The Power of Submission

Models: Jay Smooth & Layla Sin

Dropping to her knees and grasping the hand of her boss, Ivy’s pleading voice trembled as if she was on the verge of tears. ‘Please, Alexander, please don’t fire me. I’m so, so sorry, I didn’t realise anybody was still around. I need this job. I just… I just got carried away. Please, sir, I’ll do anything.’

With her skirt still bunched around her waist, both her semi-sheer lace panties and her long, soft legs were on full display. Ivy could practically feel the man’s gaze lingering on her exposed ass, the tangible tension in his stance suggesting he was struggling to hold himself back. No doubt his barely suppressed desire was only exacerbated by how helpless she seemed – but then, that was exactly Ivy’s plan.

‘Anything,’ her boss mused, ‘is that so? Well, Ivy, I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement. After all, we all make silly mistakes sometimes. You’re just lucky it was me who walked in on you and not one of the other managers.’

Ivy bit back a smile: luck had nothing to do with it. It was no accident that Alexander was the one who had found her masturbating in her office. In fact, she had specifically chosen today to work late knowing it would be just the two of them left on the clock. And once she started she’d made sure both her moans and the porn she was watching were plenty loud enough to be heard from his office on the opposite side of the building.

Her performance of panicked embarrassment once she was ‘discovered’ was Oscar-worthy: the startled gasp, the frantic closing of her laptop, the way she urgently pulled her underwear back up, ‘accidentally’ snagging them on her heels as she did so to ensure he had a prolonged view of her glistening pussy.

Now, as he opened her laptop, she could tell he fully believed he had the upper hand.

The screen woke to display the paused porn film she’d been watching. He read the title aloud: ‘Sexy submissive takes it hard from Master.’

The atmosphere changed at his words. His lust was so thick on the air it might as well have been visible and Ivy saw his arm tense in what she assumed was an effort not to act on the urge to grope her breast. Of course she responded by shifting up slightly, pressing herself just a little closer so his fingers brushed against her blouse – a reminder that the thin cotton was the only thing between him and his prize.

‘Oh yes,’ he said, a scheming smile spreading over his handsome face. ‘Yes, we can definitely come to an arrangement. In fact, I have a suggestion I’m sure will work out for both of us. But first thing’s first: you can stop calling me Alexander. From now on I want you to address me by a different name…’

‘Oh Master,’ Ivy gasped as he rapped the riding crop against her nipple. The sting it left flared across her chest. ‘Did I do something bad, Master?’

Alexander rubbed the crop against the tender skin sparking little aftershocks of pain. ‘Not at all, princess. Just think of it as a warning – a taste of what you’ll get if you do misbehave.’ Reaching around with his free hand he squeezed her other breast lightly but firmly. ‘I’d hate to see these pretty tits all bruised and raw, but as I’m sure you already know naughty subs deserve to be punished. So, are you going to be a good girl for me?’

‘Yes, Master,’ Ivy breathed.

Ever since they had arrived back at her place Ivy had slowly been able to drop her act. With Alexander exactly where she wanted him, she had allowed herself to enjoy the pleasure of submission and now – as the shiny silver spreader bar clasped her neck and wrists while Alexander’s hot skin pressed against her own bare flesh – she knew all her months of scheming were finally about to reach fruition.

Because what Alexander didn’t know was that he was simply a pawn in Ivy’s twisted game.

All because they had both fallen for the wrong girl.

These days Ivy found it difficult to remember what life was like before her transformation. Her memories of being Ivan were mostly hazy, no doubt a side effect of having spent almost six months in her new body. Not that she had much interest in remembering anyway – from the moment she had initially transformed her life had veered down a new path, one only she could see through to the end. A path of sex, submission, seduction… and sweet, sweet revenge.

Because the one memory that had never faded was that of Ivan’s cold-hearted ex-girlfriend – the sadistic bitch who had transformed him in the first place: Leah.

Though he knew their relationship was far from perfect, despite the arguments and occasional breaks Ivan had always thought they were both serious about one another. So when he had started to feel strange after a post-nuptial glass of wine one night, he’d assumed she would be there to support him.

Instead she had shattered his world.

She didn’t love him anymore; she wasn’t sure she ever did; she had been cheating; she was leaving him. The admissions just kept coming, blow after blow after blow delivered with a startling bluntness. Then she had given him an ice-cold smile: oh, and she’d added a dose of Submiss-IV to his wine.

Slumped in their bed, Ivan had shuddered as erotic heat spread through his veins, seeping slowly down to his very soul while Leah explained herself with cruel glee twinkling in her eyes. For her, the night had simply been about having one last fuck before she finally left him for good, while the choice to transform him was purely for her own amusement: it’s going to make me so wet knowing my pathetic ex is kneeling and obeying a real man while I’m riding the kind of bull you could never be.

Diluted by the wine, the drug’s effects were delayed long enough for Leah to finish her admissions, ensuring they were the last words Ivan ever heard. After that she had left him there, alone and helpless in the bed as Ivy slowly but surely rose to replace him.

As such, Leah never saw the woman her ex-boyfriend became. She never witnessed his body hair recede to leave his perfect skin soft and smooth, the supple breasts swell from his muscular chest, the way his tall frame crumpled down into Ivy’s delicate figure. She never watched his short blonde hair elongate into a raven halo, or his handsome features shift into her daintily beautiful visage, or his ample cock shrink back into tight pink folds.

And neither was Leah there to see the white-hot hatred burning in Ivy’s eyes once her transformation was complete.

Because while it was clear that Leah had assumed dosing Ivan with Submiss-IV would leave him needy, subservient and in desperate need of a man to service, there was one crucial thing she had overlooked: submission wasn’t weakness. Submission was power. Power that had enabled Ivy to reach her current position: horny, restrained and on her knees sucking the thick, throbbing cock of Leah’s new man.

With Ivy’s soft lips wrapped around his shaft Alexander groaned his lust while sliding in and out of her mouth.

‘Oh fuck yes, that’s right beautiful. Swallow my cock like the good little sub you are. Is this what you wanted? Is this what you were imaging while you played with that sweet cunt back in your office? I know it is. All you need to be happy is a juicy cock to worship. Fuck yeah, keep going – be a good girl for Master.’

Her submissive streak in full control Ivy was eager to follow his sordid orders. The rings connecting her cuffs to the bar rattled as she bobbed her head with increasing speed, the yawning slutty hunger within her driving her to take him faster and deeper. Her tongue swirled around his shaft in an endless depraved pirouette, darting out to lap at his balls whenever she swallowed him to the base, a position in which she gladly savoured the sensual ache of her bulging throat. Though there was no need for his soft yet firm grip on the back of her head, its presence sent thrills through her nubile body, delighted by the sordid reminder that at any moment he could seize her by the hair, hold her in place and skullfuck her brains out.

Ivy had fucked plenty of men since her transformation. After all, just because she wasn’t as helpless as Leah had assumed she’d be that didn’t mean she was immune to Submiss-IV’s effects.

Her new body was constantly horny, while her mind was filled with an endless stream of lewd fantasies and sordid daydreams she could not switch off. Fortunately the local clubs provided an equally infinite flow of men ready and willing to satisfy her submissive needs. Better yet, with each hookup she honed her sexual skills and for every dick she sucked and fucked and worshipped she knew she was one step closer to her revenge.

In the end that revenge was easy. Always the show off, Leah was quick to brag about her new beaux Alexander all over her socials and from there it had simply been a case of Ivy getting a job at his office. After that Alexander was as good as hers already.

She had portrayed herself as everything Leah was not: sweet, shy, always eager to please. It hadn’t taken long for Alexander to pick up on her outwardly innocent demeanour and soon enough the lust in his eyes when he looked at her was impossible to miss. Ivy could practically see his fantasies of dominating her reflected in his gaze and, knowing how averse Leah was to any kind of submissive sex, she had made sure to fuel his desires with blouses buttoned lower, tighter skirts, and as much leg on show as she could get away with. 

Even so, at this point, with his cock buried down her throat and his groans filling her ears, this was about more than just stealing him from Leah.

Until now, all of Ivy’s other lovers had simply been outlets for her submissive lust. But Alexander was different: she wanted him. More than she had ever wanted anyone in either old life or new. His dominant streak was a mile wide and all her submissive instincts told her he was the one who could truly satisfy her. The man who could take her and use her exactly how she needed to be used; the man whose depravity and libido could truly match her own.

As if reading her mind Alexander chose that moment to show her what pleasure awaited her with him as her Master.

‘Oh yes,’ Ivy cried. Her entire body pulsed with ecstasy as Alexander fed his dick into her tight folds, the handsome hunk moaning as he did so.

There was no need for Ivy to pretend now. From this point on she could simply savour her Master’s manhood and revel in revenge served horny.

‘Fuck, that feels good,’ Alexander breathed, his eyes closed and his head tilted back as waves of pleasure washed over him. ‘You’re so fucking tight. And so wet too,’ he added, running a thumb across her folds and chuckling as she squirmed. ‘I could definitely get used to this.’

Peering up at him with big, innocent eyes, Ivy nodded earnestly. ‘Me too, Master. It’s just…’

‘What’s wrong, beautiful?’ Alexander asked when she trailed off, leaning in close and driving in deeper as he did so.

‘Well, I was just thinking… don’t you have a girlfriend?’ She had to force the guilt on her face, but Alexander bought it instantly.

‘Oh, don’t worry about her, princess. She never has to know – this can be our little secret. Besides, all I am to her is arm candy. She’s never really appreciated me, and she certainly wouldn’t serve me the way you do. But I promise if we play our cards right, we can both get exactly what we want.’

In that moment Ivy knew she had already won. Alexander was playing right into her hands and sooner or later Leah would find out, just as she would find out exactly who had stolen her boyfriend – Ivy hadn’t come this far not to see the look on Leah’s face when she learned the truth.

But that could all wait. For now she deserved the chance to bask in the pleasure of submission to a Dominant who truly knew how to satisfy her. Now they’d broken the seal she knew they would not stop until they collapsed with erotic exhaustion: sweaty, breathless and half mad with lust. Already Alexander’s thrusts were getting faster, wilder, his body driven by raw arousal women like Leah would never allow their man to unleash on them.

But Ivy knew better than to deny the truth. Submission wasn’t weakness. Submission was a promise – a promise to allow her Master to use her whenever, wherever and however he pleased. Yet they both knew she was the one who held the true power. Because though her body was his toy, the chance to play with it was a privilege she could withdraw at any time; she was the one lover who would let him do unspeakably depraved things to her and thank him afterwards, but only if he deserved that luxury.

No, submission wasn’t weakness. Submission was power.

And though Ivy knew she should really be thanking Leah for granting her this new life of sex and submission, it sounded much more fun to ruin her ex instead.


‘Yes, little one?’

‘Does your girlfriend let you use her ass?’

Alexander raised an eyebrow, a smirk playing on his lips. Of course Ivy knew the answer before he replied. ‘No, she doesn’t. But maybe I should find out if my good girl is a secret anal slut – what do you think?’

Ivy fluttered her eyelashes innocently. ‘I think a good girl does as she’s told.’

Alexander’s smirk spread into a grin. ‘In that case you’d better show me those cute cheeks.’

Pulling out, he stroked her twinkling pussy nectar into his shaft and watched while she rose to her feet before spinning around and leaning forward to rest her chest against the sofa’s white leather backrest. Coiling her fingers over the edge to steady herself she took the opportunity to bounce her plump ass enticingly – an act which almost immediately had the desired effect.

‘Oh yes, you’re a very good girl,’ Alexander said as he took her rump in his powerful hands and pressed his cock against her exposed hole.

‘Only for you, Master.’

As Alexander pushed inside her, his incredible cock parting the ring of muscles and delving into the depths of her hole, Ivy allowed the mask of innocence to fall away. A devious smile spread over her soft lips, twisting her pretty face into an expression of seductive cunning.

Sorry Leah, she thought, but this is one bull you definitely won’t be riding anymore.

Then Alexander was thrusting, Ivy’s gasping groans dancing through the air, and both Master and submissive sank into a state of primal lust as they became a single entity of shameless orgasmia…

Thanks for reading!

Like many of my stories the idea for this one was sparked by a single image – in this case, the very last one of Layla’s sordid smile. The expression on her face was simply too naughty not to try and involve in a story, but it was the combination of that devious smile while she was locked in a spreader bar that gave me the idea of her using submission as an act of revenge. Admittedly it was actually a gif of her being fucked in that position that got me interested in the gallery in the first place, though it wasn’t until I saw that image that the idea really started to snowball.

All of which is to say that I find it endlessly fascinating how a single image can trigger creativity. And honestly that’s half the fun of being a writer in my opinion: never knowing where your next idea will come from.

With this being the last week of March, next week marks the start of my yearly Gaypril stories. In previous years April on my blog has been a month dedicated to gay and trans models, however this year I plan on doing things a little differently by devoting each release to gay models and gay models only. This is likely something I will do in future years too and I will explain my reasons behind doing so in the comments of my first Gaypril story next week.

I recognise that gay erotica is not for everybody, and historically my Gaypril content receives less engagement than the rest of my stories. But I’m perfectly okay with that as ultimately these are stories I want to write and I am simply happy that anybody reads them at all. For those who do plan to skip my April releases, I hope you have a great month and I also hope to see you back in May. In my opinion the stories I have lined up for my May-June run include some absolute bangers, so you definitely don’t want to miss them!

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