Coloured chocolate eggs on strip of bark on wooden counter

Leaping out from his hiding spot just as the figure laid the eggs down on his kitchen worktop, Jason cried out victoriously. ‘Aha! Caught in the act! I’ve got you now.’

With a sigh that seemed equally as weary as it was frustrated, the towering figure turned to face him. The Easter Bunny dwarfed even Jason’s large frame, his tall grey ears brushing the ceiling and a physique so broad and muscular he had a similar dominating presence to a grizzly bear stood on its hind legs. Despite his grey, shaggy fur, his powerful muscles were clearly visible: legs like tree trunks, arms thicker than Jason’s head and a ripped torso. He wore only a studded black biker jacket and a single glove, which was currently holding the neck of the enormous sack set on the floor beside him.

Peering at Jason, he rolled his eyes. ‘Somehow I don’t think you’re going to ask for money, not in that get-up.’

Jason had wanted to be prepared once he caught the Bunny, and as such he was dressed in only heavy boots, a studded leather chest harness, and a set of black boxers. He had waited in his hiding spot since the early hours of the morning with the help of several strong coffees, and now as dawn broke outside his patience was rewarded.

The Easter Bunny was a local legend in his town, more so than anywhere else. Every Easter going back hundreds of years, morning arrived with the appearance of a small batch of chocolate eggs laid on a strip of bark in the kitchen of every house in town. By now it was an expected mystery, with nobody knowing who delivered them or how they gained entry to every home. Still, with it being a tradition going back centuries and nothing ever being stolen, the town had put it down to the Easter Bunny and accepted the strange event as just another part of daily life.

The legend did not stop there, however. It spoke of more. That if anyone managed to catch the Bunny in the act of delivering his gift, they were entitled to one wish from the creature. It was a notoriously difficult undertaking, but from time to time Easter Morning would bring with it news of a local coming into unimaginable wealth, being cured of some terminal illness, or suddenly finding themselves with a doting lover far out of their league who nobody in town had ever even seen before.

Now it was Jason’s turn to make a wish. ‘No, not money. There’s something else I have on my mind.’

The Bunny looked bored, before his expression soured and he stomped one huge foot angrily. ‘Nine years,’ he barked, ‘nine years I’ve gone without begin caught. This would have been my tenth. Do you know the last time I hit double digits? Fucking decades ago. You couldn’t just leave me be, could you?’ Standing his ground, Jason waited for the creature to finish. After a moment he sighed again. ‘Fine, what do you want?’

‘As I’m sure you can imagine, a small town like this doesn’t have much in the way of a gay nightlife, so picking up guys at the club is difficult enough as it is. But see I’m not into any of the vanilla stuff and…’

The towering creature held up a paw and shook his head impatiently. ‘Listen, pal, I really don’t care. I don’t want your life story. I’ve heard it all: the poor want to be rich, the dying want to survive, and the horny want to get off. It’s basic logic. Let me guess: you’re a top and you’ve never found a bottom to rule over?’

Taken aback, Jason nodded awkwardly. ‘Well, yes, but –’

‘Fit or skinny?’ the Bunny interrupted again. When Jason did not answer he pinched the bridge of his nose as though he was terribly tired. ‘Your bottom, how do you want him? Fit or skinny?’


‘Obedient or rebellious?’


‘Horny or innocent?’


The Bunny sighed again. ‘Predictable bastard. Fine, have it your way.’ Snapping his fingers, there was a flash of light and suddenly there were three of them in the room.

Man with dark hair and tattoos wearing blue jockstrap and bunny ears strokes body and sucks carrot

The dark-haired young man paid the towering Bunny no heed, instead his eyes were fixed firmly on Jason as he sucked suggestively on a carrot. He had a tight, chiselled body lightly dusted with dark hair and was a fraction smaller than Jason. Swaying his hips and caressing his body, he ran his fingers over the blue jockstrap he wore and tilted his head to the side, setting his white bunny-ear headband at a jaunty angle.

‘There,’ grunted the Bunny, ‘now I’m off. Oh, and the wish is a onetime deal: don’t go thinking that if you catch me again you’ll be getting another one.’ With that, the Easter Bunny left the same way Jason had seen him arrive: leaping up on his powerful legs and soaring through the ceiling as though it was not there.

Returning his attention to his wish, Jason smiled. The little thing had not taken his eyes off Jason once, and now they were alone he approached the bottom with a cunning smile. Like a lurking shark he circled his prize and ran his hands over the man’s impressive physique, his bulging package, his tight ass.

‘You know, I think I know what I should call you. I hadn’t really thought about a name, but it seems fitting given what you’re wearing that I name you after the one who gave you to me.’ Sidling over to the couch, Jason sank down and beckoned his plaything with a smirk. ‘So, Bunny, come over here and let me make use of those pretty lips…’

Bald man with beard holds bunny ears of sub in blue jockstrap giving oral sex

Thanks for reading!

Surprise! As I mentioned in previous posts, Gaypril will include a couple of surprise posts, of which this is one. I wanted to do something for Easter and this idea seemed a nice fit. As with some previous gay posts, this piece was initially inspired by an incredible clip featuring Zilv Gudel and Rourke, whose PornHub profile is here: They create fantastic clips and I highly recommend them if you are into gay content, however I am unfortunately unable to use their content in my work due to it being pay to download. Of course I fully support them earning from their work and would love to be able to be in that kind of position myself, however this is just a hobby and I cannot afford to pay for the media I use to support my work, hence why I source it from websites that offer free downloads.

I hope you enjoyed this little Easter treat and that those who celebrate it all have a great Easter!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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