Gaypril: Every Last Drop

Model: Lanita Hot (male models unknown)

Naked Latina woman gives handjobs to two unnseen men at gloryhole

Chastity squirmed with delight as a pair of thick cocks slid through the holes in the graffitied wall. The gleam of the precum on their heads set her mouth watering instantly and she flicked her long black hair back over her shoulders to ensure it would not get in the way of what came next.

Kneeling on the leather pillows set at the foot of the wall, she curled her delicate fingers around the anonymous shafts. The wall shuddered briefly as one of the unseen men braced himself against it and Chastity giggled as she heard them both groan.

An impish expression on her flawlessly made-up face, Chastity slowly began to jerk off tonight’s cum donors.

From a broad leather armchair pushed against the adjacent wall, a striking woman watched the pretty slut at work. Wearing a sleek black suit and with her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail, she looked distinctly more professional than any of the men who frequented the gloryhole, some of whom she knew were accomplished businessmen; in Selina’s line of work it paid to stand out amongst the sordid crowd, and she did so exceptionally well.  

The sight of Chastity eagerly stroking the thick cocks drew a devious smile over Selina’s crimson lips: she always loved watching her kitten release her inner slut. When compared with the shy, nervous young man who had first knelt on that same pillow almost a year earlier, the success of Selina’s training was starkly apparent.

Back then, Charlie had been Selina’s pet project – ironic, she thought, considering he had eventually become her pet.

Having never served a dominatrix before – or any woman, for that matter – he had been a blank canvas for her to paint on, and if she was honest, Selina had rather shamelessly taken advantage of his inexperience.

Sure, she knew her role as a Dominant was to take care of the needs of her submissive, to keep them safe and to respect their boundaries. But naïve little Charlie hadn’t known that. He had believed he was supposed to obey her without question and in the end the temptation to manipulate that obedience had proved too powerful to resist.

Selina didn’t much care that it made her a bad Domme. She had plenty of clients she treated with dignity – hadn’t she earned the right to mercilessly brainwash one into sordid slavery?

When he came to her, Charlie hadn’t wanted to be feminised. He hadn’t wanted to spend night after night throating an endless parade of anonymous cocks or fall asleep stinking of cum and sweat in a cushioned dogbed at the foot of Selina’s queen-sized fourposter. But that’s what she had ordered him to do, and so he had done it.

Of course, the conditioning videos had helped. Charlie had assumed they were simply harmless films – the kind that dominant women had their slaves watch as a means of highlighting the power imbalance rather than because they actually had any mental effect.

But in Selina’s line of work more potent films were not difficult to come by. The kind that could rewrite an oblivious slave’s consciousness without them even noticing. The kind that, when watched by obedient submissives like Charlie every day for the better part of a year, could remove inhibitions, implant new desires and ruthlessly erase every last memory of who they had been before.

By now, Chastity’s mind was nothing more than Selina’s plaything. The dominatrix had pushed her slave’s cognitive changes to the extreme: Chastity was permanently horny, endlessly slutty, addicted to cum, and had absolutely no sexual boundaries whatsoever.

Although in Selina’s mind the crowning achievement of Chastity’s corruption was her inability to masturbate without permission. It had taken an entire month of intense conditioning, but as a result she was physically unable to touch herself unless Selina commanded it – if she tried, her hands would simply freeze, the subconscious conditioning overriding her conscious thoughts. It was exactly why Selina had called her Chastity in the first place: she did not need a lock or key to keep her in line – Chastity’s cage was mental.

Please, Mistress, please.

Chastity’s pleading dragged Selina from her thoughts and she found her pet staring at her with large, innocent eyes. ‘I’m sorry, kitten, I was just thinking about what a perfect whore you’ve become. What were you saying?’

Chastity beamed with pride as she repeated herself. ‘Please, Mistress, let me suck them. They look so juicy and yummy. Let me show you what a perfect whore like me can do,’ she added with a naughty giggle.

Selina gave her slave a wicked smile. ‘Of course you can suck them, gorgeous. And if you impress me, I might even let you sleep on my bed in your shiny latex bondage suit.’

Naked Latina trans woman gives oral sex and handjob to unseen men at gloryhole

Chastity needed no further encouragement. Engulfing the closest cock in her soft lips she immediately devoted herself to extracting the most powerful orgasm the unseen man had ever experienced. Almost subconsciously she continued to jerk off the second cock too – that way he’d be ready for her once she had finished with her current feast.

Selina had to admit she had outdone herself when it came to Chastity’s oral training. The devious little slut knew how to work a dick better than most pornstars. As her mistress watched, she swallowed the shaft deep, her throat bulging as she circled her tongue around and around, her shameless depravity rewarded by increasingly loud moans from the opposite side of the wall. She did not flinch as the man gave a sudden thrust, desperate for more. Her wet slurping filled the room like a sordid melody slowly building to a climactic crescendo.

Chastity’s useless she-cock flopped about pathetically as she bobbed her head. The pitiful nub was the only reminder of who she had been before and how completely she had been transformed while under Selina’s control.

If the crowning glory of Chastity’s mental corruption was her cognitive cage, then her feminisation pills were the pinnacle of her physical emasculation.

The custom pills were nothing short of genius, if Selina did say so herself.

Ordered specially from a dealer with whom she was close friends, in terms of their effects they were more or less the same as all the other feminisation supplements available amongst the social circles Selina frequented – it was the application technique which added a special je ne sais quoi.

Put simply, Chastity’s transformation was fuelled by cum. Every load she swallowed catalysed her feminisation, reacting with the chemicals of the ingested pills to flood her body with cascades of potent hormones. Each cumshot fired down her throat left her skin a little softer, her frame a little daintier, her tits a little fuller – and her cock a little smaller.

Even more brilliantly, the effects were stupendously slow. Selina had specifically requested it. As a rule, she enjoyed watching her clients transform rapidly before spending a session fucking them senseless. But Chastity was not a client, not anymore. Once Selina had decided to corrupt Charlie into her vapid kitten she had promised herself she would be patient: she wanted Chastity to be perfect. And perfection took time.

In the past few months the two of them had spent several hours at the gloryhole every day and in all that time Chastity’s cocklet had only regressed by just under a centimetre. It would take hundres more swallowed loads to shrink it down to the size Selina had in mind, but that was the idea. Because, when combined with the rigorous conditioning and unending sexual training (most of it spent skewered on Selina’s immense strap-ons), the trips to the gloryhole were moulding Chastity into the very best kind of slave: one who did not even realise they had been enslaved.

These days, Chastity existed to serve her mistress. It was her only purpose. Even the thought of doing anything else with her life revolted her. She didn’t even care that her thoughts no longer belonged to her: thoughts were for smart people, and mistress was always keen to remind her how stupid and cockdumb she was.

A sudden howl of ecstasy ripped through the air. Selina realised her mind had wandered again and when she looked up she found Chastity pitching back and forth desperately, mindlessly gorging on the disembodied cock with a primal ferocity.

The wall shook as the man braced himself on the other side and with his orgasm imminent Chastity had clearly lost herself to her cumlust.

A second later, that orgasm was plastering her pretty face.

Chastity caught most of the man’s seed easily in her mouth, her true colours as a shameless whore obvious as she gulped it down greedily. Even so, the man’s load was immense and inevitably the slave wound up with thick streams of pearly ejaculate spilling down her chin.

Glancing down, Selina watched Chastity’s cock regress by a tiny, almost imperceptible fraction and she smiled as her slave groaned. A little dribble of cum leaked from Chastity’s cock and onto the pillow. The pathetic white speck was all she could produce these days.

Turning to her mistress, Chastity licked the first man’s cock clean (his stamina eviscerated by the pleasure he audibly slumped against the wall as her tongue continued to swirl around his dick, groaning like a wounded soldier as he struggled to handle the unexpected post-orgasm sucking) while continuing to stroke the second one slowly.

‘Did I do well, mistress?’ she asked, her innocent eyes large and imploring.

‘Very well indeed, kitten,’ Selina purred.

Chastity beamed. The smile sent a flutter through Selina’s loins. Somehow, the more innocent her pet looked, the more the dominatrix wanted to fuck her. Aside from the twinkling cum smeared over her chin and the thick cock in her dainty hand (or maybe because of them) Chastity was looking practically angelic tonight and Selina’s mind whirred with ideas of all the merciless, hedonistic things she was going to do to her slave once they went home: needless to say, fucking Chastity senseless would only be the beginning of the fun.

But all that could wait. For now, Selina was content to watch her pet corrupt herself.

‘Remind me, gorgeous, what’s your record?’

‘Forty-six loads in an hour, mistress.’

‘Then how about we try and reach the big five-zero, hm? And remember, you have to swallow all of it. Every last drop. Do I make myself clear?’

Her face bright with delight, Chastity was too excited for words and instead nodded giddily before promptly diving forwards and engulfing the second cock in her sticky lips. Finally relinquishing the first dick, it vanished as the owner staggered away, replace a few seconds later by a third, even larger dick. Her hand was coiled around the shaft in an instant, stroking it slowly.

Reclined in her armchair, Selina slipped one hand down the front of her pressed trousers as she watched, determined not to let her slave have all the fun…

Latina woman given facial at gloryhole

Thanks for reading!

I’ve written a few gloryhole stories over the past few years, but if I’m honest, I’m not really a big fan of any of them. As hot as the setting is, I just tend to struggle with coming up with a story I’m completely happy with, so I wasn’t sure how this one would go.

Still, I wanted to give it a try, and I am super pleased with the final result. I love that the scene is interwoven with an explanation of the gradual corruption of Charlie’s character, and I think the model, Lanita Hot, looks perfectly slutty in every image and really embodies the character very well. I’m thrilled I’ve managed to finally write what I would consider a good gloryhole story and hopefully there might be more to come in the future.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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