Day One

Woman in exposing maid outfit forced to suck toes of woman while tied up

‘Mmmfff, mmo mmeeff, meff mme mmoo!’

‘What was that?’ said the stunning blonde woman, removing her toes from the half-naked maid’s mouth.

‘Please,’ begged the maid breathlessly, ‘please, let me go! I didn’t mean to, it was an accident, I swear!’

‘You think I care?’ seethed the woman. ‘You weren’t even looking where you were going. Thanks to you, I now have to replace my entire outfit that you covered in coffee. That dress cost more than your house! And those shoes were unique! Do you have any idea how much it will all cost to replace?’ Her thick Eastern European accent would have been deeply enticing at any other time but given that she was screeching like a banshee and choking her victim with her toes, her silky, alluring tone was of little concern to the maid.

The maid herself was still reeling. Only an hour before, she had been frantically hurrying to work, coffee in hand, only to accidentally collide with the woman now tormenting her. The woman had been immediately furious and in the midst of her copious apologies had rattled off something in a foreign language – Russian, perhaps, though she could not have been sure – into her phone. Minutes later, a black van had squealed up against the kerb and before she knew it she was being bundled into the back by the coffee-covered woman.

Worse still, she was swiftly tied down to a padded mat in the back of the van. To her horror the woman had lunged down with a huge needle before she had lost consciousness.

No sooner had she awoken than she had realised she was bound tight by her hands and legs. Sprawled out on a wrought iron bench within a large, opulent entrance hall, she had found herself clad in in a revealing lace maid’s outfit, but before she had had chance to register what was going on there had been a foot in her face and toes plunging down her throat.

‘Silly girl,’ the woman was saying, ‘you don’t understand. You are mine now, and I will punish you as I see fit…’

Day Three

Blonde in exposing maid outfit has nipples painfully pinched by blonde mistress

‘You see? I can do as I please! If I want to torture your nipples, I will do so. I created this new body; I get to use it however I like.’

The maid whimpered desperately as the woman pinched her nipples hard, tugging on them repeatedly until it felt like they might tear away completely.

Three days she had been trapped in this body. In that time the torture had barely stopped. Tied to the padded bench in the heart of the woman’s mansion she had already come to dread the sound of approaching footsteps, knowing that by the time the woman had finished with her she would be a snivelling, shivering mess.

‘Please, stop,’ she begged, though even in the short time she had been under the woman’s control she had already come to realise her pleas would do no good, ‘please, no more. I’m sorry. I’m so, so, sorry. I –’

The woman slapped her hard across the face. Stinging tears scorched her cheeks.

‘Silence, slave! Stop complaining or I will give you something to complain about! And I have told you already: you address me as Madam Valka, or Mistress. I can already see I will need to beat some manners into you. Now, where is my riding crop?’

Day Seven

Blonde woman in exposing maid outfit force fed dildo by topless blonde mistress

Leaning over the bench, her naked tits pressed against the iron bars, Madam Valka savoured the sloppy noises her slave choked around the dildo. The young thing had finally learned that her complaints would get her nowhere and thus how much easier it was to do as she was told, but the dominant woman still had plenty of punishment to dish out: her replacement outfit would not be ready for another month and until it was she could not even think about beginning to forgive the wretch.

‘You know, you’re not the first one I’ve done this to. Why did you think I was able to get the van there so quick? Or how it was all already set up with the tools I needed to transform you? No, there was a stupid charity worker who knocked into my car: she is upstairs. I use her pretty pink lips to piss in. And there was a police officer who pulled me over for speeding. I had to wait a few days to take him away so it didn’t look suspicious, but I had a special place for him in the kennels for my pretty dogs to fuck. Then there was this postman who scuffed one of my packages: he is in the cellar dangling from the ceiling. I use him as a punching bag when somebody like you upsets me.

‘There were others, too, but I got bored of them. After a while they either break or they become addicted to my training. When they break, I sell them. If I don’t, I can’t sleep for their screaming and I need my beauty sleep. I wonder which you will be, pretty maid…’

Day Thirteen

Blonde woman moans while wearing exposing maid outfit as blonde mistress hammers dildo into exposed pussy

‘That’s right, slave, moan like the bitch you are. You never thought it could feel this good to get pussy-fucked, did you? Feel me stretch you with my big dildo. I hope you like it, because I will keep using it until you have cum ten times, then you will lick it clean.’

The maid’s mind was in turmoil. She was at the precipice which the woman had warned her would come and she could not tell on which side she would fall. On one side, she would drop into pure insanity, her mind shattered by the mental and physical torture she had been subjected to, part of her still desperate to escape to her former life; on the other side, she would sink into an abyss of submission, succumbing to the desires of the body Madam Valka had crafted for her and devoting herself mind, body and soul to her Mistress.

Either way, the shy, cautious woman she had been before would be eradicated at last.

Without warning, the maid came hard. Her body bucked violently, the waves of orgasmic pleasure crashing through her for the first time. Since her kidnap, Madam Valka had not allowed her to climax until now: she felt like a leaf swirling in the clutches of a monsoon.

‘Fuuuuuuuck…’ she groaned, shuddering all over as the orgasm subsided. She just wanted everything to stop, for time to recover from the mind-bending pleasure of it all. But Madam Valka had other ideas.

Starting up again, she pumped the thick dildo into the maid’s shivering pussy. ‘One down,’ she sneered, ‘nine to go…’

Day Twenty

Blonde woman tied up in exposing maid outfit grinds against dildo held in place by foot of mistress

‘Fuck, fuck, right there. Fuck yes, fill me up Mistress, fill me until I scream.’

Holding the dildo in place with her foot, Madam Valka watched the maid roll her hips in an attempt to take it deeper. It was clear that the only remnant of the pitiful creature the her slave had been before was her appearance, but already she had plans in place to remedy that. Nothing too drastic – it would not do to mar such natural beauty – but there was no harm in a few surgical enhancements here and there. All the better for her slave to serve her with.

As she admired her desperate slave Madam Valka realised she did not think she had come across a sluttier pet. She suspected it had been the first orgasm that had done it: ever since, she had not been the same.

The maid was not satisfied unless fucked at least once per day, and in the hours Madam Valka spent training her she was practically feral, frantically trying to get at every dildo or toy she could. Her moans when she came were so loud they reached every wing of the mansion and every morning Madam Valka would find the bench sodden from the maid’s squirting having spent the night masturbating incessantly whenever she was not sleeping.

Madam Valka was glad this one had not gone insane. If she was honest, the transformed coffee-spiller was one of her best creations and even early in her training she had cautiously hoped the hot little thing might one day be well-trained enough to wander freely around the house for Madam Valka to fuck in more ways than she was able while the girl was tied to the bench. Now the maid had given herself to Madam Valka completely it was only a matter of time before she was ready to release. Of course, she had no intention of releasing any of her other slaves, but this one was so slutty she was far too good to keep tied up.

There remained a little more training to be done though. At times the maid was still somewhat hesitant and Madam Valka had no intention of releasing her until she was the perfect specimen.

‘I think you forgot your manners, slave,’ she cooed.

‘Fuck me, Madam Valka!’ screamed the maid, ‘Fuck me good!’

Day Twenty-Nine

Blonde woman in exposing maid outfit gives oral sex to naked blonde mistress while tied to metal bench

The night was dark and cold outside, but inside Madam Valka’s mansion all was bright and hot. The guests would soon be here and she could hardly wait to show them her newest plaything.

She organised these events from time to time and invariably looked forward to them. Nights of hedonistic bliss and no-holds-barred passion, she used them as much to boast her wealth as to satisfy her own needs. Invite only, of course, and said invites were only handed out to those rare individuals who were both super rich and open-minded, just like her.

Already naked, she bent over in front of her pet. ‘Prepare me,’ she said, but she needn’t have bothered for the maid was already lapping hungrily at her holes. Her agile tongue delved between the folds of Madam Valka’s pussy and she moaned sensually, delighting in the taste.

‘My friends will be here soon, and I expect you to prepare them too. You had better do a good job, slave: you know what happens when you disappoint me. I would tell you how many cocks you will swallow and how many pussies you will eat, but I like leaving you in suspense. Besides, it will stretch even a slut like you to your limits and I wouldn’t want you getting whiny.’

Pulling away briefly, the maid shook her head. ‘Oh no, Mistress, I would never complain about that. You are so good to me, I can’t wait to look after your friends. I would do anything for my Mistress. I’d even let them all fuck me at once.’ Then her faced was buried in her owner’s ass cheeks.

Hearing this, an idea sparked in Madam Valka’s head. She had not yet decided when to release the maid but suddenly there seemed like no better night than tonight. After all, if anything was going to seal her slave’s devotion to her, it would be serving as fuckmeat for all her horny friends.

‘I think I would like to see that, slave. In fact, once everybody has arrived and you have prepared them all, I will let you join us in our fun. You will be a huge hit, I know it. But if this is your last night on the bench, I think we should start it well. Back up a little, slave, and let me sit down and spread my legs…’

Blonde naked mistress holds head of eager blonde slave in exposing maid outfit between her legs

Thanks for reading!

This is by far one of my favourite short stories on this blog, and as with many of the others I like I think it has something to do with the plausibility of this – there’s no magic or transformations, just a powerful sexual woman and a relentless training routine.

I actually wrote this with the maid initially being a man who was transformed in the back of Madam Valka’s van, but when I reread it to edit and prepare for release it seemed so much better to me to have this piece written sans transformation, so I switched the maid’s character to being female from the beginning.

I also love this piece because I absolutely love the original scene. A lot of the time I will hunt down a scene from an original gif to get better quality images or to help me direct my story a bit, but it’s not very often I actually watch much of them. This one, however, is a scene I watched a lot of at the time I was writing this and I think that connection to the scene helped me make this a good piece.

The credit for that has to go to the two excellent models, Kayla Green and Maisie Rain, whose PornHub profiles can be found here – – and here – I can’t lie, this scene is pretty much the extent I have seen of either of their work, however based on this one scene alone I can highly recommend them. I love this scene as much as I love the story it helped inspire and the smoking hot punch for both is thanks entirely to Green and Rain.

I also thoroughly enjoyed writing this piece because it is effectively a slow-burn in a short read. I really love pieces that focus on the gradual training/mental degradation of a character, however they are mostly very long stories that are time-consuming to read and to write. While there is no substitute for a well-executed slow-burn, I rarely get the chance to write long pieces like that, and when I do it is generally spent writing themed pieces like The Vanishing of Aiden and Erika, A Christmas Kidnapping or Lake Fantasy. All that is to say, if I find the right scene to support it, I would love to do a similar story again with the narrative broken down into bitesize chunks from across the character’s training. That was very much the initial intention with the The Program stories, however again they are of a longer nature and I just don’t have the time to write them at the moment.

Anyways, I’ve rambled on for long enough, so thanks for reading this far. I think I may have some Halloween stories out next week, so if they’re your thing keep your eyes peeled for next week’s releases.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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