Blonde woman in white lingerie lies over lap of man with curly hair and red shirt on bed surrounded by fairy lights

Laid out over Rhianne’s lap like a lounging cat, James’ new body was a storm of foreign sensations and unexpected desires.

As he had expected, apprehension embraced him like an old friend, its cold claws buried in his heart and piercing his stomach a stark contrast to the warm light of the festive fairy lights festooning the walls. Yet with every passing second his nerves were ebbing, dulled by the slowly swelling arousal blossoming through him.

Still, his hesitation was clearly apparent, for Rhianne laid a hand gently over the bare expanse of his back and smiled down at him warmly. ‘You seem nervous, baby,’ she said softly in James’ own voice. ‘Are you sure you’re okay?’

James nodded, trying to sound more confident than he felt when he spoke. ‘Yes. It’s just… it’s a lot to take in, you know?’

Though he and Rhianne’s had switched bodies over an hour ago, James was still trying to get used to walking around in a body that wasn’t his. Everything felt different. The feel of the air on his skin, soft as silk and devoid of hair. The sway of his high ponytail swishing from side to side. The gentle caress of the white lace underwear hugging his figure, a caress which was doing such deeply intoxicating things to him as it brushed over his sensitive nipples and feathered his new clit that it was all he could do not to squirm. He felt lighter, the heavy muscle mass of his old body mostly gone to leave him feeling slim and fragile.

And the arousal. Just Rhianne’s firm hand on his skin was sending pleasant heat sweeping down his spine, and it didn’t matter that the swollen cock pressing up against his stomach had once belonged to him, it was making him so horny his legs were beginning to quiver. As Rhianne leaned in close, James’ breath came in quiet gasps and his pulse quickened: the very presence of his old body was stirring a deeply-rooted lust within him.

Rhianne, on the other hand, seemed to be having no such trouble getting to grips with James’ body.

When James had quietly invited her into the bedroom after having taken almost an hour building up the confidence to don the sexy lingerie she had left out on the bed for him, Rhianne had entered with more self-assured swagger than James had ever had in his old body. She seemed completely at ease strutting about in his broad, muscular frame, and she had clearly enjoyed dressing herself for the occasion, the low-buttoned shirt and tight jeans accentuating her athletic build, the whiff of deodorant clinging to her person.

Fuelled by the desires of his new body, James hadn’t been able to prevent himself gawking and Rhianne had promptly swept him from his feet, an unexpected giggle passing his lips as his girlfriend’s newfound strength whisked him onto the bed and threw him over her lap with ease. The gesture had made him feel wonderfully small, childish delight engulfing him.

James gave a shudder as Rhianne kissed him on the cheek. ‘Don’t worry, sweetie, I’ll take things slow. I want you to enjoy this as much as I’m going to. That’s why I chose these clothes after all; I always thought you looked so hot in this shirt, and these jeans never failed to show off your bulge. Seeing you in them always made me want to fuck you all night long.’ Her hand slipped down to cup the soft curve of James’ exposed ass. ‘Tell me, now you’re me, is it having the same effect on you?’

‘Yes,’ James said quietly.

Rhianne chuckled. The noise sent a burst of arousal through her boyfriend – somehow his body’s voice sounded different when heard through Rhianne’s ears. It sounded lustful, enticing. Sexy.

‘I knew it would,’ Rhianne smiled. ‘I don’t think you thought about that before we did this, did you? You didn’t consider how well I know my own mind. I know every subtle turn-on and trigger that you never even realised I had. Only now you’re the one with those triggers, and I can push your buttons far better than you could ever push mine.’

James flushed as she spoke, his nerves suddenly returning. Because she was right: he hadn’t thought of that. Their decision to play around with a little body-switching magic during the festive season had started out as a thoughtless suggestion when they had shared a few too many drinks a couple of weeks before. After further thought once they had sobered up, however, they had realised there was no harm in giving it a try: at worst it would be no more than an awkward night spent in one another’s bodies, while at best it had the potential to give their sex life a whole new twist. And besides, it was the Christmas season – what better time to indulge themselves by switching things up than the season of giving?

In the runup to tonight, James had been so focused on what it might feel like to inhabit the body of a woman, he hadn’t once considered that the woman who knew that body better than anyone would be in his, nor that she would be privy to all the erotic desires now swirling through his mind.

Clearly sensing his unease, Rhianne whispered reassuringly. ‘It’s okay, babe. I might know how to torment you, but I also know how to make you feel good. Really, really good.’

Blonde woman in white lingerie receives oral sex from man with curly hair and red shirt on bed surrounded by fairy lights

All at once, James found himself on his back, flipped over before he even felt Rhianne move. Disoriented by the sudden movement, he never sensed Rhianne’s fingers deftly removing his lace bra and tossing it away, nor pulling aside his sheer panties to reveal his glistening pink pussy. He only realised her intentions a heartbeat before she bowed her head and buried it between his thighs, but by then it was already too late.

The blissful pleasure that surged through James was so intense he wasn’t even shocked by how unfamiliarly high and breathy the shrill cry he gave was as Rhianne ate him out. Erotic heat blossomed through his hips, melting his shriek into a gasping groan, and within seconds his entire body was quivering. When he glanced down he found one stockinged leg was raised, though he couldn’t be sure whether Rhianne had pushed it up for him or if he had lifted it on instinct to spread himself wider for her.

‘Oh fuck,’ he breathed, his manicured hands spread out on the white bedsheets. ‘Oh my fucking God that feels so good. I didn’t know anything could make me this horny.’

‘Welcome to womanhood,’ Rhianne laughed, rearing back with James’ pussy juices smeared on her lips and chin. ‘Then again, your body isn’t exactly a prude either. I’m so fucking hard it hurts and all I can think about is sinking deep into your hot, wet cunt.’

In an apparent bid to distract herself from the masculine urges cascading through her mind, Rhianne returned to the task of worshipping James’ pussy.

James cried out again: Rhianne had definitely been right about knowing her own body. Her tongue moved with expert precision, lavishing his swollen clit with endless attention that sent waves of orgasmic energy sweeping across every inch of his supple body. And when she gorged deeper, parting the folds of his sex in long, slow strokes, it felt as if she had slipped fingers inside of him, the thickness or her tongue driving James to the brink as he struggled to wrap his head around the sensation, all while craving something even thicker pushing inside him.

Because Rhianne’s words had awoken something unexpected within James. Whether it was a need born of his girlfriend’s body or his own desire, he was suddenly aching to be fucked, desperate for it. He wanted her cock buried balls deep in his tight slit, her hips rocking against his as she deflowered him.

The internal admission sent fiendish naughtiness washing through him, and the next moment his desire was no longer unspoken.

‘I want you to fuck me,’ he gasped. 

Rhianne rose up again, affection and lust warring on her face. Affection won. ‘Are you sure? I don’t want to rush you babe, we can take our time. However long you need.’

‘I’m sure,’ James nodded, his wet pussy throbbing with arousal. ‘Only if you are though. I mean, you’ll be fucking yourself.’

‘And? So will you. But based on the way you were moaning while I ate you out with your own lips it doesn’t sound as if that’s bothering you. I’ll only do it if you’re ready though, baby.’

James paused. Rhianne was right. It had been his own tongue drawing such passionate cries from his lips, and yet nothing about the sensation had felt strange in the slightest. He wasn’t quite sure what it was about being in his girlfriend’s body, but when he looked at Rhianne wearing his face he didn’t feel as though he was looking in a mirror. He simply saw her, his affection for Rhianne washing away any apprehension he might have felt about the situation. And right now, all he wanted to do was make love to her, no matter what bodies they were in.

A mischievous smile worked over his scarlet lips. ‘Then how about I show you how ready I am?’

Rising to his knees, James took the buttons of Rhianne’s shirt in his slender fingers. Every part of him wanted to simply tear it off and drive him onto the bed. But he had a better idea. After all, Rhianne wasn’t the only one who knew her own body.

Slowly, gently, he unbuttoned her shirt, trailing her fingertips lightly over his chest and torso in exactly the way he knew had always driven him wild. Once the last button was undone he slipped the shirt from Rhianne’s shoulders, pressing himself against her as he did so. Pleasant warmth blossomed over his chest as his breasts rubbed against Rhianne and he knew the same heat was setting her thick cock twitching.

James’ suspicions that he was turning her on were only confirmed once he slipped his hand down the front of Rhianne’s jeans. She was rock hard. A desperate groan ripped from her lungs as James tugged down her trousers and released her stiff rod. He stroked her meat softly, his needy pussy already dripping in anticipation.

‘I have a present for you, baby,’ James purred before spinning around and slipping his panties off. The wet entrance of his sex gleamed enticingly under the glow of the fairy lights. ‘Merry Christmas,’ he giggled.

‘Baby, is it vain for me to tell you that you look unimaginably hot?’

Peering back over his shoulder, James batted his eyelashes innocently. ‘Not at all, gorgeous. I like it when you talk like that. Now fuck my slutty cunt, stud. I want you to make me your whore.’

Rhianne eyed him with unrestrained longing. ‘You never could resist me talking dirty.’

‘And now neither can you,’ he giggled. A sinful edge entered his expression. ‘By the way, call me Rhianne. I want you to call my by that name as you pound me.’

Lining her cock up with the new Rhianne’s slick sex, the old Rhianne grasped hold of her new girlfriend’s ass and curled her fingers over her soft shoulder. ‘Only if you scream ‘James’ when you’re riding me later and begging for more.’ The new James pressed the head of his dick into the new Rhianne’s waiting pussy. She groaned, desperate for more. ‘You know, something tells me we’re going to be making this switch a lot more often from now on, gorgeous.’

‘That better be a promise,’ said the new Rhianne, and then she was leaning up and back to kiss him, the motion plunging his cock deep into her insides. They moaned into one another’s lips as he stretched her wide.

A heartbeat later, desire had overwhelmed them both. Descending back onto all fours where she rocked back and forth in time to James’ passionate thrusts, Rhianne closed her eyes and groaned, already envisioning all the delightfully depraved sexcapades the festive season had in store for them both…

Blonde woman in white lingerie receives sex from behind from man with curly hair and red shirt on bed surrounded by fairy lights

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The models in this story are Khloe Kapri and Michael Vegas.

At this point, I honestly lose track, but I don’t think Kapri has shown up in any of my blog stories so far. That said, she absolutely should have done! It’s frankly criminal that I’ve gone this long without showcasing her work because she really is a powerhouse of smut. Everything she does is hot as fuck and I could quite easily spend every night enjoying her impressive portfolio of work. Her range is excellent, allowing her to star in steamy, romantic scenes like the one this gallery depicts as well as kinky, sweaty fuckfests too. If you can’t already tell, I’m a fan, and I implore you to check out her work.

Meanwhile, I lowkey love Michael Vegas. If I’m honest, I might even enjoy his work more than Kapri’s which isn’t something I expected I’d be saying of any male model starring alongside her. But Vegas is easily one of my favourite male models because he is one of the few who is as willing to let a female co-star use his holes as hard as he can use theirs. I always find male models willing to both dominate and submit incredibly interesting, and I love watching Vegas receive as much as I do watching him give. If you’re into guys who are willing to explore all facets of sex and pleasure, Vegas is one of the most high profile male models you’re likely to find who ticks that box, and I would urge you to check out his work if that’s what you’re into. He has appeared in my work before, and he’ll appear in it again, so keep your eyes peeled for future stories featuring this amazing male model.

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