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‘Oh yes, you a good catch,’ the thug grinned. His gold-capped teeth gleamed as he leered at Rosie. ‘Buyers like small ones and you very pretty too. Antonio likes pretty girls like you.’

Leaning forward he tugged on the strap of her dress with one large hand while the other descended to her crotch. When he lifted her dress his tanned, rugged face twisted into a grin. ‘Well, well, what’s this? A little girl that without underwear. Antonio liking you more and more.’

Rosie flinched as his fingers slid over her shaved pussy. Despite the mess she was in, his touch still sent a rush of arousal through her insides and she cursed herself for choosing the Always Horny modification when designing her holiday body. Though she tried to put as much room between herself and her captor as possible, her eyelids fluttered with pleasure as he rubbed his thumb over her clit.

‘Please… I won’t say anything… just let me go…’ Her speech was shallow and breathy, interjected by frequent pauses as she tried to suppress the groans that so desperately wanted to escape.

But Antonio only shook his head. ‘No, no, you not going anywhere. You one of them transformed ones. Your hotel offers New Body Vacations, yes? That means you chose this body for your holiday. You chose to be little and slutty and horny. And that just what my buyers want.’

Unease prickled on Rosie’s neck as he spoke, because not only did her abductor know more about her than she had first thought, he was also smarter than he looked. He was right – she had planned for this vacation to be an unforgettable blend of sun, sex and sordid decisions. After all, back home everyone knew her as Ronnie: self-professed office worker extraordinaire who had the pale skin, tiny flat and even tinier friendship circle to authenticate his claim. As such, there were plenty of reasons why Ronnie would want to indulge in the escapist fantasies New Body Vacations offered.

Although even he would have thought twice if the brochure had mentioned organised kidnappings and an underground black market for transformed holiday goers. At the very least he wouldn’t have hit up the libido enhancing modifications quite so hard.

Concerningly, Rosie’s body was reacting to Antonio’s rough groping. Already her pussy had started to drip so that his fingers were twinkling with her juices, and every time he ran a hand over her tits or caressed her thighs she found herself aching for him to go further. For all that he was an immoral thug, he was an undeniably handsome immoral thug, with burly arms and the weathered appearance of a man who had been around the block enough times to break his fair share of hearts along the way. Just looking at him stirred up imaginings of her captor dragging her into bed and having his wicked way with her.

Still, the most alarming part of it all was… well, the fact she wasn’t really alarmed at all. Deep down, Rosie knew she should be afraid. But the panic simply refused to register as arousal weaved through her insides. The enhancements she had made to herself – Naughty Slut, No Inhibitions, Shameless Flirt, just to name a few – continued to sink their corruptive tendrils into her thoughts even while abducted, bound and half-naked before the man intent on selling her to the highest bidder.

As her inner slut rose to the surface, for the first time Rosie moved towards Antonio rather than away. ‘You know, handsome, it sounds to me like you do all the hard work in this operation, yet all you can do is get a little handsy with your captives. Why should your customers be the ones to have all the fun? Shouldn’t you be allowed to test the merchandise as well? After all, you want to make sure you’re providing them with the best product, right?’

Ronnie would never have suggested anything so odious. But thanks to the nymphomaniacal persona he had crafted for himself, he was no longer the one in control. Rosie was at the wheel. And though those effects would have worn off on the flight home, now Rosie was intent on ensuring Ronnie never boarded the plane.

Antonio’s golden grin sent a shiver of lust through Rosie’s twisted soul. Unsurprisingly, he was more than receptive to her suggestion. ‘Antonio like how you think, little whore,’ he said, the words barely out of his mouth before he was dragging her out of the cabin and round the back of his van.

After abducting her from the hotel grounds and binding her hands to keep her from escaping, Antonio had driven them out into the jungle along rough dirt tracks, eventually pulling up in a deserted clearing to have a feel of his prize. As such, there was nobody to see him swing open the van’s doors, tear Rosie’s dress clean off, then throw her naked body down onto a blue mat spread out in the back of the van. Although, even if there had been anyone around, Rosie’s shrill giggles as he manhandled her would have suggested they were simply lovers into dogging rather than kidnapper and captive.

Stripping off his shirt, Antonio eyed Rosie’s nubile body hungrily. ‘Antonio going to fuck you good, bitch. Make sure you know how to take cock for you new master.’

The petite slut began to drool as she admired his chiselled torso. ‘Whatever you say, babe. As long as you show me a good time, I’m all yours.’

Powerful muscles slid beneath tanned skin as he dropped his trousers. But before he removed his boxers he grabbed Rosie by the hair with a primal growl. ‘Turn around. First thing you will know of Antonio’s cock is it stretching your tight cunt. Face down, skank, and get ready to scream.’

Doing as she was told, Rosie rolled onto her front, propping herself up on her elbows with her hands still bound together.

She heard Antonio’s boxers hit the gravel. The van rocked as he climbed in behind her. When he sank to his knees and leaned over her his warm breath breezed through her hair. His shaft rested between her ass cheeks teasing her without giving any idea of how long he was.

Anticipation of what was coming caused Rosie’s mind to wander: since Ronnie first transformed into her she had harboured an unspoken desire to be seduced by a rich man and whisked back to his mansion where she could live as his personal whore. Nights of passion following days of lust in an endless cycle, Ronnie’s life slowly fading into obscurity as Rosie replaced him. Maybe this was the first step on that path? After all, Antonio’s customers would be undeniably wealthy, and it didn’t matter to her whether she was the horny kitten of a socialite or a drug lord – so long as they were willing to rail her senseless, she would devote herself to their pleasure in any way they craved.

All at once Antonio shattered her daydreams by clamping a length of adhesive tape over her mouth. ‘Like I said, Antonio good at making sluts scream. Better we not draw attention or someone will ruin our fun.’ He chuckled, pressing the head of his cock against her waiting pussy. ‘Don’t worry, little girl – I take off tape when I want to use your other lips.’

If Rosie hadn’t been wet before, she certainly was now. Taboo desire rushed through her insides.

And the next moment, Antonio’s immense cock joined it.

Bigger and thicker than she had ever imagined, he stretched her to her limits yet nonetheless he slid in easily, her saturated folds embracing his huge manhood. Her eyes bulging, Rosie’s heart thudded as pleasure burned over every inch of her body. Her fists clenched and her body squirmed, although pinned beneath Antonio’s muscular physique she was powerless to escape his invasion and before long her muffled screams were drowned out by the resonant slap of his thighs against hers.

As her captor used and abused her petite body, Rosie’s mind descended into a fog of orgasmic ecstasy, the humiliation of her situation only adding to her arousal. Of course, she knew that for Ronnie this was turning out to be the holiday from hell. But for her, heaven was just one black market auction away…

Thanks for reading!

Now we’re into September we’re back to my normal schedule of a new story every Friday, so don’t go expecting another story out on Monday because I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. That said, there’s plenty of other content on my blog to keep you going until the new one drops this time next week, so feel free to stick around and read some of my previous stories – whether you’re returning to old favourites or reading something for the first time, there’s lots of smut here to enjoy!

This story is probably one of my darker ones. While there are plenty of my stories that play around with themes of forced transformations, it’s not often I dabble in abduction pieces. But one thing I do enjoy writing is a good ‘lust gone wrong’ story, so the idea of Ronnie’s alter-ego willingly accepting her abduction just to become a needy sex slave felt like a really fun one to explore. Plus I’d never written a New Body Vacations piece before either and this one felt like it was an organic fit for what darker things might happen to someone who opted into that kind of holiday.

I hope you enjoyed it, and if you want me to write any more New Body Vacations stories please do let me know!


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