Immortal Lust: The Exchange Student

Large studded wooden door lit by lantern in gothic archway

Pausing, Owen was briefly taken aback by the huge gothic door. In the fading evening light, it was lit by a wrought-iron lantern hung from the top and looked straight from one of the medieval forts or castles back home in England. Though it may have looked at home there, it was the last thing he had expected to find here in the heart of Beijing. In a city all sleek skyscrapers and office blocks of glass and metal, it was as out of place as a guitar solo in an opera.

The very fact it was so misplaced was only more confusing given he had never spotted it before now despite passing this way most days between classes. Sure, it was set back a little, wedged between a fast-food joint and a bookstore, but on a busy commercial street such as this he marvelled how he had ever missed it.

What was more, as the crowds veered around him, none of them gave it so much as a sideways glance. Can they even see it? he wondered. It did not seem so. The entire street was just passing by as though the door did not even exist, all except him. And Mei-Ying, too.

‘Come on,’ she urged, laughing at his shock as she grabbed his hand and led him up the stone steps.

Making the move to Beijing had been a daunting ordeal at first, but by now, after over a year studying in one of China’s most prestigious universities, Owen felt just as comfortable here as he had among the rolling fields and twisting streets of his rural English town. With such comfort had followed the confidence to venture out more by himself.

His university friendship group was fantastic but he yearned to explore by himself, and it was this adventurous spirit which had led him to Mei-Ying. Having met in a popular club some weeks before they had hit it off almost immediately. In the time since their friendship had blossomed rapidly, and though they were not yet an item Owen had the distinct impression there was every possibility they would wind up together.

A relationship was not what he had expected when moving, but how could he deny her? She was stunningly beautiful: sleek hair the colour of spilled ink, deep eyes keener than any blade. She was intelligent, funny and full of life in a way he had seen in nobody else before. From time to time he would catch her staring at him, a searching depth to her gaze that was borderline unnerving. But then she would smile and make some insightful comment or flattering compliment that would only deepen his admiration for her.

Pushing open the heavy door together they slipped in. The bustling world outside was abruptly blotted out as it closed sharply behind them.

The interior was equally as foreign as the entrance. The entrance hall looked as though it belonged in a gothic manor, all wood and stone and dominated by rich red carpet. It was dark inside, and with no windows to admit daylight it took Owen several moments to adjust to the low light of the candles jutting from metal brackets along the walls and perched on iron chandeliers overhead.

Bizarre as it all was, Owen found it deeply intriguing. Clearly familiar with the place, Mei-Ying scampered off along the corridor with Owen following at her heels. Her step was confident and soon she was leading him through the maze of hallways, stairwells and chambers which, without her expertise, he would surely have become hopelessly lost in.

As they delved deeper into the strange place, it quickly became apparent they were not alone. Laughter and conversation could be heard in the rooms they passed by along with more suspect noises, and pockets of beautiful girls clustered in the corridors and stairwells, gathered around doors which they peered into blocking any view of the room beyond. Mei-Ying seemed to know them all, greeting them as they passed by. Still, Owen felt a shiver tickle his spine as he caught the way the girls stared at him, their eyes deep pools of unreadable interest. They looked like they wanted to kill and kiss him in equal measure.

He was grateful when Mei-Ying finally pulled him into a side room where they found themselves alone.

It was a stark contrast to the rest of the building. Decorated almost entirely in white, it was dominated on one end by a large, luxurious bed and on the other by a hefty desk that looked like it was hundreds of years old. Like everywhere else, the room was candlelit, the soft glow giving it a homely, comfortable feel. Beside the bed were the first windows Owen had seen in the whole building, a set of folding windowed doors which led onto a sprawling balcony. The view through them was a breath-taking panorama of night-time Beijing.

Yet when he thought about it, Owen did not feel as though they had climbed as high as the view implied, nor did he think they had been indoors long enough for night to have fallen so fully.

Pulling him over to the desk, Mei-Ying sat down in one of the large, gothic chairs and gestured he do the same.

‘What is this place?’ he asked, staring around in bemusement. ‘It’s so strange. I don’t get it. Why are we here?’

‘This is home,’ she sighed happily. Despite his confusion, Owen’s heart skipped a beat. She’s bought me to her place. ‘I have something I want to show you. I just know you’re going to love it.’

Reaching across the desk, she pulled over an old wooden box and a skull with an orange candle set atop. For the most part the skull was concealed by the solidified rivulets of wax which had dripped down the sides in the past, though beneath the wax it appeared as though the bone had been carved in strange patterns he could not fathom.

Orange candle burns atop skull covered in dried wax

‘See, there’s this guy I know,’ Mei-Ying was saying as she opened the small box, ‘he really knows how to charm a girl. This is his place and we’re all his girls. God, it should be a crime to be as good as he is in bed. He has this game he likes to play with us though. He’s always looking for new girls to spend time with, you see, and it’s our job to bring him new company. Here, take one of these.’ She thrust a set of cards toward him.

His heart had dropped as she had spoken and for a few seconds he did not react.

‘Come on,’ she urged with an innocent laugh, ‘they’re tarot cards. Well, sort of. They tell the future, at least. Come on, grumpy, pick one.’

Trying not to show how her words had hurt him he analysed the pack. You just assumed she was single, he reprimanded himself, she’s not yours, asshole. You don’t get to be disappointed because she isn’t head over heels for you.

Mei-Ying had spread the deck out face down before him. Choosing carefully, he drew the one his hand seemed most drawn to. Placing the cards back in their box, Mei-Ying took the card from him and flipped it.

‘Ah, I haven’t seen that for a while,’ she said, ‘The Innocent Beauty, good choice. Now watch this.’

Leaning over the card, Owen gasped. The image on the card was changing. Beginning as the cute, petite figure which gave the card its name, the lines of the drawing began to shift before his eyes. Weaving and coiling into new shapes and outlines it was not belong before they formed a familiar image: average build, dark clothes, scruffy hair, slender features.

To his amazement, Owen saw himself looking up from the card.

‘I… I don’t understand,’ he stammered, rising from his seat and backing away from the desk. Mei-Ying gave him an amused smirk.

‘No, you never do. It’s really quite simple though, just a basic exchange: you pick a card and it absorbs your soul. Everything you are is sucked inside.’ Holding up the card, she held it near the skull. ‘Then all that needs to be done is complete the exchange. This isn’t quite an ordinary candle, you see. It needs souls to burn, so I just have to hold the card over the wick and –’ With a soft whoosh, the candle burst into flame and was reduced to ash in the blink of an eye. The flame of the candle flickered softly and Mei-Ying looked back at him. ‘See. Once your card is burned, the exchange is complete. Sorry, Owen, you really were nice. But it’s easy for exchange students to go missing in a big new city. And for what it’s worth we’re still going to sleep together, just not in the same way you were hoping.’

As he watched, the carved lines along the skull glowed a toxic green and a single droplet of wax slid down the side. Once it reached the end of one of the dried streaks it hung on the tip and rapidly solidified as the flame snuffed out.

Mei-Ying sighed. ‘Such a beautiful thing. One drop of wax for every burned soul.’

Owen just had enough time to blanche at the thought of how many innocent victims the candle had taken to cover the skull in so much wax before the magical exchange took effect.

Like the card, his body rapidly shifted. It was a strange transformation, however. Owen had seen movies in which people changed shape or gender. In them the transformation always looked vaguely like a balloon being inflated and deflated as different body parts shrank or grew. This, though, this was different. When he held his hands in front of his face it was as though he was looking at a cracking window. Fractures and splits cut across his skin, spreading until his flesh was decorated with a splintered spider’s web. Rather than blood, darkness welled in the openings and it looked as though something was moving beneath. More unnerving still was the way the breaks in his flesh moved as he flexed his fingers, shifting with the skin like long-healed scars.

To his shock, the crack then moved onto his clothes. He had the brief thought that it looked like somebody had taken a painting and graffitied a shattering effect over the subject’s image – skin and clothes alike – before the spreading fissures had corrupted the remainder of his figure. Watching his reflection in the glass doors he cried out as the splits swarmed across his face.

The cry rose to a horrified shriek as a portion of his lower jaw fell away. Only then did he fathom what was happening.

Where the missing piece of his face had been another jaw peeked through. Not his: too soft, too curved, with darker skin than his pasty English complexion. It was the delicate jaw of the woman on the card. The Innocent Beauty, he thought, she’s inside me. And she’s breaking through.

That was the last thought Owen ever had. With the seal broken, the rest of his fractured visage weakened and tumbled away. Clothes, skin, hair, all of it shattered to dust like a crumbling terracotta solider revealing the graceful woman beneath.

Asian woman wearing pale lace underwear in candlelit room

In a matter of seconds there was nothing left of Owen the English exchange student. In his place stood the Innocent Beauty, a petite, mesmerising Asian woman with glossy dark hair dyed partially red, a hypnotic stare and a lustful, alluring figure. Her modest chest nestled under her pale underwear and in the centre of her torso she bore a sizeable tattoo depicting a Penrose triangle surrounding a piercing green eye.

‘The sign of the lust-stealer,’ Mei-Ying purred, admiring the tattoo, ‘master will be pleased. Only rare souls are branded with it. It means once you capture a person’s attention, their lust, they will never shake you from their mind: perfect for drawing in fresh prey for the master. Mmmh, he is going to love you, beautiful, and he will reward me well for my good work.’

As if summoned, a towering figure entered the room. The black man was truly enormous, built from solid muscle and capable of dwarfing any man he came across. Almost bald, his jet-black hair was cropped close to his scalp and he had the full, strong features of a man hewn from pure granite. His broad chest and colossal arms were lined with tattoos, most of which seemed vaguely occultic. He entered naked, the use of clothes a redundancy in his home of devoted lovers, and as such his huge cock hung heavy between muscular thighs. Moving with an air of supremacy and power rarely seen outside of an alpha lion striding proudly between his lionesses he approached the Innocent Beauty with an expression of deep longing.

‘You have done well, Mei-Ying,’ he said in a voice like rolling thunder, ‘you shall receive your reward in due course. Now leave us. I must show this one what it means to be a member of my house.’

‘Of course, master,’ she replied, slipping out of the open doorway and locking it behind her.

Stroking the Innocent Beauty’s cheek affectionately, the master smiled. ‘I see a venom in your eyes no man will lightly invoke. You are a dangerous one, that’s for sure. I will call you Fan-Ah, for it means lethal little one and that is what you are.’ He reclined slowly on the bed, allowing her to watch his muscular body move. He watched her salivate for a moment or two. ‘What are you waiting for? The need for me is etched deep into your soul, my gorgeous creation. Now act upon it.’

Asian woman grinds naked against tattooed black man

With the poise of a striking cat she pounced onto the bedsheets to straddle his waist. His heavy dick brushed against her ass cheeks, but she was not ready to take him quite yet. Moulded for the sole purpose of pleasing him, she knew him in ways no mortals could ever know one another. She could feel in her bones his lust for foreplay, for the slow and passionate embrace of lovers addicted to one another.

Lying upon his chest, she slipped her underwear off and tossed it aside before rubbing her naked body against his. Her nipples hardened as they swept across his dark skin, tracing sensual lines over his body.

Her soft skin slid easily over his and she could sense the raw physical power packed into every inch of his body; his thick thighs were hard as steel as hers slid over them, while small frame rubbed against a torso like an ocean, with waves of muscle and strong tendon currents just below the surface.

As she moved she kept her eyes fixed on his. He was astonishingly handsome. Like something from a dream, perfect beyond all reason. The longer she admired him the more new emotions stirred within her: longing, lust, passion, devotion.

Fan-Ah sank into them gladly, willingly rejecting the memories of her past; she was made for him, created from a burning soul for his pleasure alone. And right now, all she could think of was how to please him.

Fortunately, her transformation had filled her with the type of experience it usually took a lifetime to acquire.

Sliding down his body, she coiled her fingers around his twitching shaft as she crouched before him. Then, with a glimmer of excitement in her eyes, she dropped her head to sink his colossal meat between her lips.

Asian woman gives oral sex to hung black man

Stroking her hair softly he watched with a smile as she relished her task. Her bobbing head moved with enthusiastic joy as she worked on him expertly.

She was a small figure and could not take anywhere near his whole length. But she did not need to. She knew well that a good blowjob was more than simply taking a dick deep – the true skill lay in how well she could exploit his sensitivity. Using her small hands to jerk him off, she intermittently sucked hard on his head and traced the tip of her tongue around his dick, setting him twitching in her hands with effortless ease.

Lying back, the master closed his eyes and smiled.

‘I am old,’ he said, ‘older than this world of cars and offices. You must forgive me then if I sound marginally out of time. You know the funny thing about being older than the society you live amongst: it puts the world into perspective. Things cease to matter that once seemed earth-shattering, and trivial matters you never spared a thought grow to consume you.

‘I met this woman once. Lifetimes ago now, though she too is still around as I understand it. She was younger then, though as old as I am to you I have no doubt she was as old to me then. She said she wanted to help me break free of my limited life. She gave me life unending and the power to live how I pleased. Ah, Morgana. Such a pretty name could still not describe the beauty of her soul.

‘At first I revelled in the freedom, but over time I learned something. You know in my centuries of existence there is one thing I never tired of: the beauty of the female form.

‘So I made myself this little world. A building with entrances on all seven continents and endless space in which my lovers could reside. Seen only by those I allow to see it and hidden in plain view. At first I took in the beautiful outcasts, the graceful travellers, had them pull from my tarot deck and burn in my candle. Then as the world grew bigger and noisier I sent them out, wolves in sheep’s clothing to hunt down fresh lovers for me. They all burned at my candle, and they all serve me gladly.

‘Mei-Ying was a lawyer, you know. Not that her old life matters now. But the man was out of luck: cheated on, backstabbed, bankrupt. My girls found him gambling desperately in a casino to try and make ends meet. She kept her sharp mind – The Gorgeous Deceiver made sure of that – and now she is one of my most accomplished hunters. Something tells me you will put up a strong challenge, however.’

Pulling up, Fan-Ah slithered up her master’s body and was pressed against him once more. For a few seconds she simply stared at him. Then she smiled. ‘I will hunt for you, master, as passionately as I please you.’

With one smooth motion she sank back onto his throbbing cock and bonded them in ecstasy.

Asian woman rides tattooed black man

Her master completing her, she moaned deeply, his pulsing dick stretching her virgin pussy wide. His sheer size laced her pleasure with pain, but it only served to push her further into devotion to him. Nothing had ever felt so perfect, not in Owen’s life or any other mortal life for that matter. Now she belonged to him, though, she no longer had to concern herself over the trivial bounds of human sensation for she was a new creation above and beyond them.

All the worries of Owen’s life had been stripped away and Fan-Ah was possessed by a peace he could never have understood. The regrets of the past, the hesitations of the present, the worries for the future, all were reduced to ash just like the card she had been born from. She knew what she was made for, and to be able to complete her purpose and serve the man who created her made her simply content. Nothing mattered, only him, and he was hers for eternity.

Riding him deep, she gladly had him plunge into her tight hole again and again. Her body coursed with electric desire and their combined moans hummed through the room like a swarm of droning bees.

She hoped people could hear her. The girls in the corridors and stairwells, but better yet some mortal in the streets far below. She hoped they heard her moans drifting on the breeze and just for a moment felt the bliss of serving a perfect master.

Groping her breasts, the master grunted lustfully. ‘I know where I want you to hunt, Fan-Ah. Lust-stealers are powerful creatures and any mortal in your hunting grounds are doomed if you choose to make them your prey. But I have plans for you. You will work as an escort for the rich and powerful. You will seduce them, bring them to their ruin, then you will lure them to my chambers and seal them in eternal servitude to me.’

‘Mmmh,’ she groaned, ‘I will love it, master. I will relish watching you show them what true power is. Before you all their wealth and ego is worth less than dust, and I will show them how to serve you.’

‘Yes. You will live up to your name, lethal little one. But that is then. Now is a time for us, and I intend to make it memorable.’

Lifting her in his strong arms as though she weighed nothing at all, he spread her out on her back across the bedsheets. Holding one leg up against his shoulder, he parted her glistening sex and plunged into her again, filling her with the passion he had so many before her…

Asian woman ploughed on her back by tattooed black man

Thanks for reading!

I probably say it a lot, but this is actually one of my favourite stories I’ve ever written for this blog. I think the scene it is supported by is intimate and sensual that it really compliments the story itself and of course the credit for that has to go to the models in this scene.

The female model in this scene is Elle Voneva, whose PornHub profile you can find here: Voneva is one of those models whose work has drifted in and out of my viewing bubble over the years and whenever I see her work I’m always impressed. She is petite, feisty and as comfortable being a nasty freak as she is in a passionate interracial scene such as this. This story has definitely renewed my interest in her work and I highly recommend you check her out if you enjoyed this story.

Also today I’ve decided to link the male performer. I don’t often provide links for male performers for various reasons. For one thing sometimes they are simply unidentifiable, such as in POV scenes where the male performer is not credited. For another, certain scenes can prove difficult to identify all the male performers, such as in gangbang scenes. Thirdly, male performers, unless they are career pornstars, often have few to no useful places to link to as their work is generally considered secondary to their on-screen female counterparts. However for the most part I have avoided linking male performers simply because I have been so focused on the women of the scenes I use.

I can’t say linking to the male performers will necessarily become a regular thing as I don’t always have the time to hunt them down and all the issues I have mentioned above can make it difficult or useless to provide links at all, however in this case I felt the male model added so much passion to the scene I thought it would be a disservice not to highlight his work.

The male model here is Rob Piper: Piper is a staple of Blacked/Blacked Raw scenes and is a real powerhouse of an interracial performer. If you’re into hot black men he absolutely deserves your attention and you should be sure to check him out whenever you can.

I’ve mentioned it before, but around the time I began writing erotica I came up with a list of story ideas I wanted to write up. This approach is difficult since I didn’t have a particular scene in mind to draw from so I haven’t written up too many of the ideas on said list, but this is one of them and I am super happy with the end result. And given it has a magical atmosphere to it I thought it would be a great piece to release over the Halloween period.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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