Alexa’s skin was already tingling as she slipped into the private room, the tips of her fingers beginning to darken into a rich tan. Lengthy manicured talons had sprouted too, giving her the appearance of a cat with her claws out, and she found herself wondering if her soon-to-be lover would enjoy her raking them over his back when they fucked.

Usually she would have retreated to the bathroom for the change. It wasn’t really necessary – nobody ever entered the private rooms uninvited – but she always felt it was the proper thing to do, like she was freshening up before heading to bed with her date. It felt classy. Then again, nothing about what she was about to do was going to be classy.

Tonight though, she simply tossed her purse onto one of the leather sofas and stepped up onto the small personal stage which dominated most of the room. The change was imminent – she didn’t have time for the luxury of faux classiness.

Holding onto the pole set in the middle of the stage as she did so, she rolled down her tight leather skirt and threw it beside her purse before peeling herself free of her sheer mesh top and adding that to the pile too. She didn’t bother removing her lingerie. The blue lace set was plenty stretchy enough to accommodate the change as were the black straps she wore like stockings around her pale thighs, and as for her killer black PVC platform heels, no matter what happened she knew they’d always fit. After all, they were the whole reason she was changing in the first place.

The change hit her hard, forcing Alexa to brace herself against the pole as it roared through her body.

No matter how many times she changed she’d never get used to the feeling. The sensation of being completely rearranged was as intensely pleasurable as it was strangely foreign. She felt like clay being moulded by someone else’s hands – and she supposed in a way that’s exactly what she was.

These days the gift of the heels wasn’t just a bit of fun anymore, it was her entire life. Every night she went out looking for some hot stud she was eager to lay. All it took to get things started was a touch. Most of the time she pretended not to have seen her target and would bump into them at the bar, though tonight she had gone all the way and ground up against the guy on the dancefloor, much to his delight. The magic of the heels always took a little while to kick in, giving her just enough time to hire out a private room and slip inside for it to take hold, but once it had started there was no going back; within seconds she would transform into the dream girl of whichever man she had chosen, and from there it was hopelessly easy to lure them into her clutches. 

Tonight though, something was different.

Alexa didn’t notice it to begin with – a throbbing swirl of orgasmic energy building in her crotch. She was far too busy admiring the swelling of her breasts and the sheen of her skin as it took on a luxurious caramel tone. Her bleach blonde hair was tumbling down into long black locks when she first sensed it, then all at once her mind split apart as pleasure unlike anything she had ever known tore through her.

She gasped sharply. Her crotch felt like it was on fire. It was as if someone had bought her right to the peak of orgasm then trapped her in that instant of agonising euphoria just as she came. She wanted to scream but the sound wouldn’t come and all she could do was slump against the pole as her eyes rolled back into her skull. Her legs gave way, unable to function, and she crumpled down, her back against the pole and her legs splayed out.

When she looked down, she realised her panties were swelling. Something inside was growing, pushing against the lace as though trying to break free. She saw something glistening, then the next second she actually did scream as two sharp blows of pleasure pushed her to the brink of lunacy. Nobody heard her cry, of course: the private rooms were all sound-proofed.

Tattooed Latina woman in blue lingerie poses and black heels poses semi-naked on pole-dancing stage

Alexa’s heart skipped a beat as she realised what the dual blasts of pleasure had been. Two little balls had tumbled free of her underwear and now hung between her fleshy thighs, a dark cock nestled atop them, and when she looked closer she found her pussy was completely gone, as though her new genitalia had popped free and then her old sex had sealed up behind them.

She was reeling and breathless as the change began to subside, still trying desperately to process the aftershocks of orgasmic energy rocking her system. She had a cock. She had a cock.

She ran her fake claws over her new member, a smile plucking at her lips as little tickles of sensation burst through the velvet flesh at her touch. She should have been alarmed, she knew it. Instead though, she was excruciatingly horny. Hornier than she’d ever been in her life and she didn’t even have the usual lust for a cock in her pussy driving it. She’d received a little something extra during the change this time, and it was already driving her completely wild. She could barely even think – all she knew was that she wanted that man from the dancefloor, and she wanted him right now.

Alexa wasn’t sure if it was just because this was her first time taking on the body of a trans woman or if perhaps every time transforming this way was so intense, but the change had left her a little dishevelled. Her plump tits had popped free of her bra and she had drooled without realising it, her saliva now smearing her thighs. She knew her man would be putty in her hands however she went out to meet him, but she wanted to savour every moment of this new transformation, especially having him undress her.

So, a giddy grin on her lips, she scampered into the bathroom to clean herself up ready for what she was certain would be a very memorable night…

Tattooed Latina trans woman has sex with hung man on stage wearing blue lingerie and black heels

‘Oh yes. Oh fuck. Yes baby, yes, right there. Fuck me harder!’

Her body shuddering with every powerful thrust from her lover, Alexa had never been more pleased that the private rooms were so well sound-proofed. She’d never screamed like this before. But then, she’d never felt pleasure like this before either.

If she’d thought the orgasmic bliss of her cock taking shape was unbeatable, she hadn’t counted on one very crucial, very unexpected additional detail of her transformation: now she had a P-spot.

In the past few hours her new stud had educated her many times over that having her ass hammered in this new body was leagues more mind-blowing than any sex she had experienced before. Every time he hit her prostate her vision blurred at the edges and he had long since pushed her beyond her orgasmic limits; even at her horniest, Alexa had only ever been able to climax three or four times per night before things became too much for her, but by now she had lost count of how many times she’d spurted from her little dicklet, her ribbons of cum lacing her thighs and trailing over all the furniture they’d fucked on.

Her lover, on the other hand, hadn’t made any such mess – instead his cum was messing up her insides. Better still than his perfect load was his stamina, for he could keep pounding her relentlessly for half an hour at time or longer without going over the edge, and by now his merciless rhythm had reduced Alexa to a howling banshee of desire, begging for more at the tops of her lungs.

The man approached his orgasm quickly, eager to see her eyes roll back again from the pleasure of being filled. The roar he gave as he came was hardly surprising; her soft dick was bouncing in time to his thrusts, as were her fat, luscious tits. It was enough to make any man nut so hard it hurt.

Just as anticipated, Alexa’s eyes swung up and her jaw fell slack as a stuttering gasp caught in her throat. She clenched her ass around his shaft and tensed with arousal as he filled her. Then she fell limp, panting and groaning softly, her dark hair splayed out like a demon’s halo.

Her lover stood over her looking pleased with himself. He stroked his cock slowly and the lustful greed on her face when she looked at him didn’t go unnoticed.

‘You know, the club will be closing soon. I don’t think a pretty girl like you should go home on your own. Lucky for you, my bed is nice and warm, and more than open to hot cock whores like you. What do you say? Want to take things under my sheets?’

Normally at this point Alexa would try and bribe whichever lover she’d picked up for the night. She wasn’t quite the prostitute type – she preferred to have her way with a man, get him desperate for more, then wind him around her finger with the promise of more in return for funding her lavish lifestyle in some way or another – but she had honed her craft to a fine art.

Tonight though, the thought never even crossed her mind. Tonight she was the one desperate for more. She couldn’t let him walk away knowing how good he felt inside her. She couldn’t go home alone in the knowledge she could be riding him slow and deep and sensual.

The bribery could wait until tomorrow. Or maybe the day after that. Or maybe the next – whenever she tired of his perfect cock. But right now, that cock was exactly what she needed, and she wasn’t about to let it go sauntering off.

‘Mmmh, that sounds good to me, baby,’ she purred, slipping down from the stage and kneeling before him as she spoke. ‘But I want another taste of you before we go. I want your flavour on my lips while we’re kissing in the taxi and your cum on my tongue all the way back so I’m hungry for you once we get inside.’

The man’s grin broadened and he slapped his thick meat against her puckered lips. ‘In that case, don’t let me spoil your night,’ he smirked.

The next moment Alexa was going down on him, her new body swirling with sinful orgasmic greed…

Latina trans woman gives oral sex to man while wearing blue lace lingerie

Thanks for reading!

The models in this story are Jane Marie and Cliff Jensen.

As per my comments on last week’s story, I won’t be saying much more about Marie since she has appeared in my work before and I’d only be repeating myself anyway. That said, since she hasn’t shown up for a while, and I didn’t go particularly in-depth when discussing her work in her previous appearances, I’ll just say she is an incredible model and I’m really happy that I’ve been able to showcase her work here again. I believe she first popped up on my blog in one of my A Neighbourly Favour stories, so if you’re interested in seeing more of her work do check that out, but also make sure you go and watch her full content too!

Since writing those stories, I have also found a much better source for the work of trans models and that is a website called ashemaletube. I’ve found it contains way more content of every trans model I’ve used than most mainstream porn platforms since it links to many different sites on the web where said content is hosted. As such, I’ve chosen to provide Marie’s ashemaletube profile rather than her PornHub or xVideos profile, however I advise caution in following any of the links the website provides since I cannot vouch for every website it sources too.

Jensen’s work isn’t familiar to me, although he appears to be a primarily gay performer who also works with trans models. As a rule of thumb, you tend to find this is the case for male models who work alongside trans models – almost all of them are gay with very, very few coming from the mainstream male model scene. This may change in the future – indeed, more and more mainstream female models are beginning to star alongside trans women too – but for now that’s just how things work. If gay content is something you’re into, Jensen looks like he has some extremely hot scenes with, and he’s starred in a few bisexual scenes as well. Overall, I’d recommend checking him out since he seems to be a really cool bisexual model.

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