Elliott made his first wish as he stepped out of the house: he wished for confidence. Though he had dabbled in magic here and there before, he had half-expected the wishing perfume he’d brewed for himself wouldn’t work, but the moment the words left his mouth he felt a thrill of energy roll through him and the nerves that had been nagging at him all day evaporated instantly. He held himself a little higher, strutting his way to the taxi waiting at the kerb, and during the trip he found he was shamelessly flirting with the driver.

For a few minutes he mulled over whether he should wish for the man to take a detour somewhere private and secluded so they could have a little fun together, but in the end he chose against it. Elliott had bigger plans for the night, and if all else failed he could always wish for the same driver to pick him up on the way home that night and have his way with the stud then. Just to make sure his night didn’t wind up a bust though, he went a step further as he vacated the taxi and muttered a quiet wish that he would have the chance to indulge himself before the night was out.

As it turned out, that chance came almost immediately. Throngs of revellers danced on the lawns outside the house, bouncing up and down to music blasting through the open windows. Inside, the place was even more packed, but it took Elliott barely seconds to bump into his next wish.

The man was tall and toned and wore his bleach blonde hair in a little quiff that made Elliott’s groin tingle as he imagined it trembling with arousal. He was wearing a simple outfit of a checked shirt and a pair of jeans, but every other man in the room paled in comparison, at least to Elliott’s eye.

They bumped into one another as he entered the house party and before the man had time to apologise Elliott had pressed him against a wall and begun unbuttoning his shirt, his new confidence overwhelming him. The stud had tried to wriggle free but Elliott’s perfume had made short work of his hesitation.

‘I wish you’d loosen up and have a little fun.’

Slim brunette man gives oral sex to toned blonde man in swimming pool at night

The atmosphere of the party was thick with arousal, so barely anyone batted an eyelid when they came out into the back garden and found Elliott hungrily going down on his new lover in the shallows of the swimming pool. Their abandoned clothes were floating in the middle of the pool as the underwater lights illuminated Elliott’s exposed ass, his bobbing head sending ripples out over the surface. Some of the guests even stopped to watch, filming their debauchery to enjoy in private no doubt, and being admired only drove Elliott to gorge on the man’s cock even harder.

This was what he lived for. Serving a hung stud, feasting on his cock. The only thing that tasted better than a thick dick was a thick dick lathered in cum, and it didn’t take long before Elliott had his lover’s load dribbling from his lips as he continued to satisfy his own exhibitionist fantasies.

By the time the man’s girlfriend found them Elliot had already wished for the man’s stamina to last all night long and for his own gag reflex to fade away. As a result, when she came over screaming hysterically at them Elliott had lost count of which thick load it was the man was shooting straight down his throat.

He hated pulling away, but he couldn’t have her making a scene if he was going to continue enjoying his night, so he came away with a wet slurping sound and looked up at her with cum glazing his chin.

‘I wish you were more interested in that girl’s pussy than in what I’m doing to your boyfriend. He’s mine now, go and play with her.’

The girl had blinked at him for a moment and he watched the anger melt from her face. The next moment she was slinking over to the busty black woman Elliott had pointed out. He grinned a cum-stained grin as her hands worked under the woman’s red miniskirt and groped her mesh top, then he’d looked up at his lover who was stroking his cock with a lewd expression.

Elliott had been right – the man’s quiff did tremble when he was aroused. It was doing it now as he jerked off. And as his lover stroked his cock a fiendish idea formed in Elliott’s magic-addled mind. The confidence he’d wished for had seeped into his very soul by now and he was hungry for more.

‘I wish you’d take me somewhere and use me properly,’ he said, sounding for all the world like a horny slut begging her man for a good time. ‘Somewhere people won’t just stand by and watch. You don’t mind sharing, do you?’

Slim naked brunette man submits to three other naked men in red sex sling

Elliott’s lover paid for the taxi to the gay sex club. If he was totally honest, Elliott wasn’t sure whether the place had been there all along or whether it had been conjured up by his wish, but he didn’t much care. This time he was unable to resist wishing for the taxi driver to join them – after all, he’d already watched Elliott throat his lover’s cock on the journey there, so they’d already broken the ice – and the three of them marched into the club as though they owned the place, Elliott sandwiched between his hunky naked lover and the partly-clothed taxi driver who had already succumbed completely to Elliott’s charms.

The club was full of ripped bulls at every turn, and the sight of them fuelled Elliott’s impishness further. As they made their way to one of the private rooms he fondled his lovers, peering up at the man from the party with a devilish smile.

‘I wish you were both bulls like these hotties. And I wish I was more to your taste as gay bulls.’

The three of them transformed together. Elliott’s lovers filled out rapidly, muscle bubbling over every inch of their persons as they grew bigger in every sense of the word: taller, broader, and distinctly more well-endowed. The man from the party was soon fragrant with a thick musk, thick with dark hair, and dark with extensive tattoos, while the taxi driver was carved into a god-like figure, his muscles rippling under golden skin as they turned into the first free room they came across.

Elliott only noticed their changes later though, for his own transformation tore through him in waves of raw, burning pleasure. He too became toned, though he was not nearly as burly as his companions, and his long fringe was swept back into a sleek style perfect for bigger men to tangle their fingers in when fucking him. A series of small arrow-shaped tattoos inked themselves down both his flanks, underneath which were written the words ‘My Ass Is Down Here’, and what little body hair he’d possessed before withered away to leave him perfectly smooth.

At first he was a little frustrated to have lost the petite femininity he enjoyed beguiling studly lovers with – the femboy look had always been one he’d relished – but once he hopped up into the sex sling and allowed his new bulls to start using him that disappointment vanished swiftly.

Elliott groaned and giggled and howled and screamed as they pounded his holes, each new wish driving him even more wild with lust. He wished for his lovers to hit his P-spot every time. He wished for them to fuck him so hard passers-by would hear their ecstasy through the sound-proofed walls. He wished for every slap of their thighs against his to make them even hornier and therefore to drive them to pound him even harder. He wished for his ass to be wide enough to take the biggest cock in the building and then promptly thereafter wished for the owner of that cock to come marching in and sheathe it in his waiting ass.

Elliott last track of how long he spent in the sling – all he knew was that by the time he hopped down his thighs and stomach were slick with his own cum, his chest was decorated in thick splodges of that from his lovers, and his holes ached from overuse, the pearly seed of dozens of bulls leaking out from his ass and the corners of his lips.

Slim naked brunette man gangbanged by many other naked men

But Elliott didn’t move because he needed to stop. Instead the room he’d been filling with his moans had become too small for all the bulls he’d wished to come and join the gangbang; the train of men waiting to use him had grown out of the door and down the stairs, and now his confidence had evolved into absolute cocklust he’d become frustrated by the fact only a few dozen men could fit in the room.

Though he moved downstairs into the lounge, he didn’t bother walking; he didn’t even need to wish for one of the bulls to carry him, his legs looped around the man’s waist, his lover’s cock buried balls deep in his ass, bouncing eagerly as they made their way through the corridors. Once in the lounge he was tossed down onto a table laden with gay porn magazines where the insatiable bulls resumed using him even harder and rougher than before.

Elliott had always known the night would end this way. It was why he had brewed the wishing perfume in the first place, why he had wished for the confidence to explore his fantasies. He had always been this deep down: a sub, a cumdump, a filthy faggot whose one and only desire was as much cock as he could get. It was his nirvana. Cocks slapping against his face, needy for the feel of his lips; unloading cum and piss over his skin, branding him as the depraved dick-bitch he truly was; filling his ass, stretching him to the limit and pumping in their load until he was so full each fresh head that sank into his hole forced the load of the last man oozing out. The magic of the perfume had simply allowed him to realise his true self.

He wasn’t sure how many men were filling his ass when the voice reached him from somewhere above – three, he thought, but given one of them belonged to a man currently on top of him and there were at least a dozen glistening dicks resting on his face waiting for his attention, he couldn’t look down to see.

‘You dirty fucking faggot. I bet you wish every night was like this for you. That this was your life, bottoming for every alpha and daddy and bull you meet. Go on, admit it, slut.’

Elliott recognised the voice. It was the man from the party – or at least it was the man he’d become, since his girlfriend would never have recognised him now. He wondered if deep down the man remembered what Elliott’s perfume had done to him and was trying to goad him into wishing his life away. Or maybe the bull he’d become was just eager to use his holes again the following night, perhaps even hungry to take Elliott home himself and use him more privately.

Either way, it didn’t matter. Because he realised at that moment the man was right. That is exactly what he wanted. It’s what he’d always wanted. It was the wish he’d been wanting to make since he first sprayed the perfume over himself – since he’d first brewed it, even. And now he made it, lust roaring through him as he spoke the words and felt another load splatter over his face almost as if he was being rewarded for saying them.

‘Yes. I wish this was my life…’

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If I’m honest, I really wanted to have every story releasing in October to have somewhat of a Halloween theme. In the end, it hasn’t quite worked out that way because I spent quite a bit of time working on the content that will be releasing towards the end of the month and therefore didn’t have the time or energy to come up with anything for this first week.

That said, I’m really happy to have this piece published. As I mentioned in my comments on Fantasy Resort, I want to try and include more gay stories in my general release schedule rather than restricting them to just Gaypril. This is definitely a piece I’m very proud of – honestly, the first image in this scene is one of my favourite images I’ve ever captioned, and I absolutely love the premise, so I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Sure, it isn’t exactly Halloween-y I think it fits in well enough with the themes of magic and naughtiness that are present in the rest of this month’s releases.

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For all models I have tried to source the profile with the most content on. Generally that is their Men.com account, but there are other links to different websites too, it just depends on the model.

The first image is obviously the simplest; the model portraying Elliott is Kyle Ross, the model portraying his lover is Dalton Briggs, and the scene is called ‘Hot Tub Hookup’ by Helix Studios.

In the second image, the model portraying Elliott is Jake Nobello, his co-stars are Drew Dixon, Manuel Skye and Markus Kage and the scene is Daddy Sitter Part 3 by Masqulin.

Finally, for the third image the model portraying Elliott is, as far as I can tell, Dylan Hauser, his co-stars are Landon Conrad, Spencer Fox, Parker London, Chris Tyler, Connor Maguire and Jimmy Durano, and the scene is called Hungover by Falcon Studios.

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