The shop was a transformation enthusiast’s heaven. Every shelf and railing and cabinet and display was dedicated to a different kind of deviant product, and when it came to naughty transformations, what the store didn’t sell wasn’t worth talking about.

The shelves behind the counter looked like they belonged to a particularly depraved alchemist. Countless vials of vivid pink Elixir stood tall and proud alongside flasks of Formula, the deep purple contents glittering softly. Half a dozen jars of Slut Slime were aligned behind a thick pane of sliding glass, several heavy bolts and a cluster of padlocks ensuring only those who knew how to handle the corruptive goo were able to access it. On the lower shelves, expensive-looking crystal tumblers were arranged around a large decanter of Bimbo Liqueur, and while there were vials of pure G-lixir on the upper shelves, an assortment of bottled G-lixir cocktails accompanied the decanter, everything from Twinkler to Simply Seduction jostling for attention among the many other transformative alcoholic tipples on display.

Off to one side of the store, a massive display was dedicated to every kind of mutational pill on the market. Most of the shelves were taken up by X-Change, everything from Breeder to Denial and Oral to Sissy stacked up alongside one another in a garish riot of pink, blue and purple packets, the effects and price of each type printed on small labels stuck to the shelves. Even so, there were plenty more options to choose from besides X-Change’s many variants; packs of Insatiable bragged about the varying effects of the pills within depending on which colour the user chose to swallow, a little screen was set up next to towers of Dopplebanger packets repeatedly playing a short film which demonstrated the incredible cloning transformation the pill could induce, meanwhile a small pocket of the display had been designed to look like an oversized ball gag, within which matte black packs of Domiprex had been arranged in a pyramid.

The shop floor itself was littered with dozens of display stands to satisfy any possible gender-flipping or otherwise corruptive craving one might have. On one stand several dozen Hairasite wigs were laid out on a table, at the centre of which four busts on pedestals showed off the newest arrivals. Nearby, a different display was dedicated to scores of clear containers ranging in size from travel-size tubs to the broad-topped barrels the rest of the bottles were arranged on, all of which were full to the brim with Lotion X. Yet another was set aside to tempt kinkier customers with Domin-8 and Submiss-IV, promises of filthy, limitless depravity emblazoned across the stand’s signs. And still another showcased a top of the range Stereotype Gun, the sleek black device gleaming like polished latex beside a sign which read Try Before You Buy in an elegant, curling font.

Amongst the displays, packed railings hung with an array of sinful attire. Enchanted dresses, corruptive catsuits, hexed fancy dress costumes and bewitched lingerie rubbed up against skinsuits of every shape and colour, prosthetic breasts designed to seal themselves to the user’s chest, and even pressed business suits, the magic woven into their stitching capable of transforming even the scrawniest nerd into a colossal bull of a man.

Over in one corner of the store, a curtained arch led through into a darkened room full of twisted adult movies at every turn. Hypno movies, sissification films and brainwashing videos for any occasion fought for space on the shelves, while an entire wall was set aside for magic titles enchanted to transform the viewer’s reality into that of the film they were watching for however long they pleased.

And while the movie room urged customers to indulge their deepest fantasies in the privacy of their own homes, the countless posters plastered over the store’s walls compelled them to expand their horizons to still filthier places across the globe. One poster, for example, bragged that tickets to Metamorphose Casino could be purchased at the shop counter, including a VIP travel package as part of which an official casino slut would spend the duration of the buyer’s stay as their personal sex slave. Two others seemed to be competing for the attention of the viewer. The first, an advertisement for New Body Vacations, showed a stunning woman groaning as a huge black bull screwed her hard atop a sun longer, while the second implored the viewer to visit Costa Aphrodite, tempting them in with the image of a sandy-edged, waterfall-fed pool surrounded by countless naked women, some of them natural, some of them stunningly erotic anthro beauties.

There wasn’t an inch of the store that didn’t encourage depravity. Even the bell was enchanted, the melodic tinkle bewitched to bring out the inner lust of anyone who heard it, ensuring they had no hesitation as they perused the countless hedonistic products.

And yet, even amongst all that, with so much endless orgasmic ecstasy at his very fingertips, Alex still couldn’t find something he wanted to buy. Standing at the counter, his expression was conflicted as he eyed the many vials and bottles on the shelves behind it. He’d dabbled with them all, and though they had all undeniably given him many nights to remember, somehow that didn’t quite seem enough.

He wanted more. So much more – a hit unlike anything he’d ever experienced. And he never wanted to come down from that high.

‘Look, are you going to pick something or not? You’ve been in here for hours, and it is way past closing time. If you’re not buying, you can get out.’

Trixie stood with her arms crossed impatiently. She wore nothing save a set of red lingerie, white PVC heels and an expensive-looking pearl necklace with earrings to match, yet she looked more intimidating than most nightclub bouncers. Even so, Alex was too distracted to notice either how hot or how annoyed the owner of the store was.

‘Please, I need something unforgettable,’ he said, running a hand through his black hair. ‘I’ve tried all this stuff. I need something better, something extreme. Something I’ve never tried before.’

‘How about some AMZ-LXR?’ suggested Trixie, pointing to a line of bottles swirling with bright red liquid on one of the shelves behind her. ‘Just got a new batch in today. It’s one of the hottest transformations you can find anywhere.’

‘No, no, not intense enough,’ Alex said, shaking his head.

‘Alright, well there’s the Opposite Filter app? We offer an exclusive downloadable package that lets you customise every facet of your transformation, including the intensity.’

Again he shook his head. ‘Definitely not. Transformation apps are good and all, but the fun only lasts as long as your signal or battery – if either of those run out, you may as well not have bothered.’

Rolling her eyes, the owner sighed. ‘Okay, then what about this?’ She produced a bottle from under the counter, the glass shaped like a very curvy woman with the stopper placed in the neck. ‘Remember a few months back when bio-terrorists poured bimbofication chemicals into the water supply of a town? This right here is some of that water. Extremely rare, and it’s a permanent change too. There’s no hit quite like becoming a constantly horny bimbo fuck doll.’

The sudden spark in his eyes momentarily made her think she might have tempted him, but then he waved the bottle away with another shake of the head. ‘Nah, not for me. I’ve been a bimbo before. It was fun, but that’s not what I want right now. Come on, surely you must have something for me in this place. Something that’ll really give me a buzz.’

Trixie glared at him, her lips pursed tightly. For a second she considered simply dousing him in the bimbofying water and tossing him out onto the street for some lucky guy to find, but then a fiendish thought occurred to her. You want to get extreme, prick? Fine, I’ll show you extreme.

Despite the bitterness in her thoughts, her voice was perfectly sweet when she spoke. ‘You know what, I think I have just the thing.’

Placing the bimbo water back under the counter, she crouched down further to access the drawer beneath it. A cold smile twisted her lips as she read the golden plaque on the front: Caution: Cursed Items Inside. Producing a key from her bra, she turned it in the lock before gently sliding open the drawer. The interior was lined with crushed velvet the colour of overripe cherries and the removable bottom was moulded to hold each of the various items arranged carefully across it. Lifting it out, she placed the entciing spread atop the counter.

Alex’s eyes lit up. He was spoiled for choice. He’d never seen any of these on the shop floor, and he could only imagine they were the kind of merchandise only offered to the most loyal of customers. About time, too, he thought. I must’ve tried out everything in this store by now. I think I’ve earned access to the special stuff, that’s for sure.

There were plenty of stunning items to choose from, but Alex’s ego led him straight to the middle – after all, as far as he was concerned, he deserved the best product on offer. The long purple false nails were arranged in two crescents, each nestled in its own dip in the cloth, and they were undoubtedly the star of the whole tray, their colour laced with hypnotic iridescence. Ignoring the jewellery and bondage gear and sex toys filling the rest of the tray, he took up the nails without a moment’s hesitation.

Or, at least, he tried to. The second his hands ventured near them, however, the nails flew through the air and settled onto his fingers, rooting themselves immovably into place and sinking their cursed power into his veins before he even realised what had happened.

‘What the fuck?’ he shrieked, his deep voice suddenly shrill and girly. Alex tried to pull them off frantically, but they would not budge, and by the time he’d realised they were fused in place his hands had already been rendered delicate and feminine. ‘They won’t come off! Oh God, they’re stuck in place! You bitch! What are they doing to me?’

‘They’re transforming you for the very last time,’ hissed Trixie, venom in her eyes and satisfaction in her manic grin. ‘I hope you like being a slut, because that’s all you’re ever going to be from now on.’

Curvy blonde woman kneels naked on shop floor surrounded by lingerie

Alex opened his mouth to respond, but all that came out was an orgasmic howl as his body was suddenly burning with pleasure. If he had wanted a hit, the cursed nails were more than capable of satisfying that craving – the pleasure was so intense he felt as though he was going to burst with it. It was blissful agony, and he screamed with ecstasy as the nails moulded him into the perfect host.

His jet-black hair bleached blonde in a heartbeat, tumbling down into waves of golden perfection. If anything, his face reformed even quicker, the masculine weight of his features refined into seductive beauty, complete with full pink lips and sharply plucked brows. The only items of clothing that were spared by the curse were his shoes and his chain necklace – which became sleek white heels and a dazzling black diamond necklace respectively – the rest reduced to dust, leaving him stark naked. His sudden exposure revealed a soft, voluptuous body, tanned curves, perky breasts and a tight, shaved pussy having taken the place of his formerly muscular physique. Even the look of his tattoos had changed, the bright red devil face on his right shoulder now a crimson rose and the surfer riding a wave over his left hip reinked into a pineapple with a vivid tropical sunset scene within the body.

Alex’s strength eviscerated by the curse, he crumpled to the ground, groaning as aftershocks of pleasure rippled through him. Despite his shock, however, when he looked over his shoulder at Trixie his pretty face instinctively set in a sultry expression, and he pushed out his plump ass for her to admire.

‘That’s it, you little cunt, show off your tight, slutty body for me,’ Trixie laughed, noting the surprise in Alex’s eyes.

‘I… I don’t know why I’m doing that,’ he stammered. The next second he was rocking his hips and groaning as he bit his lip. ‘Fuck, it feels so good doing what you say. God, it’s like I’m cumming without actually cumming.’

Trixie grinned coldly. ‘I know. That’s why I had those things locked away. They’re too powerful. But you did say you wanted things extreme. So now you’re going to be the perfect slut for every person you meet.’

‘What do you mean?’ he asked, his eyes rolling as his body throbbed with pleasure.

‘I mean you don’t control the nails. The nails control you. They’re purple now, right?’ Alex nodded. ‘Well they won’t stay that way. The nails respond to the desires of whoever you’re around then they warp you into the perfect whore to satisfy those desires. Your body doesn’t change, but your thoughts and wants and personality, they all do. So, say if a guy wanted you to be a filthy whore without morals, they’d turn red and that’s what you’d become. If they wanted you as a submissive slave, they’d turn white. Or pink if they wanted a slutty princess. And when they’re not active they’re just purple, which means you’ll be a nympho willing to fuck anyone who lays their hands on you. Here, allow me to demonstrate.’

Curvy naked blonde woman is fingered in shop by dominant woman with black hair wearing red lingerie

Moving with blinding speed, Trixie was suddenly standing over Alex and dragging him to his feet. Bending him over the counter she lifted one of his supple legs up onto the top to spread his new pussy wide, then before he could even think to respond she had plunged her fingers into his glistening sex.

At first he screamed, the burning pleasure raging through him like a wildfire. On the brink of an orgasm that just wouldn’t seem to come, he felt as though he was teetering on the very edge of delirium, his sanity only a hair’s breadth from shattering completely. And yet, even as Trixie began to pump her fingers inside him hard and fast, he somehow didn’t lose his mind. Instead he found himself rocking his hips against her hand and groaning passionately.

‘Oh fuck. God. Oh fuck that feels so good,’ he whimpered, reaching back to spread himself wider. His sharp brows knitted together with blissful euphoria and his glossy lips trembled as he whined. ‘Please, don’t stop. I need it. I need to cum. Please, I’m so close already.’

Trixie laughed, and there was hateful scorn in her voice when she spoke, although Alex was too focused on her wriggling fingers to notice. ‘You fucking idiot. Of course you’re close. You’ll always be close. That’s why the nails were locked up: because they never let you cum. They keep you permanently on the edge of orgasm but they never, ever let that orgasm break. They trap you in that second where every sense is dialled all the way up and pleasure is the only thing you can feel, and they trap you there forever.’

Part of Alex – the part that was still reeling from being forced into such a lustful body – started to panic. Sure, he’d wanted intensity, but he hadn’t wanted this. It was torture. Blissful, perfect and more pleasurable than he had ever imagined anything could be, but torture nonetheless.

But the rest of her was relishing every second in Trixie’s hands. Though she knew release was not coming, the curse had programmed her to love every second of being used however her lover saw fit. She was serving her one true purpose bringing pleasure to other’s; she was the ultimate slut, and, ironically, just as Alex had hoped for, she could never come down from that high.

‘Oh my GOD!’ she shrieked as Trixie suddenly sped up, pummelling her sex deep.. Trixie was hitting her G-spot over and over, and the pleasure was unbearable. Even so, not even that pushed her over the edge into insanity. It seemed that as well as leaving her in a state of permanent orgasmia, the curse also ensured she remained lucid enough to feel every second.

‘Do you want to know something else, bitch? They won’t come off. Once the nails latch on to a host, they never let go. And they never quite erase you, either. Sure, they make you into the perfect slut for whoever is fucking you, but the old you is still in there underneath. I guess you bit off more than you could chew. I’m sure you’ll come to love it eventually though.’

Just then, Trixie’s eyes fell onto a thick, veiny strap-on hanging beside the counter.

‘Speaking of which, I think there’s something else you’ll love too.’

Curvy naked blonde woman kneels on shop floor and throats strap on fed to her by dominant woman with black hair

Driving Alex to the floor, Trixie slipped free of her lingerie. She grinned as Alex eyed her tanned, tattooed curves with a mixture of dismay and desire – whether her former customer would learn to love her new life or not, right now she was still at war with herself, and the conflict in her eyes had Trixie dripping wet.

The strap-on in hand, Trixie sank down in front of the slut and held the toy up in front of her. ‘You want to know my favourite part about those nails? Because they leave you constantly on the brink of cumming, they also make you constantly horny. And because your only purpose is to be used, that means you’ll do anything I ask of you, no matter how degrading. If I told you to eat my ass, you’d eat my ass. If I told you to let every customer that walks through that door to piss on you, you’d thank me for being so good to you. And if I told you to throat this strap-on…’

Before Trixie could even finish her sentence, Alex had pitched forward and wrapped her lips around the lifelike toy. Her eyes rolled as it burrowed down her throat, the sensation of it stretching her lips and cheeks and gullet almost as pleasurable as the submission to Trixie’s will. She choked and gagged, saliva frothing on her lips and tongue, but she did not pull back. Instead she endeavoured to swallow it deeper, her hips pulsing with white-hot arousal at the knowledge she was fulfilling her purpose.

‘That’s it, slut, choke on that cock. Swallow it all the way down. You live to follow my orders. Anyone’s orders. That’s all you are – a slave to be commanded.’ She laughed as Alex groaned, nodding enthusiastically while he worked his lips further down the shaft. ‘Oh, and before you get any ideas, you can’t get out of this by using something else in the shop. The curse is too strong for that. Like I said – you’ve been transformed for the very last time. So don’t thinking you can just take a Bull Pill and everything will go back to normal, because that’s not how this works.’ She smirked coldly. ‘Besides, I forbid it. And you wouldn’t want to disobey your mistress, would you?’

Pulling back for a second, Alex shook her head frantically as if appalled at the very idea. ‘No, mistress, I would never disobey you. I’ll always be a good slut for you.’

‘That’s my girl,’ Trixie said, spanking Alex’s exposed tit firmly. Holding the strap-on to the light, Trixie admired the glistening layer of frothy saliva Alex had laced over it with a scheming smile. ‘Now, since you’re so eager to please, I suggest you get back on your feet. I think it’s about time I made use of one of your other holes, don’t you?’

Trixie recognised the dresses the women were wearing. The tight green number with the cut out over the cleavage that the taller woman sported was made of Elixir-infused material, while the bright blue garment with the plunging neckline accentuating her friend’s nubile figure was an enchanted piece which caused the wearer to mirror the personality of the first person they kissed while wearing it.

Though they were now both beautiful blondes, only a few days before they had entered Trixie’s shop as a nerdy girl and her doting yet scrawny boyfriend. He’d loved her so much he had willingly donned the blue dress when she asked him too, and after she’d released her inner alpha bitch with the green dress they had kissed passionately, strutting out of Trixie’s shop arm in arm as two confident alpha bitches whose friendship had at least a few sordid benefits.

Now they were at her counter again. Together they had spent over an hour carefully selecting an array of shoes from a display stand piled high with dazzling heels under a banner reading Grigori’s Artisanal Magic Shoes. A little sign had been erected amongst the shoes reading So Many Shoes, So Little Time – So What Are You Waiting For? and it seemed as though the women had taken the words to heart, for between them they had picked out over two dozen pairs, which Trixie was now bagging carefully.

Slipping the last shoebox into its bag, she gave them a warm smile. ‘Excellent choice in heels, ladies. Can I interest you in any Lust cigarettes with your purchase today?’ She gestured to a stack of cigarette boxes beside the cash register, the Lust logo stamped across the front.

‘Actually, we’re rather more interested in this little beauty,’ said the woman in green. Following her gaze to the blonde beauty knelt with her mouth open beside the doorway, Trixie smiled. The slut’s face was plastered with cum and pussy juice where previous customers had made use of her oral skills, and she was dressed in an all-pink outfit of crushed velvet crop top, button up denim skirt and sheer lace panties. Her long purple nails gleamed like shards of amethyst.

‘Ah yes. That’s Angel. You’re welcome to borrow her if you like. She costs five hundred per day, but I’m sure two persuasive ladies like you won’t have any issue affording her.’

‘None at all,’ the woman in blue smirked.

‘I thought as much. I assure you, she is well worth the expense. She’s always desperate to be used, and believe me when I say that nothing is off the table. Whatever you ask of her, she’ll be happy to oblige.’

‘We’ll take her,’ the women said in unison, giggling together as they helped Angel to her feet.

‘Excellent. Now then ladies, allow me to book you a taxi – you have a lot of bags and one very horny slut to get home after all, the last thing you need is to be walking with it all.’ Turning to the shop phone, Trixie inputted the Role With It Taxis number from memory, arousal tickling her nape as she imagined what debauchery Angel’s new lovers would share with her once they delved into the taxi’s onboard cupboard of magical clothes.

Then again, the sinfully sapphic journey in the taxi was nothing compared to the naughtiness they got up to once they arrived home. In fact, as they dragged her up to the bedroom and stripped her out of her pretty pink clothes, it was acutely apparent that that the taxi ride had only been a warm-up – now it was time for Angel’s lovers to show her how naughty customers of Trixie’s little shop of hedonism could really be…

Blonde woman in pink clothes stripped by two other blonde women on bed

Thanks for reading!

The models in this story are Texas Patti, Carmen Caliente, Alexa Grace and Natalia Starr. If I’m honest, I can’t really say much about any of them since I’ve seen precious little of their work. That said, I’ve heard of them all, and just from what I’ve seen skimming through their PornHub profiles they’re well worth checking out, so please do go and support them any way you can. Like every model whose work I showcase, they more than deserve your appreciation.

In truth, I can’t exactly remember what sparked the idea for this story, but once it had taken root there was no getting away from it and I simply had to write it. There weren’t a great amount of shop-set galleries to choose from, but I think the one I chose in the end definitely works even if the models involved in the story were less well-known to me.

Arguably the most enjoyable part of writing this was the ability to add in as many references to other writers’ erotic creations as I possibly could. Having all these naughty products in one place seemed like such a fun idea to explore, and I’ve even categorised this story amongst my serials since I hope to use it as a starting block for more stories moving forward as well. Whether that will actually happen is anyone’s guess – we all know how I am when it comes to starting stories I want to continue and then never getting around to doing so *cough* The Program *cough* Out of the Bottle *cough*. But hopefully the Little Shop of Hedonism will see more use going forwards.

This story wouldn’t be what it is without the amazing creations of my fellow erotica writers. There are so many to source that I won’t be able to talk about any of them in great depth, but I’ll do my best to provide all the sources I can for you to explore any and all of the products that made cameos in this story.

Miss Evie Hyde’s Elixir will no doubt be known to most if not all of my readers and as a premise is a huge part of the TG erotica writing sphere. Her Elixir blog stories are some of the hottest TG stories around for good reason – you just can’t beat the Queen Bee. Unfortunately her blog has no specific tag for her Role With It stories, though they are equally fun and shouldn’t be too difficult to find if you want to read them, while Dopplebanger is a premise she set out on her Twitter but as far as I can tell hasn’t expanded on that much, though it’s still a delight to include it in this story nonetheless.

The Hairasites are a concept cooked up by EternalsTG and though there isn’t a specific tag on her blog to find stories that use them, that blog is also at the time of writing this piece still pretty new. You can however find plenty more Hairasite stories on her Twitter, not to mention all the naughty wordplay you could ask for – seriously, she’s an incredible wordsmith.

Both Grigori’s Artisanal Shoes and Insatiable pills are creations of Mara Mischief whose naughty notions are invariably steamy both on her blog and her Twitter. The shoes are part of her So Many Shoes universe (of which I believe there are more than just the one tagged on her blog) while Insatiable has appeared in a number of stories and to be quite honest is a premise I’d personally love to explore more. Mara is another heavyweight in the TG writing sphere and the one to whom I owe many thanks for introducing me into the community in the first place.

Unfortunately I’m unable to provide sources to specific stories for the Slut Slime and New Body Vacations, however they are both born of the mind if Naughty Erica, whose blog and Twitter are both equally enjoyable to explore.

Domin-8 and Submiss-IV were created by Kinks of Doom. As far as I know, they don’t have a blog, however their Twitter is chock full of smoking hot domination and submission captions. I feel like they’re a little less well known than some of the other creators on this list, so I implore you to go check out their work if you haven’t already.

The Stereotype Gun has been written about by a few different creators, however it was initially the brainchild of Shadow Inspire Captions way back in the Tumblr days. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s even accessible anymore (thanks Tumblr) but here is the link to what I believe is the first Stereotype Gun story and also to Shadow’s Twitter, which very much is accessible and worth checking out.

Costa Aphrodite is a concept bought to my attention by Zoey Starz, though I’m not sure if it was her idea in the first place. I hadn’t heard of it before she bought it up on Miss Evie Hyde’s server, however it’s certainly an interesting concept and something I might play with in the future. Zoey is more active on her Twitter than her blog but both are full of TG hotness you should go and enjoy.

Rosie’s Caption Corner’s Opposite Filter is again more of a premise than an explored plot device, at least as far as I can tell, but there are also plenty of other filter-based transformation concepts out there that are a lot of fun if you’re into the idea. Rosie is another purveying of endearing Twitter hotness, so if somehow her blog isn’t enough for you, check out her shorter work over there too.

And saving the best until last, I’m thrilled to have had the chance to showcase the creations of the one and only Papa Dragon in this story – granted though, I’m more than a little biased since he’s been such a huge support for me over the past year or so. Both Domiprex and AMZ-LXR are born of his filthy mind. Unfortunately I can’t source his Domiprex captions since there’s no tag for them on his blog but that’s easily resolved – just go read every caption he’s ever written and you’ll find them eventually. As for AMZ-LXR, that’s from his 3D work, the renders for which are on his DeviantArt page, though you’ll need to set up an account to view them. And if, like me, you just can’t get enough of his work, be sure to check out his Twitter too!

Papa Dragon was also the one who bought Bimbo Liqueur to my attention, which is apparently from the TG game Corruption of Champions. I haven’t played it myself, but if he recommends it then so do I.

Beyond that, there are a couple of concepts I don’t know the creator of. X-Change is a massively popular concept in the TG writing sphere and has a pretty active Reddit page worth exploring. Lotion X, meanwhile, is a concept that’s far less well-known and which has a far less active Reddit page, so I feel like the lore for the idea is the best thing to source in this case. I absolutely love this idea and I’d love to explore it more at some point provided I can come up with a suitable story, and it would be a pleasure to bring the concept back after it seemingly falling from popularity over the years.

And finally, as a little self-indulgence, I went ahead and included a slew of my own creations in the mix too, so here’s a quick rundown of those if you’re interested in exploring any of them further.

The Formula is my answer to the Elixir and a concept I want to explore but often struggle to come up with compelling narratives for. Lust cigarettes were inspired by a hot smoking gif I found a while back. They’ve shown up in two stories so far – Smoke and Smoke: Bad Girl – and though smoking isn’t a big kink of mine they may pop up again here and there. Metamorphose Casino is something that’s been explored a fair bit on my Twitter and I’m delighted to say after a lengthy hiatus there will be more additions coming in the not too distant future. The bottled bimbofication water Trixie offers Alex is a reference to my Don’t Touch the Water concept, which receives Twitter additions on occasion and is an idea I’m very fond of. And to round out the references to my work, the G-lixir is a new variant of the Elixir which I came up with for this year’s Gaypril stories and which I hope to use in plenty more gay and trans stories moving forward.

I’ve included enough links here to sink a battle cruiser, so I won’t bother with sourcing my Twitter or anything like that. Instead I’ll just implore you once again to check out the work of all the amazing creators I’ve referenced in this story.

And also, leave me a comment on what you want to see Trixie stock in future instalments! This story really could go anywhere, and I’d love any suggestions you might have!


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