a body?’

Ava shrugged. She had never really let herself think about it, but now her imagination began to run away with itself. She wasn’t sure whether it was the drink or something else that made her tell the woman, but either way she began to babble on. ‘Anything, I guess. I’d love to be able to come out somewhere like here and have any guy I wanted in the palm of my hand, every man in the building jumping over one another to buy me a drink, to get me in their bedsheets. Or I could be a model, or an actress. A body like that and I could do porn. I’d be good, too. He doesn’t even realise how good I would be. I’d love to be one of those models that wears latex though; they always look so perfect, so sexy and dominant. No man would ever treat me badly again, and if they tried I’d have their balls in a vice and my legs wrapped around the side of their head. Elias, he’s always thought he could get whatever he wanted because there is a dick between his legs. Always thought he could treat me like shit because there’s nothing between mine. I could show him exactly what I think of him coming in with some whore’s lipstick on his dick, the marks of her nails running down his back. I swear to god, if I had a body like hers I would show him what it is like to be treated like you’re nothing more than a pussy on legs.’

She shook her head sharply, dashing the sudden anger that had overwhelmed her. It was an anger she had held back for years and never allowed herself to release it. Something about being with the woman made her feel comfortable unlocking her emotions, but as she came back to her senses she hurried to lock them again. Stifling it with embarrassment she fought to soothe her hammering heart. Taking a drink to distract herself, she could not dislodge the image of herself standing over Elias wearing a tight latex outfit.

‘Sorry,’ she said, ‘I got a little carried away.’ Beside her the woman was smiling as though she knew something Ava didn’t. ‘It doesn’t matter anyway, I don’t have that sort of body. I’m not that sort of girl.’

‘Maybe you’re more than you realise,’ said the woman.

At that moment, Elias barrelled over. His hot breath reeked of alcohol and his belt was unbuckled. ‘Hey babe, come over here. You’re going to dance with me. Don’t know if you saw, some bitch just tried dancing with me. ‘Course, told her I was already taken. Come on, let’s make her jealous of us.’

The last of her anger slipped away and Ava was once more his obedient girlfriend. Her eyes down, she hopped off her stool.

‘It was nice meeting you, dear,’ said the woman, smiling wider than ever. Ava nodded in response before following Elias onto the dancefloor.

For several hours she tried to let her body surrender to the music. As the pumping tunes grew louder, she attempted to focus on the hammering beat, the persistent pulse of auto-tuned lyrics and electronic dance music that reverberated from the club’s walls. She even agreed to some shots in the hopes that it might ward off her irritating thoughts, but for all she tried her mind was swarming. Images of Elias being ground upon by the girl tumbled over imaginings of her lipstick on his dick, of her riding him in her apartment somewhere in the city, or him bending her over in an alleyway somewhere, unable to keep his hands off of her any longer. And in each daydream, Ava herself would strut into view, bursting through a doorway or emerging from the shadows in a glistening latex outfit that pushed huge tits together into deep cleavage. Sometimes she wore barely anything, little more than strips of latex to cover her modesty, other times she was encased in it from platform boots to glass-eyed gas mask. In a thousand different outfits she would take him, throw him around and drag him to the ground. She would bend him over and peg him as he screamed, or she would tie him up and whip him, or she would have him worship every inch of her latex clad beauty. Countless ideas cascaded through her mind, and no matter how hard she tried to stifle them, they would return twice as intense the moment she let her guard down.

As the night wore on, she could take it less and less. She realised, at length, that she had lost Elias entirely and was absentmindedly dancing alone. Sighing, she began to look for him among the jumping crowd; the last thing she wanted was to be reprimanded for abandoning him. Everywhere smelled of sweat and alcohol, and she had never wanted to be at home more. All she wanted was sleep, and to hopefully wake up having forgotten everything about tonight.

When she found Elias, something inside of her broke. Up against the wall in a darkened corner, his hand had found its way up the girl’s dress and she could see it writhing underneath the material. Her arms weaved up and down his back and she was biting his neck as she moaned. One of her breasts was out, and Ava could just see that the nipple was shiny where Elias had been sucking it. As she watched, his free hand lifted one of her legs up to his waist held it there, allowing him to pump his fingers deeper inside her.

For all the times she had found evidence of Elias’ cheating ways, all the nights she had laid alone knowing that he was in another girl’s bed, she had never seen him doing any of it. On occasion she had come close, but this was the first time she had ever seen him using the body of another woman. Something about physically seeing it swelled agony up inside her, as though if she had really tried she could have labelled all the items in his pockets no more than practical jokes and passed off her suspicions as paranoid imaginings. Seeing it in person was undeniable, and tears sprang to her eyes. Staggering against the wall she retched but did not vomit. Hearing her, Elias turned and his eyes bulged as he caught sight of her.

‘Ava,’ he breathed.

Before he could continue, Ava ran off, crying openly and making for the door. She could hear Elias behind her calling her name, fighting his way through the crowds, but she ignored him. Soon a cool breeze washed across her face and then she was out into the night, past the bouncers at the door and in the street. The city was thronging, though it was not as busy as inside the club and she was quickly able to dip into a back alley where she sank down against the cold wall and cried. She could feel her tears pattering onto her exposed collarbone, and she shivered as the cold began to set in, realising suddenly that she was certainly not dressed for the weather; Elias had picked her outfit and hadn’t taken into account the chilly night.

Dark alleyway at night

She didn’t know how long it was before Elias found her, but eventually he appeared at the end of the alley and followed the sounds of her sorrow to where she stood in a darkened doorway. Though white lights lit the street further down, the only light here came from a flickering fluorescent bulb across the street, and it framed his silhouette with red as though he had just emerged from the pits of Hell. Snivelling, she said nothing.

‘Listen, Ava, she seduced me, alright?’ She could not see his face, but there was no remorse in his voice, just vague boredom. ‘I was just telling her that I couldn’t be doing this, that I had a girlfriend, you know? Besides, if you hadn’t left me on the dance floor she wouldn’t have tried to seduce me. She wanted me so bad and I already told you that and you still left me on my own. How could you do that, Ava?’

‘Young man, you should treat your girlfriend better, you know.’ The voice was old and frail, and it took both of them a moment to see the decrepit figure it belonged to. The hunch-backed woman emerged from a deep patch of shadow, bundled up in blankets and rags. She had sunken features and dry, ancient skin, and based on her distinct lack of teeth it had been some time since she had seen a dentist. Ava felt sorry for her as she hobbled out of the darkened doorway she had occupied, for there was a distinct pain in her movement.

‘Beat it,’ Elias said, slurring slightly. Ava suspected that he was impatient to get back to his dancing partner. ‘Nobody asked you, this ain’t your business.’

‘Just because I wasn’t asked, doesn’t mean I’m wrong.’ The woman pulled herself to her full height – about halfway up Elias’ chest – and looked him dead in the eye. ‘So tell me, dear, are you going to treat her properly?’

Elias seemed confused that she was still talking. ‘Listen, lady, our business is our business and nothing to do with you. It’s her fault this girl in the club came to seduce me, and yet she’s the one coming out here crying, so if you ask me I ain’t got nothing to apologise for. I’m treating her just as she deserves to be treated. Screw this, I’m going back inside.’

Turning to leave, he began marching back down the alleyway.

When the woman spoke, her voice was no longer old, nor frail. Instead, it was youthful, full of life and, to Ava at least, familiar. ‘I’m afraid not, my dear. That was your last chance, and you blew it.’ To the astonishment of both Ava and Elias, the woman changed before their very eyes. Unfolding from her hunched position, she rose up until she was as tall as Elias and her rags unravelled to reveal a black silk shirt, black knee-length skirt and black leather jacket about her shoulders. The red beaded necklace materialised as if from thin air over her shirt, and features filled out in seconds until her dry, hollow face was once more that of the woman Ava had met at the bar. To complete the change, she shook her head to dislodge the twisted strands of grey and make way for her wavy blonde locks, the faintest echo of crashing water whispering down the street as she did so.

‘Hey Ava,’ she smiled.

‘What the fuck?’ Elias asked, but the woman rolled her eyes.

‘Hush, I’ll get to you in a minute.’ Snapping her fingers in his direction, she turned to Ava. As she did so Elias opened his mouth to respond, only to discover that nothing came out. Shock, terror and confusion tumbled across his face as his mouth hinged open and closed uselessly, unable to conjure so much as a whisper even as he seemed to be shouting.

The woman sank down in front of Ava, who was regarding her with a mixture of fear and awe. Again, the woman’s presence seemed to overwhelm her with a perfect calm, and she briefly forgot Elias as the woman met her eyes. Even the fact that Ava knew she had never told the woman her name, yet somehow she knew it, seemed inconsequential. ‘It’s okay,’ said the woman, lifting the jacket from her shoulders and wrapping it around Ava, ‘I’m here for you. You said you didn’t have any friends. You were wrong. You’ve got me now. I’m going to make sure you don’t have to worry about him ever again.’

Helping Ava to her feet, she wrapped an arm around her protectively. Together, the two women watched Elias as he clawed at his neck frantically, his expression having settled into abstract fear.

‘You know, I think I prefer him this way,’ said the woman. The warmth of her body was pleasant against Ava’s skin and she felt safe beside her.

‘I don’t understand. How did you do that?’

The woman grinned. Lifting a hand she summoned a ball of fire that bloomed from her wrist and tapered off above her fingers. Ava stared, mesmerised, and the woman cast her an amused glance. ‘I have a few tricks up my sleeve, dear, but then being a witch tends to come with some benefits. Like silencing cheating lowlife.’

‘And disguising yourself as a homeless lady?’

She nodded. ‘Indeed. I have a knack for shape-shifting if I do say so myself, but this is my personal favourite form. People tend to react well to it.’

‘But why are you helping me? What did I ever do for you?’

The woman laughed, a sound sweeter than the breeze through wind chimes. ‘Nothing, my dear, other than provide stimulating conversation. It is like I said in the club: I do not like seeing people alone, and I like seeing people mistreated even less. Me and my wife, we have set ourselves somewhat of a mission, I suppose. We help those who we feel deserve our affection; the downtrodden, the mistreated, the lonely and the stifled. A nice girl like you in the clutches of a wretch like him, well, it doesn’t bear to consider now does it? We simply help them live their fantasies in ways they know they never could.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, take you for example. I hope you don’t mind the intrusion, but I cast a little truth spell on you while we were talking. Just a small one, only enough to get you to open up to me, discuss your desires. They might have even been desires you didn’t know you had, but they’re all yours, I can assure you. I’ll bet they haven’t left your head since, have they?’ Ava shook her head. ‘Just as I thought. If you’ll allow me, I can be your friend, Ava. I can set you free. Will you say yes? That’s all it takes. Just one word of consent.’

Barely able to wrap her head around everything that was happening, Ava felt her heart hammering in her chest. Before she had chance to think it over, she found that she was nodding, the tears of sorrow replaced with tears of relief, of happiness. ‘Yes,’ she breathed.

The woman beamed wide. Pulling away, she clapped her hands. ‘Right then, how about we get somewhere a little more comfortable, eh?’

As though spinning an enormous, invisible globe, she swept both hands horizontally through the air, and the alleyway around them suddenly exploded into streams of coloured smoke. Ribbons of grey, red and black swirled around them, and to Ava it felt like they were stood at the bottom of some strange river, currents of smoke rather than water breaking over and around them. Though there was no floor to see, they did not fall, and instead, the dark shades of the alleyway began to shift into richer browns, oranges and beiges that soon solidified into a large wood-panelled room.

It seemed to be some form of large bedroom. Against one wall stood a large, ornate four poster bed, and there was an exquisite desk upon which stood a sleek mirror. Around it were aligned an array of beauty products, while there were a number of plush chairs stationed nearby. A doorway near the bed was open, leading into a large bathroom, and a set of wardrobes was pressed up against one wall, beside which stood a bookcase lined with thick leather tomes.

Yet as one side of the room was the picture of luxury, the other side looked as though it had been built only to torture. Numerous different tangles of metal were set up either on the floor or the wall that were clearly designed to restrain a person, while one corner of the room was dedicated to lines and lines of different sadistic tools hung on wooden pegs, from studded floggers to painfully angular butt plugs.

The entire space was lit with naked light bulbs that dangled from the wooden rafters, and at the end of the room was a set of large wooden doors, the depiction of a stag emblazoned across it in yellow paint and a series of fabric pouches pinned to the wood.

Blonde tattooed woman with exposed breasts wearing harness poses in rustic room

It took a moment for Ava to notice the woman. Her sleek outfit had been replaced by a black harness criss-crossing her supple flesh. Tattoos Ava had not realised the woman had were now on full display: dragons, beautiful women and skulls among others that somehow only served to enhance her beauty. Soft breasts were framed by the harness and her nipples were pierced, the metal pins reflecting the soft yellow light. She looked utterly stunning, and Ava found she was unable to tear her eyes away.

‘Now we’re here, let’s get to work. Now this might tickle a little, dear, but bear with me.’

The woman held her hands up in Ava’s direction, and all at once she realised something was changing. It took her a moment to realise it was her. Even as she stood there, her body was shifting and twisting, just as the woman’s had done when she had changed her form. Looking down at herself in shock, she saw the ground retreat a few inches as she grew taller and her waist pulled in tight, her hips bulging out. Her ass inflated to three times its size, causing the fabric of her skirt to creak worryingly. Her panties might as well have been a thong as they slid up between her new ass cheeks. The feeling of her chest suddenly erupting was incredible, two large breasts replacing her flat chest as she gasped with ecstasy. She had never been particularly prone to acne, but the spots that she did have seemed almost to fade away, her skin soon absent of every blemish and shining glossy and perfect beneath the lights. Her hair twisted into a new style and she felt her face tingle as fresh make-up washed over her features.

Ava would have been content had her transformation stopped there, but no. Instead, with her new body complete, her clothes began to change. Straining to hold in her new figure, the material took on an unnatural gleam, growing darker and glossier until she realised that for the first time she was wearing latex. Sweeping over her figure it formed gloves, leggings, even a red bow choker. Latex frills of red and black sprang out around her waist, at the tops of her shoulder-length gloves, at the fringes of her knee-length skirt, before she was boosted even higher on new latex stilettos.

Finally, the transformation was complete and Ava dropped down onto a latex-cushioned stool beside one of the torture racks.

Asian woman in red and black latex dress sat on leather stool

The woman came to sit beside her, smiling as though proud of herself.

‘So, is this body good enough for you?’

‘Are you serious? Fuck yes. This is everything I always wanted. It’s just like you said; I didn’t know I wanted this, but I did, I really did. Always. I look like a goddess. Thank you, thank you so much.’

‘My pleasure, my dear. This is your body now, and you may do with it whatever you desire.’

Ava was breathing heavily, a mixture of shock and elation crashing through her. Still, she was curious about her surroundings. ‘If you don’t mind me asking, where are we?’

‘Well, to put it bluntly, your room. If you want it, of course. Me and my wife find that many of those we help have little in their old lives to keep them bound to the world outside. So we offer them the choice to stay with us, in our home. It’s a little… bigger than your typical house. It’s all yours. Those wardrobes are filled with any outfit you could ever want, and there are plenty of books for you if you want to learn a little magic in your downtime. If you wish to leave, you can do so, permanently or temporarily, at any time you wish. But this room will always be yours. If you left now and came back in twenty years it would be here, just as the day you left it. Some people choose to start a new life in the outside world, but they’re always welcome here, and we have plenty of others who choose to stay here and,’ she smiled, ‘mingle. They live out their fantasies, and of course we join them. If you want, this can be your home now.’

Ava was crying, her tears trickling down her new latex dress and she hugged the woman close to her. ‘I would love to stay, thank you. I can’t thank you enough. You have done so much for me. How can I ever repay you?’

A sadistic grin passed over her face. ‘Well, though we never ask for anything from our tenants, there is just one thing you could do for me.’ Standing up, she led Ava over to something concealed beneath a black cover that she had not noticed before. Whipping it away, she caught Ava’s eye. ‘Make sure Elias knows the meaning of pain.’

Blonde woman restrained with block of wood wedged in mouth and chain around neck

The only recognisable thing left of Elias was his eyes, and Ava felt a cruel satisfaction when she saw that the ordinary disdain he looked at her with was replaced with total fear. The rest of his body was utterly different. He was a woman, for one thing, blonde, naked and on his knees. Chains and padlocks hung around his neck, connected to a metal ring in the floor, and his new skull was criss-crossed with ropes that both pulled his head up to face them, and kept a large block of wood wedged between his teeth. Strings of drool dangled from his lips and he wore a face of horror.

‘While you were changing I took the liberty of making a few improvements to your boyfriend. You told me that he always thought that having a dick between his legs entitled him to whatever he wanted, so I remedied that. And given that he was always so desperate to have his wood in some slut’s mouth, I thought it only poetic justice to have one in his if only to shut him up. So, do you think you can do what I ask?’

A cruel grin spread across Ava’s face and she crossed over to the corner. Lifting a riding crop from its hook, she thwacked it against her palm. Apparently satisfied, she returned to stand over Elias. ‘I’m sure I can figure something out.’

‘In that case, I’ll give you two some alone time.’ Sauntering away, the woman paused before she reached the door. Turning, she found Ava had already locked Elias into a stockade. ‘Oh, I almost forgot, you can silence him at any time you like. Just snap your fingers.’

Ava looked up at her, her latex glowing in the warm light. ‘Is he still silenced?’

The woman nodded.

Ava snapped her fingers with a grin. ‘I don’t think silence will be necessary; I want to hear him scream.’ The woman matched her grin. ‘Before you go, just one more thing,’ Ava called after her.


‘You never told me your name.’

‘Oh I’ve had many names over the years my dear, some of which even I don’t remember any more. But in these walls, you may call me Morgana.’

‘Well then, goodnight Morgana.’

‘Goodnight Ava.’

Passing through the doors, Morgana found herself in a wide wooden corridor. On this side of the wall, the door was only a single; a thick oak thing carved with a life-like depiction of Ava face-sitting her new slave. With a content smile, Morgana ran her fingers over the wood. When she removed them the name ‘Mistress Ava’ had risen on a small golden plaque. The crack of a riding crop rang out from behind the door and, whispering another goodnight, the witch strolled down the corridor.

The air within the house was thick with moans and wails and as she walked she passed by dozens more doors just like that to Ava’s room. The walls of the corridor were lined with them, each one with their own plaque, contributing to just one corridor among hundreds more. The witch smiled, excited to show her wife the two new residents of their perfect little home…

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