If he was truly honest, Evan had expected to be far more nervous in the face of the physical embodiment of evil. Yet as he stood before Lucifer’s throne, vulnerable to the wrath of the one who struck fear into all the tortured souls of Hell, he found himself thinking only one thing: I thought the devil would be taller.

He supposed that’s the impression you got watching television and films in which Satan was portrayed as some all-powerful force of evil, the villain to whom all others paled in comparison. Yet Evan had done his own research and it wasn’t as though the texts painted the devil as a meagre threat. Then again, humans were simple creatures for the most part; it did not seem a stretch to imagine the devout believers may have somewhat exaggerated the nature of the creature they perceived as the incarnation of all evil. How else would they convince the world to resist the draw of sin?

Even his attire was somewhat disappointing compared to what Evan had envisioned. The devil was clad in only a pale tunic with the sleeves rolled up, a tattered set of cotton shorts one might imagine a shipwrecked sailor to wear, and a pair of heavy boots. Part of Evan had hoped for a devil ironically clad in the immaculate suit of a banker, or the uniform of an executioner – this just seemed lazy.

When Lucifer spoke, however, his voice was chilling, rasping between triangular teeth that were curved into a sinister grin. The words dripped with malice and suddenly the man on the throne seemed less small.

‘Master Barker. I must say I have been waiting for this day for some time. It’s not often someone stipulates conditions before they sell their soul.’

Evan winked roguishly. ‘What can I say? I’m cut from a different cloth.’

Lucifer chuckled. ‘Perhaps. Or perhaps you’re just as foolish as all the others.’

Summoning a sheet of parchment from thin air he clutched it with surprising delicacy in his glinting claws and read the contents aloud. ‘I, Evan James Barker, do hereby agree to offer my immortal soul in exchange for the agreed upon services of the crossroads demon Crowley. This agreement expires a period of ten years from the date of signature, after which my mortal life will come to an end and as a result of this agreement I shall forego the judgement of my soul to descend directly to Hell. I consent that the agreed upon terms are a status of fame and a life of wealth for the duration of said deal. I agree to all of the above only on the express condition that at the time of my expiration I am granted an audience with the archangel Lucifer. Signed Evan J. Barker.’

Lucifer raised one eyebrow as he placed the parchment down. ‘I confess I was most amused when Crowley laid that deal across my desk. For ten years I have wondered what your intent might be, and now here you are. Tell me, was your deal worth it?’

Evan didn’t even take a moment to ponder the question. ‘Absolutely. Before that deal I was a nobody. Thanks to it, for the last ten years I’ve spent my days surrounded by beautiful women, my evenings partying hard, my nights in the arms of filthy lovers and my mornings waking in rooms littered with sleeping naked beauties. I’d say there’s nothing more a man could ask for.’

‘Yet the price is an eternity of torture.’

Evan nodded. ‘True. I guess I didn’t really take that into account at the time. But that’s why I’m here.’

Lucifer laughed. As he did so, his short horns shone in the light of the braziers burning around the room, which decorated his aquiline features in dancing shadows. ‘Please tell me you’re going to try and appeal to my better nature. I love it when you pathetic creatures beg.’

Unperturbed, Evan shook his head. ‘Nope. I merely want to shake your hand,’ he said, taking a few steps forwards and sticking out his hand for the devil to take.

Lucifer frowned. ‘You can’t be serious. That’s it?’

Evan shrugged. ‘Sure. I mean I’ll be the first to admit I’m a scoundrel and a man-slut, but I respect those I do business with and I always make sure to shake their hand.’

It was clear the devil was expecting some kind of trick and for one excruciating moment Evan thought Lucifer was about to reject him. Then he cautiously took Evan’s hand, making sure not to cut him with his talons, and shook it once.

When he made to remove it, however, Evan would not let go. ‘Oh, there was one more thing I wanted to meet you for: to see the look in your eyes when you lost.’

As Evan let go Lucifer let out a strangled cry. His talons were gone, reduced to ordinary fingernails, and the mottled red hue of his gnarled fingers had faded into the supple, tanned complexion of a woman’s flesh.

‘What have you done?’ Lucifer growled. His face was briefly like thunder only for his glower to shatter as he heard his voice – soft and sensual as opposed to sinister and sadistic.

Evan laughed. ‘I played the long game. And you totally fell for it. I suppose it’s not surprising given people have been handing you their souls for centuries. Top tip, dude: always check the produce.’

Both of Lucifer’s hands were now slender and feminine and the changes were rolling up his arms. Soon everything up to his shoulders had faded from blood red to the olive glow of a supermodel. ‘What are you talking about?’

‘My soul, dumbass. I came down here with a little trick up my sleeve, you see. It’s like I said: before our deal I was a nobody. But I was a nobody with big plans. I knew once I’d made my deal I wouldn’t have any issue finding lovers, but I also knew after my ten years were up I’d be facing an eternity in Hell. So I took precautions. I assumed you’d probably keep tabs on what I was up to after our deal, so before I ever even scouted Crowley’s crossroads, I found a witch who could place an enchantment on my soul. An enchantment which ensured that anyone who came into contact with my soul in the afterlife would be transformed into my kinky, devoted lover, willing to do anything I ask of them. An enchantment so powerful not even the devil himself is immune.’

Lucifer shook his head in horror as he realised he had been duped by a mere mortal. ‘No. This isn’t possible. No mortal can defeat me.’

‘Keep telling yourself that,’ Evan grinned.

Then Lucifer was in the throes of transformation and Evan stood back to watch in satisfaction.

As though injected with a syringe of blood, Satan’s boots rapidly shifted from black to crimson, the leather giving way to glossy velvet which rolled up his legs, moulding them as they went. Once they reached his knees the boots came to a halt, yet the transformation continued as his thighs swelled and his skin faded into the same olive tan of his arms.

Further up, his torso was caving in on itself, the broad shoulders and barrel chest collapsing into a slender, feminine figure with breath-taking curves. As if eager to boast his new frame, his tunic and shorts tore themselves into ribbons which then snaked into a revealing red silk harness concealing his chest and hips. His shorts ripped away, a pair of red lace panties became visible beneath, and though initially they bulged with Lucifer’s hefty manhood that package swiftly shrank, eventually vanishing entirely so the underwear clung tight against a virgin pussy.

The only feature that remained throughout Lucifer’s transformation were his short red horns, beneath which the rest of his skull underwent dramatic changes. Thick, dark locks tumbled down over his face, which was twisting and contorting with loud crunching noises. His hawkish appearance gave way to a soft, seductive pout, large eyes, sharp brows and full lips perfect for all the naughty jobs Evan had in mind for his new toy.

Once the transformation was complete, the horrified expression on Lucifer’s face was gone. Sweaty from the process, the new woman’s eyes glittered with mischief and a coy smile plucked at her lips as she caught sight of Evan standing before her.  

‘Mmmph, lucky me,’ she purred. ‘It looks like someone’s excited to see me.’

While Lucifer had undergone his transformation, Evan had stripped himself of his clothes, which had been little more than rags provided by the demons once he arrived in the underworld. Now they were removed his solid cock jutted out before him. The woman eyed it hungrily and Evan smirked. ‘I certainly am. I’ve waited a very long time for this. And fortunately we don’t have to bother with the hindrances of mortal stamina.’

‘In that case, get over here and give me a taste.’ 

Sinking back into her throne, the eager slut opened her mouth expectantly. In a heartbeat her panties were tugged aside and her fingers delving between her slick pink pussy lips.

Evan grinned as he eyed her radiant figure. Kinky desire roiled in her eyes as she fixed him with an alluring stare, yet for a moment even that did not draw him over. Instead he stood motionless, savouring the moment. For over ten years he had dreamed of this moment, of enslaving one of the most powerful entities in the universe and claiming the underworld as his own realm of sin; now the time was here it felt as though he was dreaming. It felt almost too easy – just a simple spell and a decade of patience.

Still, he had long believed the simplest plans were the most effective. Complexity attracted difficulty and it was far too easy to become ensnared in the tangled web of a complicated scheme than a basic one.

Then the lust in her stare infiltrated his thoughts and corrupted them into visions of what they could do together. Striding over, he slotted his rigid cock between her waiting lips and started to thrust.

His lover moaned erotically as the tang of his juicy meat swirled over her tastebuds. Amidst the moans her eyes rolled back and she boosted the pace of her fingers, sinking them into her quivering cunt in a blur of motion. She was so desperate for the pleasure, in fact, that when her panties began to obstruct her motion she tore them away entirely with a fearsome snarl before renewing her vigorous masturbation.

‘You know, Lucifer really isn’t a name that suits you anymore,’ Evan smirked, driving his cock down her throat until her neck bulged. ‘I think Luci would be a much better name for you now. So tell me, Luci, how about we skip the foreplay and find out how naughty you can really be?’

The suggestion snapped Luci from her intoxicated stupor and she hopped up onto all fours with a giddy shriek. Leaning over the arm of her throne she swayed her plump ass in his direction, tempting him. After a few seconds she eased back to grind against his crotch, running his throbbing shaft between the cleavage of her fat, glistening cheeks.

‘If you want to be really naughty, stud, let’s see how wide you can stretch my virgin ass.’

Evan did not need a second invitation.

Taking a firm grip of her harness with one hand and a tight grasp on her neck with the other, Evan drove deep into Luci’s vulnerable hole with only the veil of her saliva draped over his shaft for lubrication.

The horny little devil let out a desperate shriek before her eyes rolled back once more and her lips twisted into a delirious smile.

Evan gasped too, though his pleasure was an inverse of his lover’s: while she drowned in the euphoria of being stretched so wide, he could barely comprehend how tight she was. He had spent much of the last decade fucking slutty groupies, kinky escorts and on-off lovers, within which had been an abundance of anal whores. Despite that, no lover had ever been so tight as Luci and all he could do was grunt and huff as her hole ground over the contours of his cock.

It took him a minute or two, but once Evan grew accustomed to her intoxicating grip he soon made the most of it. With one hand against her nape, he forced Luci down to allow himself a more powerful thrust and immediately set about driving them both wild.

As he pounded her from behind the slap of their thighs rang through the cavernous room like the crack of a whip, while Luci’s shrieks bordered upon the agonising; the combination of Evan’s size and Luci’s vice-like ass pushed them both far beyond the limits of pleasure into a sensation that teetered upon the edge of torture. Yet even as their bodies burned with the pain of it, so too did they burn with passion: his cock alive to every subtle quiver of her insides, her ass moulding to each minute undulation of his shaft.

Every thrust was a blast of pleasure so intense it made their temples throb; within a matter of moments both were slick with sweat.

Beneath him, Luci bobbed her hips eagerly. ‘Mmmh, that’s it, baby, right there, fuck me right there.’

Without warning, Evan reared back and spit hard into her face. Despite his arousal, the shock of the action cut through and he briefly slowed his pace. He’d never spat on any woman before. In truth he didn’t really know why he’d done it at all. It felt almost reflexive, as though some part of him wanted to show her how dirty she made him feel.

To his surprise, Luci giggled and let out a soft groan. ‘That’s right, gorgeous, degrade me. Spit on me like I’m just a cheap whore. Humiliate me – I want to feel like your worthless slave.’ Licking her lips of the saliva there, she smeared the rest across her cheeks.

His features splitting in a cold grin, Evan revived his pace and wrenched her head back by the hair. ‘In that case, I suggest you prepare to be split in half.’

With that he hooked one arm around her waist to pull her close, clamped one hand about her throat tight enough that she danced on the edge of consciousness and proceeded to batter her ass with all his might.

As he ruthlessly used his new toy, Evan lost all track of time. He couldn’t have said precisely how long Luci was sprawled over the arm of her former throne with her ass raised high for him to pummel. Nor could he say how much time passed before she rose up, entangled her fingers in his hair and started rolling her hips in time to his thrusts – it might have been a minute, it might have been an eternity.

In their timeless passion the naughty lovers shifted into one position after another, each one more sensual than the last.

At one point Evan found himself leaning over Luci, who lay back in the throne with her legs held high and apart to present her hungry holes. As he hammered her ass her eyelids fluttered and her eyes glazed, while her thighs began to quiver involuntarily, sending orgasmic shivers through his crotch and fuelling his hunger for her.

Some time later he lay back on the floor with Luci straddling his waist. His twitching cock was buried in her ass as she fingered herself, her own juices and strands of his cum lubricating the shaft allowing him to glide in and out as though he was made for it. While he rolled his hips gently Luci gyrated hard, swirling his perfect cock around her insides and moaning sensually as both holes burned with pleasure. He grinned as he realised her moans were not those of an impassioned lover but a slut trying to drive her man wild: she was putting on a devilish show for him and he knew just how to reward her.

Later still she had pivoted about to face away from him. Squatting over his crotch she spread her ass cheeks and held herself steady as Evan held her at the perfect height to slam from below, her cries coming out in strangled gasps as he repeatedly hit just the right spot to set her vision blurry at the edges.

Though he could not have said exactly how long it was before they were interrupted, Evan did know it took the demon guards outside much longer to realise something was wrong than he had anticipated. Then again, he supposed screams and cries were nothing new when unlucky souls wound up in Lucifer’s presence, thus it was only once it became apparent that the screams were sexual rather than agonised that they burst into the room.

The sight that met them was Luci’s curvy frame being manhandled from below by the damned soul they had escorted in. The former ruler of Hell turned to them with an expression of faux terror.

‘Help! Help me! This wretch has cursed me. Get him off me this instant, you curs.’

Storming over, the burly demons took Evan by the shoulders and made to drag him away. Before they could move him, however, they staggered back with startled cries and stared aghast at their hands: formerly huge and clawed they were swiftly moulding into slender, feminine digits and soft flesh.

As her minions transformed into Evan’s new pets, Luci twerked her ass to take him deep, groaning at how hot the sight of their transformation was. Together they joined in a sinister laughter as the thundering feet of more approaching demons echoed from the hall. This was going to be so much fun…

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