The Manor on Cursed Hill

Old abandoned manor houses overgrown with ivy framed by bare trees

The abandoned manor which sat atop Cursed Hill was something of a local legend. Passed down by word of mouth from generation to generation, stories of the decrepit old estate, as such superstitious tales are wont to do, had taken on a life of their own such that no two families agreed on the truth behind them any longer.

Some believed the manor to be the former abode of a scheming alchemist who had driven himself to insanity in the pursuit of eternal life, a path which had eventually led him to an untimely demise in an experiment gone wrong. Others considered it a haunted place, once occupied by a charming yet reclusive socialite whose true form was only revealed by the light of the moon: a ravenous vampire cursed to prey upon the townsfolk, dragging them from their beds and slaughtering them in his manor, the halls of which their souls still wandered to this day. More still were convinced the manor was an altogether more demonic entity which had once served as the site upon which a dark cult opened a cursed gate to some horrific dimension, as a result of which they had all gone quite savagely mad and the manor itself had been imbued with hellish, corruptive qualities capable of warping any who entered into pawns of Lucifer himself.

The legends surrounding the manor were so suffocating they had mired it in a superstitious fog through which no solid information had persisted to the present. No word of the former owners was to be found anywhere, nor was any history of the building recorded. In every sense but physicality the manor was effectively absent, a truth which only compounded its eeriness.

Even the name of the hill upon which it resided was a fabrication: Cursed Hill was a nickname crafted by schoolchildren in the early fifties which had managed to stick around, yet before that nobody quite knew what the place was called.

For the most part, their superstitions kept the townspeople far away, providing the manor a wide berth save they encounter something beastly within its walls.

Then again, old wives’ tales and campfire ghost stories tend not to hold the weight they once did, which may perhaps explain why every All Hallows’ Eve the ghostly manor became the scene of a wild party thrown by the local university students. That and the simple fact it provided them a literal haunt in which no adults would come snooping in their business.

This year was no different, and as the sun sank to cast the manor in long shadows which soon grew to envelop the grounds entirely as the fading light gave way to inky black, illuminated within were thronging crowds of dancers.

Hefty generators hummed here and there, lugged up the leaf-strewn drive to power innumerable blaring speakers and roving spotlights that swung about casting garish colours across the walls, while within the dusty kitchen dozens of trestle tables had been erected and bowed under the weight of countless bottles, pitchers and jugs.

Despite the manor’s age it was in surprisingly good condition with only the thick layers of dust, cracked plaster and sheeted furniture to suggest it was abandoned. As such, the halls were packed with tipsy revellers making out hard against the walls, the broad staircase was littered with dozing drunks and the atmosphere of the upper floor was thick with the scent and sound of more sordid activities.

Thus it was that under the flashing lights and throbbing music three girls huddled in a corner of the old ballroom – two in hysterics, the third doing her best to console them both.

‘How could he?’ Veruca was wailing. ‘How could she? What kind of dirtbag cheats on a girl with her sister?’ As she sobbed her eyes were fixed on a handsome dark-haired man in the middle of the room making out hard with her twin sister.

‘Well you are identical,’ Cherry tried, ‘maybe in this light he thought you were Maya?’

Veruca’s reply was drowned out by Bella letting out a banshee-like shriek. ‘Bastard! Fucking lying fucking heartless bastard! Look at him! Grinding up against that shallow bitch. He said we needed to go on a break so he could get his head straight: more like get his cock hard!’

It was all Cherry could do to hold Bella back from storming across to her ex and beating him to a bloody pulp.

As one, both Bella and Veruca stormed from the room in fits of tears. Tottering after them on tall heels, Cherry clamped a hand firmly over the hat of her sexy police officer outfit as she tried not to lose them in the crowd.

Only once they were deep into the manor with the main party left far behind did she manage to catch up to them. They had once again broken down sobbing to slump dejectedly on the threadbare carpet of one of the manor’s many broad corridors. Leaning heavily against the wall, Cherry took a moment to catch her breath.

Opposite them hung a huge ornate mirror. Dusty as it was, Cherry could make out her reflection and found herself thankful that these halls were occupied by only a handful of drunken revellers too pissed to pay them any mind. Pursuing her friends had left her sweaty, flushed, and her outfit stained with spilled drink from where she had bumped into people as she ran.

Veruca and Bella looked little better. Veruca’s face, smeared with mascara and blotchy from crying, was largely the same colour as her black and red sexy nurse outfit. Meanwhile the fishnets and black veil skirt of Bella’s sexy witch look had snagged and ripped as she fled and, in an attempt to wipe the tears from her face, she had smudged lipstick all across her cheek and right forearm such that she looked as though she had been set upon by a crazed axeman.

‘I don’t understand,’ Veruca was saying between her sobs. ‘How could he do this to me? What did I ever do to him? I thought we were happy.’

‘I guess we both thought that, honey,’ Bella nodded. ‘I mean was he planning this all along? Has he been seeing Britney behind my back and just ended me to be with her?’

Cherry sighed, exhausted. She had expected the night might take this sort of turn, but she wasn’t prepared to support both her friends through their alcohol-infused self-pity. Still, now they were away from the party perhaps she could talk some sense into them.

Just as she opened her mouth to do so, however, Veruca surged unsteadily to her feet. ‘I can’t be here anymore. I need something to take my mind off all this.’

Cherry groaned as Bella rose to join her and they turned to leave. ‘Listen, I know you girls are having a hard night, but please could you stop running off. These heels aren’t made for chasing after you and if I trip I’ll fuck up my ankle like that.’ She snapped her fingers to punctuate her words.

Without warning a sudden rumble echoed along the corridor, as though a herd of stampeding wildebeest were storming up the driveway. A moment later the broad mirror sank bank into the wall and rolled aside to reveal a wide staircase behind.

‘O-kay…’ Cherry said, staring wide-eyed at the secret passage. Creeping over to peer down she was surprised to spot a warm light illuminating the stairs.

Taken aback as she was, her curiosity was piqued. ‘Well? Are you two coming or what?’

Veruca and Bella stared at her as if she had just asked them to shoot their puppies. ‘You can’t be serious?’ Veruca asked.

‘What? Don’t try and pretend you’re not just a little bit curious? Besides, you said you needed something to take your mind off things. If finding a secret passage here of all places doesn’t do that I don’t know what will.’

Bella raised an eyebrow. ‘You do remember what this place is famous for, right?’

‘Don’t get all superstitious on me now. Look, there’s light down there. It’s probably just some secret rave the fraternities set up or something. I say we go crash their party. Or would you rather go and feel sorry for yourselves for the rest of the night?’

Reluctantly, Veruca and Bella joined Cherry and together they made their way tentatively down.

Below, the stairs opened into a wood-panelled hall not unlike the one they had just left with gently flickering candelabras mounted on the walls. Everything was coated in a thick layer of dust, which kicked up in clouds as they walked. This, combined with the eerie quiet in the absence of the throbbing music and shouting dancers sparked a doubt that they would be crashing any secret parties tonight.

Once they came into the chamber at the end their suspicions were confirmed: empty.

Occult paraphernalia on desk

Well, empty of people at least. The room itself looked like the den of a sadistic occult fanatic. Ornate desks cluttered the room laden with mounds of strange articles: assorted bones, aging leatherbound tomes, scrolls, quills and inkwells. And in the pages of open books and upon the scattered sheets of parchment were inked unnerving diagrams and symbols surrounded by unfamiliar words scribed in an eloquent hand. Among the dried herbs and clusters of crystals, grey wisps of smoke curled up from clay bowls as if the occupant had just left, soon to return, while the entire place was illuminated by warm candlelight – candlelight which flickered over the metal racks hung with chains mounted to the walls.

And there, against the back wall, a resplendent table of rich, carved oak flanked by matching velvet chairs.  

Picking their way through the room, the girls felt their nerves begin to fray.

‘You know my aunt told me this story about the manor once,’ Veruca whispered. ‘She said it used to belong to this rich baron who was always throwing these big, extravagant balls. Only they weren’t balls, they were more like orgies – my aunt said this guy was a real man-slut, you know?

‘One night he meets these three women he’s never met before. They tell him he has a choice – give up the parties and the sex and accept them as his lovers, giving them all his wealth, or have them take it from him by force.

‘He laughs in their faces and turns them away but it turns out the women were witches and they go through on their promise: they turn him into an obedient maid to serve them as the new ladies of the manor and cast a spell so that everyone believed he never existed at all.’

‘If nobody believed he existed, how would your aunt have known about him?’ Bella scoffed.

‘Well she said the witches got too cocky and back then folks were terrified of anything that even smelled of witchcraft. After a while the village started to get suspicious and eventually they turned on the witches, dragging them from the house and burning them at the stake on their own lawn. The witches never screamed though – they just laughed.

‘Once they were dead all their spells were broken: the villagers remembered the baron and the baron himself was turned back into a man. For some reason he stayed loyal to the witches though, like he was still their maid. My aunt said there was something in the witches’ study that could bring them back and that the baron locked it away so nobody could ever destroy them completely. Eventually he went mad, raving that he was the architect of their resurrection and he was carted off to the looney bin. Supposedly the villagers searched for the study but they never found it.’

Coming up to the carved oak desk, Cherry turned to Veruca with a skeptical look. ‘And you think this is their study?’

‘What? You don’t? Just look at this place; it’s like Voldemort’s secret lair in here!’

Scoffing, Cherry marched around behind the desk. ‘Oh please, do you believe everything you hear?’ Sinking down into the plush velvet chair she fixed Veruca with an amused grin. ‘Everyone has a different story about this place, remember? One day it’s witches, the next it’s aliens. None of them are actually tr… wait… do you girls feel that? I feel hot…’

All at once, Cherry began to writhe in her seat, gripping the arms with white-knuckled ferocity and kicking her feet as though trying to fend off a rabid dog gnawing on her ankles. Pitching up and down her eyes rolled back to reveal the whites and she chanted unfamiliar words in a hoarse, wailing voice.

As one, Bella and Veruca leapt back with a united shriek. Cowering behind a nearby desk they peeked through the clutter as Cherry continued to convulse. Though Veruca was once again on the verge of hysterics, covering her ears to block out the unearthly chanting as her breath came in panicked gasps, Bella managed to form words in her terror.

‘Stop it, Cherry! Seriously, stop messing around! We know you’re joking – you’ve had your laugh but it’s not funny anymore.’

A moment later, however, it became apparent just how little Cherry was joking.

Her body was transforming. No… not transforming – enhancing. It was as though some perverted sculptor had taken her body and was moulding it into the perfect image of sexual femininity. Her skinny frame filled out into a curvy, buxom figure bestowed with big fat tits and a plump ass that bulged against the material of her outfit. Her long hair rolled back into a short blonde bob that did a much better job of exposing her cleavage, which continued to swell until it looked as though the bust of her shirt might burst entirely. Meanwhile her lips took on a seductive pout, her makeup perfected itself once more and her eyes rolled back down with a fresh mischief swirling through them.

As the changes took place her unnerving chants gave way to sultry, erotic moans until all at once she surged from the chair and stood breathlessly before her astonished friends.

Curvy blonde woman poses in skimpy police costume

Beyond fear, Bella and Veruca emerged from their hiding place trembling in terror. Gingerly approaching the woman they clung to one another like nervous children.

‘Ch-Cherry?’ Bella stammered.

But Cherry wasn’t listening. Instead she ran her hands over her sumptuous figure with the giddy expression of someone who could not quite believe their own luck. As she explored her new body she muttered confusingly to herself as if she were on both sides of a conversation, her voice shifting from Cherry’s familiar tone to a more sultry, sensual vocal and back again.

I never thought it would feel this good, but holy shit was that intense… Shit? Was that me? Or was that her? I guess it makes sense she’d update my vocabulary a bit. That darling boy certainly did a good job enchanting our thrones once we were gone – he was such a good boy. Maybe we can make another maid to play with. Fuck does this feel good! And she feels it too, don’t you?

‘Fuck yes. Your power feels so good inside me. And this body: you made me so perfect.

Well, that was the plan my dear – when you’ve had no corporeal form for several hundred years you get time to fantasise about what you could be once you do, and we want perfection. When you’re this naughty why would you settle for a subpar figure?

‘God, you’re so right – I’m so lucky I’m your vessel. You’re going to love this world – it’s so much naughtier than the one you left behind. I mean you’ll have men begging to serve you with this body.

No, no, not me, sweet girl: we. We are one now – you are me and I am you. And we’re going to have so much fun together.’ Cherry bounced her tits with a delirious giggle before groping her fat rack.

‘Cherry?’ This time when Veruca addressed her the stunning woman snapped up her gaze. Eyeing first Veruca then Bella a mischievous smile twisted her lips, laced at the edges with malice.

‘Ah yes, our friends,’ she purred, ‘we almost forgot you were here. Don’t worry, it’s still me. Well, kind of. It’s really rather hard to explain. I guess it makes more sense to show you. Oh girls, you’re going to love this.’

With a wave of her hand, Cherry sent Veruca sailing across the room into the chair sitting on one end of the table. Immediately she began to convulse and chant just as Cherry had before her and her body too started to twist into a more lascivious form.

Her nerve completely shattered, Bella turned to flee, but before she could make it to the door Cherry had waved her hand again and she was cast into the third chair where she immediately fell prey to the same corruptive enchantment.

Bouncing up and down giddily, Cherry watched her friends thrash and groan as her sisters took hold of their new hosts.

Sexy brunette boasts deep cleavage in revealing nurse outfit

Veruca’s transformation was the more drastic of the two. Though she was far from unattractive, her outfit was meant for someone much bustier and was of a cut such that the eye was supposed to be drawn to anything it did not cover rather than the outfit itself. As if sensing this, her skinny, flat-chested frame swelled to suit her attire; plush tits bulged so large they forced down the zipper to boast deep cleavage, her knobbly knees gave way to smooth, sultry legs complete with alluringly plump thighs, and her slender arms acquired that soft layer of flesh that makes the most beautiful women so irresistibly touchable.

Her facial features underwent the most dramatic change, however. By the time she rose to her feet with a sinister grin the doleful innocence of her features was gone. Her brows were sharp and dark, her grin was deeply chilling, the lines of her features could cut diamond and there was a malevolent hunger in her eyes that could have petrified the bravest men into pillars of stone.

Busty redhead woman shows off cleavage in sexy witch costume

Opposite, meanwhile, Bella’s natural curves were rapidly enhancing into the swooping lines of a busty, bitchy bombshell. Her forgiving outfit was the perfect attire for the transformation, allowing her hips to expand and her thighs to bulge even as her already enviable tits stretched the limits of her cleavage-boosting bra. The twisting of her figure looked devilishly hot under her wet-look outfit, the material shimmering in the candlelight.

Her dainty nails lengthened into glossy red talons that roved across her body groping and squeezing as she transformed, while her moans escaped through sly lips twisted in an evil smile. As she writhed the dry blonde of her hair infused with amber until shiny red locks cascaded over her immaculate chest and shoulders, framing her scheming features like an oil painting.

Once she was complete, she too rose from her seat and stalked over to her companions, speaking in the same disjointed manner as she came.

‘Oh fuck yes, this feels so good. I can’t imagine what it’s been like locked away all those years, waiting for some feeble girl to set you free. I’m so fortunate you chose me. That’s right, girl, you were a simple thing, but now we are both perfect. You provide the body – I provide the power. Nobody will stand a chance against us.

‘Against any of us,’ Veruca giggled, caressing her new tits, ‘we’re so much more than before. God, this power feels so fucking good – I feel like I could do anything. We can do anything. We can harness powers long since forgotten and have any mortal bow to us.

‘Oh yes, together we can take your revenge on the world, and this time nobody is going to burn you,’ Bella grinned, admiring her reflection in a nearby mirror. She smacked her ass hard with a delighted squeal. ‘Nobody is ever going to take this fat ass away from me.’

Just then, Cherry frowned. ‘You’re right. But it seems we are not the ones in need of revenge; all our enemies perished centuries ago. You girls, on the other hand, have been crossed this very night. Your lovers have abandoned you, have they not?’

Veruca and Bella scowled, momentarily forgetting their newfound power. ‘Yeah,’ Veruca huffed.

‘Fucking bastards,’ Bella added.

A scheming smile weaved across Cherry’s lips. ‘Well then, how about we set that straight? After all, we have to find some new slaves somewhere. What say we invite them down here for their punishment?’

Her companions bounced up and down excitedly.

‘Seriously? You want to bring them here for you to punish?’ Veruca squealed.

Cherry shook her head. ‘No. We’ll bring them here for you to punish. You are one with us now. Our power is yours, and from now on we are bonded inseperably.’ Now her vocals shifted to her familiar voice, though her mischievous expression made it clear the witch had not left. ‘So ladies, let’s have some fun, shall we?’

Neither Clint nor Mikey could quite explain why they had left the dancefloor. One moment they had been casually grinding against their dance partners, the next a strange urge had driven them to make their excuses and break away from the party.

They had met in one of the manor’s ageing corridors and wordlessly matched pace as they strode towards a goal neither of them could honestly pin down. As they marched through the manor, stepping over dozing drunks and veering around couples making out passionately against the walls, their senses blurred until they had fallen into a trance-like state – nothing mattered besides following the strange force driving them on.

By the time they reached the rolled back mirror whispering voices had started to weave through their thoughts. The voices spoke no words, instead issuing sultry moans that seemed to grow more sensual with every step they took.

Descending the staircase behind the mirror they did not flinch as it rolled shut behind them. Neither did their step falter as the flickering glow of the candlelit room loomed like the gates of Hell before them.

Then they were inside and met by an unnerving sight: the place looked like a sexual torture chamber. The huge desks which had once dominated the space had been forced up to the walls along with their contents and in their place had been positioned all manner of horrific devices, from a spiked metal armchair beside which lay a tangle of wires used to electrify the frame, to a set of stocks stationed in front of a towering rack hung with dozens of invasive implements.

Only the main desk had not been moved and as they entered Clint and Mikey found three attractive women stood before it.

Three dominatrixes stand together one in police uniform, one in nurse uniform and one in witch costume

‘Hello boys,’ said the beautiful blonde in the police officer’s outfit, her voice all but a moan.

Still entranced, the two men knew immediately they had reached their goal – what else could be more important than these perfect women? They were here to serve, to obey, to allow the sexy creatures to have their way with them.

‘Come and join us,’ purred the smallest of the three, who was dressed in an exposing black and red nurse costume.

Obediently, they did so, striding between the maze of sordid furniture and coming to stand before the women. Once they had done so the women giggled amongst themselves.

‘God, Veruca, what did you ever see in that little rat?’ the redhead in the witch costume scoffed.

‘I don’t even know. He’s such a pathetic little runt. Though it’s not like you had much better taste.’

‘You can say that again. Look at him – thinks he’s so suave with that stupid quiff. I bet he thinks that nose ring makes him look hard as well. Funny, I remember all the girls saying they ‘Likey Mikey’. Fuck that shit; we deserve so much more than these useless cunts.’

‘You certainly do,’ chimed in the police officer. ‘I think it’s time we taught these cheating fuckers where they belong: under our heels.’

‘Mmmh, Cherry, you make it sound so dirty,’ purred Veruca. ‘I love it. Although they won’t be needing those stupid costumes. Bella, care to do the honours?’

With a snap of her fingers, Bella reduced the Halloween costumes the men were wearing to ash. Stood silent and naked before the women they seemed not to care, merely waiting for their next command, which came in the form of two cold words from Cherry’s pursed lips: ‘Desk. Now.’

Silently crossing to the massive oak desk, each man took up their position at opposite ends and bent over the top. The women laughed at their mindless obedience, sniggering as they willingly forfeited themselves to their mercy.

‘He may be a dick, but he’s still well-hung,’ Bella said, admiring Mikey’s hefty meat. Then a wicked grin split her features. ‘Time to remedy that.’

Holding out her hand as though gripping an invisible scrotum she clenched her open fingers into a tight fist and before their eyes Mikey’s genitals crumpled in response. The heavy balls shrank rapidly until they were little more than a pouch while his impressive cock withered into a pathetic nub barely big enough to part a woman’s holes, let alone penetrate her.

Cackling manically, the witches watched in delight as the source of Mikey’s huge ego was ruined. Inevitably Veruca followed suit, decimating Clint’s manhood into a humiliatingly useless wreck so small he had neither the musculature to erect nor the physical capacity to produce more than a few drops of cum.

Throughout their humiliation neither man so much as flinched. Their trance was so complete the witches could have sliced their body to ribbons with barbed flails and they wouldn’t have uttered a whimper. But the witches had something far more sinister in mind for which they would need the trance removed.

Stepping up to the desk with a riding crop in her grasp, Cherry snapped her fingers.

Behind her, a heavy chest flew open to release a tangle of ropes which came tumbling over the side. Slithering across the floor like a bed of hunting serpents, they made urgently for the desk where they rapidly ensnared the men in their grasp. With a mind of their own they bound themselves into tight knots about their ankles and wrists to keep the men in place bent over the desk.

Meanwhile, from within the same chest emerged a pair of red ball gags. They hovered aloft for a moment before zipping through the air and settling in the open, expectant mouths of their hosts, embracing them with tight leather straps.

Then, with another snap, she lifted their trance.

Dominatrix in police uniform raises riding crop over two bound, gagged men

Immediately Clint and Mikey began to struggle. Confused and terrified, they felt as though they were waking up after a hard night: the last thing either man could remember was dancing in the ballroom, then everything went hazy.

Quickly realising they were restrained, they wrestled against their bonds and began to scream around their gags, but Cherry’s riding crop came down with a deafening crack.

‘Quiet!’ she roared.

Despite their terror, both men fell instantly silent. Cherry chuckled as she watched a host of emotions contort their features; first confusion, then disbelief, then abstract horror as they realised the truth – it wasn’t that they were afraid to speak up, it was that they couldn’t. No matter how hard they tried they could not muster so much as a whimper. Even when their lungs screamed and their faces flushed red with the effort no sound would come forth.

As they struggled to grasp their unwilling silence they stared up at Cherry with bulging eyes.

The witch was grinning coldly. ‘You know I remember that look from my last lifetime. I didn’t see it with these eyes, of course, but you never forget what a man looks like when he’s robbed of all hope.

‘As I’m sure you’ve realised by now you are no longer in control and I’m delighted to say you never will be again. You don’t deserve your freedom if all you do with it is break the hearts of innocent girls, so from now on you will live only to serve.

‘Of course I could have left you in your trance, but where would be the fun in that? It’s hardly a punishment if you don’t even remember why you deserve it. Besides, it always makes things so much more fun when we can see the fear in your eyes. I freed your minds, but your bodies still belong to us and as such any command we provide you shall obey without question, whether you wish to or not. I’m sure we’ll give you back your speech from time to time, but that will mainly be to beg for mercy. I’m afraid we don’t have any.

‘Oh, and just so you know, you’re never escaping this. The last slave we took was our maid and after a while we allowed him to become our naughty little protégé. But he wasn’t a cheating lowlife like you. You don’t get that luxury. You’re good only to be abused, humiliated, and to lick us clean once we take real lovers to play with.’ Her grin so wide it threatened to split her cheeks Cherry turned her attention to her companions. ‘Are you ready, ladies?’

While she had been speaking, Veruca and Bella had each busied themselves by buckling a hefty strap-on about their waist. Stalking across to their former boyfriends, they massaged the thick rubber shafts with a healthy dose of lube.

They chuckled as the men struggled – it was so satisfying seeing them squirm with no hope of escape.

Two men tied up over desk are pegged by dominatrix in nurse outfit and dominatrix in witch outfit while third woman watches

Together, they eased into position behind the men, pressing the head of their dildos against their exposed asses. The firm, wet rubber seemed to freeze them in place and they began to whimper desperately.

‘I’m going to enjoy this,’ Bella hissed in Mikey’s ear.

Opposite, Veruca had grabbed Clint by the hair and tugged him up. ‘Me too,’ she said.

Sinking down into her chair, Cherry admired her sisters as they moved in for the kill. ‘Once we’re finished here, ladies, what say we go and have a little Halloween fun with all those hot little things upstairs?’

Bella nodded with a smirk. ‘Well they are in our house. It would be rude not to extend our hospitality.’

Veruca tittered manically. ‘Exactly. And I know more than a few bitches who could do with being knocked down a peg or two; maybe a little magic orgy with them as the main attraction is just what they need – trussed up like hogs for everyone to use, of course.’

Cherry’s eyes took on a distant look. ‘I think that sounds delicious, sister. Oh, we are going to have so much fun in this new life, all thanks to these wonderful girls. Now let’s see if we’ve still got it after all these years.’

With that, Veruca and Bella drove in hard, burying their nine-inch dildos to the base. Clint and Mikey howled, thrashing in their bonds as they were invaded, but their screams only drew cackling laughter from their captors. And with their dungeon sealed off from the remainder of the manor nobody above heard their shrieks of despair as the witches broke in their first of many slaves to come…

Collage of images of two submissive men dominated by three dominatrixes in Halloween costumes

Thanks for reading!

Happy All Hallows’ Eve Eve. I know this isn’t released bang on Halloween, but I have a special surprise for tomorrow so this has had to come out today, but I have to say I really loved this one. The only thing I’m a bit annoyed at is I feel I might have gone on a bit too much at the beginning and thus it took a little while to get started, but after Lake Fantasy I seem to be doing that quite a bit so it’s something I’ll have to try and work on. Having said that purely from a writing perspective I thoroughly enjoyed building up the lore of the manor.

This idea sparked after finding one of the galleries when looking for Halloween scenes, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. As always, much of the inspiration comes from the amazing performers and this scene has five standouts.

For those of you’ve who’ve read my work for a while, you already know my feelings on Veruca James: Just go watch all her work right now and thank me later.

Bella Rossi ( is another model in this scene and she really has an enticing MILF thing going on in my eyes. Her PornHub profile is a bit scant on information, but there is still plenty of her content for you to enjoy and if you’re into naughty busty bitches you owe it to yourself to check her out.

The final female model in this scene is Cherry Torn: Torn is a real horny bombshell and is a model whose work I have followed on and off for several years now. She has done a fair bit of work in the kink genre, from femdom to cuckolding to bondage, as well as having worked with trans models such as the inimitable Natalie Mars, but she has also done plenty of mainstream scenes, so there is really something for everything in Torn’s portfolio.

This story also wouldn’t be complete without the two male models, Jay Wimp and Mike Panic. I chose to provide PornDoe profiles for these two – and – as the content on their PornHub profiles is severely lacking is is unfortunately the case with many male models. Regardless, both men are career subs you should check out if you’re into femdom as they’ve both been in some great scenes. Panic in particular has worked with numerous trans models, so if your thing is seeing a fit guy getting rammed, he’s a must watch.

Tomorrow I will have one last Halloween story for you, so make sure to come back for that. You don’t want to miss it!

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