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Glancing up at Will as she played with Jade’s pussy, Pepper relished her newfound power. Her power over them was intoxicating, and she had to fight not to cum at the sight of Will mindlessly fucking the pathetic thing currently licking her pussy.

‘That’s it, babe, fuck this little bitch. I bet she’s all hot and wet inside isn’t she? Oh fuck, you like fucking her as she licks my pussy, I can see it in your eyes. Don’t stop babe, fuck her until she can’t take it anymore. Repay her for all those times she abandoned you for some other guy.’

Pepper had not always been like this. Only a week ago she had been the nerdiest girl in the college. Astoundingly attractive, sure, but no boy seemed interested in that when you could recite the square root of any number between one and a hundred at the drop a hat. Despite her stunning ginger locks and more than ample chest she could not attract a boyfriend, and with her shy, quiet personality she would never have dared to so much as approach a boy, let alone dish out orders.

Jade, on the other hand, had been Pepper’s exact opposite. Confident, slutty and ruthlessly cruel she could have rendered any man putty in her hand barely minutes after first meeting them, and she was well known for having worked her way through half the guys in college all while keeping her boyfriend Will tied tight around her little finger. And when she hadn’t been fucking or talking about fucking, she had been making Pepper’s life a living Hell. Her bullying had been relentless ever since they crossed paths in fifth grade, and Pepper had been horrified to discover that Jade had wound up at the same college. Still, there was nothing she could do about it, and instead she tried as much as possible to avoid the brunette bombshell’s wrath.

That had all changed last week. Pepper had always been of a scientific disposition, and she had long hoped to design something that could benefit wider society. As part of her final unit of the year she had proposed the theoretical idea of how one might be able to transfer the consciousness of one person into the body of another, and vice versa, and had designed a prototype machine that could accomplish this feat. She had been working after college hours on the machine for months now, though it was still far from complete.

She had been fiddling with the machine one evening when Jade had burst into the lab calling for Pepper’s science tutor among an assortment of pet names. Her heart had sank a little at the idea that her tutor had succumbed to Jade’s girlish charms, but she was not about to get involved in anything that Jade had going on.

‘Oh, it’s just you,’ Jade had said, her lip curling.  ‘What’s all this?’

‘It’s my machine,’ Pepper had replied meekly.

Jade had approached with a face of mock interest. ‘Hmm, looks complicated. I can tell why you’ve never had a boyfriend. I wonder what would happen if I touched this.’ She had flicked a switch and the machine buzzed briefly before Pepper flicked it back.

‘Please, don’t touch it.’

‘Oh you don’t like me touching your machine? Well what if I do this?’ Again she had flicked the switch, before moving on to tap various buttons on the console. Pepper’s fingers had raced along after Jade’s, frantically undoing what she had done, but her bully continued, laughing coldly.

All at once a fire had risen in Pepper’s chest and she had leaned over to push Jade away. ‘I said stop!’

Jade had stumbled and almost fell over one of the lab stools. ‘Oh, you’re going to regret that, bitch.’ Storming over she had lunged over the machine at Pepper and grabbed her by her shirt, hauling her up off her feet. Pepper’s hands had flailed wildly, battering the machine and knocking all manner of buttons and switches on. Jade’s elbows had pressed down onto the console, activating even more and she had pulled one arm back ready to swing a punch.

The light had been blinding and a wave of power had tossed each of them back. Pepper had blacked out briefly before regaining consciousness among a pile of lab stools, while she had spotted Jade coming to from her position laid on the floor on the other side of the room. Pepper had felt weird and, clutching her head she had stumbled from the room.

Only afterwards had she understood exactly what had happened. Somehow, even though incomplete, the machine had been functional enough to create some form of energy transference. However, rather than swap their minds, Pepper soon realised it had swapped their personalities instead. Over the course of the week she had ascended from shy nerd to horny slut, yet to her amazement her fierce intellect had remained intact. Jade, meanwhile, had undergone the opposite transformation, her manipulative, slutty persona fading into the shy girl Pepper had once been.

As soon as she had realised what had happened, Pepper’s new twisted personality had known exactly where to begin her revenge, and now Jade was tied up – obediently licking her pussy with Will thrusting deep inside her at Pepper’s command – she felt more complete than ever before. With Jade’s manipulative streak now cutting through Pepper’s mind it had been the work of a few batted eyelashes and some slutty whispers in his ear and Will had been hers for the taking. Jade had not so much as resisted when Pepper had barged into the house she and Will rented together and tied her up tight, and she had moaned as Will had sunk his hard cock into her tight opening.

‘Oh fuck, you’re such a good pussy-licker, bitch. You’re so hungry for me, aren’t you?’ Jade moaned into her dripping hole, and Pepper felt a wave of cruelty ripple through her. Pulling away sharply, she leaned down and slapped Jade across the face. ‘Too bad, I make the rules now. And you’re going to watch as your boyfriend fucks my tight little cunt harder than he ever fucked you. Will, fuck me babe, fuck me like you hate me.’

Pulling out of Jade, the stupid boy was too horny to listen to her pleas for more. Pouncing on Pepper he threw her onto her back and immediately began to fuck her hard, slamming into her pussy with merciless abandon. Pepper moaned like the slut she was: she could not believe she had never had this before. Will was so thick and relentless and all she wanted was to take him deep inside her and see him moan as he filled her with cum. It was so hot seeing him lost in lust for her.

Even in their house, Pepper had complete power over them. It felt incredible being both a horny slut and a sharply intelligent scientist, and the more she thought about it, the more Pepper craved more. Just like Jade, she could not be satisfied by just one lover, and even as she readied to order Will to fuck her, she was already fantasising about seducing other dumb men to do her bidding. Perhaps she could tweak the machine so that rather than switching personalities it could change them. She certainly wouldn’t mind some more obedient pussy-lickers, or a few more lovers as stupid as Will and just as desperate to please. Sure, she might need a little help to make it work, but then again it seemed like her science tutor was more than willing to engage in a little action with his students, and if he had succumbed to Jade, then he had no chance against Pepper’s seductive charms…

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