Choosing Satisfaction

Models: Susy Gala, Joel Tomas & Dorian Del Isla

It was like being in a dream. The light, blissful feeling that tingled through Elle’s body seemed to have a life of its own, swirling and pulsing and buzzing from her hair to her heels. She was guided by primal urges she could not explain and, though she had never gone down on a cock before, she sucked Marlo with all the expertise of a woman who had spent years practicing her technique.

Crouched down all but naked on the smooth decking she looked like a particularly salacious outdoor ornament. Her fleshy tits were pulled up to enhance her enticing cleavage by a leather harness attached to the thick collar around her neck. Lower down, her stockings were linked to her pastel pink garter belt and matching panties by way of silk straps topped with little bows. She wore nothing else aside from the precum-infused froth decorating her lips.

‘You see,’ Marlo said, peering down at her with a smug smile, ‘didn’t I tell you things would be so much easier this way? All those needless worries you had. All your concerns for the future and guilts of the past. Doesn’t it feel good to just let them melt away like snowflakes your sleeve?’

Elle hadn’t focused much on his words. More and more the taste of his cock and the horny hunger it brewed in her was eclipsing her rational mind, so although she nodded and said ‘Yes sir,’ she was too distracted by his manhood to know what she was agreeing with. Running her tongue along his shaft and jerking him off slowly, she paid no attention as he continued.

‘That’s it, sweetness, feed on my cock. Let all those new desires fill you up and up until you’re ready to burst. Let your old life slip away and the pleasure of nymphomania saturate your mind. You’re going to love your new existence, I promise. I’ll teach you everything you could ever want to know about your new body and once you leave my care you won’t even remember that you could have chosen a different life.’

Marlo’s head fell back as Elle satiated her hunger with increasing eagerness. Her tongue circled his dick in endless circles while her lips formed a seal so tight that with every bob of her head she could feel the tiniest contours of his shaft. Her tits jiggled as she fed on him and she braced herself on the sliding glass door that led into Marlo’s consulting room.

Already her memories of lying on his couch in her old body were becoming hazy. All she could focus on was worshipping the man who had created her in the first place. Though they were alone on the decking, Marlo’s private garden in full bloom beyond the railings, it wouldn’t have mattered to Elle if somebody stumbled upon them: even if every guest in the entire complex was stood watching she would have still gorged herself with all the same slutty slurping nonetheless.

Elle had no idea how long it was before Marlo stopped her, only that by the time he did he was rock hard in her grasp. Guiding her gently back, he allowed her to continue stroking his cock as he tilted her chin up so her gaze met his.

‘I’m impressed, gorgeous. I can’t remember the last patient I had who went down on me so eagerly. And good girls like you get rewards. I think it’s about time I gave you yours.’

Helping her to her feet, Marlo span her around to face the door. Breathless with anticipation, she closed her eyes as she awaited the inevitable, time seeming to pass in slow motion as he shifted into position behind her. When he finally pressed the head of his cock against her pussy she gave a soft groan, arousal burning through her insides.

Then he was pushing his perfect cock into her virgin sex and her eyes snapped open. To her surprise, however, it wasn’t her own pretty face looking back at her.

Her reflection was that of a man – middle-aged, handsome, and with a piercing gaze. He was dressed in a smart suit and crisp shirt through which his impressive physique was apparent, though the open top button combined with his relaxed stance gave him a casual air. That aura was only enforced by the crystal glass he clutched in one hand, which he sipped from occasionally as he watched her with an expression somewhere between exasperation and disappointment. His outline wasn’t quite solid and it was as if his presence was in conflict with Elle’s own image: a faded reflection of her was just visible like a halo around him, but she was little more than a vague outline while he was clear to see.

At least to Elle.

‘Can you see him, beautiful?’ Marlo breathed as he began to thrust into her tight pussy. ‘You can, can’t you? All I see is those pretty eyes and innocent face of yours looking back at me. But you see him, don’t you? The man. The one who stole your reflection.’

As he spoke he gripped her fat ass with one hand while the other looped around her midriff. With a firm hold on her stomach he held her stable so he could drive inside her with long, deep strokes. His immense cock slid inside her saturated sex easily and stretched her wider than she thought possible. The sensation was breathtakingly erotic and she shuddered with every thrust, gasping whenever he hit a sensitive spot.

With her hands splayed out over the glass she absently lifted one foot to rub against one of Marlo’s legs. ‘Who… who is he?’ she asked, her voice shaky from the pleasure.

‘He’s you,’ Marlo replied. ‘The man you could have been if you’d chosen the other drink. The version of you who opted for success and prosperity. He’s the path not taken. But you chose to become Elle instead. Can you remember making that choice, baby?’

Elle could remember, but only just.

When she had stepped over the threshold of Marlo’s self-help complex, she had been a different person entirely: Elliott, the nervy software programmer looking to build his confidence and achieve a better life. He had been surprised to find the complex populated exclusively by stunning women and handsome men, but their happy smiles had assured him that he was in the right place – if Marlo had helped all these people, then surely he could help Elliott.

After a few sessions on Marlo’s couch, the handsome guru had presented him with a pair of crystal tumblers, each filled with a shimmering silver liquid. ‘You have a choice to make, Elliott. Both of these drinks will change your life in their own way – they help you become the person you want to be. This one will grant you success, a life where you never want for anything and all your endeavours bear fruit. And this one will fill you with satisfaction. All you will know is a life of bliss and contentment where no worries will ever concern you again.’ He pushed the drinks towards Elliott. ‘So, what is it to be?’

Tentatively taking the glass of satisfaction, Elliott had closed his eyes and drained it in one gulp. The next instant he collapsed back onto the couch writhing in ecstasy.

His transformation was swift and intense. In seconds a pair of plump tits engorged into being on his chest while at the same time his ass underwent similar changes, bulging against his jeans until they were fit to burst. Dark hair swept down over his vision, the silky strands like waves of midnight that undulated as his shrewd, hawkish features mellowed into Elle’s innocent appearance. Then, just as he thought the pleasure couldn’t get any stronger his cock shrank back in a burst of orgasmia so intense his vision blurred. His back arced and he gave a wail of delirious euphoria. When he slumped down once more, breathless and sweating, a tight shaved pussy was nestled between his plump thighs and Elle’s consciousness had taken root.

Deep down, Elle knew she would never entirely forget who she used to be. Her transformation was seared in her mind forever and with it the knowledge that Elliott had come before her.

Yet her old life no longer mattered to her anymore. Marlo’s cock felt too good inside her for her to care about anything else. Her only desire was for him to keep going, to keep fucking her against the door until his load was dribbling down her thighs. And having her alternate self watching them sent a thrill through her, the taboo of exhibitionism turning her on even more.

‘Don’t stop,’ she groaned, her entire body throbbing with lust.

Marlo chuckled softly. Pressing her harder against the glass he gradually increased his pace. ‘Don’t worry, gorgeous, I won’t. After all, I’m here to help you, and the best help a needy girl like you can receive is a nice, long fucking.’ He squeezed her body possessively. ‘This is what you are now. A shameless little sub dedicated to satisfying her man. It’s what you crave. By the time you leave my care men will be falling at your feet just for a chance to feel your body against theirs. You’ll be the sex kitten of their dreams: hot as a furnace yet sweet as honey. Trust me, baby, nobody will miss Elliott. But everybody will love Elle.’

Saturated by lust, Elle’s mind began to wander, conjuring up all kinds of deviant ideas. Perhaps Marlo might invite some of his other patients to show her the pleasures of her new body. Maybe he would train her by offering her around his staff. He might even take her to his own chambers so she could learn what it truly meant to be a slut.

Slowly, as Marlo continued to fuck her, blissful acceptance settled over her. As it did so, the man in her reflection faded a little, his outline becoming less distinct while hers grew clearer. Like Elliott, he would never fully disappear – he would always be there as a reminder of the life she could have had, just as echoes of Elliott’s psyche were a reminder of the one she left behind. But the more she came to relish her sordid new existence, the less visible he would be.

Looking up, she met his eyes. Her brows knitted together with pleasure but a satisfied smile settled on her lips. ‘I… I’m glad I didn’t become you,’ she breathed.

Then, eager to show Marlo what a good sub she could be, she began to rock her hips back against his. The gesture made him growl with desire, while the increased pleasure set Elle gasping and groaning. Moving in time with his thrusts erotic delirium clouded her mind. Soon all thought of what had been done to her ebbed away completely and she allowed Marlo to have his way with her soft, fleshy body.

And all the while, the other man watched on silently, fading gradually with every lustful thought that crossed Elle’s sex-addicted mind…

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Just a quick note to say that for anyone wondering, Dorian Del Isla is the model who serves as Elle’s reflection here, while Joel Tomas is the one playing Marlo. While Del Isla doesn’t actually engage sexually in the scene I wanted to credit him because he is himself a model, and a fairly prolific one at that, plus he is obviously part of the original scene so I felt it only fair he was credited too.


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